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These names are listed in the Library of Virginia. If you know of other Caroline men who fought in the Revolutionary War, drop me a line so I can add them to the list. Also, if anyone has a pension file or bounty record of an ancestor that he/she wishes to add to the Caroline County Archives, please let me know.

"Military service records rarely contain family information. Pension application files generally are most useful to those who are doing genealogical research and contain the most complete information regarding a man's military career. We suggest that you first request copies of a man's pension file. You should request copies of a bounty-land warrant file or a miliary record only when no pension file exists. Revolutionary War service records have been consolidated with pension application papers and bounty-land warrant applications. You can get both by imply requesting the pension file only."

You need to have National Archives Trust Fund Board (NATF) Form 80 to get this information. These forms are available at any National Archives for free and by visiting their site, you can learn how to order the form by mail.

The name printed in red signifies DAR or SAR registration.

James Acre/Acrees, William Allen, John Allen, Charles Anderson, John Anderson, Richard Anderson, William Anderson, William Armistead, John Athey, Thomas B. Atkins

Gray Barber, Daniel Barksdale, Joshua Barlow, Ephriam Barlow, Joseph Barlow, Henry Bartlett, Thomas Baylor, John Baylor, James Baylor, William Baylor, Walker Baylor, George Baylor, John Baynham, Edmound Beadles, Cornelius Beazley, Edmund Beazley, Ephriam Beazley, William Bernard, Thomas Bernard, John Bernard, Miller Bledsoe, John Blanton, Samuel Boulware, Mark Boulware, Obediah Boulware, Samuel Boutwell, Muscoe Boulware, Samuel Boulware, Thomas Boutwell, Thomas Bowers, John Bowers, Edward Broaddus,
James Broaddus (Spouse: Mary Ann Ferguson), John Broaddus, John W. Broaddus (Spouse: America Broaddus), Reuben Broaddus, Richard Broaddus (Pvt., Spouse: Armenia Ellerson Jeter), Thomas Broaddus, William Broaddus (Spouse: Catherine Gaines), Robert Broaddus, Robert Brooks, James Bradley, Lawrence Bradley,William Brown, William Brown, John Bruce, Thomas Buckner, Samuel Buckner, Phillip Buckner, Samuel Buckner, Thomas Buckner, William Buckner,, Obediah Bullock, Mathew Burk, Cornelius Burk, John Burk, James Burk, Isham Burks, John Burruss, James Butler, Samuel Butler

George Cammack, John Cammack, William Cammack, Hugh Campbell, James Campbell, John Campbell, Richard Campbell, Samuel Campbell, Patrick Carneal-Carnall, William Carr, Thomas Carson, John Carson, Daniel Carson, Joseph Carter, Landon Carter (Pension File #541471), William Carter, Samuel Carter, Thomas Carter, Thomas Catlett, Thomas Chandler, Robert Chandler, Jesse Chandler, Richard Chandler, William Chapman, Benjamin Chapman, Reuben Chapman, John Chapman, Thomas Chapman, Robert Chewning, Charles Chewning, Thomas Chiles, Henry Clatterbuck, James Clatterbuck, Reuben Clatterbuck, James Coates, William Coates, William Clark, John Clark, Robert Clark, Frederick Coghill, Daniel Coleman (Colonel), Wyatt Coleman, James Coleman, Nathaniel Coleman, Richard Coleman, George Collins, Joseph Collins, William Conway, Joseph Conway, William Cook, Isiah Corbin, Hicks Cosby, Thomas Cosby, John Cox, Jeremiah Cox, Thomas Cox, William Cross

Joseph Daniels, E.B. Dickinson, Edmound Dickinson, Martin Dickinson, William Dickinson, James Dixon, Thomas Dixon, Claiborne Durrett, James Durrett,
Joel Durrett

Martin Elliott,
Samuel Elliot, Wyatt Elliott, Ambroise Eubank, Royal Eubank, William Eubank

James Farmer, Joseph Flippo, Richard Farish, William Fitzhugh, James Ford, Lt. Thomas Fortson

Richard Garrett, William Garrett, Richard Gatewood, Edmound Gatewood, William Gatewood, William George, Jesse George, Reuben George, John George, Innis Goodwin, Toler Godwin, James Gordon, George Gilchrist, Jesse Gouldin, William T. Gouldin, John Graves, John Gravatt, George Gray, Francis Gray, William Gray, James Green, Samuel Green, William Green, Gabriel Green, Moses Green, Richard Green,
George Guy (Captain, b. ca. 1725 in Caroline Co. and married to Ann Terry), Samuel Guy, Joseph Guy, William Guy

Thomas Hampton (b.1769 d.1840 in MO) , James Harris, John Harris, William Harris, William Harris, Samuel Hawes (Lt. Col., born 1695 in Caroline Co.), John Hay, Mourning Hay, John Hewlett, Baylor Hill, George Hill, Gideon Hill, Martin Hill, Benjamin Hoomes, David Hoomes, Isaac Hoomes, James Hoomes, Thomas C. Hoomes, John Hoomes, Thomas Horde, James Hoard, Benjamin Hurt

Hugh Innis, John Innis, Robert Innis

Turner Jesse, Jessie Jones, John Jones,
Joseph Jones (b. 8 May 1751 in Caroline and married Sarah Chandler), John Jordon, Mark Jordan

James Kay, John Kay, James Kemp, William Kemp, Benjamin Kidd

Benjamin Long, James Long,
Capt. John Long (b. Port Royal 1755), John Lott (b. 22 Oct. 1742 in Caroline), Christopher Loving, James Luck

George Marshall, Robert Martin, Reuben Martin, Farish Martin, Mose Martin, James Martin, Gideon Martin, John Martin, William Martin, William Madison, Thomas May, John Merryman, Thomas Merryman, William Merryman, Thomas Miller, John Minor, Peter Minor, Vivian Minor, William Minor, John Morgan,
Edwin Motley, William Motley, Joseph Motley, David Motley, Thomas Munday

William P. Napier, Anthony New, Jacobs New, Peter Newton (served in Illinois Regiment and VA State Militia),Andrew Nixon, John Norment

Douglas Oliver, John Oliver, Richard Oliver, Thomas Overton

James Parker, Thomas Parker, John Parker, William H. Parker, Richard Parker, James Pendleton, Nathaniel Pendleton, John Pendleton, Abraham Penn, William Penn, David Pitts, William Pitts, Simon Perry, Reuben Plunkett,
Virgil Poe,(d. in KY in 1840 and served in the Virginia Line from Caroline County) Robert Powers, John Pratt, William Pratt

James Quarles, John Quarles, Roger Quarles, (Captain, b. 1720 in Caroline Co. and married Mary Goodloe of Caroline Co.), William P. Quarles

James Rains, William Rennolds, Robert Reynolds, George Richerson, Major Benjamin Robinson, Bernard Rogers, Joseph Rowe, John Rogers, Beverly Roy, Jacob Roy, Enoch Russell

Leonard Sale, Henry Samuel, James Samuel, William Samuel, George Sanders,
Richard Saunders, John Sanders, Joseph Sanders, William Sanders, Daniel Sanders, Presley Sanders, John Satterwhite, Robert Satterwhite, Gray Samuel, Robert Scott, Joseph Scott, Samuel Scott, William Scott, John Shackleford, John Singleton, Elisha Sorrell, John Sorrell, Richard Sorrell, William Sorrell, William Southworth, Sanders Smith, Reuben Smith, James Smith, William Shepherd, Charles Swan, John Swan, Martin Sutton, Benjamin Sutton, Moses Stanley, John Sutton, George Shackleford, David Stern(e)

Francis Taliaferro, Richard Taliaferro, Walker Taliaferro, Benjamin Taliaferro, John Taliaferro, George Tankersley
, John Tankersley, Bartholomew Taylor, John Taylor "of Caroline", Reuben Taylor, James Taylor, Thornton Taylor, Samuel Temple, Richard Tennant, James Tennant, Samuel Terrell, John Thomas, Reuben Thomas, Catlett Thomas, Elijah Thomas, James Thomas, Buckner Thomas, John Thomson (2nd Lt in Capt. John Minor's Co. and 1st Lt in Capt. Samuel Temple's Co.), Anthony Thornton, James Thornton, John Thornton, Reuben Thornton, Patrick Thornton, Joseph Thornton, Joseph Thornton, Mathew Todd, William Todd, John Todd, Bernard Todd, Robert Todd, Christopher Tompkins, Henry Tompkins, William Tompkins, Robert Tompkins, Richard Torrent, Edward Travis, Joseph Tribble, William Toombs, Francis Turner, Joseph Turner, Charles Tyler, John Tyler, Joseph Tyler, William Tyler,

Charles Walden, George Walden, Edmound Waller, William Waller, John Washington, William Washington, Abner Waugh, Benjamin A. Welsh, James Whittaker, John Whittaker, Elijah White, Joseph White, John White, Robert Wood, William Woodford, John George Woolfolk, Robert Woolfolk, Elisha Wyatt, , Edmund Wyatt, Pittman Wyatt , Richard Wyatt, Robert Wright, William Wright

James Yarbrough, Joel Yarbrough, John Young, Lewis Young, Robert Young

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