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Year 1866 Marriages for Amherst County, VA

These scanned images of marriage certificates were generously donated by Janet Berry

The date shown is the date that the marriage license was issued, not the actual date of the marriage. For the actual date view the original. Some of the names were difficult to read so if you know of an alternate spelling please be sure and let me know so that I can include it in the NOTES section. Tami Ramsey





 January 15, 1866  AILSTOCK, Samuel  BEVERLY, Amanda M  
 June 26, 1866  BALDOCK, Gustavus A  MAYS, Susan B  
 January 8, 1866  BORGER, George Hubner  TAYLOR, Olivia V  
 December 20, 1866  BOWLES, Robert N  TURPIN, Martha  
 December 13, 1866  BOYD, Conrad  WARWICK, L R  
 August 25, 1866  BROCKMAN, Willis A  WOOD, Rosa E  
 February 10, 1866  BROWN, Henry  ROSE, Lucy  Freedman and Freedwoman
 December 21, 1866  BRYANT, John B  STAPLES, Martha Jane  
 August 22, 1866  BURCHETTE, Henry H  PETERS, Lucy A  
 December 17, 1866  BURKS, Joseph J  FRANKLIN, Frances J  
 March 19, 1866  BURTON, George W  RODGERS, Sarah  
 September 18, 1866  CAMPBELL, Marin V  MILLER, Mary E  
 January 9, 1866  CAMPBELL, William D  CAMPBELL, Manerva  
 December 23, 1866  CARPENTER, Nathan  CASHWELL, Milly  
 December 10, 1866  CARTER, Joseph C  PHILLIPS, Sallie A  
 December 26, 1866  CHRISTIAN, Shephard  LOVING, Susan  
 August 17, 1866  CLARK, Willie  CAMPBELL, Polly A  
 July 28, 1866  CLEMENTS, Jesse  SLATON, Leanor D
This is Jesse CLEMENTS, Jr. (His sister Frances, was my dad's maternal grandmother). He was the son of Jesse CLEMENTS, Sr. who died in Missouri and Mary "Polly" MARTIN, daughter of Abe MARTIN. Leanor was Leanna HENSON STATON. She was the daughter of John and Mary HENSON and the widow of Lunsford STATON, who was killed in the Civil War. Two of her sisters also married into my family
Alice Lawhorne Lilley
 May 28, 1866  COLEMAN, Thomas D  MANTIPLY , Lucy M  
 September 13, 1866  COOPER, Jeremiah  BEVERLY, ElizaAnn  
 November 23, 1866  CRAWFORD, James M  COFFEE, Mary Frances  
 May 12, 1866  DAVIS, Charles  JOHNSON, Mary  
 December 8, 1866  DEMPSEY, Lewis  RUCKER, Cassandra  
 October 23, 1866  DOWNEY, John  WOOD, Mollie  
 January 8, 1866  DRUMMOND, Patrick H KNIGHT, Fannie E  
 January 19, 1866  DUFF, William M  BIAS, Nancy E  
 December 25, 1866  ELLIS, Harry  RUCKER, Jane  
 November 19, 1866  EUBANK, George  HILL, Effiah  
 December 18, 1866  EUBANK, James N  MITCHELL, Sallie F  
 December 15, 1866  EUBANK, Thomas B  TUCKER, Amelia S  
 February 1, 1866  EUBANK, William  MORRIS, Casandra  
 January 2, 1866  EVANS, John  CAMDEN, Louisa  
 Novewmber 19, 1866  FARRAS, Robert H  BLANKS, Virginia

Grooms Last name may be FARRAR or FARRAN

 December 17, 1866  FEAGANS, George S  TANDY, Emma H  
 January 30, 1866  FLOYD, John W  CAMPBELL, Mary E  
 December 10, 1866  GATESWOOD, Wyett  WATTS, Fannie E  
 November 1, 1866  GLEESON, William H  LIGGON, Paulina  
 November 19, 1866  GOOCH, James G  CASH, Sally Ann  
 September 1, 1866  GOODWIN, Sandy  TUCKER, Ann  
 September 4, 1866  GRANT, William  WILMORE, France sA  
 September 8, 1866  HARISON, Elisha  PENN, Mary  
 March 29, 1866  HARVEY, Marcellus H  JENNINGS, Sarah Elizabeth  
 December 27, 1866  HENRY, James  ROSE, Sally  
 October 19, 1866  HIGGENBOTHAM, Peter  BIBBY, Moaning  
 December 14, 1866  HILL, Daniel  DILLARD, Amanda  
 December 19, 1866  JENKINS, John  MORRIS, Racheal  
 November 10, 1866 JENNINGS, Mathew W  JEFFRIES, Virginia A  
 May 20, 1866  JOHNSON, Isaah  WARNER, Hetty  
 July 20, 1866  JORDAN, Caesar  RUFFMAN, Mary J  
 May 8, 1866  LAVENDER, Clifton M  HIGGENBOTHAM, Mollie J  
 April 13, 1866   LAVENDER, Samuel H  ARRINGTON, Mary Jane  
 May 29, 1866  LAWHORNE, Lucas P  STATEN, Lucinda E
Lucas P. LAWHORNE and Lucinda E. STATEN
Lucas P. LAWHORNE was my mom's father. Lucinda E. (He called her Elizabeth) STATON was his first wife.
Alice Lawhorne Lilley
 February 11, 1866  LAWHORNE, Robert  CLEMENS, Kisiah
Robert LAWHORNE and Kisiah CLEMENS.  Robert LAWHORNE was the brother of Lucas and Kesiah CLEMENTS was the sister of Jesse CLEMENTS, Jr. . Their daughter, Rebecca, married the brother of mom's mother Matilda WHEELER
Alice Lawhorne Lilley
 February 26, 1866  LAYNE, Napoleon B  GILBERT, Judith C  
 December 28, 1866  LEE, Charles JOHNSON, Bettie  
 December 14, 1866  LEE, George  BETHEL, Catherine  
 December 31, 1866  LEWIS, John D  BERRY, Cornelia T  
 November 13, 1866  LINTHECUM, Robert A  PROFFET, Eliza A  
 April 25, 1866  LOWRY, William M  WHARTON, Eliza  
 December 1, 1866  MAGANN, Pleasant G  ANDREWS, Martha C  
 July 17, 1866  MASSIE, Henry  GOODWIN, Francis  
 May 21, 1866  MATHEWS, Solomon  WOODY, Nellie Ann  
 March 19, 1866  MAYS, George W  RODES, Mary L  
 October 22, 1866  McGINNIS, Edward B  HARRIS, Sally P  
 August 18, 1866  MORRISON, Joseph  CREWS, Mary J  
 August 3, 1866  MORRIS, William A  HICKS, Lucie Ellen  
 March 13, 1866  NORVELL, Marion  LAYN, Sallie E  
 July 17, 1866  PENDLETON, R A  GILLIAM, Ann S  
 December 28, 1866  PENN, Warnik  REVELY, Lucy  
 March 19, 1866  PETERS, John P  FRANKLIN, Editha C  
 November 26, 1866  PETTYGREW, Samuel E  HUDSON, Nanner C  
 October 8, 1866  POWELL, George F  TENSLEY, Sarah N  
 December 20, 1866  POWELL, James F  WOOD, Melles  
 November 12, 1866  PROFFETT, HenryJ  THOMAS, Mildred A  
 July 28, 1866  PROFFETT, William N  CARTER, Isetta V  
 January 9, 1866  PRYOR, William R  FRANKLIN, Mollie E  
 October 15, 1866  QUINN, Archer S  LOGAN, Nannie C  
 December 7, 1866  RICO, Winston  MASSIS, Sally  
 February 15, 1866  ROBERTSON, Jacob C  CHRISTION, Sallie E  
 December 25, 1866  ROSE, Given  DAVIS, Nannie  
 December 25, 1866  ROY, Jefferson  TINSLEY, Annie  
 November 19, 1866  RUCKER, Geoffrey T  OLD, Mary  
 December 4, 1866  RUCKER, James A  GRANT, Sallie  
 November 17, 1866  SCOTT, Willis  WATTS, Caroline  
 August 3, 1866  SHIPLEY, Perry M  CRAWFORD, Harriet A  
 November 13, 1866  SHUMATE, W B G  CHEATWOOD, Sarah Ida  
 October 8, 1866  SNEAD, William P  MORRIS, Judith A  
 October 23, 1866  SPENCER, Alexander F  QUINN, Lydia A  
 August 3, 1866  STAPLES, Frederick  WATTS, Catherine  
 December 24, 1866  STATON, Thomas A  STATON, Sarah E  
 April 9, 1866  STUMP, George H  CHENAULT, Amanda M  
 December 7, 1866  TAYLOR, Alfred  TINSLEY, Amanda E  
 January 31, 1866  TAYLOR, William H  PERROW, Hennan  
 January 23, 1866  TERRY, Oliver  LAVENDER, Leanna  
 April 4, 1866  THACHER, Charles W  CASH, Alice M  
 November 14, 1866  THOMPSEN,Thomas  ISEMAN, Hennis  
 December 25, 1866  TINSLEY, Edmond  BROWN, Ellen  
 January 11, 1866  TOLER, Peter G  LAYNE, Margarit P  
 September 24, 1866  TYREE, William H  POWELL, Cahrlotte A  
 October 30, 1866  VENABLE, Samuel D LAYN, Lucie A   
 January 28, 1866  WADE, George W  STINNETT, Nancy Jane  
 December 27, 1866  WADE, James N  CHAFFIN, Mary D  
 December 17, 1866  WALKER, William J  KNIGHT, Sophia Victoria  
 August 8, 1866  WALTON, Joshua B  CALLOWAY, Frances Ann  
 November 28, 1866  WARD, James  BIBB, Virginia E  
 December 22, 1866  WARNER, Alect  WATKINS, Gracey  
 August 8, 1866  WATTS, JamesM  POINDEXTER, Fannie Anna  
 December 24, 1866  WATTS, Thomas D  MARTIN, Catherine  
 January 29, 1866  WATTS, Thomas N  TOMLINSON, Emely  
 September 7, 1866  WEDEFIELD, James M  SPROUSE, Lucy A  
 November 28, 1866  WHITE, George M  WHITE, Jane E  
 October 19, 1866  WILLIAMS, Charles P  BLANKS, Margaret F  
 September 10, 1866  WILLIAMS, John W  BOWLER, Affia C  
 December 27, 1866  WILLIAMS, Lorenzo D  SHELTON, Sarah C  
 December 15, 1866  WILLS, Charley D  MOODY, Josephine Augusta  
 February 4, 1866  WINGFIELD, James R  MARTIN, Mary E  
 September 8, 1866  WRIGHT, Peter  TALEAFERRO, Nancy  

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