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Wayne County lies entirely within the Colorado Plateau geographical province and includes portions of Capitol Reef and Canyonlands National Parks, with the Green River marking the eastern border.

Wayne was created in May 1892 from Piute County, named after state legislator Willis E. Robison's son Wayne

Scientists have identified the remains of extinct Pleistocene-epoch species, including the sloth, horse, bison, and camel, and dated Archaic and Fremont Indian sites (Cowboy Caves) as having been occupied between 6300 B.C. and A.D. 450 in Wayne County.            Piute county --has some Wayne County history --

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    My hope is to add information that will advance your family history research in Wayne County, My interest comes from my grandmother who was born in Wayne County should you have any histories to share, suggestion, or to just say hi, please contact me !

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