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Zion Hill Church History 8-12-1905

In Memoriam

Zions Hill Va. August 12, 1905

Whereas it has pleased God in his All-wise Providence to remove from our
midst Bro. Isaac S Austin who was born February 25, 1836, died April 19,
1905 making 69 years 1 month and 24 days, lacking only 11 months and 16 days
of completing the Divine lease.

Brother Austin professed religion in the very bloom of mankind, baptized by
the Rev. L. P. Fellers, connected himself with the Zions Hill Church, and
walked worthy of his high calling in Christ for nearly fifty years.

To say that Bro Austin was entirely free from faults would be putting it too
strong, but we can safely say, he had as few faults as any man living,
subject nevertheless to the trying ordeals of this troublesome world.

Bro Austin was a humble man a peace maker, full of good works, a righteous
man in the strictest sense seeking and striving always to do good and shun
the very appearance if sin and evil, gentle, meek, forgiving and patron
universally loves and universally lamented.

Much might be written of the life of Bro Austin as a brave Confederate
soldier, a true citizen and a faithful Christian but space and time forbid.
His walk before us was inspiring, his influence great and lasting. Surely he
was "A living Epistle read and known of all men". He talked much of death
and heaven, and regarded his demise as only a pleasant trip from his world
and eternal love. In eulogy, we can true fully say, that in the person of
Bro Austin we found the purest type of an honorable gentleman, a loyal
citizen and a true faithful Christian.

Resolved 1st. That in the death of Bro. Austin we have sustained a
respectable loss, but our loss is his eternal gain.

Resolved 2nd That we deeply regret and morn the loss of our departed brother
and realize fully that his place as a citizen and church member will be hard
to fill.

Resolved 3rd That we tender our profound sympathy to the bereaved and sorely
afflicted wife and children, and pray that God who is too wise to err and
too good to be unjust, may comfort them in their grief, and soothe all their

Church Committee