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The following data was taken from the Bureau of Vital Statistics Register of Death for 1861, amd 1862 Microfilm Reel No. 5, Library of Virginia. Data shown is presented as: name, date of death, place of death; cause of death; age; parents (Par); wife, if married; name of the informant (Inf) and his/her relationship, if any, to soldier.  Submitted by Linda Lewis Lepow.  Updated and concluded - June 15th, 1997.

1861-St. Andrew's Parish

James B. Walthall; Nov; Staunton; pneumonia; 18 y; Par: E.B. & P.R. Walthall; Inf: E.B. Walthall, father (p. 52, line no. 2)

Robert F. Walker; Aug 2; Monterey; measles; 18 y, 4 m; Par: David B. & M.F. Kennedy; Inf: David B. Kennedy, father (p. 53, line no. 10)

F. Marion Barnes; Aug 8; Highland; measles; 17 y, 7 mo, 8 d; Par: Ed. H. & Mary Barnes; Inf. Bettie Barnes, sister (54:46)

George R. Richardson; Sept 11; Richmond; typhoid fever; 19 y, 17 d; Par: Amos & M.A. Richardson; Inf: Mary A. Richardson, mother (54:75)

John J. Pearson; Jul; Randolph; wounds; age not listed; Par: Massenburg & M.A. Pearson; Inf: Charles F. Bailey, fellow soldier (55:91)

Peter L. Faris; Sep 19: Brunswick; camp fever; 29 y; Par: Parky Ann Faris; born Campbell Co.; Wife: Narcissa Faris; Inf: Parky Ann Faris, mother (55:114)

Thomas B. Peace; Jul; Highland; measles; 18 y; Par: Samuel & Elizabeth Peace; born Lunenburg; Inf: R.L. Jones, uncle (55:115)

John Wesley Connelly; Sep; Richmond; typhoid fever; 8[sic] y; Par: William & Sarah J. Connelly; Inf: William M. Connelly, father (55:128)

1861-Meherrin Parish

William A. Moseley; Aug 15; Huntersville, VA; measles; 21 y; Par: John & L.A. Moseley; Inf: James J. Moseley, brother (59:63)

Jordan Moseley; Sep 21; Valley Mountain; measles; 25 y; Par: John & L.A. Moseley; Inf: James J. Moseley, brother (59:64)

Phillip H.H. Rawlings; Sep 14; Valley Mountain; typhoid; 19 , 1 m; Par: William & N. Rawlings; Inf: William Rawlings, father (59:90)

1862-St. Andrew's Parish

Charles Wilkes; Nov 25; Richmond; pneumonia; 24 y, 4 m, 28 d;Par: B.B. & L.J. Wilkes; Inf: B.B.Wilkes, father [Charles Wilkes listed as officer] (61:1)

William T. Merritt; Aug 21; Richmond; camp fever; 21 y, 1 m, 21 d; Par: W.H.E. & Eliza Merritt; Inf: W.H.E. Merritt, father [William Merritt listed as surgeon] (61:4)

John B. Merritt; Sep 21; Fauquier; wound in battle; 20 y, 20 d; Par: W.H.E. & Eliza Merritt, father (61:7)

Charles A. Dugger; Apr 22; Norfolk; congestive fever; 21 y; Par: John & Sally Dugger; Inf. John Dugger, father (61:7)

William H. Venable; May 21; Surry; typhoid fever; 20 y; Par: William H. & Margaret Venable; born Prince Edward; Inf: Pattie Venable, wife (61:8)

George W. Dameron; May 23; Surry; typhoid fever; 23 y, 10 m, 22 d; parents not given; Inf. W.H. Dameron, father (61:9)

Williamson C. Thomas; Jul 11; Brunswick; wound in battle; 33 y; Par: R.C. & Sarah Thomas; Inf: Virginia A. Thomas, wife (61:10)

William A. Peebles; Aug 3; Chesterfield; camp fever; 22 y; Par: F.A. & E.B. Peebles; Inf: F.E. Lewis, brother-in-law (61:15)

James M. Hagood; May 11; Richmond; cause of death not stated; 23 y; Par: Randolph & J.E. Hagood; Inf: Virginia Hagood, sister (61:17)

J.F. Bennett; Sep 14: Chesterfield; cause of death not stated; 42 y;Par ___Bennett; Inf: B.B. Wilkes, friend (61:41)

Thomas B. Malone; Nov 4; place of death not listed; killed in battle; 21 y; Par: Jesse C. & M.R. Malone; Inf: J.C. Malone, father (61:42)

Benjamin J. Matthews; Mch 31; Richmond; typhoid pneumonia; 38 y, 15 d; Par: W.L & Elizabeth Matthews; botn Lunenburg;Inf: E.K. Matthews, wife (62:53)

Moses Faris; May 16, Brunswick; camp fever; 20 y, 3 m, 16 d; Par: William & Parky Ann Faris; born Campbell; Inf: William A. Faris, father (62:54)

George W. Clayton; Oct 4; Winchester; typhoid fever; 22 y; Par: John Clayton; Inf: F.E. Lewis, fellow soldier (62:65)

Benjamin F. Traylor; May 25; Brunswick; erysipelas; 43 y; Par: [blot] & Elizabeth Traylor; born Chesterfield; Inf: A.E. Traylor, sister-in-law (62:66)

Alexander Dean; Mch 4; Brunswick; slow fever; 28 y; Par: Anderson & Lucy Dean; Wife: Prudence Dean; inf: Ermine B. Daniel, mother-in-law [Alexander Dean listed as prisoner of war] (62:75)

Giles Slate; Apr; Indiana; bowel complaint; 26 y; Par: Julia Slate; inf: Mason Slate, nephew (62:81)

Thomas Slate; Aug; Culpepper; 24 y; cause of death not listed; Par: Julia Slate; Inf: Mason Slate, nephew (62:82)

Albert Martin; Jul 3; Manchester; diarrhea; 30 y; Par: Henry & Ann Martin; Inf: Mason Slate, brother-in-law (62:82)

James C. Medlin; Oct 23; Brunswick; bowel disease; 25 y; Par: Samuel & Martha Medlin; wife: Sally Medlin; Inf: Samuel Medlin, father (62:83)

William H. Barnes; Apr; Norfolk; pneumonia; 20 y; Par: John A. & J. Barnes; born Greensville; Inf: John A. Barnes, father (62:84)

Benjamin H. Tomlinson; May 28; Richmond; erysipelas; 24 y; Par: Thomas & Mary Tomlinson; born Lunenburg; Wife: M.A. Tomlinson; Inf: Mary A. Tomlinson, widow (63:104)

James G. Perkins; Aug 6; Indiana; diarrhea; 45 y; Par: Gideon & M. Perkins; Wife: Amanda Perkins; Inf: John E. House, fellow soldier (63:117)

Hamlin H. Lewis; Mch; Kentuckly; wound in battle; 41 y; born Dinwiddie; parents not given; Wife: Ann Lewis; Inf: John E. House, fellow soldier (63:118)

Henry A. Kidd; Dec; Charlottesville; wound in battle; 22 y; Par: Joseph Kidd; Inf: B.B. Wilkes, Commissioner of Revenue (63:133)

William Campbell; May; Richmond; comp fever; 22 y; Par: John & Lucy Campbell; Inf: B.B. Wilkes, Commissioner of Revenue (63:134)

Frederick Dunn; June; Richmond; camp fever; 19 y; Par: Robert Dunn; Inf: B.B. Wilkes, Commissioner of Reveue (63:135)

James J. Harrison; Mch 30; Richmond; measles; 34 y; Par: W.H. & Ann Harrison; Inf: Virginia E. Harrison, wife (64:156)

Thomas B. Watkins; Jul 9; Brunswick; typhoid pneumonia; 30 y; born North Carolina; Inf: S.F. Watkins, wife (64:162)

Joseph Moore; Aug; Petersburg; camp fever; 35y; parents not given; born Lunenburg; Inf: B. Hammond, neighbor (61:175)

George F. Saunders; Apr 25; Brunswick; consumption; 24 y; Par: Edward Saunders; Inf: Sarah F. Saunders, wife (65:197)

Thomas D. Pritchett; Jul 6; Richmond; camp fever; 18 y; Par: R.F. & J. Pritchett; Inf: R.F. Pritchett, father (66:234)

Henry R. Baird; Sep 20; Richmond; camp fever; 19 y; Par: H.R. & N.R. Baird; born North Carolina; Inf: H.R. Baird, father (66:235)

John J. Lucy; Aug 1; Richmond; camp fever; 19 y; Par: John J. & Margaret Lucy; Inf: Margaret Lucy, mother (66:238)

Henry A. Harrison; Apr; Richmond; cold; 22 y; Par: James & E. Harrison; Inf: James Harrison, father (66:241)

Andrew J. Ellis; Apr 13; Richmond; measles; 25 y, 29 d; Par: Tatnai & Lucy Ellis; born Mecklenburg; Inf: Mary E.V. Ellis, widow (66:243)

James W.D. Cheeley; Mch 31; Indiana; cold; 22 y; Par: Joseph & Diana Cheely; Inf: D.J. Cheely, mother [James Cheeley listed as POW] (66:248)

John J. Smith; Jul 17; Richmond; typhoid fever; 24 y, 17 d; Par: Hezekiah & M. Smith; born North Carolina; Wife: J.C. Smith; inf: Hezekiah Smith, father (66:249)

John J. Cheely; Mch 18; Richmond; pneumonia; 38 y; Par: John & M.F. Cheely; Wife: Martha F. Cheely; Inf: T.W. Cheely, father-in-law (66:252)

James A. Short; Jul 7; Petersburg; cause of death not given; 21 y; Par: H.A.M. & A. Short; Inf: H.A.M. Short, father (66:258)

William J. Young; Jun 13; Richmond; measles; 20 y, 8 m, 1 d; Par: William H. & Susan Young; Inf: Martha E. Young, sister (66:259)

Peter E. Laird; Jun 2; Richmond; slow fever; 25 y; Par: James S. & Frances Laird; Inf: Martha Laird, sister (66:261)

Winfield Farlow; Apr; Richmond; slow fever; 20 y; Par: Josiah & Mary Farlow; Inf: Mary Farlow, mother (66:261)

Richard H. Short; Feb 18; Tennessee; wound in battle; 24 y, 11 m, 22 d; Par: William & Martha B. Short; inf. M.B. Short, mother (66:265)

William S. Harris; Jun; Petersburg; general debility; 44 y, 1 m; Par: David & Susan Harris; Wife: Sela Ann Harris; Inf: D. Harris, father (66:266)

Nathaniel W. Vaughan; Jun; Brunswick; measles; 20 y; Par: W.H. & M.V. Vaughan; Inf: William H. Vaughan, father (66: 265)

Henry J. Barrow; Apr 3; Richmond; typhoid fever; 27 y; Par: Thomas & Ann Barrow; Inf: Sarah A. Barrow, widow (67:268)

Thomas Wade; Apr 30; Richmond; typhoid fever; 41 y; Par: David & E. Wade; Inf: D.P. Wade, brother [Thomas Wade was a widower] (67:275)

1862-Meherrin Parish

John S. Brewer; May 28; Staunton; typhoid; 28 y; Par: William & S. Brewer; Inf: Susan Brewer, wife (68:12)

Boyd J. Clary; Jan 18; Winchester; pneumonia; 23 y; Par: John H. & E. Clary; Inf: J.H. Clary, father (68:26)

David Clary; May 20; Staunton; measles; 26 y; Par: John & M. Clary; Inf: Catherine Clary, wife (68:30)

Alex King; Jun; Staunton; measles; 44 y; Par: Fred & P. King; Inf: M.T. King, wife (69:76)

Lazarus Parish; Aug 30; Manassas; KIA; 45 y; Par: Thomas & A. Parish; born Lunenburg; Inf: M. Parish, wife (70:123)

Benjamin A.W. Pearson; Nov; Richmond; smallpox; 30 y; Par: George & M. Pearson; Inf: M.B. Pearson, mother (70:123)

Robert M. Seward; Oct 2; Winchester; KIA; 27 y; Par: James & Jane Seward; Wife: Susan Seward; Inf: Jane Seward, mother (70:139)

W.P. Wyche; Jul; near Richmond; KIA; 20 y, 6 m; Par: Joseph & M. Wyche; Inf: Joseph Wyche, son {sic} (71:154)

J.W. Wyche; Aug 30; Manassas; KIA; 18 y, 5 m; Par: Joseph & M. Wyche; Inf: Joseph Wyche, son {sic} (71:155)

1864-St. Andrew's Parish

Charles H. Stainback; July 30; Petersburg; killed in battle; 20 y; Par: John C. & Indiana Stainback; Inf: William R. Stainback, uncle (72:11)

Marcellus W. Harrison; Jul 30; Petersburg; killed in battle; 26 y; Par: Smith & Harriet A. Harrison; Inf: Smith Harrison, father (72:12)

Richard L. Harrison; May; Spotsylvania; wounded in battle; 18 y; Par: Smith & Harriet A. Harrison; Inf: Smith Harrison, father (72:13)

Joseph H. Dameron; Dec; Brunswick; wounds in battled; 26 y; Par: Bartholomew & Nancy Dameron; Inf: B. Dameron, father (72:27)

Joseph B. Daniel; Dec; Petersburg; killed in battle; 38 y; [parents not given]; born Lunenburg; Wife: Mary Daniel; Inf: Pryor Daniel, father-in-law (72:27)

John W. Maddux; Jun 12; Petersburg; wound in battle; 25 y; Par: Samuel & M.F. Maddux; born Lunenburg; Inf: E.B. Maddux, brother [John W. Maddux listed as officer] (72:28)

Benjamin H. Williams; Jun; Richmond; wound in battle; 39 y; Par: Thomas & Elizabeth Williams; Inf: N[?].C[?]. Williams, brother (72:42)

Thomas A. Wilkinson; Jul 18; Chaffins Farm; 30 y; Par: Benjamin & Mary W. Wilkinson; Inf: B.B. Wilkes, friend [Thomas A. Wilkinson listed as officer] (73:51)

Samuel P. Allen; Apr 12; Tennessee; killed in battle at Ft. Pillow; 35 y; born Powhatan; Wife: Mary J. Allen; Inf: Charles Hamlett, brother-in-law (73:51)

Alphonus House; Dec 9; Belfield; killed in battle; 45 y; Par: Merritt House & [blank]; Inf: Mrs. House [?], friend (73:61)

1864-Meherrin Parish

Peter S.R. Phillips; May 12; [place of death given as Brunswick but cause of death given as killed in battle]; 32 y; Par: Benjamin M. & Mary Phillips; Inf: John J.M. Phillips, brother (75:46)

Alexander B. Phillips; Feb; Brunswick; pneumonia; 18 y; Par: Benjamin M. & Mary Phillips; Inf: John J.M. Phillips, brother (75:47)

George A. Wesson; Oct 27; [place of death given as Brunswick, but cause of death given as killed in battle]; 27 y; Par: W. & N.G. Wesson; Inf: John J. Wesson, brother (75: 59)

1865-St. Andrew's Parish

James J. Epperson; Mch; Five Forks in Dinwiddie; killed in battle; 43 y; Par: David & [blank] Epperson; born Lunenburg; Wife: Frances Epperson; Inf: William D. Epperson, son (76:15)

Sterling L. Hamlett; Mch 4; Petersburg; measles and pneumonia; 19 y; Par: Turner & L.A. Hamlett; Inf: H.T. Hamlett, brother (76:28)

John A. Lambert; May 23; Point Lookout, Maryland; camp fever; 52 y; Par: Joel & Eliza Lambert; Wife: Ann H. Lambert; Inf: Agnes Elmore, daughter (77:54)

William H. Michael; Jun 18; Johnson's Island; cholera morbus; 22 y, 10 m; Par: William H. & Sarah Michael; Inf: William Michael, father [William H. Michael listed as prisoner of war] (77:73)

William F. Peace; Jun 3; Brunswick; bowel complaint; 22 y, 10 m; Par: William H. & M.F. Peace; Inf: W.H. Peace, father [William F. Peace listed as prisoner of war] (77:75)

Lewis S [L?], Hammock; May; Point Lookout, Maryland; cause of death unknown; prisoner of war; 50 y; [parent not given]; born Lunenburg; Inf: Elizabeth Hammock, wife (77:76)

Joseph Jones; Apr 18; Brunswick; dropsy of heart; [age not listed]; Par: Samuel & E.M. Jones; Inf: Pamela Jones, sister [Joseph Jones listed as officer] (77:86)

John H. Howerton; Feb 11; Chesterfield; diptheria; 21 y, 6 m; Par: R.A. & S.J. Howerton; Inf: R.A. Howerton, father (77:88)

Thomas B. Maclin; Apr 9; Dinwiddie; wounds in battle; 23 y, 1 m; Par: John F. & Nancy D. Maclin; Inf: John H. Maclin, brother (78:116)

Richard M. Hitchcock; Jun 21; Fortress Monroe; chronic diarrhea; 32 y; Par: Russell & Susan E. Hitchcock; Inf: Susan E. Hitchcock, mother (78:119)

John W. Seward; Feb; Petersburg; wounds in battle; 33 y; Par: Richard H. & Finney Seward; Inf: John R. Jolly, friend (78:147)

William F. Lanier: Mch; Brunswick; consumption; 20 y; Par: Paschal & Mary Lanier; Inf: Littleton Perkins, friend (79:148)

1865-Meherrin Parish

Richard S.S. Braswell; May 2; Farmville, VA; wounded in battle; 25 y; Par: Pegram R. & M.R. Braswell; Inf: Pegram R. Braswell, father (80:3)

James F. Temple; May 15; Point Lookout, Maryland; brain fever; 38 y; Par: Roderick & E. Temple; born Mecklenburg; Inf: Eliza Temple, widow (81:74)

End of Report - Special Thanks to LINDA LEPOW!!