Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church Cemetery, Route 130 W, approx. 5 mi. from intersection with U.S. 29.  Rt. on Mt. Tabor Rd., church on left, cemetery behind church

Complete listing of the cemetery, Transcribed by Elodie Thompson from photographs taken 04/26/2003


Given Name



Death date





Brown Oscar Lee 31-Aug-1885 24-Jul-1970 FATHER
Burnley John D. 6-Feb-1898 30-Jan-1963 THE GIFT OF GOD/IS ETERNAL LIFE
Davis James Edward 7-Jun-1911 21-Mar-1985 OUR BELOVED BROTHER/GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN
Davis Myrtle Stinnett 12-Oct-1912 21-Apr-1979 IN GOD'S CARE
Davis Robert 25-Jan-1945 17-Mar-1945
Davis Wimple V. 19-Feb-1908 14-Oct-1966
Humphreys Herbert Lampkin 23-Oct-1905 7-Jun-1989 s/w Mary Phillips Humphreys
Humphreys Mary Phillips 23-May-1906 24-Jul-1983 s/w Herbert Lampkin Humphreys
King Lelia Napier Burnley 27-Mar-1890 28-Nov-1974 MAMA
Mason Dorothy Brown 23-Dec-1932 11-Jul-1985 s/w William Edward Mason
Mason, Sr. William Edward 8-Apr-1929 MARRIED SEPT 30/1950 s/w Dorothy Brown Mason
Noel Preston R. _1915 _2000 Whitten Funeral Home (Lynchburg, VA) marker
Noel Preston R. 1-Oct-1915 18-Nov-2000 footstone, COUSIN s/w Edward McK. Phillips
Phillips Edward McK. 24-Dec-1895 3-Nov-1993 footstone, UNCLE s/w Preston R. Noel
Stinnett Claude Swanson 29-Feb-1916 18-Jan-1983 TEC 4/US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Stinnett Dollie Garrett 30-Aug-1916 5-Oct-1997 IN GOD'S CARE s/w Frank Walter Stinnett
Stinnett Frank Walter 15-Dec-1915 2-Apr-2000 US ARMY s/w Dollie Garrett Stinnett
Stinnett Susie H. _1895 _1971 s/w Walter B. Stinnett
Stinnett Walter B. _1891 _1970 s/w Dollie Garrett Stinnett

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