Allwood Cemetery, behind El Bethel Church; from Amherst, 11.7 miles U.S. 60 W, left on Rt. 635, 2.2 miles to church on left.

Complete listing of the cemetery, transcribed from photographs taken 04/06/2003 by Elodie Thompson


Given Name



Death date





Adams Danny Rae 26-Sep-1947 10-Jun-1969 SP 4 US ARMY/VIETNAM s/w Joanne Davis Adams
Adams Joanne Davis 27-Feb-1951 LOVING WIFE OF DANNY RAE ADAMS s/w Danny Rae Adams
Adams plot marker
Bailey Minnie T. 18-Jul-1939 PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND s/w Welby S. Bailey
Bailey Welby S. 4-Aug-1925 8-May-2001 s/w Minnie T. Bailey
Bailey, Sr. Welby Shelton 4-Aug-1925 8-May-2001 BM 2 US NAVY/WORLD WAR II
Beard Layward B. _1911 _1979
Beard Minnie Myers _1909 _1965
Beard Richard A. 29-Sep-1912 6-Jun-1943 God be with you/until we meet again
Beard Roger E. 13-Jun-1951 3-May-1953 A little bud of love/gone to bloom with/God above.
Beard Tonie Allen 25-Jul-1961 25-Jul-1961 Dear little angel
Beard Winnie D. 24-Jun-1896 15-Aug-1983 MOTHER s/w Leslie L. Beard, Sr.
Beard, Jr. Leslie L. 20-Jul-1921 18-Nov-1981 SON
Beard, Sr. Leslie L.  27-May-1892 15-Jan-1945 FATHER s/w Winnie D. Beard
Bradley Callis F. 30-May-1879 30-Apr-1921 s/w William H. Bradley
Bradley Charles Walker
Bradley William H. 2-Dec-1875 17-Jan-1953 s/w Callis F. Bradley
Burch Bettie Tomlin 1-Dec-1872 13-Oct-1966 OUR PRECIOUS GRANDMOTHER
Burch Earl Lee 6-Jun-1928 23-Nov-1992 HUSBAND/TOGETHER FOREVER s/w Joyce Bowman Burch
Burch Edward F. 12-Mar-1926 17-Mar-1999 US NAVY/WORLD WAR II
Burch Edward Franklin 12-Mar-1926 17-Mar-1999 PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND s/w Genevieve Smith Burch
Burch Edward S. 21-Dec-1924 2-Jul-1970 VIRGINIA/PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Burch Genevieve Smith 21-Oct-1929 s/w Edward Franklin Burch
Burch James Marble 24-Aug-1878 9-Jul-1933 s/w Mattie Marion Morris
Burch Joyce Bowman 16-Mar-1931 WIFE s/w Earl Lee Burch
Burch Lawrence A. 31-Jan-1906 22-Aug-1977
Burch Livingston V. 2-Feb-1869 12-Jun-1922
Burch Mattie Marion Morris 27-Feb-1886 20-Aug-1917 HIS WIFE s/w James Marble Burch
Burch Rhoda B. 8-May-1860 25-Oct-1935
Burch Sherman H.
Burch Vernon Pershing 14-Jul-1918 22-Nov-1918
Burch, Jr. James M. 30-May-1916 16-May-1961 VIRGINIA/S SGT 703 AREA SVG UNIT/WORLD WAR II
Burch, Jr. Livingston V. 6-Sep-1906 10-Apr-1980 OUR LOVING UNCLE
Burkes Mary Frances 12-Dec-1847 20-Sep-1929 IN REMEMBRANCE
Burks Henley W. 23-Nov-1876 14-Sep-1954 AT REST
Burks Hubert Earl 1-Sep-1899 26-Mar-1957
Burks Joseph J. CO F/58 VA INF/C. S. A.
Burks Sammie Sheppard 10-Apr-1908 24-Sep-1998
Burks Solomon C. CO E/11 VA INF/C. S. A.
Burks Thompson L. 16-Jan-1883 3-Jan-1906 Born/Died
Burks plot marker
Burruss Bess Lenore Parr 20-Nov-1888 21-Feb-1983 SHE CAME & HELPED WITH/LOVE & CHEER
Byers Andrew Hilton 13-Feb-1920 UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN TO PART NO MORE s/w Bernice (Edna) Burks
Byers Annie R. Noel 28-Oct-1900 16-Jan-1997 HIS LIGHT SHALL SHINE BEFORE GOD s/w Marshall D. Byers
Byers Bernice (Edna) Burks 3-Jul-1923 HIS WIFE s/w Andrew Hilton Byers
Byers Lorine 10-Oct-1935 29-Apr-1970
Byers Marshall D. 15-Sep-1877 4-Jul-1964 PLANTED TO BLOOM IN HEAVEN s/w Annie R. Noel Byers
Camden Arthur Lee 28-Mar-1888 6-Dec-1913 Born/Died
Camden Dewey W. 28-Feb-1899 13-May-1935
Camden Dorothy Crist 24-Mar-1913 s/w Harry Leo Camden
Camden Eula J. 19-May-1876 14-Jan-1915
Camden Harry Leo 29-May-1913 14-Mar-1994 s/w Dorothy Crist Camden
Camden Hilda W. 28-Mar-1920 1-May-1920
Camden Jack Lee 18-Dec-1901 23-Jun-1975 PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Camden Leonard Page 8-Feb-1909 6-Jan-1937
Camden Lester T. 13-Jan-1880 27-Jan-1919
Camden Robert Green 10-May-1876 10-Oct-1945
Camden Tom P. _1865 _1938 OUR FATHER
Camden Willie G. _1873 _1954 OUR MOTHER
Camden plot marker
Campbell Alice Beard 4-Jun-1917 22-Feb-1999 s/w J. Homer Campbell, Sr.
Campbell Betty Lucille Campbell 8-Nov-1913 28-Oct-1995
Campbell Letcher T. 12-Aug-1891 8-Mar-1953 At Rest in Heaven s/w Sara V. Campbell
Campbell Sara V. 06-Nov-1892 1-Sep-1968 s/w Letcher T. Campbell
Campbell Thomas J. 11-Oct-1862 29-Oct-1928
Campbell, Sr. J. Homer 4-Jun-1914 7-Nov-1987 GONE HOME TO BE WITH JESUS s/w Alice Beard Campbell
Carter Jerry M. 10-Jul-1887 2-Jul-1938
Carter Jobe Thomas 11-Aug-1852 5-Jul-1932
Carter William D. 10-Apr-1890 15-Apr-1974 VIRGINIA/PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Chenault Charles Wade 20-Aug-1958 6-Aug-2002
Chenault Charles Wade 20-Aug-1958 6-Aug-2002 BORN-N-COUNTRY/LAID TO REST-N-COUNTRY
Chenault Philip S. _1950 _2001 funeral home marker
Coffey Ashby 20-Feb-1884 23-Jul-1929 His deeds yet live/SON
Coffey Charlie 9-Nov-1859 29-May-1921 BORN/DIED
Coffey John E. 22-Jun-1870 21-Nov-1933 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN
Coffey Mattie E. 18-Apr-1879 18-May-1949
Coffey Robert H. 28-Oct-1908 5-Nov-1951 Gone but not forgotten
Crist Etta C. 1-Feb-1881 22-Aug-1963 s/w William P. Crist
Crist William P. 6-Dec-1870 18-Jan-1939 AT REST s/w Etta C. Crist
Davis Barbara H. 18-Jan-1931 s/w Norman W. Davis
Davis Joanne Nuckols 26-Mar-1934 PRECIOUS MEMORIES s/w Thomas Jasper Davis
Davis Norman W. 21-Mar-1926 18-Aug-1989 s/w Barbara H. Davis
Davis Norman Willie _1926 _1989 Duiguid Funeral Home (Lynchburg, VA) marker
Davis Thomas Jasper 17-Oct-1927 8-Mar-1998 s/w Joanne Nuckols Davis
Dawson Stephen Y. 22-Feb-1908 15-Jan-1994 PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Dodd Ozelia Crist 24-May-1898 9-Mar-1996 s/w Turner Ashby Dodd
Dodd Turner Ashby 7-Mar-1883 2-Oct-1972 s/w Ozelia Crist Dodd
Doutt Craig Bernard 11-Jun-1949 25-Feb-2000 IN LOVING MEMORY/HAVE I TOLD YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU TODAY
Drean Mary Lou Parr 15-Jul-1880 1-May-1972 HIS WIFE s/w William Stockton Drean
Drean William Stockton 5-Feb-1870 12-Jun-1956 s/w Mary Lou Parr Drean
Eubank Albert
Eubank Albert H. _1904 _1977 Whitten Funeral Home (Lynchburg, VA) marker
Eubank Anne Beard 3-Mar-1927 24-Dec-2002 s/w Harry Tucker Eubank
Eubank Bullard R. 15-Mar-1892 8-Dec-1974 WAGR US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Eubank Carrie E. Burks 4-Mar-1878 22-Dec-1938
Eubank Carrie Myers 2-Oct-1883 21-Feb-1986 s/w William Lafiew Eubank
Eubank Clarence Edward _1849 _1909
Eubank Ella C. 28-Jun-1860 25-Apr-1943 s/w George W. Eubank
Eubank Frank 18-Dec-1902 20-Sep-1939
Eubank Frank T. 2-Feb-1942 20-Jan-2000 Forever, Lord, Forever Missed/Never Forgotten/By Family and Friends
Eubank George E. 10-Mar-1893 8-Mar-1928 In thee, O Lord, have/I put my trust.
Eubank George W. 30-Jan-1857 6-Apr-1930 AT REST s/w Ella C. Eubank
Eubank Harry Tucker 14-Jul-1924 s/w Anne Beard Eubank
Eubank Helen C. 21-Jan-1910 s/w James C. Eubank
Eubank Helen Elizabeth 12-Sep-1952 25-Apr-1953
Eubank James C. 12-Jan-1910 10-Apr-1976 s/w Helen C. Eubank
Eubank John Henry _1858 _1936 TWO LOST TO SIGHT BUT MEMORY DEAR s/w Mary Shepherd Eubank
Eubank Malvina Burks 15-Nov-1870 1-Nov-1913 s/w Robert Bullard Eubank
Eubank Mary Loving R.N. 29-Aug-1898 25-Aug-1981
Eubank Mary Shepherd _1862 _1926 s/w John Henry Eubank
Eubank Robert Bullard 26-Aug-1860 7-Mar-1937 s/w Malvina Burks Eubank
Eubank Virginia M. 18-May-1947 17-Oct-1980
Eubank Vivian Franklin Camden 12-Jan-1891 13-Jul-1978
Eubank William Lafiew 3-Jun-1873 12-Sep-1951 s/w Carrie Myers Eubank
Foster Christine T. 2-Oct-1934 s/w Robert O. Foster
Foster Robert O. 10-Jul-1932 5-Jan-2003 PRECIOUS MEMORIES s/w Christine T. Foster
Franklin Bessie B. 13-Oct-1909 7-Jul-1988
Franklin Bessie Eubank 14-Aug-1902 1-Mar-1951 MOTHER
Franklin Curtis Lee 8-Apr-1893 27-Dec-1964 VIRGINIA/PVT CO B 7 INFANTRY/WORLD WAR I
Franklin Harry T. 10-Dec-1870 17-Jun-1935
Franklin J. Wiley _1878 _1933 s/w Maude B. Franklin
Franklin Julia Carter 15-Oct-1897 11-Dec-1989
Franklin Kate Burks 29-Jun-1877 2-Apr-1953
Franklin Maude B. _1876 _1961 s/w J. Wiley Franklin
Franklin Thompson 17-Oct-1906 30-Sep-1971
Franklin plot marker
Geiger Joseph John 12-Dec-1906 20-Apr-1970 HUSBAND OF/VERNA BURKS GEIGER s/w Verna Burks Geiger
Geiger Verna Burks 12-Apr-1905 l01-19-1994 LOVING WIFE/AND SISTER s/w Joseph John Geiger
Gilbert Charles Dandridge 10-Oct-1869 31-Jan-1954 AT REST s/w Elizabeth Coffey Gilbert
Gilbert Charles H. 23-Jun-1909 14-May-1962 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN s/w Nancy L. Gilbert
Gilbert Elizabeth Coffey 31-Dec-1875 17-Dec-1926 s/w Charles Dandridge Coffey
Gilbert Nancy L. 5-Apr-1917 s/w Charles H. Gilbert
Gillespie Carrington C. 20-Jun-1914 13-Mar-1980 s/w Eleanor B. Gillespie
Gillespie Eleanor B. 21-Sep-1912 s/w Carrington C. Gillespie
Gillespie, Jr. C. C. 14-Nov-1937 13-Jun-2002 A1C US AIR FORCE/LOVINGLY KNOWN AS BUCK
Hamilton Anthony W. 9-Dec-1942 1-Dec-1995 A1G US AIR FORCE
Hamilton B. L. 16-Jun-1869 20-Jul-1919
Hamilton Clarence R. 9-Apr-1907 16-Apr-1982 PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Hamilton James Lee 16-Nov-1875 12-Mar-1958 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN s/w Ollie Coffey Hamilton
Hamilton Norma Jean Riley 7-Oct-1942 WIFE OF/ANTHONY WAYNE HAMILTON
Hamilton Ollie Coffey 19-Nov-1882 23-Feb-1959 s/w James Lee Hamilton
Hamilton Wayne, Pat
Harris Bennett B. 9-Mar-1894 19-Jan-1941
Harris Virginia A. 3-Mar-1857 2-Jan-1933 MOTHER
Harris William M. 26-Oct-1851 27-Aug-1927 FATHER
Harris plot marker
Hartless Ella C. 10-May-1869 16-May-1936 Gone but not/forgotten.
Hartless Lee A. 28-Oct-1902 1-Jul-1974 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.
Hartless Lindsey Bernard 14-Apr-1890 5-Mar-1987 FATHER s/w Virdie Staton Hartless
Hartless Virdie Staton 11-Apr-1894 13-Feb-1980 MOTHER s/w Lindsey Bernard Hartless
Harvey Pearl G. 19-Mar-1902 9-May-1988 s/w Percy A. Harvey
Harvey Percy A. 27-Aug-1897 21-Oct-1977 s/w Pearl G. Harvey
Henderson Harry W. 19-Jul-1907 6-Sep-1907
Henderson Cornelia Prior _1860 _1929 She was the sunshine/of our home.
Henderson, Jr. James 30-Aug-1837 19-Dec-1913 Born/Died/ Co D 48th Inf. Regiment/CSA
Hitchenn Hiram D.
Hitchenn Pidgie B.
Jefferson George A. 3-Oct-1878 7-May-1978 SGT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Johnson Frances Lillian 28-Sep-1890 23-Dec-1918
Johnson Henry B. 2-Sep-1884 30-Nov-1962 IN MEMORY OF MY DARLING DADDY
Johnson Mary Willie 8-Sep-1862 31-Jan-1916 WIFE OF/W. W. JOHNSON
Johnson Ralph Edward 28-Jul-1937 22-Jul-1997
Johnson Vivian Nuckles 9-Nov-1905 7-Mar-2002 MY BEAUTIFUL GRANNY/Love Carolyn
Johnson W. W. 8-Sep-1862 27-Feb-1946
Johnson Willie Burch 15-Mar-1911 11-Sep-1997
Jones Robert 4-Mar-1890 17-Sep-1907
JWB metal cross
Kerns C. Lonnie 28-Dec-1938 29-Aug-1999 MARRIED/JULY 30, 1963 s/w Lillian R. Kerns
Kerns Clifton Lonnie 28-Dec-1938 29-Aug-1999 FATHER/ET2 US NAVY/VIETNAM
Kerns Lillian R. 6-Mar-1932 19-Mar-1984 s/w C. Lonnie Kerns
Lamb Carey Owen 11-Nov-1904 22-Dec-1990 s/w Virginia Camden Lamb
Lamb Virginia Camden 13-Aug-1915 s/w Carey Owen Lamb
Lavender Frances Lucille 11-Nov-1903 29-Jan-2001 Beloved/Mother
Lawhorn William A. 7-Mar-1841 13-May-1920
Lawhorne Delaware 15-Oct-1826 27-Jan-1907 Gone, but not forgotten s/w Nancy C. Lawhorne
Lawhorne John A. 19-Feb-1852 20-Dec-1922 Born/Died
Lawhorne John R. 18-Jan-1902 9-Sep-1943
Lawhorne Mary Jane C. 4-Mar-1855 24-Jun-1939
Lawhorne Nancy C. 4-May-1836 11-Jan-1922 s/w Delaware Lawhorne
Lawhorne Vernie E. _1902 _1970
Massie Marie Debrell _1956 _2002 funeral home marker
Mays Vincent Walter 9-Jun-1922 19-Jun-1973 PRC US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
McDaniel D. B. (Bennie) 4-Jul-1895 25-Dec-1976
McDaniel D. D. 24-Dec-1859 15-Jul-1931
McDaniel Kinkle Allen 22-Jun-1903 11-Nov-1959
McDaniel plot marker
McDaniel Rose E. 3-Jan-1869 16-Jan-1922
Myers Charles C. 20-Nov-1856 5-May-1939 Asleep in Jesus/FATHER
Myers Eliza 5-Dec-1860 7-Oct-1935 Asleep in Jesus/MOTHER
Myers George Walker 10-Jun-1871 3-Aug-1957
Myers John Carrington 8-May-1905 12-Sep-1993 TO BE AT REST FROM THE BODY, IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD. s/w Margaret Watts Myers
Myers Margaret Watts 11-Dec-1910 27-Apr-1984 s/w John Carrington Myers
Myers Minnie Hicks 30-Dec-1874 3-Apr-1955
Myers Reginald C. 30-Jan-1885 31-Jul-1939 Asleep in Jesus/BROTHER
Nuckles Clarence Walter 3-Oct-1925 5-Aug-1995 s/w Etta Elizabeth Campbell
Nuckles Edward Allen 2-Mar-1951
Nuckles Etta Elizabeth Campbell 27-Mar-1926 s/w Clarence Walter Nuckles
Nuckols Cecil Ora Whitten 12-Jan-1904 9-Apr-1972 s/w Robert Homer Nuckols
Nuckols Marvin Edward 8-Jul-1923 28-Oct-1991 "JOHNNY"/WE WILL MEET UP THERE
Nuckols Robert Homer 13-Apr-1898 3-May-1976
Oslin Frank Lenaris 18-Feb-1919 24-Sep-2000 s/w Mary Coates Oslin
Oslin Mary Coates 4-May-1922 PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND s/w Frank Lenaris Oslin
Parr Bettye N. B. Higginbotham 5-Apr-1843 7-Mar-1914 HIS WIFE/BORN/DIED s/w John H. Parr
Parr Eggleston Johnston 25-Feb-1886 20-Jun-1887 OUR BABY/Son of/ J. H. & B. A. C. PARR
Parr Elizabeth Hargrove _1875 _1905
Parr James G. 20-Jul-1883 10-Nov-1940 HE IS NOT DEAD BY SLEEPETH/LUKE 8:52
Parr John H. 28-Feb-1836 20-Apr-1895 BORN/DIED s/w Bettye N. B. Higginbotham/Masons' symbol, Confederate flag carved in the stone
Parr Lauchee Mary Shane 1-Jan-1882 28-May-1967 HIS WIFE s/w William Rufus Parr
Parr Morris 15-Mar-1878 25-Jan-1967 s/w Ruby Temple Watson Parr
Parr Ruby Temple Watson 22-Feb-1882 20-May-1962 HIS WIFE s/w Morris Parr
Parr William Rufus 8-May-1871 14-Sep-1933 s/w Lauchee Mary Shane Parr
Philips Ida Burks 2-Feb-1873 9-Jul-1942 MOTHER
Pulliam George R. 10-Jan-1900 15-Sep-1967 VIRGINIA/CM2 USNR/WORLD WAR II
Pulliam George Raymond 10-Jan-1900 15-Sep-1967 s/w Odell Sheppard Pulliam
Pulliam Odell Sheppard 9-Feb-1906 21-Nov-1991 s/w George Raymond Pulliam
Reese Beulah Dodson Higginbotham 10-Mar-1913 23-Jul-1990 s/w Raymond Thomas Reese
Reese Raymond Thomas 20-Nov-1914 3-Jul-1990 s/w Beulah Dodson Higginbotham Reese/Mason's symbol
Rich Elizabeth Jones 5-Oct-1921 MARRIED/8/19/66 s/w Theodore Klein Rich
Rich Theodore Klein 8-May-1907 16-Sep-1993 s/w Elizabeth Jones Rich
Riggleman Rhonda S. _1964 _2002 Whitten Funeral Home (Lynchburg, VA) marker
Robertson Geneva B. _1935 _2002 s/w Williaim Robertson
Robertson Merle B. _1927 _1992 funeral home marker
Robertson William _1931 s/w Geneva B. Robertson
Rucker Ellen
Rucker Godfrey Douglas 23-Dec-1899 22-Nov-1976 s/w Ruth Crist Rucker
Rucker Isaac W. 12-Dec-1836 4-Mar-1921 FATHER/He was loved by/God and man s/w Susan Elizabeth Rucker
Rucker Mary Crist 4-Feb-1916 s/w Warner A. Rucker
Rucker Ruth Crist 28-Oct-1908 31-Dec-1999 s/w Godfrey Douglas Rucker
Rucker Susan Elizabeth 19-Feb-1844 27-Feb-1931 MOTHER/Death is another/life s/w Isaac W. Rucker
Rucker Warner A. 16-Mar-1902 21-Sep-1992 s/w Mary Crist Rucker
Rucker William
Ryan Charles W. 19-Aug-1900 11-Dec-1969 s/w Christine B. Ryan
Ryan Christine B. 3-Feb-1900 28-Mar-1991 s/w Charles W. Ryan
Sandidge Edward M. MD. 09-Oct-1875 29-Nov-1957 s/w Lottie W. Sandidge
Sandidge Helen Victoria
Sandidge Lottie W. 19-Jun-1883 3-Dec-1932 s/w Edward M. Sandidge
Sandidge Nellie McDaniel 2-Apr-1910 26-Apr-1982
Sandidge William Page 25-May-1908 26-Mar-1909 BORN/DIED
Sheppard Berta Burks _1870 _1956 s/w Sam Thell Sheppard
Sheppard Cora Page 18-Dec-1870 3-Apr-1892
Sheppard Sam Thell _1872 _1911 s/w Berta Burks Sheppard
Sheppard Virginia Burks _1842 _1919
Smith Joe
Smith Margaret
Staton Abner Garrett 14-Feb-1886 27-Dec-1976 HE WAS THE SUNSHINE/OF OUR HOME s/w Hattie Tomlin Staton
Staton Annie Davis
Staton Edward William 28-Mar-1970 REST IN PEACE/FINALLY HOME s/w Olga Coffey Staton
Staton Hattie Tomlin 14-Feb-1900 29-Feb-1976 HER LIFE WAS BEAUTY/GOODNESS AND LOVE s/w Abner Garrett Staton
Staton Olga Coffey 5-Apr-1934 "AUDREY" s/w Edward William Staton
Staton Thelma Hartless 4-Apr-1929 4-Jan-2001 MOTHER s/w Van Benson Staton
Staton Van Benson 10-May-1925 16-Mar-1995 MOMM 3 US NAVY/WORLD WAR II
Staton Van Benson 10-May-1925 16-Mar-1995 FATHER/PRECIOUS MEMORIES s/w Thelma Hartless Staton
Stevens Lynne Nancy Meyerhoff 7-Jun-1945 HIS WIFE/DAUGHTER OF/DAVID J. & SYLVIA P. LEVITT MEYERHOFF s/w Robert Francis Stevens
Stevens Mary Betty (Betsy) Drean 25-Feb-1918 DAUGHTER OF/WILLIAM S. & MARY L. PARR/DREAN s/w Robert Edward Stevens
Stevens Robert Edward 3-Jul-1912 11-May-2002 SON OF/FRANCIS G. & MARY S. COOK/STEVENS s/w Mary Betty Drean Stevens
Stevens Robert Francis 9-Nov-1945 SON OF/ROBERT E & MARY B DREAN s/w Lynne Nancy Meyerhoff Stevens
Stinnett Charlie R. 09-Jul-1891 22-Jun-1977 PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Stinnett Judith Thornton 17-Sep-1910 14-Feb-1984
Stinnett William D. 01-Apr-1854 6-Jun-1930
Thompson Darnelle B. _1954 s/w Bruce N. Thompson, Jr.
Thompson, Jr. Bruce N. _1959 _2001 Whitten Funeral Home (Lynchburg, VA) marker
Thompson, Jr. Bruce N. _1959 _2001 Married Apr 17 1987 s/w Darnelle B. Thompson
Tomlin Diane Bragg 23-Jun-1944 MARRIED/MAY 12,/1961 s/w Thomas Elwood Tomlin
Tomlin Etta Lee 11-Dec-1943 2-Apr-2001 s/w Marshall O. Tomlin
Tomlin Lina S. _1883 _1937 s/w Robert S. Tomlin
Tomlin Marshall O. 25-Aug-1945 s/w Etta Lee Tomlin
Tomlin Robert S. _1871 _1942 IN CHRIST THEY REST s/w Lina S. Tomlin
Tomlin Thomas Elwood 31-Jan-1943 26-Jun-2001 s/w Diane Bragg Tomlin
Trevey Harry A. 18-May-1908 24-Apr-1924 His memory is blessed/SON
Trevey Hill 12-Jun-1923 9-Jun-1926 Our little one/SON
Trevey Lottie C. 21-Dec-1883 7-May-1939 Death is another life/MOTHER
Trevey Moses Hill 22-Jan-1878 23-May-1954 FATHER
Turner James (Jimmie) R. 5-Jun-1934 7-Apr-1999 s/w Naomi Swoyer Turner
Turner Michael (Scott) 15-Apr-1977 23-Feb-1999
Turner Naomi Swoyer 25-Jun-1939 s/w James (Jimmie) R. Turner
Turner Raymond Ray 27-Jun-1944 21-May-1999 SGT US ARMY/VIETNAM
Vandervelde Cuthbert Kellogg _1914 _1998
Weeren Elizabeth McNeill 10-Jan-1921 CHERISHED WIFE-BELOVED MOTHER s/w Franz Joachim Weeren
Weeren Franz Joachim 15-May-1922 24-Dec-1998 BELOVED HUSBAND-BELOVED FATHER s/w Elizabeth McNeill Weeren
White Harry Camden 30-Sep-1940 4-Oct-2000 PFC US ARMY/VIETNAM
White Janet Terry 10-Aug-1934 19-Mar-2002 s/w Leonard Coy White, Jr.
White Leonard Coy 16-Oct-1910 31-Aug-1980 s/w Margaret Camden White
White Margaret Camden 3-Dec-1917 s/w Leonard Coy White
White, Jr. Leonard Coy 29-Sep-1934 s/w Janet Terry White
Wright Annie Elizabeth Dodd 14-Feb-1864 19-Jan-1953 HIS WIFE s/w Benjamin Washington Wright
Wright Benjamin Washington 14-Mar-1851 17-Feb-1937 s/w Annie Elizabeth Dodd Wright
Wright Easter H. 31-Oct-1895 31-Oct-1930
Wright Elizabeth H. 11-Jul-1893 25-Sep-1982 s/w Hovey C. Wright
Wright Hovey C. 10-Apr-1893 31-Dec-1978 OUR FATHER WHICH ARE IN HEAVEN/DAD s/w Elizabeth H. Wright

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