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“The Protestant and Herald”

 December 1, 1842


“Whilst spending an evening . . . . with Orlando Brown, Esq., . . . he showed us a call presented to his grandfather, ninety years ago. . . . We also present the names which are appended to the original document, because we recognize in them the ancestors, as we suppose, of nearly one tenth of all the Presbyterians of our acquaintance. . .”


“A Call from the United Congregation of Providence and Timber Ridge in Augusta County,  To be presented to Mr. John Brown at the Revd. Presbytery of New Castle

when sitting in August 1753. . . .”


John Houston

Saml. Dunlap

Andrew Steel [Commissioner]

Halbert McCleur

Saml. Buchanan

John McNabb

Alexr. Walker

Wm. Carruthers

Waller Eakin

John Patton

Willm. Lochridge

Wm. Gray

Alexr. Miller

James McClung

Francis Beaty

David Dryden

John Hawely

Geo. Stevenson

John Stuart

Wm. Hamilton

Willm. Wardlaw

Thos. M. Speden

Alexr. Walker

Joseph Hay

John Houston Junr

Francis Allison

John Moore

John Smely

Saml. Houston

James Greenbee

Saml. Steel

Thos. McMurry

John Sprowl

James McDowel

James Coulter

Rodger Keys

Robt. Reagh

Thos. Paxton

John Robinson

Nath. Peoples

Matt. Robinson

Alexr. McCleur

John Kerr

Robt. Allison

John Loggan

Moses Whiteside

James Eakin

James McClung, Junr.

John Montgomery

Saml. Lyle

James Lusk

John McCleur

Robert Gamble

Matt Lyle

John Rossman

James Thomson

Willm. Berry

John Davison

James Trimble

James Edmiston

Robt. Robertson

Rob. Houston

John Shields

John Keys

Charles Berry

John Stevenson

John McCroskry Jun.

Jacob Gray

Robt. Henery

Nath. McCleur

John Winiston

Edm. Hearken

James Walker

Saml. Paxton

David Sayer

Willm. Lusk

James Robinson

Thos. Dryden

Samuel Hay

Edwd. Garr

Joseph Kennedy

Saml. Davies

Saml. McCutchon

Wm. Davies

Wm. Smith

Cha. McAnelly

Thos. Hill

Neal M. Glister

Geo. Henderson

John Lowry

Willm. Emiston

Andw. Fitspatrick

John McCroskry Senr

John Lyle

Alexr. McCroskry

Saml. Gray

Robt. Kirkpatrick

Archd. Alexander [Commissioner]

John Douglass

John Macky

John Walker

Baptist McNabb

Willm. Reah

Moses Trimble

John Wardlaw

Magdalen Borden

Robt. Weir

Saml. McDowel

Alexr Moor

Widow M.Cleary

Matt Houston

John Mitchel

Willm. Whiteside

Daniel Lyle

Thos. Berry

Agnus Martin

Willm. Robinson




Names are as spelled in the newspaper clipping.



Draper Mss., Kentucky Papers, 28CC27; Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison WI, with the following WHS page appended:

“The clipping of December 1, 1842, (28CC27) was the basis for an article by Clifford N. Smith entitled “Providence and Timber Ridge Presbyterian Congregations, Augusta County, Virginia, 1753” in THE NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY, LIX, No. 1 (March, 1971), pp. 24-26.”


transcribed by Kathryn Weiss, May 18, 2004