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Ivins, Washington County, Utah

The town of  Ivins came about because of the fulfilled dream of several men to bring water to the Santa Clara bench. This was not easy to accomplish. An eight-mile canal had to be built from the Santa Clara creek near the Shem smelter to the bench.  This was not an easy undertaking, the route took them over steep mountain sides and deep ravines that needed to be syphoned or plumed. Work began in 1911 and the canal was completed in 1914. Ivins Reservoir was built to store the water in 1918. Civil Engineeers, Leo A. Snow and Clarence S. Jarvis, were the men who first conceived this idea in 1909. St. George Stake President Edward H. Snow, Santa Clara Bishop Edward R. Frei, Sr., Thomas P. Cottam, George F. Whitehead, James Andrus, James McArthur, Isaac C. Macfarlane, Leo A. snow, John S. Stucki, and many other workers from both Santa Clara and St. George.

The first couple to move onto the project site were Mr. and Mrs. Alden Gray. They moved there 15 January 1922. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tobler came a week later. Mr and Mrs. Samuel Gubler came in the spring, then Mr. and Mrs. Clement Gubler, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Frei, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Reber, and Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Ence. In 1924 Mr. and Mrs. Milo Ence, Mr. and Mrs. Rulon Stucki, Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gubler, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Reber, and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Stucki joined the group. The irrigation company offered a lot to the first ten families to move to the new town, but since two came on the same day they gave eleven lots instead. These families were all young and willing to live in humble circumstances and work hard to make this new town a reality. Their children had to ride a horse to Santa Clara to school each day.

They decided they wanted a different name for their town than "Santa Clara Bench," the name that was finally chosen was "Ivins" after the Mormon Apostle Anthony W. Ivins. He was asked and didn't object as long as they spelled it right. He then donated $100 toward a chapel and later sent  a bell for it.

Ivins is near Tuacahn (an outdoor arts and amphitheater) and  Snow Canyon State Park which draw many people to the area. There are many new planned developments some with golf courses near or in Ivins joining the earlier Kayenta and Padre Canyon developments all with lovely homes and families.

Ivin's founding fathers and their descendants still live there but the town has changed much in recent years. The population that stayed under 100 for many years was 4400 in the year 2000 and is still growing. A lot of people have moved in under the big red mountain. Ivins is still a place that young couples (and not so young) can find a place to build a home and family. -CBA


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