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Zion National Park, Washington County, Utah

   In 1958 Zion Canyon was first seen by the early Mormon settlers. Nephi Johnson was the first visit. Four years later Joseph S. Black followed the river into the canyon. He was so enthusiastic about the beauty of the place that others called it "Joseph's Glory."

Isaac Behunin was the first to settle in the there and it was he who gave the beautiful canyon the name of Zion. William Heaps built his farm and cabin near Emerald Pools canyon. George Rolf and several others also built in the canyon until there was about six families living there. Most didn't stay long, moving into bigger settlements. By 1875 there was no longer anyone living in the canyon. But until Zion was made into a national park people from Springdale and Rockville still farmed in the canyon. -CBA



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