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Brunswick County Queries #4

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HARRISON - John HARRISON, b. 1760, Virginia, died 26 June 1822 in Brunswick Co., Va. He may have been in a wheelchair! (if they had such things then). I have posted this before but see that it is no longer listed. He may have been the son of Henry Harrison and the brother of Peter Harrison and Mary Harrison but that is highly suspect at this time. John married Lucy Unknown (There is a record on the internet that he married Lucy Cressy Steed but I believe this was another John Harrison and not the one born 1760) I am somewhat convinced that Lucy may have been Lucy Tillman but I cannot find a record of a marriage either in Virginia or North Carolina. John had (by Lucy) the following children: (1) Joseph, b. 13 Oct 1783, died 21 June 1840, rutherford Co., TN, married Anthenia Hancock, dau. of Dorothy Rawlings Hancock; Mary (Polly) Harrison b. 26 Jul 1786, died 1805 in childbirth. married William Stokes 1805; (3) John Harrison, Jr., b. 18 Aug 1788, d. 11 Dec 1816. married Nancy M. Pearson 1813; (4) Benjamin Harrison (my line) b. 4 Oct 1790, d. Feb 1827, married Mary Ann (Polly) Pearson (sister of Nancy M. Pearson) 1810. Family took off for Rutherford Co., (Murfreesboro), TN, around 1739-40 or so. Believe that Armistead Heartwell went with them and perhaps others. John Harrison (b.1760) married (2) Dorothy Rawlings Hancock, widow, in 1799 and had son William Coleman Harrison who married Rebecca Dromgoole 1820. they also wound up in Rutheford Co., Tn. Would be happy to share information on this family and looking for anyone who might have further information on the tillman famly who eventually wound up in Person Co., North Carolina and headed south from there. Patrick Morgan Harrison, Nacogdoches, Texas

Jan 1, 1998 - 18:58 - From: - Patrick Morgan Harrison

JONES - Searching for antecedents or descendants of Freeman Jones, whose father was killed by the British about 1776. The family moved to Rutherford County, N.C., where Freeman fought in the North Carolina Line against the Cherokees and the Tories. Was at the battle of King's Mountain and Eutaw Springs. Died in 1835 in Pickens County, Alabama.

Jan 3, 1998 - 02:34 - From: - Dan M. Brown

BENNETT, MOSELEY - I am seeking info on the parents and siblings of Christopher Columbus and Corrine Chamblis Bennett and Theo and Sarah Belle Clary Moseley.

Jan 3, 1998 - 23:37 - From: - Anita Bennett

ALEXANDER, LANE, PAYNE/PAINE - William ALEXANDERr/Elizabeth LANE-daug of Sylvia HARRIS, br of Edmund LANE - married nov 1802 - Brunswick County-Methodist. Caroline Wilson ALEXANDER/Philip PAINE/PAYNE - probably married about the same time. I have no other information on Caroline. Trying to find parents of William and Elizabeth and any othe relatives.

Jan 7, 1998 - 08:37 - From: - Nancy Wilson

WILLIAMS, WYATT, LEDBETTER - I'm looking for more information on John WILLIAMS, born in Brunswick Co. about 1700. John married Frances WYATT about 1719. The couple had a son, John, Jr., born about 1722, also in Brunswick Co. John Jr. married Elizabeth LEDBETTER about 1745. I would like to know who John Sr.'s parents were, and whether they immigrated into Virginia. And facts about the occupation of the John's and other information about them would be welcomed. Bill Mitchell,

Jan 9, 1998 - 19:28 - From: - William G. (Bill) MITCHELL

BENNETT - Benjamin Bennett (son of James) made his will in Brunswick Co. in 1783 as follows: "To my son, John Bennett, 150 acres where he now lives; to my son, Benjamin Bennett 5 sh.; to son Richard Bennett 180 acres where he now lives; to son William Bennett 163 acres; to daughter Sarah Sadler 5 sh.; my plantation where I now live to be sold by my executors, sons John and William, and another place bought for my wife, Sarah, for her life. Personal property to be equally divided between my wife and children. Wiliam, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Charles, Priscilla and Frankey Bennett, except one cow to Nancy Bennett, and to my son James Bennett, one colt to be sold to purchase land. Plantation of my wife to my son, Charles, after her death Pro 26 May, 1783. Does anyone have any records of any of these children after this will?

Jan 10, 1998 - 01:00 - From: - Dean Bennett

CLACK - Does anyone have access to the records of Saint Andrew's Parish in Brunswick Co for the years 1740-1750? Would sincerely appreciate a lookup for Spencer CLACK who was apparently born there in 1746. Thank you. Edna Clack

Jan 14, 1998 - 08:10 - From: - Edna Clack

ALLEY, GRAY, PEARSON - Miles and Rebecca Alley's children and their desendents in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Specifically looking for JJ Alley (he had Alley bible) and possibly his sister Sarah Ann Alley's parents. Sarah Ann was my 2nd gen. grandmother she married her 1st cousin William James Gray II Son of Thomas Logan Gray and Tabitha G. Alley my 3rd gen. grandparents. Also Harbert Alley and Dorothy Pearson 4th gen. grandparents had a child out of wedlock Tabitha Alley , I need to know Dorothy Pearson's parents lineage. Dates of birth, death, marriage of all names. Also William James Gray 1,s wife's name and her lineage my 4th gen. grandparents Their son was Thomas Logan Gray. ROANOKE, BRUNSWICK CO.

Jan 17, 1998 - 00:13 - From: - Linda Lewis-Weissinger

BLACKSTONE - I am trying to obtain information on John BLACKSTONE and his wife Sarah. In 1744 and 1745 he was living in St Andrew Parish in Brunswick County.Information on any BLACKSTONEs from this area will be appreciated.

Jan 17, 1998 - 00:12 - From: - Carla Blackstone Kizziah

WORTHAM - I am looking for information on James Wortham, b.@1830 VA and wife Martha, b.@1841 VA, who appeared in the 1870 Brunswick County Census. They were residing in Shingurville, Mehurin Township. I am researching the Wortham surname in Virginia. Have much material. Willing to share. Tom Wortham Madisonville, KY

Jan 17, 1998 - 06:12 - From: - Tom Wortham

HAWKS - HAWKS, Thomas b. 5/5/1752; lived in Brunswick Co.; entered Rev. War service 1778; died Dinwiddie co., Va 6/6/1835. Spouse Margaret. Does anyone have any info? Karna Webster

Jan 17, 1998 - 07:09 - From: - Karna Webster

BAUGH - John A. BAUGH and his son Josiah Hatcher BAUGH b. ca 1750 came from Brunswick co VA. Josiah may have had a brother Jeremiah BAUGH. They went to Orange co NC. Who was John A BAUGH 's wife. Talma Klaassen

Jan 17, 1998 - 21:14 - From: - Talma Klaassen

ALLEY, GRAY - Miles Alley b.1751, Va d. 1807, Va m. Rebecca what is her last name ? Also in their linege: I need to know who are the Parents of Sarah Ann Alley and JJ Alley who were brother and sister possibly. Sarah Ann was born on 2/22/1833 she married her first cousin Wiilliam James Gray his parents were Tabitha G. Alley and Thomas Logan Gray. It does concern Brunswick Co.

Jan 19, 1998 - 03:25 - From: - Linda Lewis-Weissinger

ABERNATHY, HARWELL, DAVENPORT - Researching Charles ABERNATHY, b. ca 1750, m. Elizabeth HARWELL or DAVENPORT. Migrated to Giles Co TN in early 1800s. Two known children - Lucy and Daniel. Had brother Frederick (1745-1819). Parents were John ABERNATHY (1723-1813) and Lucy ??. Lucy may have been Luciana HARWELL, b. 18 Oct 1725, daughter of John & Susan HARWELL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 19, 1998 - 13:27 - From: - Mark McCall

JONES - John Robert Jones died 1781 in Brunswick Co. leaving children Sally, Freeman, Jordan, Rolling & Christopher Jones by his 2nd. wife Anne. He had children Baalam, John, Dolly, Anne, & Lucy by his 1st. wife. Trying to find identify of his first wife.

Jan 19, 1998 - 16:11 - From: - Bill Cheatham

MAITLAND, BISHOP - I am looking for any information regarding a John H. Maitland. Lived in Brunswick County in the early part of the century and may have been born there. Was married to a Susie Coleman and two of his children were Harvey Winfield Maitland and Alice Maitland Townsend who was known to live in McKenney (Dinwiddie County) in 1961 when Harvey passed away. I am also looking for any information on Rufus Bishop who was married to Martha Martin both of Brunswick County and whose daughter Gracie married the above-mentioned Harvey W. Maitland. Other children of Rufus and Martha included Ella M. Bishop Brintley (McKenney), Cora Bishop Myrick, Arrington Bishop (both of Lawrenceville), Samuel Bishop (Warfield), Elton Bishop, and Gertie Bishop Coleman (both of Colonial Heights) [all last known locations of the Bishop children are as of 1979 as listed in Gracie's obit]. They all lived in the Warfield area at some time. If you have anything that may help, please let me know.

Jan 19, 1998 - 22:45 - From: - Michelle Maitland

TUNSTALL, FOX - I am interested in contacting descendants of Richard FOX of Brunswick and Mecklenburg Counties, son of Thomas FOX and Mary TUNSTELL. I am specifically interested in information on William FOX, grandson of Richard FOX; and son of William FOX. Thanks, John Fox Winston-Salem, NC

Jan 20, 1998 - 19:17 - From: - JOHN FOX

WORTHAM - I am searching for information on James Wortham b@1830 VA and his wife Martha b. @1841. They appeared in the 1870 Brunswick County census records along with children, Theopholis b.@1862 and Frances b.@1864. Could they have possibly been Worshams or Wathens? I am researching the Wortham surname in Virginia and have much information. Willing to share and compare notes. Tom Wortham Madisonville, KY

Jan 21, 1998 - 21:58 - From: - Tom Wortham

HICKS - Seeking information on HICKS ancestry...and any ancestral information on Robert Hicks b.1818 in Stokes County, North Carolina...whose parents were born in NC...and whose grandparents were "born in Brunswhite"(sic)(Brunswick?) Virginia

Jan 23, 1998 - 22:26 - From: - Jerry Hicks

GILBERT - I was recently told that my ancestor, William Gilbert, came from Brunswick Co., Virginia. He was born in either 1753 or 1758. Not sure who his parents were. One theory is that his parents were Edward and Mary Gilbert, possibly born around 1725 and 1729. Does anybody know about any of these people. They eventually move on down into Guilford Co., NC and then down into Franklin and Madison Counties, Georgia. Thanks for any help anybody can give me. Sue Howard

Jan 26, 1998 - 11:30 - From: - Sue Howard

CRITTENDEN - Looking for information on the Crittenden Family (Henry Crittenden ca 1783). If you are doing research on the Crittendens, I would be glad to share what I have on the family with you. Regards, George Holland

Jan 26, 1998 - 19:57 - From: - George Holland

ROSS - I'm seeking any relatives or descendants of Sallie Nora ROSS, African American, born October 8, 1878?, married in 1904 to Ha(y)wood SHEARIN, born in Northhampton Co.

Feb 1, 1998 - 03:31 - From: - Margaret Shearin Bell

JACKSON, KING - Samuel JACKSON married Mary KING the daughter of Joseph KING 24 Sep 1759 in Brunswick Co. Joseph KING was the BM. I am trying to indenify this KING family as the one who moved to Bute?Warren Co. NC. Any help would be appreciated. Roger O. Willingham 67 S. Wulff St. Cary, IL. 60013-2525

Feb 1, 1998 - 19:03 - From: -

MOSELEY - Hello, My name is Mike Moseley. I have just restarted the assemblage of my family's geneological history that I began in 1986 and have let linger until now. As a new grandfather, I believe I should get as much information as I can before time takes its toll on memory. My father is Nelson Boswell Moseley who was born in Lawrenceville, Va in Brunswick county. His father was Willie Mahone (Mike) Moseley born in Mt. Laurel, Va in Halifax county, died in Lawrenceville. Mike's brothers were Howell Moseley and Walter Carlton Moseley and he had a half-brother Charles E. Moseley. Mike's mother remarried a Seymore and she had two sons Tom Seymore and Tucker Seymore. Walter Carlton Moseley had a son named Carlton and a daughter Clyde (married Wesley Peebles). Howell Moseley had 3 daughters, Virginia, Jane (married a Harris) and Dale (marrried a Tyne). Howell Moseley also had 2 sons, Howell (red hair) and Buddy. Charles E. Moseley had 2 sons, George and Albert. I also have three other Moseley names but are not sure where they fit in. They are Little Hattie, Big Hattie, and Annie Bess (married a Richards). Further detailed information I do not have but have been in search. I have more information on my father's mother's side of the family, Puryear. If at all possible, I could use some guidance in finding further information about the Moseley family. Thank you for your help, Mike Moseley

Feb 1, 1998 - 20:17 - From: - Mike Moseley

CARRELL - query concerns Brunswick County Carrell, Bartholomew ;birth 1722 children: Bartholomew Jr. Adam ; born Va. Polly James William John

Feb 3, 1998 - 01:09 - From: - charles carrell

BYAS/BIAS, BYERS/BYARS - Found a reference in Deed Book 3 1744-1749 dated August 1745.....Witnesses:.....John Byas (bhm)... Does anyone has info on any Byas/Bias/Byars/Byers in Brunswick County during this time?

Feb 3, 1998 - 18:01 - From: - Alan S. Bias

POYTHRESS - I am reserching the Poythress sur name I have gone back as far as Francis Poythress, 16?? to 1650 in Charles City Co. Va I am also reserching the spelling Pewtriss

Feb 4, 1998 - 20:51 - From: - Steve Poythress

GREGORY - Seeking parents of ONAH GREGORY b ca 1782 Brunswick Co. Va. married Jorden Able Nanney b 1775 Brunswick Co. Va. married in Brunswick Co. Va 3 December 1800, Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe Ann Nanney

Feb 4, 1998 - 22:50 - From: - Joe Ann Nanney

WRIGHT - Looking for anyone who has any information on Winfield Wright (1738-1783) or his wife Hannah. The family is alleged to have come from Brunswick, but later settled in Granville County North Carolina. Any help will be appreciated. Winfield fought in the Revolutionary War.

Feb 5, 1998 - 15:48 - From: - Keith Mandell

MINOR, WILLIAMS - In Oct of 1785 at St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick Co. , Thomas Minor married Elizabeth Williams. I am trying to find anything about these 2 families. If anyone has access to marriage record, sometimes names of witnesses are important and I would appreciate a look-up. I'm not sure Thomas and Elizabeth are my ancestors , but I can hopefully eliminate them.

Feb 6, 1998 - 14:51 - From: - Virgil Minor

EDWARDS, MASON, MITCHELL - Researching surnames: Edwards, Mason, Mitchell. All migrated to Giles Co., TN in the early 1800s.

Feb 7, 1998 - 15:57 - From: - Betty Craft

HALL - In the will of Hugh HALL of Brunswick Co., VA 1770, wife Mary and sons: Dixon and William are named. Estate to be divided between 5 sons and a daughter. Who were the other sons? Alabama records indicate Bolling Hall was one brother, who moved from Hancock Co GA to Autauga Co, AL in 1818. Please contact: Jack Gilbert; 300 Lee Road 252; Salem, Al 36874

Feb 7, 1998 - 19:55 - From: - Mary Ann Nichols

HILL, STEED - Looking for ancestors of John STEED of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co.,VA and his wife Ann HILL. John's will was probated here in 1789.

Feb 8, 1998 - 02:44 - From: - Jackie Niemeyer

WILSON - Looking for info on Harris Wilson who was born in Halifax County in 1720's? I'm assuming that this was Brunswick since Halifax wasn't in existence at that time according to my info. He moved to Russell Co. in 1780's with wife Sarah, and seven children: Rebecca, Cynthia, Charlotte, Nancy, Harris Jr., John, and Richard. Any info would be much appreciated.

Feb 10, 1998 - 18:17 - From: - john wilson

SMITH, OWENS/OWEN, BACHELOR, PERRY - I am seeking information on Aaron Smith and his wife, Edith Perry. I am told that they are the parents of Bolin/Bolling Smith, who was born in Brunswick Co. Feb. 25, 1777. He married Lovewell Owens, d/o William Owen and Mary Bachelor, December 12, 1800, and by 1826 they were in Greene Co., OH. where he died in 1837, she in 1857. Any information on any of these names would be helpful.

Feb 11, 1998 - 14:51 - From: - Christine M. Smith


Feb 14, 1998 - 14:56 - From: - Anita Bennett

FREEMAN - Within the county of Brunswick there is a town called FREEMAN. Can anyone provide me with the history of the naming of the town FREEMAN or point me in the right direction?

Feb 17, 1998 - 15:25 - From: - Doug Hunkele

GREGORY, NANNEY - Seeking parents of Onah Gregory (female) b about 1782 Brunswick Co. Va d. Nov. 2 1858 Graves Co Ky married Dec 3 1800 Brunswick Co. Va to Jordan Able Nanney. Both are believed to be buried in Graves Co. Ky. Any help gradly appreciated.

Feb 19, 1998 - 18:52 - From: - Joe Ann Nanney

WILLIAMS, WESSON - I am looking for the father and mother of Robert Williams, b. 1779, Brunswick Co., Virginia. Robert Williams married Tempy Wesson, March 9, 1804 in Brunswick Co. Tempy Wesson was born 1782, Brunswick Co. Tempy's father name was Sterling Wesson and mother unknown. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Feb 22, 1998 - 13:05 - From: - Daniel Joseph Dixon

BURLESON/BURLISON/BURLASON/BURLESTON - Would like any information regarding AARON BURLESON and family... lived in Brunswick/Lunenburg Co. area 1745-55 and probably a few years prior to 1745... would like to know the approximate date of his arrival in Brunswick and his departure in Lunenburg/Bedford area 1749-55.

Feb 23, 1998 - 00:57 - From: - Baylus Brooks

GOING/GOWEN - Seeking to establish identity and parentage of Michael Going who was listed in the 1785 tax list of Shenandoah Co., VA. He is believed to be the Michael Gowing, Jr. who appears in Granville Co., NC records. Michael Gowing Jr. was sued "for trespass" by Thomas Parker Sept. 2, 1755, according to Granville Co. Court minutes. He was recorded as "Michile Gowine, black" in his fathers household in 1771. Michael Gowen, Sr. appears on tax lists in Granville Co., NC through the 1750's and 60's, and then is in Bute Co. in the 1771 tax list. In 1771, he is recorded as "Michle Gowine & wife & sons, Michle & David & Daughter, Elizabeath, William Wilson, 0 white/6 black/6 total". Michael Gowen, Sr. wrote his will in 1778 in Craven Co., NC, deeding 80 acres to his nephew Jenkins Gowen. Any information on the fate of Michael Gowing, Jr. would be much appreciated. Regards, Edward Miner

Feb 24, 1998 - 19:45 - From: - Edward Miner

GREEN, JONES, EDMUNDS - John Green married Dolly Jones in 1772 in Brunswick Co. Among their children was Lucy Green who married John Goodwin. Can anyone tell me if Lucy had a second husband? I am searching for the family of Lucy Edmunds, born abourt 1782, was the mother of Sarah Green Edmunds and Sterling H. Edmunds. She was left a widow before 1830 and came to Rutherford Co, TN with her children in the 1840's. She had a grandchild named Lucy Jones Edmunds. Carolyn Odle Smotherman Please reply to I cannot open the mail on this service.

Feb 26, 1998 - 22:48 - From: - Carolyn Odle Smotherman

WILLIAMS, OSLIN - Seeking information on Lewis Williams, Sr. born Jan. 21, 1755 Brunswick Co. Va. married Sarah Oslin, daughter of Jesse Oslin. Lewis and Sarah were married about 1777. They later moved to Mecklenburg Co. Va. where both died. He Jan. 26, 1836 and she in 1828. Have been searching for information on this family for two years. So far have not connected with anyone. Would also like to find the parents of Lewis Williams, Sr. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Terry

Feb 27, 1998 - 16:30 - From: - Terry Patterson

INGRAM, WESTMORELAND, CROFT, LANIER - I have an ancestor, Elizabeth G. Ingram, b. abt. 1781, who married first Jesse Westmoreland in 1802 in Brunswick Co. I am trying to establish her parents. I suspect that Moses Ingram who d. abt 1787 is her father and Elizabeth Lanier Croft is her mother, but can’t find documentation. It could be in Moses' will, WILL BOOK 2 1739-1785, p. 407, but I don’t have access to it or and abstract. I also need to establish the relationship between Elizabeth Lanier Croft, her mother Elizabeth Lanier and her father Sampson Lanier. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Feb 27, 1998 - 17:01 - From: - Rex Lewis

NANNEY/NANNY/NANNAU, HOWARD - Info of JOHN NANNY born abt 1719 in VA. died in Brunswick Co. 1785. Married Frances Howard. Believed to be son of HUGH NANNY who arrived in VA in 1689. Need docmen. pro or con. Trying to connect to Nannau Family of Wales.

Feb 28, 1998 - 12:24 - From: - Lynn E. Fussell

WILLIAMS, WYATT - Looking for information on John WILLIAMS, b. abt 1700, Brunswick Co., VA, died Sept. 1763. Married Farnces WYATT, who was also born in Brunswick Co. (date unknown) They had the following children: Susannah, John, Jr., Wyatt, and perhaps another child. I would like to know John's father and mother, and any brothers and sisters. Same for Frances. Yor help will be appreciated. Bill MITCHELL

Feb 28, 1998 - 19:24 - From: - William G. (Bill) mitchell

JONES - Looking for antecedants, siblings, and progeny of Freeman Jones whose father was killed by the British ca. 1776. Family removed to Rutherford Co., NC where he served on the Indian Line and in the NC Continental Line. Was at the Battle of King's Mountain, Eutaw Springs, and siege of Charleston. Freeman died in Pickens Co. AL in 1835. His father may have been John Robert Jones.

Mar 1, 1998 - 21:31 - From: - Dan Brown

TOLBERT/TALBERT/TALBOT - I am seeking all info on the TOLBERT. TALBERT,TALBOT family from the area--I have reference to a Tolbert or Talbert creek as a property dividing line--would appreciate info on any family with this name--thank you---Bobby--NC

Mar 2, 1998 - 20:54 - From: - Bobby Talbert

ELKIN - Seeking information on the Nathaniel ELKIN Family. Nathaniel had a son named (Rev) Robert Elder ELKIN, b. 1745 in Brunswick Co., VA. - died 1822 KY He married Sarah REARDON. I believe they may have gone to Orange Co., VA, and then on to Clark Co., KY in 1780 with the Bush party. Rev. Elkin was a Baptist preacher in Orange Co., VA 1771-1779. He was also the same Rev Robert Elkin who preached at the Providence Church in Clark Co.,KY. Anyone with information on this family...please contact me at Thank you!

Mar 4, 1998 - 14:30 - From: - Carol L. Franklin

TATUM - Looking for any information on Tatum/Tatem families from the 1700 and 1800's. In particular Batt Tatum

Mar 4, 1998 - 18:05 - From: - Wayne E. Tatum

POYNER, POYNOR, RIEVES, DIGGES, KIRKLAND, WALKER, PURDY, JAMES, NOBLE - Brunswick High School now uses the historical Poyners Academy for their campus. Does anyone know any history on the Poyner Academy? or the POYNER/POYNOR family in this Brunswick Region? Mary W. POYNER married Mansfield Noble in 1843, David T. Poyner married 1843 Sarah A. W. JAMES & 1848 Julia RIEVES, Cpt. Digges Poyner married Eliza PURDY 1826, Henry W. Poyner married Francis E. KIRKLAND, Martha A. Poyner married Edwin Walker 1840. Were they children of John Poynor and Eliza Digges?

Mar 5, 1998 - 22:38 - From: - Marla Millsap

LANIER, SHEPHERD - Seeking information on the family of Nicholas LANIER b.abt. 1706 Surry Co., VA d. (wp) 20 may 1792 Brunswick Co., VA m. Mary (SHEPHERD?. Four children: Sarah m. Mr. BAILEY, Mary m. Mr. CROWDER, Dau m. Samuel HUDGINS, and Clement b. 1737 d. (wp) 11 Jan 1813 Rowan Co., NC m. Hannah _______, had eight children: John, Clement m. Martha INGRAM, Lewis m. Tabitha KITTLE, William m. Elizbeth Christine GARNER Joshua, Seth, Rebecca m. Samuel HARDESTER, and Elijah m. Sarah SEXTON

Mar 7, 1998 - 11:44 - From: - Sandra Benham

INGRAM, CROFT, LANIER - I have an ancestor, Elizabeth G. Ingram, b. abt. 1781, who married first Jesse Westmoreland in 1802 in Brunswick Co. I am trying to establish her parents. I suspect that Moses Ingram who d. abt 1787 is her father and Elizabeth Lanier Croft is her mother, but can’t find documentation. It could be in Moses' will, WILL BOOK 2 1739-1785, p. 407, but I don’t have access to it or and abstract. I also need to establish the relationship between Elizabeth Lanier Croft, her mother Elizabeth Lanier and her father Sampson Lanier. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Mar 7, 1998 - 12:35 - From: - Rex Lewis

EDWARDS - Seeking information on John Edwards, Sr. born ca 1720 in Brunswick County, VA. died in Orange County N>C> in 1801. Thank You, Kenny

Mar 9, 1998 - 16:11 - From: - KRay K. Edwards, Jr.

FOX, HARGIS, BURCH - I am interested in contacting anyone who has knowledge of the FOX family who lived in the Brunswick/Mecklenburg area of Virginia. I would like information on WILLIAM FOX, son of WILLIAM FOX, and grandson of RICHARD FOX. I would also like to know if anyone has recognized any connections of the FOX family with a HARGIS or BURCH family in Virginia.

Mar 10, 1998 - 15:03 - From: - JOHN B. FOX

NORTHINGTON - Need will or estate settlement for John W. S. NORTHINGTON who was last recorded in 1860 census at age 70. Who were his heirs?

Mar 11, 1998 - 20:47 - From: - Tom Rogers

McCLAIN/MACLIN, DUNLA. - ca1740 John McClain died, later his widow, Mary McClain died and left orphan children, three boys, John, Charles, and Ephraim, maybe a girl. 1741 NOv. a guardian, William Dunlap, was appointed in Lancaster Co., PA. Was there as McClain or McLin(variant spelling) family in Brunswick Co.? Is there a probate, Will or other instruments relative to this family available? Anyone know these McClain/McLin gecook@freewwwebfamilies?

Mar 13, 1998 - 20:59 - From: - Ger. Elkins Cook

HIGHTOWER, CLACK, OLDHAM - Does anyone have "proof" that there was a marriage between a Martha Patsy CLACK to Augustine (Austin) HIGHTOWER in Brunswick county (or anywhere) about the period of 1755-1760? I find Augustine Hightower purchasing property in the county of Brunswick, the record reading as thus: Indenture made 2 October 1746 between Hugh Williams and Elizabeth his wife of St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County and Austin HIGHTOWER of same, £16, 168a, on S. side of Cedar Creek, being included in a Patent granted to Hugh Williams dated 20 September 1745. Signed Hugh Williams, Elizabeth Williams. Witnesses: John Dittman, William Dittman, John Cooper. Court October 2, 1746, Indenture acknowledged by Hugh Williams and Elizabeth his Wife, and Memroandum and Receipt acknowledged by the said Hugh, previous to which the said Elizabeth was privately examined. Deed Book 3, Page 223. The second entry found is: Indenture made 27 March 1750, between..... Austine Hyghtower and Jane his Wife of St. Andrew Parish, Brunswick County,....... and James Tarply of same, £22, 200a, Beginning at the mountain branch where Lawyers Road crosses the said Branch thence along the said Road to Cedar Creek thence down the said Creek to brown's line thence along Brown's line to the Mountain Branch aforesaid thence up the said Branch as it meanders to the Beginning. Signed Austine Hightower, Jane Hightower (bhm). Wit: .... Hugh Williams,.... John Pheanix, James Rigby, Junr. Court 27 March 1750, Indenture and Receipt acknowledged by Austine Higtower and Jane his Wife, previous to which the said Jane was privately Examined. Deed Book 4, Page 127. While researching through the Brunswick Co Va records online I have found that there are a number of CLACK families, but there seems to be only one that had a daughter, Patty. That family was that of John CLACK and his wife, Mary KENNON. It is recorded that they had two daughters, Ann and Patty Kennon CLACK, but the researchers believe that is possible that the two died young. I would surely appreciate any help that you can be concerning this matter. It has only been the past ten years or so that the suggestion has come up within the Hightower researchers that there was a possible marriage of Austin Hightower to anyone besides his wife always before referred to as Martha Jean/Jane Oldham, daughter of John Oldham and Sarah Farnham Howe. Can anyone provide any "proof"?? Please e-mail me. Thank you very much. Eddene Hightower Thompson

Mar 13, 1998 - 21:22 - From: - Eddene Hightower Thompson

MELTON - Looking for information on John Melton who purchased land in Brunswick County on May 6, 1760, along Harrisons property line.

Mar 16, 1998 - 18:19 - From: - Michael Wells

BAILEY, CHAMBLISS, FREEMAN - BAILEY; Need maiden name of Robert Bailey's wife, Mary. They lived in Brunswick and Lunenburg Co. VA. in 1763. I believe them to be parents of Mary Bailey who married Joel Chambliss 1777 and Elizabeth who married Hartswell Freeman 1774. Any info on Mary's family appreciated.

Mar 16, 1998 - 20:49 - From: - Judy Cleveland

SINCLAIR, ST.CLAIR, SINKLER - Interested in any information on David and Peter Sinclair/St. Clair/Sinkler from 1730 to 1770. Also would like any documentation that David was Peters Father and any information on David's parents.

Mar 19, 1998 - 00:26 - From: - Rufus A. Sinclair

LYNCH - Seeking information about William Lynch b. unknown, his son was born Edlow (E.G.) Lynch abt. 1797-98 in Brunswick Co. VA. Any information about these person would be much appreciated. DOB, POB for William, Marriage information ... Thanks in advance.

Mar 19, 1998 - 17:18 - From: - Ral M. Lynch

CAMP, WALL - I am looking for John Camp born circa 1754 , married Elizabeth Wall, widow of Sims, in 1782 in Brunswick Co; Elizabeth was daughter of Micheal Wall of Brunswick co. Thanks for any information

Mar 19, 1998 - 22:58 - From: - Bobbie Camp Floyd

THORE - Looking for information on anyone named Thore. Thanks

Mar 20, 1998 - 09:38 - From: - Jack Carter

KAVANAUGH - Searching for a copy of the will of Arthur Kavanaugh dated 1733 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Mar 21, 1998 - 00:49 - From: - Linda Shay

SMITH, TARVER, MAHOLLAND, DENTON, HARRISON - Seeking information on the SMITH family of Brunswick Co. According to an autobiography written by my gt-gt-gt-gt-granduncle, BENJAMIN TARVER, JR. his mother, HANNAH SMITH, was born in Brunswick Co. and was one of the children of her parents whose first names he did not know (!!!!). He did know the following that his mother was "the youngest of six brothers and sisters; two brothers, BENJAMIN and EDWARD; and four sisters, my Mother, Aunt LUCY who married JOHN MAHOLLAND, Aunt ELIZABETH who first married a DENTON and her other sister married HARRISON. I knew two of her sons. EDWARD and BENJAMIN were worthy men." Lucy Smith married John Maholland, 12-27/30-1785 in Greensville Co., VA. Hannah Smith's husband, BENJAMIN TARVER, SR., was born in Northampton Co., NC...they lived for a while in Wake Co., NC, before migrating to Wilson Co., TN. Also coming to TN with the Tarvers were the Mahollands, the Dentons (and Bakers) and Harrisons. Any help will be greatly appreciated in identifying the senior SMITH couple. One other tidbit, Uncle Ben stated that his mother had one half-brother, RICHARD SMITH, who was the only child of their father by his first wife. Thanks! Bob Carver

Mar 21, 1998 - 21:16 - From: - Robert P. Carver

ELKIN - Looking for information on the family of Robert ELKIN, b. 1745 Brunswick Co., VA, s/o Nathaniel ELKIN. Robert was a Baptist preacher in Orange Co., VA 1771-1779, later relocating to Clark Co., KY. Any info on this family would be appreciated. Thank you.

Mar 22, 1998 - 03:29 - From: - C.Franklin

DUPRE/DUPREE/DUPRAY/DEUPREE/DUPREY - I am looking for information about John Dupree that Married Nancy Short in 1780 in Brunswick County,Va. I know that it appears in a book called the Dupre Trail and am looking for more I have a website This site focuses on Dupree and my information about these two can be seen there. Jim Dupree

Mar 22, 1998 - 10:44 - From: - Jim Dupree

LEDBETTER, WRIGHT - Looking for parents and siblings of Hamlin Ledbetter b. 1773 d. 1836 who married Dicey Wright, d/o James Wright. They were married on Oct. 22, 1804 Brunswick County, Va.

Mar 22, 1998 - 15:49 - From: - Jeffrey K. Wade

WALDON - Is anyone researching the family of William King and Susannah J. Elder who md. in Brunswick Co. in 1798?

Mar 23, 1998 - 00:06 - From: - Carolynn

EDWARDS - Seeking information on the family of JOHN EDWARDS, Sr. JOHN EDWARDS,Sr. born ca 1796/20 in BRUNSWICK Co; VA. married ca 1738/39 MARY STOKES. died Nov.1801, Orange co; N>C>.Children born to this union: JOHN, DAVID, WILLIAM, (SIVANUS) (SILL): HENRY, MARY, SUSAN.No more information on the childen. Any information would ne appricated Thank You, Kenny

Mar 28, 1998 - 21:18 - From: - Ray K. Edwards, Jr.

BARKER, BRIGGS, CHEATHAM, CLANTON, COLCLOUGH, FOOTE, GILLIAM, GUNN, SILLS, WHITE, - I would like to establish contact with anyone researching the descendants or ancestors of John BARKER, born c.1720 in Surry Co., VA, who married Elizabeth GILLIAM about 1745, perhaps, Sussex Co., VA. They lived in Brunswick Co., VA about 1750 to 1790. Their children and spouses are: ... i. Susanna BARKER was born on 12 Feb 1746 in Albemarle Parish, VA, m. James CHEATHAM;... ii. Rebecca BARKER was born on 24 Jun 1747 in Albemarle Parish, VA, m. Benjamin SILLS;... iii. Howell BARKER was born about 1749, m. Martha CLANTON; ...iv. Hinchea BARKER was born about 1750 in Brunswick Co., VA, m. Betheathland COLCLOUGH;...v. Mary BARKER was born about 1752, m. John WHITE;... vi. Burrell BARKER, m. Millie GUNN; ...vii. Elizabeth BARKER, m. William FOOTE. I would like to exchange data. Jim Young, RR 3 Box 329-A, McAlester, OK 74501.

Apr 2, 1998 - 13:00 - From: - Jim Young

ALLEN, BARKER, BONE, COLCLOUGH, FRANCIS, FROGGE, RICH, ROGERS - I'm researching this family group and would like to exchange data with anyone working any family member. Hinchea BARKER was born about 1750 in Brunswick Co., VA. He died after 1841 in perhaps, Washington Co., AR. He was married to Betheathland COLCLOUGH (daughter of William COLCLOUGH and Mary ROGERS) about 1781, perhaps Brunswick Co., VA. Hinchea BARKER and Betheathland COLCLOUGH had the following children: i. Mary BARKER, b. 1882, m. William Moore ALLEN.... ii. Thomas BARKER, b. 1785, m. Margaret.... iii. Susannah BARKER, b. 1789 NC, m. Redmond FRANCIS.... iv. William BARKER, b. 1793 Rowan Co., NC, m. Susannah BONE.... v. Burrell Hinchea BARKER, b. 1797 Iredell Co., NC, m. Rebecca FROGGE.... vi. James Gray BARKER.... vii. Alexander BARKER.... viii. Rebecca BARKER, b. 1805 Iredell Co., NC, m. James RICH.... Jim Young, RR 3 Box 329-A, McAlester, OK 74501, Tel: 918-423-4788

Apr 2, 1998 - 13:35 - From: - Jim Young

GREENE - I am searching for information on Edward Greene. Born in Culpepper County, Va. in about 1688. Moved to Brunswick County. He was married to a Miss Hough and then married Mrs. Burchet Lundy Turner Had one child with Burchet, Willaim Greene in 1739. Willaim moved to Warren County, North Carolina ,and his son William II, moved to Georgia. Any help on this line would be appreciated William O. Greene

Apr 4, 1998 - 01:55 - From: - Willaim O. Greene

McCLAIN/MacLEAN/ MacLIN - Where can I find the record filed Nov. 1742, for the appointment of William Dunlap, to be the guardian, for the orphans of John & Mary McClain who died prior to 1741, recorded Nov. 1742.?

Apr 4, 1998 - 16:46 - From: - G. E. Cook

MANSON - Checking on Mary Elizabeth Ann Manson Born 1831 in Virginia. She is daughter of Hardway [Hardaway] Manson born Virginia 1808, Died 1894 ? Is this Hardaway Manson, son of John Manson from Brunswick and are other children Martha, 1834, John 1836 then new wife Nancy ? with children Nathaniel 1853, George Wesley 1857 and James E. 1861. Moved to Ross County Ohio prior to 1840 Census and listed there in 1850 census. Where did they go? Mary Elizabeth Ann Manson married John Thomas Donaldson - died 1863, then she married J. T. brother Theodore W. Donaldson and they raised children in Ross County, Ohio. Mary [Manson] Donaldson died in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.

Apr 5, 1998 - 09:31 - From: - Nelson T. Smith

WALLACE/WALLIS, EADES - Looking for John and Nancy Wallis/Wallace who were in the Brunswick Co VA area about 1800. They had 8 known children including David, William, Jesse, James, Woodson, Elizabeth, Nancy and Jane. They later are in Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties VA. Have been unable to find any records for John and Nancy in any county. David marries Judith Eades in Pittsylvania Co in 1822 and I can follow him from then and when he leaves in 1830 for WV. In 1835 all the brothers except Woodson show up in Gallia Co OH and I can trace all of them from there on except for James. Woodson even shows up in WV in 1840 and I can then trace him. But where are John, Nancy, and their children during this time period? Would appreciate any information or clue that might help me locate this family.

Apr 7, 1998 - 14:27 - From: - Kathleen Koepp

BASS - I am looking for information on a Robert Bass. He moved to Tennessee in 1851 and onto Dent County Missouri in 1856.Any information on him or his family would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Rich Davey

Apr 11, 1998 - 10:31 - From: - Rich Davey

PETERSON - Looking for Peterson families of Brunswick County. Nellie Peterson owned land - early 1900's.

Apr 12, 1998 - 00:32 - From: -

ALLISON, PRYOR - I'm looking for information on William D. Allison whom we believe was born in Virginia. He married Martha Pryor who was born in VA, as were several generations before her.

Apr 15, 1998 - 13:23 - From: - Lydia Allison

LYALL/LYLE/LILE/LISLE - Looking for parents of Thomas Lyall (Lyle, Lile), born about 1740, m. Hannah Sims, bought property from Zachariah Sims (bro.-in-law) in 1760. Child Jordan b. 1768. Any information about Thomas' background, family, etc. greatly appreciated!

Apr 17, 1998 - 21:37 - From: - Martha Lyle

BREWER, RUSSELL - BREWER, Lewis: Born circa 1760. Died in Grayson County, VA in 1839 near Elk Creek. Lewis was referred to as "Lewis Brewer or Russell" in his father-in-law's will (George Holland) in Grayson County. I believe this is an important clue. Charity Brewer, born in 1777 Ashe County, N.C. was the daughter of AMBROSE BREWER of Brunswick County, VA and a "Ms. Russell". Charity married John HOLLAN the grandson of George Holland and Mary Coleman and NEPHEW of Agatha (Holland) Brewer, daughter of George Holland. I believe that Lewis Brewer probably came to Grayson county from Brunswick County, and may be a son or nephew of Lanier Brewer Jr. He had a son, "Linnier" Brewer in Grayson County, Va. According to TRADITION, Lewis Brewer's mother was a "Mary Elizabeth"___and that their sponser was a Samuel RUSSELL, whom she later married. They supposedly came to Burke County, North Carolina in 1774 and their ship sank off the coast of Cape Hatteras. I've found absolutely nothing to substantiate this. Is there any record of a Samuel Russell in Brunswick County, Va? There is simply too much in common between Lewis and Charity for him not to be connected with her lineage in some fashion!!

Apr 19, 1998 - 14:55 - From: - Will Smith

KING, DAVIS, HOUSE, CLARK, GATTIS, TURNER - Researching Henry KING abt 1660, John KING abt 1686, John King, Jr. 1724.

Apr 20, 1998 - 12:49 - From: - Ralph King

WILLIAMS, WRAY, MAITLAND, GIBBS - Searching for following families in Brunswick County, VA: Nathaniel H. Williams, b. 1815, wife Susan Wray; father of Susan and Elizabeth Wray, Anderson Wray and wife Nancy Gibbs; Wyatt Maitland b. 1814 who marr. Eliz. Wray. Would like to extend families back.

Apr 21, 1998 - 10:23 - From: - Starr R. Ossman

WILLIAM, OSLIN/OSLING - Dear List, I am searching for the marriage record of Lewis Williams and Sarah "Sally" Oslin. They supposedly married in 1777. Sarah is the daughter of Jesse Oslin and I believe Lewis to be the son of Matthew Williams. Can someone help? Thanking you in advance, Terry

Apr 21, 1998 - 17:28 - From: - Terry Patterson

WHITBY - I am interested in any information concerning the surname of Whitby for Brunswick County VA prior to 1850.

Apr 23, 1998 - 13:51 - From: - Mark Whitby

EPPES - I am looking for the parents of Ann Eppes who was born in 1714 in either Brunswick Co. or Prince George Co. She was married to William Nance, Jr. Does any one have any info on this line? Thanks, Brenda

Apr 28, 1998 - 16:17 - From: - Brenda Cooper

EAVES - I am researching the families of GRAVES EAVES(I: My Eaves line runs: Wm. S. Eaves/Susannah Hampton Andrew Eaves/Polly Carpenter Spencer Jonathan Eaves/Jennie Baxter Lawson Eaves/Mary Wells

Apr 29, 1998 - 06:33 - From: - Glenna Kinard

HOBBS, WILLIAMS - I am looking for info on the WILLIAMS/HOBBS marriage of William E. Williams and Lucy Elizabeth Hobbs. She was born in Brunswick Co. VA 3 December 1852, daughter of Willie Jones Hobbs and Matilda Walton. William E. Williams was the son of Joseph E. and Sarah J. Williams. William and Lucy were married on 10 December 1868 and had the following children: Sally Sims Williams b. 20 February 1870 Edward J. Williams b. 25 December 1871 Anna Matilda Williams b. 15 April 1875 Ashton L. Williams b. 8 October 1877 Florence M. Williams b. 1879 Gertrude Mason Williams ??? Any info would be most appreciated! Thanks!

Apr 30, 1998 - 01:30 - From: - David Hobbs

HOBBS, WOODRUFF, FERGUSON, NEWSOME - Looking for info on the family of William Henry Whitfield Hobbs and Martha Ann Walton. He was born in Brunswick Co. VA on 7 December 1842 and died 1 January 1912. Martha Ann Walton was b. 1844 and died 12 May 1918 in Emporia, VA. She was the daughter of Issac Roe and Frances Green Walton. William and Martha's children were: Matilda F. Hobbs b. 24 june 1863 Martha Elizabeth Hobbs b. 30 August 1867 Married Algie Sydney Woodruf. Died 15 Feb. 1947 Molly W. Hobbs b. 4 July 1869 Lucy R. Hobbs b. 1871 Horace Wiley Hobbs b. 1876 Alexander A. Hobbs b. 1878 William Mahone Hobbs b. 1880 Married Hattie Newsome Ferguson Any info on these people would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Apr 30, 1998 - 01:39 - From: - David Hobbs

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