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Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Appomattox Cemetery 372055N 0784911W Appomattox
Appomattox Assembly of God Church 372113N 0784919W Appomattox
Appomattox Court House Presbyterian Church 372116N 0784932W Appomattox
Appomattox Pentecostal Holiness Church 372118N 0784934W Appomattox
Appomattox Seventh Day Adventist Church 372132N 0784952W Appomattox
Babcock Cemetery 372311N 0784931W Vera
Bethany Church 371542N 0785250W Concord
Bethel Baptist Church 372059N 0784946W Appomattox
Bethel Church 372450N 0785529W Stonewall
Bethlehem Church 372255N 0783829W Holiday Lake
Bible Baptist Church 372159N 0785013W Appomattox
Canaan Church 372443N 0784552W Vera
Central Church 371516N 0784959W Appomattox
Chestnut Grove Church 371527N 0784829W Appomattox
Evergreen United Methodist Church 371851N 0784640W Appomattox
Evergreen Cemetery 371825N 0784615W Appomattox
First Baptist Church 372138N 0784956W Appomattox
Galilee Church 372217N 0784914W Appomattox
Hebron Church 372502N 0785530W Stonewall
Herman Church 372544N 0784827W Vera
Jordan Church 372553N 0785218W Vera
Liberty Baptist Church 372106N 0784944W Appomattox
Liberty Chapel 372906N 0784822W Vera
Maple Grove Church 373151N 0785015W Gladstone
Memorial United Methodist Church 372123N 0784949W Appomattox
Morning Star Church 371959N 0784636W Appomattox
Mount Airy Church 372852N 0785140W Vera
Mount Comfort Church 372835N 0785210W Vera
Mount Obed Church 372440N 0785738W Stonewall
Mount Pleasant Church 372003N 0783821W Pamplin
Mount Shiloh Church 372040N 0785510W Concord
Mount Zion Church 372757N 0785620W Stonewall
Mount Zion Cemetery 372817N 0785558W Stonewall
New Hope Church 372503N 0784543W Vera
Concord Cemetery 372031N 0785758W Concord
Old Concord Church 372024N 0785524W Concord
Patterson-Hix Burial Ground 372243N 0784746W Vera
Peaceful Grove Church 372156N 0785805W Concord
Pine Ridge Church 371527N 0784308W Pamplin
Promised Land Church 371833N 0785050W Appomattox
Rebecca Cemetery 372735N 0785543W Stonewall
Red Oak Church 372601N 0785123W Vera
Reedy Spring Church 371746N 0785440W Concord
Rocks Church 371741N 0784348W Pamplin
Saint Anns Church 372122N 0784919W Appomattox
Salem Church 372020N 0785449W Concord
Springfield Church 372930N 0784605W Vera
Trinity Church 372705N 0785633W Stonewall
Walkers Church 371945N 0783900W Pamplin