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Veyo, Washington County, Utah

The town of Veyo is located on Highway 18 about 15 miles north of St. George. Like other small towns in the burgeoning area it is growing in population. But for many years it was a very small community composed mostly of a few pioneering families and their descendants such as the Cottams, Bunkers, Bowlers, Jones family, Hunts, Chadburns, and others.

Veyo had its beginnings about 1916-1917 when several families began homesteading in the area. They had a hard time of it but survived the lack of ready water, storms, lizards, lava rocks, gnats and flies, and many more hardships to make Veyo the nice little town that it is now. They had to band together to get a school in the area which was held the first winter in a tent with board floors and walls added. Eventually water rights were obtained; irrigation ditches were in place and the serious farming began. At first the families had to attend church in Gunlock but as the community grew a church was added to the community as well as a small store. When the community applied for a post office they sent in the name Glen Cove on their application, this name was rejected as well as the town names of Jamestown, and Lava. As the town decided tried to find a name that wasn't taken, some young women in a church group came up with the name of Veyo (Vay-Oh). Reportedly the name came from the words "verdure"(definition: green foliage; greenery; flourishing) and "youth." It has also been reported the name came from the first letters of the words: virtue, enterprise, youth, and order. Whatever the source this is a very unique name and the U.S. Postal Department did approve it.

No discussion of the town of Veyo can be complete without mention of the Veyo Swimming Pool. The Cottam family built this wonderful getaway in 1927 using the hot springs at the bottom of the canyon. Through the years they added a dance floor, picnic areas, dressing rooms, and a wonderful café and snack bar. Many of us remember the homemade Pronto Pups (corn dogs), French fries and hamburgers with a slice of onion from the Cottam's garden. The Veyo Pool was a favorite place for parties, school getaways, reunions, and just a wonderful getaway spot from the summer heat. I remember almost drowning in the pool on my way home from 4H camp at Pine Valley. Melbourne Cottam had to come with a pole to rescue me. The pool was also one of the places our children always insisted on visiting when we came home each summer from Seattle. The Cottam family no longer owns the pool and resort but it is still there and has a website: . -CBA   


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