NAME: Randy C0Nely SURNAMES: CONNELLY, WALKER DATE: Wednesday, May 7, 1997 QRYTEXT:Lookig for the decendents of Arthur CONNELLY wife unkn. Sons 1 Alexander 2 Arthur 3 Samuel 4 Williamson and a daughter Sarah who married John WALKER Sr. of Augusta Co. Va. ------- NAME: Mary Caldwell SURNAMES: CALDWELL, KINCAID DATE: Saturday, January 10, 1998 QRYTEXT:Seeking information on Samuel CALDWELL b ca 1740 in Virginia, d ca 194-1799 in Greenbrier County. Where was he born? Where is he buried? Who were his parents? Also seeking information on Mary (Polly) KINCAID, born 16 Nov 1782, m John CALDWELL on 13 Mar 1800 in Montgomery Co., KY. Who were her parents? John was Samuel's son. John died in Franklin Co., Mo in November of 1854 and Polly died in Franklin Co., MO in January 1855. They moved from Greenbrier County to Kentucky to Missouri. Any help will be appreciated. ------- NAME: Paul Cales SURNAMES: CAIL, CALE, CALES, KAIL, KEEL DATE: Thursday, May 22, 1997 QRYTEXT:Interested in any information re David KAIL [CALE, CALES, CAIL, KEEL] who was born in the Palatinate abt 1716, disembarked at Phila from the Loyal Judith in 1742. He settled in Burlington Twp NJ and moved to Augusta Co some time after 1752. Land was held in either his name or that of his son William in Beverly Twp. I have a copy of the map which is available from the archives in Staunton VA. There numerous deeds and instruments including his name recorded there. His wife was Alberdina Barthemia [Partheny] CALE. Many descendants migrated to Greenbrier and Monroe Counties. My line comes from his son John. ------- NAME: James R. Campbell SURNAMES: DATE: Tuesday, August 20, 1996 QRYTEXT:Looking for any information on origin of CAMPBELL brothers (David, Michael, James, Andrew, and Adam) who moved from Augusta County to settle Campbellsville,KY ~ 1800. Adam (b.1778) married Sarah STEELE (b. 4/13/1787) of Augusta County. James (b.1775) married Rebecca TURNER. ------- NAME: Larry W. Campbell SURNAMES: CAMPBELL, MATEER, NELSON, SPEAR, STEELE DATE: Wednesday, October 7, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for information about the parents of the five CAMPBELL brothers who lived in Augusta Co. until 1809 by which time they had migrated to Green Co., Kentucky and founded Campbellsville, Ky. The brothers were: (1) Andrew CAMPBELL, b. Augusta Co. ca. 1765, m. 29 Jan 1793 Rebecca CAMPBELL, d. 15 May 1819 Campbellsville, Ky., (2) James CAMPBELL b. Augusta Co. ca. 1775, m. 23 Jun 1809 Rachel SPEAR, d. 26 Feb 1832 Campbellsville, Ky., (3) Michael CAMPBELL b.Augusta Co., m. 15 Jan 1805 Elizabeth MATEER, d.10 Aug 1847, (4) Adam CAMPBELL b. ca. 1778 Augusta Co., m. ca. 1805 Sarah STEELE, d. 6 Feb. 1850 Campbellsville, Ky., (5) David CAMPBELL b. Augusta Co., m. 4 Jan 1816, Green Co., Ky. Mary "Polly" NELSON. ------- NAME: Mary Campbell NOTE:DUNLAP,FAULKNER,CRUMP,OLIVER,WITT,SHAFFER,COLVIN,CARSTAIRS,SOMMERVILLE,MURE SURNAMES: ROACH, SEE, VANDERPOOL DATE: Thursday, April 24, 1997 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Margaret SEE that married Littleberry ROACH. Margaret parents were Federick Michael SEE and Catherine VANDERPOOL. They have Littleberry Roach as married to Margaret SEE IN 1744 in Augusta co.,Va. ------- NAME: Mary Campbell NOTE:DUNLAP,FAULKNER,CRUMP,OLIVER,WITT,SHAFFER,COLVIN,CARSTAIRS,SOMMERVILLE,MURE SURNAMES: COLVIN, DUNLAP DATE: Wednesday, February 3, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on John DUNLAP m. Nancy COLVIN. John was supposed to be a Presby Minister at the Tinkling Springs Church in Augusta Co,Va. Their daughter Nancy m. Daniel Faulkner. Looking for any brothers or sisters. ------- NAME: Robert Campbell SURNAMES: ALEXANDER, FUNK, RADER, READER, RODER DATE: Saturday, June 27, 1998 QRYTEXT:Seeking any information on Dorothea ALEXANDER Rader, married 23 June, 1772 to Captain Anthony RADER (READER/RODER, etc.). He was born circa 1745 in Augusta, VA, and died in Greenbrier Co., VA/WVA. She however died before 1778. Their daughter was Mary Poly RADER/READER FUNK, whose family settled in Henry County, Indiana. Any information would be greatly appreciated and will share what little informaiton we have. Sincerely, Robert Campbell of Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California, descendant of Dorothea ALEXANDER Rader. ------- NAME: Lin Cannell SURNAMES: CRAIG DATE: Saturday, July 26, 1997 QRYTEXT:Am researching a book on William CRAIG, born 1807 Greenbrier County, VA, died 1869 Washington Territory. He left Virginia for the far west and became a fur trapper. He may have attended military school as a boy. Does anyone know of a military academy in Augusta Co. during the period 1812-1828? I'm almost sure William CRAIG comes from the Craig family in Augusta County but so far am unable to connect to his parents. ------- NAME: Bart Cannon SURNAMES: BARTLETT, CANNON DATE: Tuesday, May 5, 1998 QRYTEXT:Please confirm that 1770 Augusta County, VA was home to a Josiah BARTLETT and his wife Mary BARTLETT. If so, did this BARTLETT family have any CANNON relatives at that time? Note that another, more famous Josiah and Mary BARTLETT were living in NH at the same time. This latter Josiah was the Congressional delegate from NH. Thank you. ------- NAME: Mary Carlisle SURNAMES: CARLISLE, LOGAN, MCCLURE DATE: Saturday, March 20, 1999 QRYTEXT:CARLISLE, John b. ca. 1780 in Augusta Co. (Highland Co., VA) Who are his parents? John CARLISLE married Margaret MCCLURE daughter of Robert MCCLURE and Annie LOGAN. John CARLISLE and Margaret MCCLURE had 11 children, among them, Robert McClure CARLISLE and Lilburn Logan CARLISLE b. ca 1800 in Kentucky. ------- NAME: Carma SURNAMES: TINKEL, TINKLE DATE: Thursday, March 5, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am searching for any information on the TINKLE/TINKEL family. I understand that there were some in Augusta County in the late 1700's to 1800's. Thank you for your help. ------- NAME: Frances Carner NOTE:Researching Gaines, Mathews, Pendleton, Wright, Archer, Hanger. Other surnames include Fulham and Cameron of Nova Scotia, Lower (Lauer)of Pennsylvania, Davis (Davies) of Connecticut, and Herpin (Harpin) of Connecticut -- all about 1740- SURNAMES: HUPMAN, MATHEWS DATE: Sunday, June 21, 1998 QRYTEXT:Would like to know if the "White House" near Parnassus VA is still standing and if anyone would share digital image of it. Home stood near Parnassus about 4 miles from Churchville and within 12 miles of Staunton. Built by John MATHEWS, ca. 1739, inherited by William MATHEWS and lived in by him until about 1811. In 1882 the land/house was owned by Valentine HUPMAN according to History of Augusta County by Peyton. ------- NAME: Ricky A. Carr SURNAMES: CARR, THOMAS DATE: Sunday, February 2, 1997 QRYTEXT:Seeking info on Thomas Carr who married Ann Eliza THOMAS in Augusta Co. and resided there around 1760. They had a son, John, who may have been born in the section of Augusta Co. that was to become Rockingham Co. John CARR later moved to Giles Co. where he died in 1835. ------- NAME: Gay Edens Carrigan SURNAMES: ENTSMINGER, FRAME, HANNAH, JOHNSTON, MILLER, VALENTINE DATE: Wednesday, January 1, 1997 QRYTEXT:MILLER, JOHNSTON, VALENTINE "Felte" MILLER m Susannah ENTSMINGER 1780s, probably Augusta Co., VA where they lived until ca 1790. According to his rejected Am Rev Pension application, he was born 12 Jan 1762 in Loudoun Co., VA; while 1850 Monroe Co., VA/WV Census shows him born in Maryland. Who were his parents, and did they also come to Augusta? Looking for parents of James JOHNSTON and his wife Susannah who m ca 1760s. Their daughter Eleanor m Hugh Hannah 22 Dec 1788, Augusta. Son James m Isabella Jenkins and dau Nancy/Agnes m Robert Craig. Others? Was Hugh HANNAH, b ca 1760s, son of John HANNAH & Anne FRAME? ------- NAME: Carolyn Carroll SURNAMES: CARROLL, WELCH, WELSH, WILSON DATE: Saturday, June 19, 1999 QRYTEXT:Searching for information of surnames of Carroll, Welch, Welsh and Wilson 1800-1870 ------- NAME: Carolyn Carroll SURNAMES: CARROLL, MILLER, WELCH DATE: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am looking for researchers of surnames, CARROLL, WELCH, AND MILLER Fleming Carroll m 25 August 1828 in Augusta County to Margaret Welsh, she was the daughter of Edward Welch. Fleming married again to Sarah A. Miller, 22 February 1851. Children by Margaret, William E., John B., Samuel W., George Franklin, Mary J., Robert Craig, Fleming B, Henry C., By wife #2, Sarah Miller, Lorenzo, Daniel W, Millard, Benjamin, and Victoria. ------- NAME: Noel George Carroll SURNAMES: BUCHANAN, CARROLL, REEVES DATE: Friday, May 14, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for infor about families of Augustus Welch CARROLL (b. Augusta County, March 20, 1877) and his wife Etta Florence REEVES (married Nov. 26, 1901 and moved to Pennsylvania. He was son of William E. CARROLL and Isabella Margaret BUCHANAN, married Nov. 9, 1857. William's father was named Flemming. ------- NAME: Rick Carson SURNAMES: CARSON DATE: Sunday, May 9, 1999 QRYTEXT:The Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlements in Virginia by Chalkley identify several Carsons in Augusta County. The 1787 Reconstructed Census of Virginia by Yantis identified two Carson families: James Carson and Thomas Carsen. I found no marriages in Wulfeck's Virginia Marriages. The number of Carsons seemed to have dimished in Augusta around 1800. Did they migrate to the Carolinas and to Tennessee and Kentucky? ------- NAME: Gail Carter NOTE:These were Shenandoah people. They were here from 1800 to 1825 when they moved to Madison Co. Ohio. Any help you can give would be very appreciated. SURNAMES: BOYER, CLEMENS, PESOR, STOLL DATE: Wednesday, November 18, 1998 QRYTEXT:Would like info re John CLEMENS b. c1785 d. 1830 Madison Co. OH, m. Anna BOYER b. 1789 or 1790 d. 4 April 1856 Noble Co. IN. John and Anna were married on 15 March 1808 in Rockingham Co. VA. Luke Clemens, son of John and Anna states in a Noble Co. IN history that his parents were farmers in the Shenandoah, and that he was born in 1809 in Augusta, VA. Also John CLEMENS and Christina PESOR were sponsors for baptism of Frederick STOLL's daughter at Lutheran Reformed Union Church at "Bicket Maundy" VA on February 14, 1770. ------- NAME: Gail Carter NOTE:These were Shenandoah people. They were here from 1800 to 1825 when they moved to Madison Co. Ohio. Any help you can give would be very appreciated. SURNAMES: BOYER, CLEMENS, CLEMMONS, FLEMINGS, FLEMMONS DATE: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 QRYTEXT:John CLEMMONS b. c 1780-1790 d. 1830 Union Twp., Madison Co., OH m. Anne BOYER(S) b. 1789 or 1790 d. 1856 Noble Co. IN, bond. Isaac FLEMMONS (FLEMINGS, CLEMMONS?), consent Phillip BOYER(S). Oldest son born Augusta, VA. States parents were farmers in the Shenandoah. Any information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ------- NAME: Gail Carter NOTE:These were Shenandoah people. They were here from 1800 to 1825 when they moved to Madison Co. Ohio. Any help you can give would be very appreciated. SURNAMES: BOYER, CLEMMONS, FLEMMONS DATE: Thursday, January 21, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for Isaac FLEMMONS and family. He was a member of McDowell's Flying Camp, Virginia Militia during the War of 1812. He was the bondsman for John CLEMMONS marriage to Anne(a) BOYER(S), on March 15, 1808 in Rockingham, Co, Phillip BOYER(s) consenting. John Clemmons was from Augusta, Co. Any info on any of these people would be most appreciated. Thanks. ------- NAME: William G. Carter SURNAMES: ERWIN, MCNEELY DATE: Sunday, March 2, 1997 QRYTEXT:ERWIN. My Edward ERWIN married Polly MCNEELY in Logan Co. KY in 1813. I'm sure he came from Augusta Co. as did the McNEELYS. Can anyone tell me who his parents were? ------- NAME: Carolyn Carver SURNAMES: GILLESPIE DATE: Thursday, August 22, 1996 QRYTEXT:James GILLESPIE is said to have been born c1761 in Augusta Co (the part now Alleghany Co) to William & Mary GILLESPIE. James married Isabella ______ and children were William, Jane, Robert, Mary, Matthew, Thomas, Elijah, James S., Sarah & Isabella according to some sources. Would like to correspond with GILLESPIE researcher regarding details of this family and their ancestry. ------- NAME: Carolyn Carver SURNAMES: ELLISON, ENGLISH DATE: Monday, August 26, 1996 QRYTEXT:James ELLISON (husband of Nancy Elizabeth Farley) died 1839,in Greenbrier Co WV. He was married 1777 at Farley's Fort. Was this fort in Botetourt, Augusta or Montgomery County? Is this what is now Greenbrier County? His father - James ELLISON - died 1791 at Bradshaw's Run Creek Settlement. Did wife, Ann ENGLISH die here also? Was this in Greenbrier Co or Monroe Co then? Now? This family was from Burlington Co NJ. What other members settled in Greenbrier Co area? Did John & Susanna ELLISON (father & gr-father of James ELLISON) come to Greenbrier Co area? ------- NAME: Carolyn Carver SURNAMES: CALES DATE: Thursday, August 29, 1996 QRYTEXT:David CALES died at Augusta Co Va 1786. His wife Alberdina died 1801. Did she also die in Augusta Co? Would like to know if their children were born, married or died in Augusta Co. (Kezia, Christina, Elizabeth, Jacob, John, William, David Jr.) Especially interested in Jacob and who he married. He died in 1840, but need to know if it was at Augusta Co. Would also like to know who Jacob's children were. Only one known is Mary who married John Brant. ------- NAME: Joanne Case SURNAMES: ROBISON DATE: Monday, November 16, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for any info on ROBISON as early as 1753...Have info on Wm ROBISON buying land from John ROBISON........Deed Book 5 pg. 428, 429. Thanx very much, if you can be of any help to me. ------- NAME: Milly Inge Casey SURNAMES: COHRON, MYERS, WELLER DATE: Monday, February 15, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for location of the New Hope Cemetery in Augusta County, Va. My great great grandparents are buried there - Tobias WELLER 16 March 1821 - 3 June 1899 and Elizabeth Jane MYERS (WELLER) 12 June 1832 - 21 April 1906. They are supposed to be buried in the WELLER plot there. I believe that this is a Methodist Church cemetery, but have been unable to locate it. My great grandmother was Cordelia Ann WELLER (COHRON) who was the oldest child by this union. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. ------- NAME: Janice Mauldin Castleman SURNAMES: BALSLEY, FISHER, KOINER DATE: Sunday, June 8, 1997 QRYTEXT:Fisher, Daniel and Nancy (Jones/Johns) FISHER moved from Rockingham Co., VA to Augusta Co., VA. They had at least 17 children, and some of these children had the town Fishersville named for them. My ancestor was their son Adam FISHER b. 12 March 1788 in VA married 1811 to Elizabeth Balsley (dau. of Christian BALSLEY and Elizabeth KOINER). Anyone researching this FISHER line please contact me to share information. ------- NAME: David L. Catlett SURNAMES: BRECKINRIDGE, CATLETT DATE: Thursday, October 22, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for info on Elizabeth Thomas BRECKINRIDGE who married Nathaniel Pendleton CATLETT , of Staunton, Va. ------- NAME: Richard "Bud" Caudle NOTE:Also interested in Newton, Patrick, Caudle, Lacy, Coffee, Brown, Rust, Littleton, Raliegh, West, Vaught, Nickell, and especially Lindel. SURNAMES: CRAIG, JONES DATE: Tuesday, March 2, 1999 QRYTEXT:Need any information leading to parents and/or siblings of Ambrose JONES born supposedly in Augusta County, VA August 10, 1756. He married Martha CRAIG, daughter of William Daniel CRAIG, December 30, 1784 Greenbrier Co, and died July 12, 1833 at Malone in Morgan County, Kentucky. Ambrose served in the Revolution. ------- NAME: Lisa Chaffin SURNAMES: ASKIN, ASKINS, COFFERTY DATE: Sunday, March 9, 1997 QRYTEXT:I am looking for any & all info. relating to ASKIN or ASKINS of Augusta Co.,VA. Especially interested in a John ASKINS that had a marriage bond to an Ann COFFERTY March 18, 1772. Several of us are trying to tie the various ASKIN-ASKINS lines together, so any info. would be greatly appreciated! You may hold the key to some missing links. Any info. at all would be very much appreciated! Also, willing to share whatever info. I have. THANKS!! ------- NAME: Bill Chapman SURNAMES: CHAPMAN DATE: Friday, January 30, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am looking for any information on the parents of Jacob CHAPMAN b. 1753 near Staunton. Thank you. ------- NAME: Bette Chayer SURNAMES: GARDNER, GARNER, MARTIN, WILSON DATE: Sunday, January 3, 1999 QRYTEXT:Searching for parents and siblings of James GARDNER Born Fishkill,NY 1758. Enlisted in RevWar 1779-1782 from NJ and NY. Then came down to VA. and married 1st Rachel WILSON in Augusta Co. then married Tabitha MARTIN in Franklin Co. VA, 1798. Anyone from the GARDNER or WILSON families know anything about this person. Thankyou. ------- NAME: Bill Cheatham SURNAMES: CHEATHAM, CHEETHAM, CHITTUM DATE: Saturday, March 14, 1998 QRYTEXT:CHEATHAM - Seek parents of James CHEETHAM, age 26-45, listed in the 1820 Augusta Co. census. He appears to have a wife, age 26-45, a son & a daughter 10-16, and two sons 0-10. ------- NAME: Charles T Chew SURNAMES: CHEW DATE: Saturday, January 25, 1997 QRYTEXT:Franklin P. CHEW (1900) son of Wilton L CHEW lived in Bluegrass (Crabbottom) Va. Wilton L. CHEW's father was Jonas W CHEW. Place of residence unkown. Looking for Jonas' ancestors. Time period 1800 to 1900. ------- NAME: Jack Childers SURNAMES: GRAHAM, KINCAID, SCOTT DATE: Tuesday, March 4, 1997 QRYTEXT:Researching the KINCAID family of Augusta County, Virginia. Thomas KINCAID born in Scotland and died 1750 Augusta County, Virginia. His son Jon born 1757 Augusta Co. and died 1810 Greenbrier County, Virginia and was married to Anne GRAHAM. Their son Lancelot "Landy' KINCAID born 1774 , died 1850 Summers County, West Virginia was narried to a Catherine SCOTT 5 Feb 1798 at Bath County, Virginia.They Had Julia KINCAID who married Samuel McCORKLE 29 Aug 1833 at Greenbrier County, Virginia. Any help would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Jack Childers SURNAMES: CHAPMAN, HICKLIN, MCCORKLE DATE: Tuesday, March 4, 1997 QRYTEXT:Researching the McCORKLE family of Augusta County, Virginin. Samuel McCorkle born about1720 died 1788 m. Sarah CHAPMAN Andrew MCCORKLE born about175074 Rockbridge Co. Died 1822 Greenbrier Co. married Elizabet HICKLIN 12 Jan 1798 Bath County Jack Childers RD 3 Box 480, Fenwick Island DE 19944. ------- NAME: Robert J Childs Sr SURNAMES: TALIAFERRO, TOLIVER DATE: Sunday, December 7, 1997 QRYTEXT:I am researching the TOLIVER family from the years 1700-1850 from Augusta County, VA. Some of the names would be Willliam, Charles, Allen, Jesse, Moses, Elizabeth, Lucy. I don't have much information to go on as of today, I know that some left Augusta and went to NC. If you have any information on these Tolivers, Please let me know Thanks-Charlotte ------- NAME: Patty Chiles SURNAMES: CRAIG, HINCH DATE: Sunday, April 12, 1998 QRYTEXT:Am looking for the ancestors of George CRAIG (b. Feb. 1, 1783 VA; d. July 31, 1868 Howard Co. MO) and of his wife, Charity Humble HINCH (b. Feb. 21, 1788 KY). Charity's family originated from Augusta County, Virginia. ------- NAME: Sue Moyer Chism NOTE:We are interested in any Chism (CHISUM) surname, although John Franklin and his parents and any brothers and sisters are most important.Also interested in Geiger and Howdyshell information. Thank you for your help. We truely appreciate it. SURNAMES: CHISM, CHISUM, GEIGER DATE: Monday, December 1, 1997 QRYTEXT:Searching for information on family (parents, brothers, sisters) of John Franklin CHISM, born Staunton area, November 1807. In 1835 he arrived in Fairfield County, Ohio where he met and married Elizabeth GEIGER in 1838. We have always been told that he walked the entire distance, so we do not know even the approximate date he left the Staunton area. This was my husband's great great grandfather. ------- NAME: Sue Moyer Chism NOTE:We are interested in any Chism (CHISUM) surname, although John Franklin and his parents and any brothers and sisters are most important.Also interested in Geiger and Howdyshell information. Thank you for your help. We truely appreciate it. SURNAMES: SHAFER, YANCEY DATE: Monday, February 16, 1998 QRYTEXT:SHAFER surname. Searching for information on Layton Yancey SHAFER, born c.1855-1865 Staunton, Virginia. His parents were ? SHAFER married to Sarah YANCEY, c. 1825-1835. Thank you. ------- NAME: Sue Moyer Chism NOTE:We are interested in any Chism (CHISUM) surname, although John Franklin and his parents and any brothers and sisters are most important.Also interested in Geiger and Howdyshell information. Thank you for your help. We truely appreciate it. SURNAMES: CHISM, GEIGER, HOWDYSHELL DATE: Sunday, January 17, 1999 QRYTEXT:Franklin CHISM, born November 7, 1807 in Augusta County, Virginia - possibly in the Staunton area. By 1835 he had made two trips to Ohio with a brother (name unknown at this time). In 1835 he settled in Fairfield County, Ohio. In 1838 he married Elizabeth GEIGER daughter of David GEIGER (Shenandoah County, Va.) and Elizabeth HOWDYSHELL (Rockingham County, Va.) They married in Fairfield County, Ohio. Searching for any CHISM information in Augusta County around the time of Franklin's birth parents/siblings, etc. ------- NAME: Chris NOTE:WILLIAMS, BRAGG, CONRAD, FORINASH, HARTMAN, YEAGER, WINE URL: SURNAMES: WINE DATE: Friday, January 8, 1999 QRYTEXT:I am seeking information on Adam WINE. He owned property in Augusta County in the early 1800's ------- NAME: Connie Christman SURNAMES: JAMES, STRICKLER, TAYLOR DATE: Monday, February 22, 1999 QRYTEXT:Any info on John TAYLOR Sr. Augusta Co. Va. b-1749, unknown where. He married Magdaline JAMES. They had a son named John TAYLOR Jr. b-1772, Botetourt Co. Va. He married Barbara STRICKLER in Shenandoah Co. Va. Who were John Sr. siblings and parents? Who were John and Magdalines other children? Was he related to anyone else in the area? Thanks for your time, it is appreciated. ------- NAME: Carol Joplin Clapshaw SURNAMES: JOPLING DATE: Monday, January 12, 1998 ------- NAME: Kathy Clark SURNAMES: GRIM, RAMSEY DATE: Friday, January 31, 1997 QRYTEXT:I am seeking information about William GRIM who was born in Winchester, Va. in 1788.He married Rebecca RAMSEY around 1808. They had eight children one of whom was named James. James later moved to Texas. Does anyone know the names of the other siblings and if any of them stayed in the area? ------- NAME: Kathy Clark SURNAMES: GRIM, RAMSEY DATE: Saturday, November 21, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for info on William GRIM who was born in Winchester VA in 1788 andlater moved to Botetourt Co. Wife was Rebecca RAMSEY. Had eight children one of whom was James, my gggrandfather. Who were the other siblings? Thanks, Kathy ------- NAME: Lenwood Clark SURNAMES: CONNAWAY DATE: Friday, December 11, 1998 QRYTEXT:Seek information on Lawrence CONNAWAY, b. 1756 Ireland, d. before 1800. He enlisted 15 July 1776 in Harford Co. and signed Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance to Maryland in 1778. He is listed in Augusta Co. personal property tax records in 1791-94, and in 1800 Elizabeth CONNAWAY gives permission for Rosannah CONNAWAY d/o Lawrence CONNAWAY, dec. to marry John Brown. Are there additional records of his living in Augusta Co.? ------- NAME: Barbara Clayton NOTE:Byrd Family also lived in Rockingham and Shenandoah, Virginia region. URL: SURNAMES: BYRD DATE: Monday, May 25, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am the 6th great grandaughter of Captain Andrew BYRD III and 7th great grandaughter of Captain Andrew BYRD II. I am wondering if anyone possesses or knows where I may obtain military muster records on either of these men. I am going to submit for membership with the DAR and am trying to locate histories, records, etc. on this family. Any assistance with this line would be greatly appreciated. ------- NAME: Barbara Clayton NOTE:Byrd Family also lived in Rockingham and Shenandoah, Virginia region. URL: SURNAMES: BIRD, BYRD, JONASON, JONES, YOCUM DATE: Thursday, August 6, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am the 8th great grandaughter of Andrew BYRD, who married Magdaline JONES, daughter of Swedish immigrants Mounce JONES (JONASON) and Ingabo YOCUM. Andrew is to have served in the Revolutionary War with the 5th Virginia Company in Augusta County, Virginia under Captain Peter Showll. Looking for any confirming data on the JONES or JONASON families that settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after coming from Sweden to America. Also looking for any data on Andrew BYRD confirming his service. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ------- NAME: Cleona SURNAMES: CONNELLY, WILSON DATE: Wednesday, December 4, 1996 QRYTEXT:Im searching for info on John CONNELLY and Sarah WILSON who were married in Augusta Co. in 1765.They had a son James Josiah b 1783. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks ------- NAME: Cleona SURNAMES: HAMBRIGHT, HARDIN DATE: Wednesday, February 5, 1997 QRYTEXT:Looking for info on Sarah HARDIN b about 1730 Augusta Co. m Col.Frederick HAMBRIGHT. Her father was possibly Benjamin. Thank you. ------- NAME: Cleona SURNAMES: KESSIAH, LANDRETH DATE: Wednesday, February 5, 1997 QRYTEXT:Looking for info on William LANDRETH b 1742 Augusta Co. M KESSIAH ?. His father's name was Thomas LANDRETH b 1710 d 1756. Thank you. ------- NAME: Barbara Cline SURNAMES: CLINE DATE: Thursday, July 8, 1999 QRYTEXT:CLINE, Thomas Jefferson, was born in Augusta County in early 1800's. Moved to Claiborne County, TN but don't know how old he was but probably young. Does anyone have information on who his parents were or where in the county he was from? ------- NAME: William A. CLINE SURNAMES: ARMSTRONG, ENGLISH DATE: Thursday, October 8, 1998 QRYTEXT:Need info Nehemiah ARMSTRONG m. Achsah ENGLISH Jun 1, 1814 in Augusta County, VA. Moved to Licking County, OH. Need his parents. ------- NAME: Holly Wanless Cochran SURNAMES: CRAWFORD, GILLESPIE, WANLESS, WILEY DATE: Monday, August 25, 1997 QRYTEXT:Does anybody know where the John WILEY graveyard is? I suspect this graveyard is in Augusta, Bath, Highland, or another neighboring county where Wileys are known to have lived (they lived in all of these). In "Early Western Augusta Pioneers", G.W. Cleek has the following passage: "James GILLESPIE served in the War of 1812, and there is a government marker at his grave in the John WILEY graveyard." There is no other mention of this graveyard in this book. The book "Augusta County Pioneers" says: "John WILEY, son of James WILEY and Agnes CRAWFORD, married Elizabeth GILLESPIE, daughter of James GILLESPIE who served in the War of 1812." So it looks like John WILEY was the son-in-law of James GILLESPIE, which explains why James is buried in John's graveyard. But where is it? And has anybody transcribed tombstone data from this graveyard? I am seeking birth/death dates for James GILLESPIE & his wife Margaret WANLESS GILLESPIE, married 18 June 1818 in Bath Co, and any information about any of their children. The GNIS Mapping System reports a Wiley graveyard near Blacksville, Monongalia Co, WV; I'll check that out, but I think it's too far away to be the right one. Thanks for any help, Holly ------- NAME: Steven L. Cockrell SURNAMES: COCKRELL, MITCHELL DATE: Thursday, September 4, 1997 QRYTEXT:Looking for parents of John W. COCKRELL b. 1797 in Virginia. m. Elizabeth MITCHELL b. 1808 in Staunton, VA, on 25 Jan 1825 in Staunton. Her parents George and Frances MITCHELL both born in Scotland, died in Staunton. Don't know what county John was born in, only that he lived in Staunton 1827-36? Any help appreciated. ------- NAME: Lloyd Lee Coffey SURNAMES: BLACKWELL, COFFEY DATE: Sunday, May 17, 1998 QRYTEXT:Working on all COFFEY's (came from Nelson Co & those from Amherst Co) in Augusta Co. Also the BLACKWELL's (came into Augusta Co some stayed others to Rockbridge Co and some return to) in Augusta Co. ------- NAME: David Cofield SURNAMES: FLACK DATE: Thursday, July 30, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am interested in James and Mary FLACK, residents of Augusta County in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I believe they are my gggggrandparents. My ggggrandfather James E. FLACK first appears in records in Person County, NC, in the 1820s, however in 1835 he received a letter from the Augusta County area giving him news of his mother and sisters. A Mary FLACK who resided in Augusta County in 1830 appears to be the right age to be James E's mother. I have been unable to connect him with the Augusta County FLACKs, but obviously he must have been, otherwise why the letter? (I can provide photocopies of the letter, which is from Pleasant A. Clarke, apparently James E.'s brother-in-law) ------- NAME: Michael Cole SURNAMES: CLEMENS, CLEMENTS, CLEMMONS, FELLOWS DATE: Sunday, August 3, 1997 QRYTEXT:I seek information about the surname CLEMENTS in Augusta County, Virginia. I believe there is a George L. Clements appearing in the 1830 census in Augusta. Chalkley's Chronicles references several CLEMENTS (sometimes also spelled CLEMENS or CLEMMONS). I am looking for the parents of John James CLEMENTS (b. 1837, d. 1920), who named his first son George Abner CLEMENTS (b. 1866, d. 1933). This family eventually moved to Botetourt County, Virginia. John James CLEMENTS married Margaret Anne FELLOWS. I also seek information on this surname. The 1830 census references several FELLOWS households, including Emanuel, John, Jonathan, and Joseph. ------- NAME: Martha Miller Coleman SURNAMES: BLAIR, SHEARER DATE: Friday, March 5, 1999 QRYTEXT:am looking for the parents of John BLAIR -b- abt 1760; -d- abt 1832. Married Lydia SHEARER -b- abt 1764. They married abt 1787 in Bullock Creek, York, SC. I've been told that John's parents were William Blair and Margaret Brown. Lydia and John had children, Abigail, William, Peggy, Betsy,Polly, John, Jane(my ancestor), Henry and Thomas Hugh. John had the following brothers and sisters:> James, Nancy, Henry, John, William, Mary and Peggy. Would like to verify this information if possible. Thanks. Martha Miller Coleman ------- NAME: Bill Collard SURNAMES: COLLARD DATE: Thursday, October 2, 1997 QRYTEXT:Need info on early families. COLLARD, RIchard son of Elijah and Rachael Gardner COLLARD. William, Joseph and any other sibling with same sur name. Probably settled after 1756 as Richard born in Pa and Richland ( now Mt. Joy) on Susquehanna R. Originaly French Hugenoets. Hardin. Mark, Mark Jr. Henry William and etc. also in area before moving to sw. Pa (Westmoreland and Fayette co Pa. Any info is appreciated and im willing to share later info on generations in Ky, and other states. Thanks ------- NAME: WM. Collard EMAIL:MUMD69 SURNAMES: COLLARD, GARDNER DATE: Thursday, October 2, 1997 QRYTEXT:Searching for records and other info on early Augusta Co Va family. RIchard COLLARD (brn 1756 In Richland Pa (Lancaster Co and Mt Joy) to Va with family Elijah and Rachael GARDNER ,, father and mother. 0ther names in family. William , Joseph ( a rev war vol at Ft. Pitt from Va), Elijah Jr., WM. Simmons, Simon James, and Robert. any info on theis family is apprciated. Record of selling land on s. fork of Plumb Ri in 1792 Wm heir of EElijah. then Hampshire Co Va./Wva/ any info appreciated. e-mail above address. thanks ------- NAME: Pat Collins SURNAMES: BERRY DATE: Sunday, March 7, 1999 QRYTEXT:Hi Berry seekers, I just, very belatedly got around to reading the Chalkley Chronicals that I printed out last Oct. Lo and behold, I have Very good reason to believe that I have connection from Henry BERRY, who had children: Henry, John,Thomas, Sarah (married McCloud), Jane (married Jno. Gladen), Margaret (married Smith), Elizabeth (married McClure), and Rebecca, who evidently had a 'bastard child' when she was 20. I'm taking all of this directly from my printed copy of the Chronicals. I have no idea if there were other children, nor who his wife was, for at the time this was written up, she was evidently already dead. Henry Sr. is declared as coming from New Jersey at the time of the Whiskey rebellion. It is his son John that I believe leads to my line of BERRYs. Anyone out there interested in this line, or have anything on it? Any help very much appreciated, and happy to share. Pat, in Oregon ------- NAME: Steve Collins SURNAMES: LUSK, SPROWL, VANCE DATE: Monday, November 23, 1998 QRYTEXT:Can anybody affirm that the Elizabeth LUSK, who married William SPROWL on 23 June 1773 in Augusta County, is indeed tbe daughter of William LUSK & Elizabeth VANCE, who resided in Augusta Co., Virginia beginning abt. 1750. ------- NAME: Shirley Colvin SURNAMES: COLVIN DATE: Thursday, June 10, 1999 QRYTEXT:Looking for the family of JOSEPH COLVIN who left Augusta County, VA before 1784, and went to Lincoln County, KY with his family. His children are: William b. ca 1772; Nancy; John b ca 1772; Joseph, Jr. b Mar 18 1780 VA; Mary; Sarah/Sally b Feb 22, 1782; Charles b ca 1783; Elijah W. b Dec 19, 1784; Mahala; ------- NAME: Alan Combs EMAIL:ACJC COMB@AOL.COM SURNAMES: MCINTOSH, MOULTRIE, PROCTOR, SHAW DATE: Thursday, August 13, 1998 QRYTEXT:I would like any information on William MCINTOSH B. May 6,1745 Married Delilah SHAW B.Aug. 8 1747. They were married in Augusta Co. Dec. 26, 1765. William'S parents were William MCINTOSH and Catherine MOULTRIE [father was a british officer]. Delilah'S parents were John West SHAW and Nancy PROCTOR ------- NAME: Randy Conley SURNAMES: CONNELLY, MCCAULEY DATE: Wednesday, May 7, 1997 QRYTEXT:Looking for the decendents of Arthur CONNELLY born 1730 Ir. died 1805 in Augusta co. va. Wife Jean He had sons Robert,Thomas, John,David and a daughter Mary who married Joseph MCCAULEY ------- NAME: Amy Connell SURNAMES: DEJARNETTE, DUNBAR DATE: Saturday, February 7, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am looking for any information on the DEJARNETTE and DUNBAR surname in Augusta, particularly a Cynthia DEJARNETTE b abt 1787 in Augusta, dau of Richard DEJARNETTE. She married William DUNBAR in 1819 in Botetourt County, any info appreciated. Please e-mail! Thanks! ------- NAME: connie SURNAMES: DATE: Friday, April 18, 1997 QRYTEXT:I am looking for the actual location of the Timber Ridge Church, Augusta County, VA. In researching the MCDOWELL family, I have found a John MCDOWELL, (d. 12/25/1742) buried at this church. ------- NAME: Millie Conrad SURNAMES: GIVENS, POWELL, ROBINSON DATE: Friday, December 11, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Powell ROBINSON b. 17 m. 1822. Possibly grandson of Margaret ROBINSON who married Robert GIVENS around 1785 in Augusta Co. Powell eventually migrated to Hawkins Co., TN. Powell's mother's maiden name possibly POWELL. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ------- NAME: Dev Cook SURNAMES: GORDON, WHITE DATE: Sunday, March 1, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on Isaac WHITE b. abt 1820 in Augusta Co., VA and wife Elizabeth GORDON b. abt 1824 in VA. They were married 11 Feb 1847 in Rockbridge Co., VA and had these children: Lizzie, John b. 10 Aug 1861, James, Emmie and Mattie. Need further info on family. Have info to share on decendents of John Lee WHITE's family which moved to Urbana, Champaign Co., OH. ------- NAME: janet l cook NOTE:I have much info on some of Johns sons , Ezekiel being our direct line, But I am having problems definetly establishing his parents, some say he is descendant of Nicholas YAGER of Germanna and others say that is a no. SURNAMES: RENDER, YAGER, YEAGER DATE: Monday, November 23, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on John YAGER married to Nancy RENDER. He served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in Capt Peter Hulls Co., Augusta Va Militia 1777, residence during the war is listed as Augusta Co. He lost his left arm in the Battle of Stillwater and was allowed a pension of 15 pounds. I have his children listed as , William, Samuel, John, Reuben,Ira, Abijah, Abner< Lewis, Ezekiel, Elizabeth, Mary, and one other girl whos name could not be found. John also had a brother names Samuel. He and several of his sons moved to Lincoln Co. Tennessee. and some of the sons ended up in Bibb Co. Ala. I would love to find John parents and other siblings if possible any information at all would be much appreciated Thanks ------- NAME: Sue Cooper SURNAMES: LUSK, YOUNG DATE: Friday, January 8, 1999 QRYTEXT:Searching for any info on Matthew YOUNG who md Agnes LUSK, d/o Nathan LUSK who d 1748, Augusta Co, VA. Matthew in the VA Militia, 1742. Owned land in Borden's tract on Whistle Creek; in Long Canes, SC, 1755. Who were Matthew's parents? Who were the children of Matthew and Agnes? Does anyone know anything about this family?? Thank you, Sue Cooper ------- NAME: Will Cooper SURNAMES: COOPER, COWPER DATE: Sunday, October 18, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am interested in Jo(h)n COOPER/COWPER possibly indentured who may have been in this area between 1740 and 1760 He later moved to Western NC and Western TN. He and his family are listed in Rowan County NC Census in 1780. Family oral history leads to VA. ------- NAME: Denny Cope SURNAMES: BRIGHT, GOODEN, HOBSON, METCALF DATE: Monday, February 23, 1998 QRYTEXT:Researching family of Tobias BRIGHT md. to Rachel GOODEN. First appears in Augusta Co, VA ca. 1744. Sons, James, Albertus, George and two others, daughters, Eleanor and two others. Appears in Spartenburg, SC in 1790 and then to Allen Co, KY in 1805. Sons, Albertus md. Polly METCALF in 1811 and Mary HOBSON in 1832. George and Albertus moved to Lawrence Co, MO in 1838. Any connections? ------- NAME: Len Corneto NOTE:Looking for any information or school records for Lily Pearl Miles, who attended the Wesleyan Female Institute in Staunton. She graduated in 1894. She lived in Louisiana and was born in the Sabine Parish on 19 Dec 1877. SURNAMES: CALDWELL DATE: Friday, May 29, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am looking for any information on Professor C.R. CALDWELL, who taught at the Wesleyan Female Institute in Staunton during the 1890's. Also looking for any student or faculty rosters from that school 1890- 1895. ------- NAME: Larry P. Cornwell SURNAMES: BARNHARD, BARTLETT, CALLAHAN, HARRIS, HOUCK, KATTLE, LAMBERT, VANFOSSEN, VERNON DATE: Saturday, February 22, 1997 QRYTEXT:LAMBERT, Francis, b Sep 11, 1776 in VA. Married Elizabeth VANFOSSEN on Nov 21, 1801 in Augusta Co. She was the d of Jacob VAN FOSSEN and Susanna --. Ch born in VA: Daniel, b 1802, m Sarah HARRIS on Dec 23, 1821; Jacob, b 1804, m Mary CALLAHAN in Dec 1825 and Mercy BARTLETT in 1834; Sarah, b Jun 30, 1806, m Reuben KATTLE; James M., b 1810, m Mary E. HOUCK; Elizabeth, b Oct 9, 1812, m Aaron VERNON; Francis L., b 1814, m Mary BARNHARD. Family moved to Licking Co OH in 1816. Larry P. Cornwell 7725 Halcyon Forest Trail Montgomery Al 36117-3483 ------- NAME: Larry P. Cornwell SURNAMES: CILPLINGER, CURRY, HAFNER, HAMAKER, HISEY, LAMBERT, NEBERGALL, PHILLIPS, REITENOUR, SWITZER, VAN-FOSSEN, WAGY DATE: Thursday, March 20, 1997 QRYTEXT:LAMBERT, Adam, b ca 1746 in Scotland, d 1817 in Augusta Co, VA. He m. Sarah CILPLINGER, b ca 1755 in PA, d ca. 1822 in Augusta Co. Children: Christian, m Madgalen HAFNER; Abraham, m Barbara HAMAKER; Mary, b 1773, m Philip NEBERGALL; Adam, m Elizabeth WAGY; Francis, b. Sep 11, 1776, m Elizabeth Ann VAN FOSSEN on Nov 26, 1801; John; m Ann CURRY; David, m Margaret PHILLIPS; Sarah, m Jacob VAN-FOSSEN; Samuel, m Catherine HISEY; Peter, m Catherine SWITZER; Elizabeth Ann, m John REITENOUR; Esther M., m George HISEY; and Nancy. Anyone connect? Larry P. Cornwell 7725 Halcyon Forest Trail Montgomery AL 36117-3483 (334) 277-4654 ------- NAME: Marilou Cory-Nyblod NOTE:I'm also looking for info concerning Charles Davis that may have been in Augusta Co., VA He married Martha Snodgrass then lived in Harrison Co., KY. His son Martin and wife Sarah McKune went to live in IL where they died and are buried. SURNAMES: DAVIS, SNODGRASS DATE: Thursday, April 23, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for info on the family of Robert SNODGRASS in Augusta Co., VA ------- NAME: A. Sherritt Costello SURNAMES: BAUMGARTNER, HENRY, JAMES, MASTERSON, SHERRIT, SHERRITT, THOMAS, WILSON DATE: Monday, September 9, 1996 QRYTEXT:Thomas SHERRITT b@1750 d1732 BotCo VA m:Rebecca WILSON @1782 Aug Co VA children:Nancy Sherritt MASTERSON,John, Robert WILSON, James, MarySherritt BAUMGARTNER, Thomas and Waterson. JAMES married MM BAUMGARTNER > Gallia Co OH @1828; Thomas and Waterson > Scott Co KY @1828. Need info on parents, birth & marriage of THOMAS &Rebecca SHERRIT and or all of the above. May be connection with HENRY SHERRITT on New Kent Co VA Rent Rolls 1704. ------- NAME: Susane Cotter NOTE:Robert, John, William & James Shultz all fought in the Civil War. Rbt.& James in the Confederacy & Wm. & John for the Union. John & James later lived in Wichita, KS. SURNAMES: SCHULTZ, SHULTS, SHULTZ, WHITE DATE: Sunday, July 5, 1998 QRYTEXT:Searching for my G-Grandmother, Mary Jane WHITE. b.Augusta County in 1820. m. Cyrus SHULTZ/SCHULTZ/SHULTS January 3, 1837. Mary & Cyrus had 11 children, most or all born in Augusta County, Staunton, VA. Children: Eliza b 1838, Robert b. 1842, John b. 1844, William b. 1846, James R. b.1850, Mollie, b.1854, Mary b.1855, Nettie, b.1858, Martha b.1859 Emma b. 1862 They moved to TN around 1860 Any info on this family will be greatly appreciated. Susane Cotter ------- NAME: Susane Cotter NOTE:Robert, John, William & James Shultz all fought in the Civil War. Rbt.& James in the Confederacy & Wm. & John for the Union. John & James later lived in Wichita, KS. SURNAMES: SCHULTS, SCHULTZ, SHULTS, SHULTZ, WHITE DATE: Sunday, July 5, 1998 QRYTEXT:Cyrus R. SCHULTZ/SCHULTS/SHULTZ/SHULTS b. 1816, Augusta County,VA m. on Jan. 3. 1837 to Mary Jane WHITE b. 1820 Augusta County, VA. 11 children born in VA. Eliza (Lizzie) b.1838, Robert,b.1842, John b.1844, William b.1846, James,b.1850, Mollie, b.1854, Mary b.1855, Nettie, b.1858, Martha b.1859, Emma b.1862. The family moved to Washington County, TN around 1860, then to Knoxville, TN around 1870. Any info. will be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Susane ------- NAME: Richard Cottrell EMAIL:rjc@web- NOTE:Other surnames I'm researching are KEMP (MD,PA,OH,IN); YATES (NC,TN,OK); COTTRELL (NC,TN,GA,MO,OK); WOFFORD (SC,LA,TX,OK); HEDRICK (GY,PA,NC,TN,GA,MO); WELLS (NC,TN,MO,KS,OK); WARD (SC,IL,TX); HOERCHELROTH (GY,PA); CORNELISON (TN,AL,MS); PATTERSON (TN,GA). SURNAMES: BLAIR, HEDRICK DATE: Saturday, August 29, 1998 QRYTEXT:Seeking info on William BLAIR md. Margaret (?) had the following children: James, John, Nancy, William, Mary (md. John HEDRICK) and Peggy. My ancestor is Mary BLAIR who married John HEDRICK the 1 Mar 1792 in Augusta Co., VA. On the record of marriage her father William and brother William are listed. John and Mary (Blair) Hedrick stayed in Augusta Co., VA until 1797 then to Rowan Co., NC until 1805 then to Roane Co., TN until 1824 then to Monroe Co., TN until 1841 then finally to Walker Co., GA until their deaths in 1845 and 1849. Anyone with info on these people please contact me: Richard Cottrell, Rt.2 ------- NAME: Jim Cox SURNAMES: HUTCHESON, WILSON DATE: Monday, September 1, 1997 QRYTEXT:Ephraim WILSON, b. abt. 1740, m. Isabella HUTCHESON, abt 1758 in Augusta Co. His brother, Richard WILSON, b. abt 1742, m. Mary HUTCHESON. Mary and Isabella may have been the daughters of John HUTCHESON and Mary ?. Ephraim later moved to Botetourt. Any information appreciated. ------- NAME: Karen S. Cox SURNAMES: JACKSON, STICKLEMAN, WEAVER DATE: Sunday, March 22, 1998 QRYTEXT:John STICKLEMAN married Elizabeth WEAVER in Augusta Co. Va.the 16 Apr. 1787. Their son George STICKLEMAN married Nancy JACKSON before moving to Gallia Co. Ohio. If anyone has any of these names in their family records I'd love to hear ------- NAME: Bonnie L. Coyle SURNAMES: DEVER DATE: Sunday, June 13, 1999 QRYTEXT:Searching for information on Charity DEVER , b. July 23, 1823 in Augusta Co., Va. Married Joseph C. NICHOL May 15, 1839. Chariety died Sept. 22, 1898 in Harrison Co., WV. Charity and Joseph had 4 children, Mary, James S., Rachael E., and Catherine M.S. Thank you. ------- NAME: Robert Crabtree SURNAMES: SHEFFEY DATE: Saturday, May 3, 1997 QRYTEXT:Daniel SHEFFEY and his brother Henry SHEFFEY, my ggg grandfather, were born in Frederick, MD in 1770 and 176?. Daniel lived near Staunton, Augusta Co, VA and died Dec. 3, 1830. Daniel was a long time politician and his life was well documented. I am looking for any information as to their ancestors predating 1770. Robert Crabtree 3156 Portsmouth Dr ------- NAME: Betty Crawford SURNAMES: BAXTER, ELLIOTT, HARPER DATE: Sunday, May 11, 1997 QRYTEXT:ELLIOTT/HARPER/BAXTER Mary ELLIOTT was born February 27, 1764 in Augusts Co., Virginia. She married William BAXTER in 1783 in Kentucky and had two children, John and Mary. William Baxter died abt. 1786. In 1788 Mary (Elliott) BAXTER married George HARPER, they lived for a time in Fayette Co., Kentucky. Then they moved to Knox Co., Indiana where they raised a large family. Mary ELLIOTT was a daughter of Richard ELLIOTT. ------- NAME: Clark E. Creery SURNAMES: BANKS, CREERY, ISENBERG, MCCREERY, MCCREIGHT DATE: Sunday, October 4, 1998 QRYTEXT:Looking for information on any of the names listed. Mainly MCCREERY who evidently lived in VA in the 1700 timeframe. They moved to Indiana, PA and I am trying to find information and lineage on "Cherry Tree Joe MCCREERY". Any link would be appreciated. ------- NAME: Kathleen Crippen NOTE:I am currently reseaching the CRIPPEN/SWISHER family of Cherokee, Iowa. Related Surnames include: ANDERSON, TROUP, WILSON, LATHROP, WHITMORE. SURNAMES: ANDERSON, TROUP DATE: Saturday, November 21, 1998 QRYTEXT:I am looking for information on Elizabeth Virginia ANDERSON, born in Staunton, Virginia December 13, 1852. She was the daughter of George W. ANDERSON (originally Hancock County, VA) and Delilah TROUP (originally Washington County, Maryland). The family migrated to Johnson County, Iowa in 1864. Elizabeth died in Cherokee, Iowa on March 6, 1921. Any information on the Andersons would be appreciated! ------- NAME: Joseph T. Crone SURNAMES: CROAN, CRONE, WOODS DATE: Saturday, April 26, 1997 QRYTEXT:CRONE/CROAN/WOODS-Michael CRONE m. Catherine WOODS m. 1 Nov 1818 Augusta VA--any information appreciated ------- NAME: Mitchell Crow SURNAMES: CROW, MILLER, WRIGHT DATE: Thursday, July 2, 1998 QRYTEXT:Walter CROW married Ann MILLER. Walter born 1710 or 1714 died 1789. Trying to determine where he came from. Died supposedly Danville Kentucky, but will filed in Rockingham County, VA where he came from and spent time. Had child Jacon who married Nellie WRIGHT. Walter could have been from Holland, or England, but don't think he was a son of John from Cecil County, MD ------- NAME: Cheryl Crowder SURNAMES: CAMPBELL, EDWARDS, HAY DATE: Sunday, June 13, 1999 QRYTEXT:According to many submissions to the LDS Ancestral File, a John Campbell 1672-1741 b. Scotland moved to VA in 1684 and married Grace Hay. They had 9 children, one of whom I am seeking William Campbell d. 1759 in Augusta County. He supposedly married a Sarah and had 15? children, one of whom I am also seeking information about named John Campbell d. 1782 who married a Ms. Edwards. ------- NAME: Larry Culver NOTE:I'm researching my GILLESPIE family in Virginia, Ohio and Indiana SURNAMES: BOSLEY, GILLESPIE DATE: Saturday, June 12, 1999 QRYTEXT:I'm searching for parents/birthplace of JAMES GILLESPIE b.July 15, 1795 or 98 in possibly Augusta Co., Va. mar. MARY BOSLEY in ca1821 ch. Elizabeth b.1825 Oh., William b.1831 Oh., Rachel b.1833 Oh., George b.1836 Oh., John b.1839 Grant Co., Ind., and Peter b.1842 Grant Co., Ind. I suspect that James's parents were WILLIAM GILLESPIE b.1755, d.1833 Oh. and 1st wife SARAH CARPENTER d.abt 1800 ------- NAME: Charles Cummings SURNAMES: SHEETS DATE: Tuesday, August 25, 1998 QRYTEXT:Need info. on William and father George SHEETS. George was born in Buck ;Co. Pa in 1759 and is a patriot and may have a pension in Augusta Co. Thanks ------- NAME: Pat CUMMINGS EMAIL:DURRETT44@AOL.COM URL:N/A SURNAMES: BIRD, CLINEDINST, GREGORY DATE: Sunday, December 7, 1997 QRYTEXT:Seeking any information on Washington CLINEDINST and Sarah GREGORY family of Augusta Co., VA. Washington and Sarah were parents of Mary Ann who was born in Augusta Co.near Staunton, 20 Nov. 1822. In 1842 her family moved to Ohio where she met and married a year later, Richard BIRD. She raised 9 children, 6 of whom were boys. In 1866 she moved to Tipton Co., In. Mary Ann (Clinedinst) BIRD d. in December 1923 at the age of 101 in Indianapolis, IN. ------- NAME: Alan R. Cunningham SURNAMES: CUNNINGHAM DATE: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 QRYTEXT:CUNNINGHAM, William R. b abt 1789 Augusta County d 7 Aug 1851 Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, IN. Migrated in 1842 to IN with son William Rufus and D.A. Need info on wife and ancestors.Thanks......... ------- NAME: Elaine Cunningham SURNAMES: DEAL, STIGER, SWOPE DATE: Monday, April 21, 1997 QRYTEXT:Searching for parents of John SWOPE b. April 26, 1809 in Churchville, Augusta Co., VA, d. Oct. 13, 1886 in Hudson, McLean Co.,IL. He m. Elmira Margaret STIGER Nov. 17, 1850 in McLean Co., IL. We believe his brothers are Peter, George, and Henry (Harry). John left VA about 1830 to settle in IL. George's two boys went from Virginia to Indiana. One of them, Wash Swope, became bishop of the Methodist Church of that state. It is believed that another of the brothers went to KS. We believe their parents might be Harry? SWOPE and ? DEAL. Any tidbit of information is welcome. ------- NAME: Jim Cunningham SURNAMES: CRESON, FURCHES DATE: Wednesday, October 9, 1996 QRYTEXT:CRESON, Abraham, d. 1791 in surry Co., NC. Moved to NC from Augusta Co., VA cir. 1754. His wife was Mary (FURCHES ?), he had 2 children Jane and Joshua. Any/all info will be appreciated. ------- NAME: Jim Cunningham SURNAMES: CRESON, CUNNINGHAM DATE: Wednesday, October 9, 1996 QRYTEXT:CUNNINGHAM, Samuel, d. 11/1781 in Surry Co., NC. He had a son named Abraham and possibly other children. It is believed that he lived in the Augusta Co., VA area before moving to NC. He married Jane CRESON (dau of Abraham CRESON). ------- NAME: Linda Cunningham SURNAMES: SHULTS, SHULTZ DATE: Sunday, April 20, 1997 QRYTEXT:SHULTZ, SHULTS - Need information on the SHULTZ family or families that were in Augusta Co. in 1810. I am particularly interested in the Valentine SHULTZ who was born in Augusta Co., VA (date unknown). It is believed he married a woman named Barbara and had a son named John Stewart SHULTZ. ------- NAME: Jan Curtis SURNAMES: GHOLSON DATE: Monday, April 21, 1997 QRYTEXT:Anthony GHOLSON (ca 1730-1817) m. Elizabeth________, they were in August Co. and probably Orange Co., Spotslvania Co., 1730 to 1780, then moved to Botetourt Co. until 1800. Looking for their marriage record, etc. to determine her maiden name, or personal information re: the family. ------- NAME: Jan Curtis SURNAMES: BECK, COWAN, GHOLSON, GOLSON, GOLSTON, MCCOWAN DATE: Tuesday, June 24, 1997 QRYTEXT:I'm looking for anyone with knowledge about Stephen BECK or related family who was living in Augusta in the mid 1700's. I'm also looking for information on James COWAN (MCCOWAN) and his family in the same time period, Augusta. If anyone has information on any GOLSON (GHOLSON, GOLSTON) please let me know. Thanks!! -------

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