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The following references to Sorrells are found in Chalkley’s Chronicles
of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Extracted from the Original
Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800

August 20, 1747,  p. 30. Vol I.  Church wardens to bind Walter Sorrell,
son of Richard Sorrell to Joseph Tees. 
August 15, 1759, p. 84. Vol I.  Richard and Mary Sorrel, parents of Mary
Sorrel, who is bound to Ro. Cunningham, complain of his treatment of
her, and she is released from indenture.

August 4, 1792, p. 269. Vol. I.  Called Court on Sarah Sorrels for
larceny.  Sent to District Court.   
November 30, 1791, p. 293. Vol. II.  Wilprey Bryant and Agnes Blakely,
daughter of Robert Blakely (consent); witnesses, Thomas Call, Lewis
Sorrel; surety, Thomas Call (Caul).

December 29, 1792, p. 297.  Vol. II.  Robert Morton and Sarah Sorrels,
daughter of Joseph Sorrels (consent); witnesses, Thomas Beard, Kezzeyar
Beard; surety, Nathaniel Kelley.

May 3, 1792, p. 299. Vol. II.  Lewis Sorrels (Sorrells) and Thomas
Clifton, surety.  Lewis Sorrels (Sorrells) and Elenor Carr (Orphan). 
"This is to certify  that Elenor Car has neither father nor mother in
the State of Virginia, for her father died when she was but young, and
as for her mother I can give no account of her.  This young woman came
with my brother’s wife’s cousin to Virginia and has lived the bigger
part of her time with me, and Lewis Sorrel is to obtain marriage license
of you.  Alexander Robertson."

October 8, 1795, p. 319.  Vol II.  Mathew Lamb and Lewis Sorrels,
surety.  Mathew Lamb and Keziah Sorrels, daughter of Joseph Sorrels,
late of Augusta County, sister to Lewis Sorrels.

May 3, 1792, p. 352,  Vol.II.  Lewis Sorrells and Elenor Carr married
by Rev. John McCune (Cue).	

January 1, 1794, p. 353.  Vol. II.  Robert Morton and Sarah Sorrels
married by Rev. Wm Wilson.

August 20, 1747, p.  437. Vol. II.  Walter, son of Richard Sorels bound.

December 4, 1753, p. 41-42.  Vol. III.  Joseph Tee’s will.  To sons,
William and Charles, plantation and negroes.  Wife.  Charles is 16 years
old. To daughter, Mary, the place bought from John Wilson  Executors,
wife, overseer, Wm. Henderson.  Teste: John Campbell, Andrew Campbell,
Walter Sorals.  Proved March 17,  1756 by John and Andrew Campbell and
Jane Tees qualifies executrix with sureties Wm. Henderson, John

January 2, 1761, p. 68.  Vol. III.  William Johnston’s will, yeoman,
aged about forty years—Daughter, Mary Johnston, 2 years old last June,
by Scott, John Cunningham,  John Sorel.  Proved, 18th May 1762, by
Scott, Cunningham, and Sorel.  Executor qualified, with Thomas Rutledge
and Wm.
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