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Chesterfield County, Virginia
Ettrick Cemetery


Copied from the notes of Mrs. Mary Lena Woodruff who, with her brother, James Bowman is the proprietor of the cemetery.

This information if copied with her permission.

This is a reconstruction of the list of persons who are buried in Ettrick Cemetery. The cemetery was in disrepair, and only a few headstones exist.

This information was obtained from the families who had individuals buried here. Some of the contributors are named here.

This information has been submitted by Richard C. Spain. Any questions should be forwarded to the submitter at


As you enter the cemetery there are several divisions. To the left is what is called the Robertson Platt. This was part of the original cemetery which was called the Robinson Cemetery.

Robertson Platt

Row 1

Square 1 Lawen Trayler

James Thomas Trayler

Adeline Virginia Trayler

infant Trayler

Square 2 Summerfield Cummins (the grandfather of Curtis Cummins)

Square 3 Leonard Cardenell

Square 4 Norman Barricks

Square 5 Willie Walls

Ira Wall

Sidney Ann Wall

William D. Wall

Parents of Willie Walls, George Walls family; grandparents of Edward Walls

Square 6 Varina Davis Walker

Square 7 Jefferson Hargrave

Squares 8 & 9 Emmett Wade

Hannah Wade

William M. Wade

Mary Jane Wade

Wesley Thomas Wade (Husband os Susie Wall)

infant Wade

Laura Wade

Carl Wade

Square 9 Wesley Wade

Ida Moss baby buried in corner back of Wade squares 8 & 9

Square 10 Lange Stewart

Square 11 James Marks



Mr. Bottoms

Square 12 Charlie Claytor

George Claytor

Maggie Claytor


Square 13 Fred Taylor

Square 14 James R. Via

Row 2

Square 1 No information

Square 2 Thomas Blankenship

Square 3 Toby Barricks

Molly Pearl Barricks

Jessie A. Barricks

Eva M. Barricks

Burgess J. Barricks

William D. Barricks

Minnie Barricks

Square 4 John B. Holloway

Marian E. Holloway

Cleveland W. Holloway (8 yrs old)

Molly A. Holloway

Theo E. Holloway

Square 5 George Wall (at the foot of Ida)

John Wesley Wall (Buster)

Dorothy Wall

Addie Wall (daughter of George Wall)

Pauline Wall (daughter of George and Ida Wall)

Edward Wall (son of George and Ida Wall)

Elam Wall (son of George and Ida Wall)

Squares 6 & 7 Peter F. Kitchen

Nanie Caroline Kitchen

twin babies in one grave - the children of Raymond Kitchen

2 babies

Emmett Kitchen

Benjamin Kitchen

Square 8 Fred Leinburger (Leinhurger?)

Square 9 William Toler

James Bernard Toler

Mrs. Nettie Toler

William Toler

Square 10 William Laffoon

Mrs. Ophilia Laffon Holland

Claudine Laffoon

Gordon Laffoon

infant of Mr. & Mrs. Jessie (sic) Laffoon

infant of Mr. & Mrs. Everett Laffoon

Square 11 R.O. Archer

Mrs. Ida Robertson Archer

Ella Archer Laffoon Joyner

Robert Clinton Archer

Thomas M. Archer

Marian f. Archer

Square 12 William Butler

Sarah J. Butler

Laura F. Butler

Raymond Butler

Square 13 Sam Butler

Ada Butler

Square 14 Mr. Filpots

Square 15 Arthur Rowlett

Amelia Rowlett

Square 16 Samuel Pulley

Square 17 Grover Chandler

Square 18 No information

Row 3

Square 1 Mr. Jim Davis

Roberta R. Rives

Joseph A. Rives

Square 2 John R. McLaughlin

Rosa B. McLaughlin

Joseph A. Rives, Jr. (Age 13)

Square 3 G. A. Burnette

Squares 4 & 5 Iradell Bunyan Wall

Albert Wilson Wall

Ella Eliza Rook Wall

Henry Grady Wall

2 children of Susan Catherine Wll Carroll (killed by a train)

Square 6 Beverly Butler

Square 7 Anderson Tucker

Sallie E. Tucker

William A. Tucker

Square 8 William Dyer

Sally Dyer

Wm. P. Dyer

Anneliza Dyer

Square 9 Robert Blankenship

Martin Blankenship

Square 10 Empty

Square 11 Hawkins

Square 12 Jessie Barnes

Annie C. Barnes

Martha A. Barnes

Samuel J. Barnes

Fannie H. Barnes

Henry E. Barnes

Charles L. Barnes

William S. Cummins

Anna Belle Cummins

Katherine Cummins Quicke

Square 13 Agnes Brockwell

Mr. A. B. Sadler (Agnes Brockwell’s first husband)

Bernley Sadler

(These were the father and brother of Mrs. Sue Bradley)

Square 14 Mrs. Musa G. Butler

Martin T. Butler

Mable Lee Butler

William O. Tilka

Sallie Beth Tilka

G. A. Tilka

Mary E. Tilka

Square 15 Nellie M. Butler

J.T. Butler

(The aunt and uncle of Julia Mann)

Square 16 Lemuel Clarke

Square 17 Fleming

Square 18 Charlie Hawkins

George Maddra

Sarah Maddra

Susanna Hawkins

Lula Hawkins

Square 19 Waverly Hawkins

Mattie V. Hawkins

Guy Hawkins


Square 20 Robert Hogwood

Bessie Flowers Hogwood

Square 21 Fred Simpson

Alice F. Simpson

Lillie Childress

George Morton

Mary M. Flowers

Square 22 Rufus G. Nunnally

Kenen Nunnally

Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Ford

(Nunnally was Ford’s step-father)

Charles Ford, Sr.

Square 23 No one in this square (square belonged to Darrell Bowe)

Square 24 No information

Row 4

Square 1 Mr. Ben Butler

Square 2 Tom Floyd

Mac Dowell (sic) Floyd

Charlie Floyd

(Grandfather and uncle of Mack King 1637 Lamar Ave. Petersburg VA)

Jimmie Floyd

Estelle Goodwin

1/2 square next to Tom Floyd Mrs. Eudailey- Pete Eudailey’s grandmother

Square 3 Clifton Wade

Square 4 George Clarke

Square 5 Bridgewater

Square 6 Baker Mann

Square 7 Ribro Mann

Square 8 & 9 Mrs. Annie B. Nunnally

Lucius Nunnally

Ruby Nunnally

4 babies of Annie and Lucius Nunnally

Mr. and Mrs. Pegram Blankenship

Mr. Joe Blankenship

Mr. Leighray Blankenship (son)

Squares 10 & 11 Robertson

Square 12 Emmett Cardwell

Mary Cardwell

Bill Cardwell

Square 13 infant Hathway

Edgar Claiborne Marks (Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Marks’ son - infant)

Square 14 Robert Butler (Nelda Sirry’s father 4409 Greenbrier Dr., Chester, VA)

Lola Eliabeth Leonard Butler (Mr. Robert Butler’s first wife)

Grace Roberta Leonard (infant of Cora & Thurman Leonard)

Square 15 Willie Lockett

Square 16 Howard R. Hogwood

Florence B. Hogwood

Bolling H. Hogwood

Ruby Hogwood Clayton

Square 17 Thurman Leonard

Rebecca Williams

Margaret W. Leonard

John Milton Leonard

Cora W. Leonard

Ruby Elizabeth Leonard

Hallie M. Leonard

Square 18 1/2 square Inez Andrews

Square 19 1/2 square Sadler

Middle of the Cemetery

There are a lot of graves in this part that can’t be accounted for. Listed below are some we know to be there.

Marietta Edmonds

Jarvis Uriah McLaughan, son of the late Douglas and Bertha McLaughan....Only grave in square with stone curb.

Willie B. James, son of Wm and Pocahontas James

Martha C. James

William James

Minerva J. Newsom, wife of John Newsom

Martha Jane Binelle

Mr. Robert Wilson behind Jane Binelle’s square

Sarah A. Newby (or Newly)

Edward F. Newby

Angeline N. Newby

Samuel Moore

Frances B. Moore

Vernon r. Moore

Nellie Moore

Carrie J. Moore

The parents of Waverly Arpe

Thomas James (War of 1812)

N. A. Drake

Maggie L. Andrews (inside a little iron fence)

Lloyd Linwood Herring, son of RV and MT Herring

Mollie Baltimore - sister of Mrs. Maggie Herring (2 years old)

Mattie Daughter

Louis Traylor

Thomas James

James B. Mann (5 graves)

Jurdison Sadler

Mrs. Jurdison Sadler

Mary S. Mann

Indie Mann

Mrs. Minnie Nalley’s family

L. B. Brockwell


A small grave with cradle around it. Mrs. Sadie Bowman’s sister - Serena Ann Archer by Mann’s square


Back of Nunnally & Blankenship square the following are buried:

William Barrett

Harriet Barrett

Indry? Barrett

Nathan Barrett

Sally Barrett

Ndra Barrett

Ike Barrett

George Barrett

Sue Barrett

Jane Barrett

Badger Johnson

Annie Johnson

Mary Jane Robertson

James A. Hargrave

Samuel Hargrave

James Whitmore 1855-1936

Henrietta Whitmore 1854-1914

Mattie Lockett (Square has cement curb with name)

Samuel Butler 1871-1931

Samuel Nugent

Ellen Nugent

Lottie Nugent

Luther Nugent

Robert Nugent

Mr. Ross Poole’s family square

Ned Hudgins

Amanda Hudgins

Kate Franklin

Sarah Franklin

Laura Francis Cardwell

Wlliam Henry Cardwell

Mrs. Earl Nugent ( nee Sadler)

Mrs. Kate Westbrook Nugent’s parents & aunt

Norma Harris and parents

Thelma Moore’s mother

Epperson square

Mary E. Epperson 1834-1893

Alice Anderson

T. W. Anderson (Theo) 1854-1922

Aline Anderson 1879-1884

Elizabeth Epperson

Infant Epperson

Mattie Wells’ father

Grandfather - Red Wells


Mr. Dick Bowman

Freeman - Dick and Mary Hogwood’s grandfather

Mrs. Carrie Harrison

Mrs. Ercelle Wells

Miss Lizzie Harrison


Vaughan & Rives

Caldonia Rives White (age 21) Baby buried with her

Harvey Rives (age 2)

Alex Rives (age 1)

Willie Rives (age 8)

Addie Rives (age 12)

Mollie Browder Rives

Virginia A. Hobbs Rives

E. Bonds - stepfather of A. R. Rives

Alexander Robert Rives

Hettie Rives Vaughan


Road Left of Circle Starting at North Side

Row 1

Square 1 B.B. Chance

B. C. Chance

Square 2 No information

Square 3 Willie Hawkins

Mary Hawkins

William Thomas Hawkins

Addie Hawkins Crowder

Flossie Hawkins

Square 4 Betty Hobbs

Robert Hobbs

Seth Hobbs

Ida Hobbs

Mrs. Fannie Taylor

Square 5 Robinette

Square 6 (also square 14) Bernard Anderson’s father

Alex Anderson

Charles Anderson

Rufus Anderson

Nanny B. Butler

John Butler

2 babies of Hessi May Nimmico’s?

Squares 7 & 8 Samuel Allen

Dorothy B. Allen

James Blankenship

Ida R. Allen

Square 9 Mr. John Davis’ parents

Row 2

Square 10 Chance

Square 11 Annie Pulley’ parents

George Pulley

Lula Pulley

Herbert Pulley

Square 12 Emma Ann Hardy Ellington d 12-1-1915

George J. Ellington d. 1-24-1905

Emma Ellington

Grief Ellington

Square 13 Hardy

Square 14 Anderson

Square 15 No information

Square 16 Harriett Totty

Ben Totty

Lucy Totty

Square 17 No information

Row 3

Square 18 Hubert Pulley 1881-1930

Mr. Neil Pulley’s parents

John Pulley

Mary Ann Rutledge Pulley

Bertha Burnett

Square 19 No information

Square 20 Gus Hawkins Gustavus)

Maria Hawkins

Hackley Hawkins

Ruth C. Hawkins

Square 21 No information

Square 22 No information

Square 23 Hawks

Square 24 Hawks

Circle Starting Next To Road As You Enter The Cemetery

Square 1 Monroe

Square 2 Freeman Hogwood

Hogwood father

Square 3 Empty

Square 4 Empty

Square 5 Andrew Lee

Catherine Lee

Edgar T. Lee

Miss Aubrey ? Lee 1876-1964

Square 6 Empty

Square 7 Empty

Square 8 Empty

Square 9 Willie Fowler

Square 10 Drake

Square 11 McKavendish

Square 12 Daughtery

Square 13 Empty

Square 14 Empty

Square 15 Eli Andrews

Square 16 Emma Jane Hawkins 1864-1912

Ernest Payton Hawkins 1883-1904

Eugene Malcolm Hawkins (2 years old) 1893-1895

Thomas S. Walthall 1885-1908 (First husband of Mrs. Annie Stewart, William Stewart’s mother and their infant daughter)

Square 17 California Jones

Alice Jones Cotton

Louisa L. Jones

Thomas A. Jones

Edna C. Jones

Deborah L. Britton

Square 18 Richard Hardy

Julia Hardy

Addie Hardy

Mary E. Blankenship

Christine E. Blankenship - infant

Square 19 Molly Newsom (Mr. John Nesom’s first wife)

John Newsom

Susan Newsom

These are Mr. Bob Newsom’s parents. Grandparents of Alma Newsome & Cathleen Hedgepeth

2 more graves unknown

Square 20 Babcock Moore

Square 21 Charlyne James

Edwin M. James

Mary A. James

Myrtle James

Willie James

Howard James

Chamberlagne (sic) James

Elizabeth James

Wm. Henry James

Walter James

Elizabeth Traylor

Stella Traylor

Lewis Traylor

Robert Traylor

(This is a large square - really 3 squares)

Square 22 John Dyson

Square 23 Mrs. James Moore

Square 24 Alredge

Square 25 Rosa Sample

Landon Sample

Arthur Sample

Square 26 Empty

Square 27 Empty

Square 28 John Dowden

Square 29 Empty

Square 30 Edward Eanes

Square 31 Edward P. Nunnally (Mr. Halmitlan (sis) Eanes’ grandfather) (Probably Hamilton)

Mr. Mac Eanes father

3 infants

Etta Jackson Nunnally - sister

Edward Thomas Nunnally

John Eanes family

Square 32 Empty

Square 33 Willie Moore

Square 34 Empty

Hillside To The Right As You Enter Cemetery

Square 1 Mrs. Mellisa Hardy

Miss Elnora (Sweets) Hardy

Square 2 Mr. Willie Hogwood

Square 3 Mr. Archie McKinley

Square 4 William B. Archer 1868-1924

Vegie (sic) E. Archer 1907-1932 (perhaps Vergie)

Bunnie T. Archer 1872-1929

Herbert West 1897-1969

Annie West

Square 5 Empty

Square 6 Venan? David Wall 1889-1964 (perhaps Vernon)

Edna Lee Wall 1925-1925 (daughter of Doris Driskell)

Square 7 Peter Harrison Williams

Mrs. Martha Sarah Williams

Kendall Nimmo- son of Mr. and Mrs. James Nimmo, brother of Curtis Nimmos 1745 Oakland St. Petersburg (1995)

The Williams were Kendall’s grandparents.

Also Dr. C. L. Williams’ grandparents (Portland, OR)

Square 8 John L. Faison

Lucy B. Faison

Square 9 William Nimmo 1908-1962

Kenneth Nimmo 1909-1970

Thomas M. Rigby (baby) Tommy and Dorothy Mae Rigby’s child- Nimmo grandparents

Lottie Nimmo

Mrs. Ethel B. Nimmo

Square 10 Rosa V. Bratton

James A. Bratton

Benjamin A. Bratton

Robert Bratton

David Bratton (baby)

Molly Bratton Harrison 1882-1967

Family of James A. Nimmo & Dorothy Rigby, Matoaca, VA

Squares 11 & 12 (Double square)

Frank Bowe, Sr. 1900-1976 (looks like Borne)

Norma B. Bowe 1894-1975

Thomas Brough, Sr. (Mrs. Borne’s brother) 1904-1973

Thomas Brough, Jr. (1990)

Christinia (sic) Sutton

Square 13 Milton Anderson

Square 14 Joe Story 1919-1980

Square 15 Irby Hunter Fisher (baby) (Jerry Fisher’s baby)

Square 16 Darrell Bowe 1932-1977

Square 17 Gertie W. Fitzwater

Charles Fitzwater (1981)

History of Cemetery

The Ettrick Cemetery was designated as a burying ground by the Hartley C. Cotton Mill operators.

Years after the mill closed the mill property was purchased by Mr. L. B. Pond & Mr. R. Edgar Eanes, both of Ettrick.

At their death Mr. Steven Minor of Hopewell, VA purchased some property including the cemetery.

In April 1949 Mrs. Floyd M. Bowman, Sr. of Ettrick purchased the cemetery from Mr. Minor.

At the death of Mrs. Bowman, March 24, 1978, the cemetery was left of Mary b. Woodruff, daughter & Mr. James R. Bowman, son.


The Wars

In Ettrick Cemetery are service men from the following wars:


Civil War

44 Confederat Veterans

1 Union Soldier

27 in squares with families


World War I

Mr. Thurman Leonard


World War II

Hunter Fisher



James Via


Civil War Veterans In The Cemetery

William Barrett

George Barrett

Robert Bailey

Thomas Brown

James Blankenship

Joseph Blankenship

Robert Brockwell

Samuel Butler

William Butler

Richard Cardwell

William Clarke

Adolphus Cotton

James Daughtery

Richard Davis

John Dowden

Edward Toby Eanes

George Ellington

Sidney Hawks

Robert Hardy

John Hardy

Parker Hargraves

Edward Hudgins

Chamberlayne James

Eli Garrett Jones

Peter F. Kitchen

William Lacy

Benjamin Monroe

James E. Mann

Baker Mann

George Maddra

John R. McLaughlin

William McLemore

Bert Nelwon

William Nimmo

Thomas Nunnally

Samuel Nugent

Henry Perkins

John Pulley

Alexander Rives

Lange Stewart

Carlin Stringer

Thomas Traylor

William Wade


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