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Washington City, Washington County, Utah

Washington City was one of the first settlements in southern Utah by the Mormon Pioneers. Thirty-eight families, all originally from the south, were sent to the area in 1857 to try to grow cotton and other southern crops.    Ten families came with Samuel Adair in April and 28 came with Robert Covington in early May.

The pioneers to this area really struggled. They lived in wagon boxes and dugouts at first. Disease was a rampant with many suffering with malaria, dysentery, and/or typhoid. All of which were caused by the water supply. The summer heat was almost unbearable and between floods, insects, and drought it was almost a losing battle. Many of the families left but some stayed on and were able to proved that cotton and other crops could be grown in the area. They did the best they could being so far from civilization and having to provide all of their food and clothing. Six years later the early pioneers to St. George were distressed at the sight of the people as they passed through Washington on their journey. One of the St. George pioneers, Robert Gardner, says in his journal:
" we found some of our old neighbors who received us very kind...but the appearance of these brethren and their wives and children rather discouraging, nearly all of them had the fever and ague or chills as they called it in this country. They had worked hard and had wore out their clothes and had replaced them from the cotton they had raised on their own lots and farms which their women had carded, spun and wove by hand. Colored with weeds, men's shirts, women's dresses and sunbonnets were all made of the same piece; and their clothes and their faces were of the same color, being a kind of blue as most everyone had the chills. This tried me more than anything I have seen in my Mormon experience. Thinking that my wives and children, from the nature of the climate, would have to look as sickly as those now around me..."

Washington City was pioneered by great people who quickly established schools, government, and church. Many of their descendants still live in the area and are proud of their ancestors who worked so hard to settle the area. They have a celebration each year in their memory.

Washington is now a thriving city with many retired citizens and lots of families who enjoy the pleasant surroundings which were once a hardship to the early pioneers.  -CBA



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