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Ghost Town:

Silver Reef, Washington County, Utah

About 1873 word got out that silver had been discovered in sandstone formations near Leeds and Harrisburg. Miners and others flocked to the area and the town of Silver Reef was born. For nearly ten years Silver Reef was the largest town in southern Utah. Irish, Welsh, Chinese, and many other groups came to the town to mine the silver ore or provide services for the miners. Hotels, restaurants, saloons, and other necessary businesses were established to service the large influx of people. At the height of the Silver boom there were as many as 200 teams and wagons hauling silver out and provisions into the town. The town also provided a place for the early Mormon pioneers to sell their produce, fruit, and other commodities.

By the late 1880s the mines were no longer producing much ore and people left. Soon there was just a ghost town remaining at the site of this thriving mining town. Today a few of the old buildings have been restored and some lovely homes have been built in the area. But it will never rival the large, wild mining town that once stood in this spot. -CBA



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