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Index of 1850 Census of Chesterfield County, VA

Transcribed by Lori Haden

There are 43 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adams, Ann
Adams, Catharine
Adams, John
Adams, Mary
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Thomas
Adams, William
Akin, Luvinia
Akin, Robert
Akin, Sarah
Akin, Wm. W.
Allen, Martha
Alleop, Agnatius
Alleop, George
Alleop, Martha
Ammonet, Brit
Amos, Ann
Amos, Mariah
Amos, Martha
Amos, Mary
Amos, Thomas
Amos, William
Anderson, Barley
Anderson, Eliza
Anderson, George
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, Josiah
Anderson, Louis
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Archer, *
Archer, Ann
Archer, Beverly
Archer, Henry
Archer, Jane
Archer, John
Archer, John
Archer, Nancy
Archer, Rebecca
Archer, Robert
Archer, William
Armstrong, Alfred
Armstrong, Clara
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, Jane
Arneth, A. C.
Arneth, Susan
Ash, John
Ashbrook, Columbia
Ashbrook, Henry
Ashbrook, Jane
Ashbrook, Jordan
Ashbrook, Jordan
Ashbrook, Lucy
Ashbrook, Martha
Ashbrook, Martha
Ashbrook, Mary
Ashbrook, Mary
Ashbrook, Sarah M.
Ashbrook, William
Ashman, Ann
Ashman, Caroline
Ashman, Elizabeth
Ashman, Joseph
Ashman, Mary
Ashman, Thomas
Atkinson, Austin
Atkinson, Charles
Atkinson, Cyremus
Atkinson, Eliza
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, Margery
Atkinson, Phebe
Atkinson, Thomas
Atkinson, William
Bafs, Elizabeth
Bafs, Hipaya
Bafs, John T.
Bafs, Judieth
Bafs, Martha
Bafs, Phebe
Baher, Ann
Baher, Infant
Baher, John
Baher, Mary
Baher, William
Bailey, A. R.
Bailey, Albert
Bailey, Ann
Bailey, Ardelia
Bailey, Catharine
Bailey, China
Bailey, David
Bailey, Elisha
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Francis
Bailey, Georges
Bailey, Harriet
Bailey, Harriet
Bailey, James
Bailey, James
Bailey, John
Bailey, Louisa
Bailey, Martha
Bailey, Patrick
Bailey, Peter R.
Bailey, Robert
Ball, Lucritia
Ball, Matilda
Barns, Ann
Barns, Francis
Barns, Harriet
Barns, Richard
Barns, William
Barns, Wm C.
Barttam, George
Barttam, Harriett
Barttam, Infant
Barttam, Mary
Bass, Benjamin E.
Bass, Egbert T.
Bass, Francis
Bass, Martha
Bass, Mary
Bass, Mary
Bass, Olivia
Bass, Richard
Bass, Robert H.
Bass, Thomas
Bass, Walthall
Bass, William
Baugh, Amy
Baugh, Bartlet
Baugh, Dolly
Baugh, Mary
Baugh, Wm
Baugh, Wm
Baushain, Cornelius
Beasley, Hairy
Beasley, John
Beasley, Mary
Beasley, Obedience
Beasley, Rhoda
Belcher, Beverly
Belcher, John
Belcher, Martha
Belcher, Peter
Belcher, Susan
Belcher, Thomas
Belcher, William
Bell, Susan
Belmont, Jane
Belmont, Judieth
Belmont, Mary
Belmont, Robert
Belmont, Venable
Belmont, William
Berry, John
Binley, Martha
Binley, Martin A.
Binley, Mary
Binley, Sarah
Binley, William
Blankenship, Beverly
Blankenship, Doritha
Blankenship, Elam
Blankenship, Elisha
Blankenship, Elizabeth
Blankenship, Elvena
Blankenship, George
Blankenship, Heneietta
Blankenship, James
Blankenship, John
Blankenship, Josiah
Blankenship, Julia
Blankenship, Lawson
Blankenship, Marcillus
Blankenship, Mary
Blankenship, Mary
Blankenship, Permilia
Blankenship, Silus
Blankenship, Thomas
Blankenship, Wesley
Blankenship, William
Blankinship, Amanda
Blankinship, Ann
Blankinship, Cloastain
Blankinship, Cristopher
Blankinship, Elizabeth
Blankinship, Ferdiniand
Blankinship, Henry
Blankinship, Isabella
Blankinship, Isuintillus
Blankinship, Rhoda
Blankinship, Richard
Blankinship, Richard
Blankinship, Sarah
Blankinship, Virginia
Blankinship, Watkins
Blankinship, Winey
Blankship, Elizabeth
Blunt, Joseph
Bottoin, Chastain
Bottoin, Georgianna
Bottoin, Thomas J.
Bowles, James
Branch, Aaron H.
Branch, Ann
Branch, Ann
Branch, Argenis
Branch, Charlotte
Branch, Cordelia
Branch, Elizabeth
Branch, John
Branch, Robert
Branch, Virginia
Branch, William
Brasenham, Cornelius
Braxter, Thomas
Brewer, Charles H.
Brewer, Elizabeth
Brisban, Taber
Britton, Elizabeth
Britton, Martha
Britton, Richard
Britton, Sarah
Britton, Sarah
Britton, William
Broadway, Armstead
Broadway, Martha
Broadway, Rebecca
Broadway, Susan
Broadway, Susan
Broadway, Thomas
Broadway, William
Brockwell, John
Brooks, Camillus
Brooks, Cincinnattus
Brooks, Cordelia
Brooks, Cyrus
Brooks, Francis
Brooks, James
Brooks, James D.
Brooks, Mariah
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Rebecca
Brooks, Seorateez
Brooks, Sydenham
Brooks, Zachariah
Brooks, Zachariah H.
Brown, Alfred
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Chastain
Brown, Dabney
Brown, Emily
Brown, Faney
Brown, Henrietta
Brown, Hipaga
Brown, James
Brown, John
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Martha
Brown, Mary
Brown, Nancy
Brown, Ralph
Brown, Rhoda
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Susan
Brown, Sydenham
Brown, Taetton L.
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Walter
Brown, Washington
Brown, William
Brown, Willington
Bryant, Sarah
Burns, John
Burns, Mary
Butler, Noah
Butler, Rebecca
Campbell, Robert
Cane, Moses
Canida, Henry
Carrol, Patrick
Carter, Mary
Carter, Richard
Cashion, Desha
Cashion, Elizabeth
Cashion, Elizabeth
Cashion, Joseph
Cashion, Mary
Cashion, Page
Cashion, Patrick
Cashion, Richard
Cashion, Sarah
Cashion, Sarah
Cashion, William
Cashion, William
Cashman, John
Cayhill, Catharine
Cayhill, Elizabeth
Cayhill, James
Cayhill, Lawrence
Celley, Michael
Celly, Crethina
Celly, James
Celly, James
Celly, John
Celly, Joseph
Celly, Martha
Celly, Sarah
Celly, Sarah
Celly, Thomas
Celly, William
Chalkley, Catharine
Chalkley, George
Chalkley, Henry B.
Chalkley, Infant
Chalkley, James
Chalkley, John
Chalkley, Louisa
Chalkley, Martha
Chalkley, Martha
Chalkley, Martha
Chalkley, Mary
Chalkley, Mary
Chalkley, Robert
Chalkley, Sarah
Chalkley, Susan
Chalkley, William
Chambers, John
Chambers, Sarah
Chandley, Eldridge
Chandley, Lucy
Cheatham, James R.
Cheatham, Alfred
Cheatham, Ann
Cheatham, Ann
Cheatham, Cornelia
Cheatham, Cornilia
Cheatham, Edgar
Cheatham, Eliza
Cheatham, Eliza
Cheatham, Elizabeth
Cheatham, Elizabeth
Cheatham, Elizabeth
Cheatham, Francis
Cheatham, Francis B.
Cheatham, Granderson
Cheatham, Green
Cheatham, Hijah
Cheatham, Infant
Cheatham, James
Cheatham, James
Cheatham, James
Cheatham, James H.
Cheatham, John
Cheatham, John H.
Cheatham, Lemuel
Cheatham, Lillius
Cheatham, Luther
Cheatham, Martha
Cheatham, Martha
Cheatham, Martha
Cheatham, Mary
Cheatham, Mary
Cheatham, Matilda
Cheatham , Mildred
Cheatham, Newton
Cheatham, Octavia
Cheatham, Olivia
Cheatham, Phebe
Cheatham, Richard
Cheatham, Richard
Cheatham, Richard
Cheatham, Robert
Cheatham, Samuel
Cheatham, Samuel
Cheatham, Sarah
Cheatham , Sarah
Cheatham, Sarah
Cheatham, Selah
Cheatham, Sobelia
Cheatham, Sophia
Cheatham, Sophia
Cheatham, Sophia
Cheatham, Tibecus
Cheatham, Virgina
Cheatham, Virginia
Cheatham, William D.
Cheatham, Wm P.
Cheatham, Zacharich
Chimist, Ann
Chimist, John
Chimist, Joseph
Chimist, Samuel
Chimist, Sarah
Cindy, James
Claiborne, Adelia
Claiborne, David J.
Claiborne, Edieth
Claiborne, Sarah
Clark, George
Clark, Henry A.
Clark, Jane
Clark, Jerimiah
Clark, Jerimiah G.
Clark, Madison
Clark, Martha
Clark, Mary
Clay, Atimas
Clay, Francis
Clay, Francis
Clay, John T. G.
Clay, Lydinham
Clay, Phinehas
Clay, Phinehas
Clay, Susan
Clayton, Ann
Clayton, Cornelia
Clayton, Elizabeth
Clayton, James
Clayton, John T.
Clayton, William
Coats, David H.
Coats, Rhoda
Cogbills, Martha
Cogbills, Richard
Cogbills, William
Cole, Joshney
Coleman, Charles
Coleman, Morris
Coleman, Samuel
Coleman, Samuel
Cooke, America
Cooke, Elizabeth
Cooke, Henry A.
Cooke, James
Cooke, John
Cooke, Martha
Cooke, Mary
Cooke, William
Cosby, Andrew
Cosby, James
Cosby, John
Cosby, Martha
Cosby, Martha
Cosby, Martin
Cosby, Mary
Cosby, Mary
Cosby, Phebe
Cosby, Thomas
Cosby, William
Cotton, Mary
Cousin, Francis
Cousin, John
Cox, Ann
Cox, Catharine
Cox, Cristopher
Cox, Edward
Cox, Emily
Cox, George
Cox, Henry
Cox, Henry
Cox, Indianna
Cox, James
Cox, James
Cox, James H.
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cox, Jordon
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Lucinda
Cox, Martha
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Phebe
Cox, Rosena
Cox, Sarah
Cox, Sarah
Cox, Thomas
Cox, Thomas
Cox, William
Cox, William
Cox, William
Cox, Wm. E.
Cross, Ann
Cross, Beverly
Cross, James
Cross, John
Cross, Mary
Cross, Rubin
Cross, Virginia
Crosstick, William E.
Crosstick, Daniel
Crosstick, Eleazor
Crosstick, Elizabeth
Crosstick, Francis
Crosstick, Jaqiuel
Crosstick, Joseph
Crosstick, Joseph E.
Crosstick, Lucy
Crosstick, Martha
Crosstick, Mary
Crosstick, Mary
Crosstick, Rebecca
Crosstick, Robert E.
Crosstick, William
Crowder, Augusta
Crowder, Wm. H.
Crump, Albert
Crump, Benjamin
Crump, Beverly
Crump, Beverly
Crump, Eleazor
Crump, Elizabeth
Crump, James
Crump, James
Crump, Julia
Crump, Margaret
Crump, Margaret
Crump, Margaret
Crump, Martha
Crump, Mary
Crump, Rhoda
Crump, Robert
Crump, Sterlin
Crump, Susan
Crump, Thomas J.
Crump, Wm C.
Cunliff, Augustus
Cunliff, Edwin
Cunliff, Edwin
Cunliff, Eliza
Cunliff, Henry
Cunliff, John
Cunliff, Susan
Dally, Patrick
Dance, Elizabeth
Danny, Thomas
Delany, Martin
Dibble, A. L.
Dobbins, Argenia
Dobbins, Ezehiel
Dobbins, Peter
Dobbins, Susan
Donnolly, James
Donnolly, James
Donnolly, Jane
Donnolly, Mary
Donohul, Michael
Donova, James
Dorsett, Adlina
Dorsett, Charlie
Dorsett, Joseph
Dorsett, Louis
Dorsett, Margaret
Dorsett, Martha
Dorsett, Mary
Dorsett, Ophilia
Dunnavan, Dennis
Dunnavant, Lydia
Duvall, James T.
Duvall, Sinthia
Edwards, Anderson
Edwards, John
Edwards, Laverry
Edwards, Rebecca
Edwards, Virginia
Elam, Jane T.
Elam, Bethelda
Elam, Henningham
Elam, Jefferson
Elam, Leander
Elam, Richard
Elam, Sarah
Elliot, Sarah
Elliot, Thomas
Elliot, Walter
Elliott, Alfred
Elliott, Amanda
Elliott, Beverly
Elliott, Cornelius
Elliott, Cornilius
Elliott, Darisuda
Elliott, David
Elliott, Delia
Elliott, Edmonia
Elliott, Eliza
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Emily
Elliott, Henry
Elliott, James
Elliott, James
Elliott, Jane
Elliott, John
Elliott, John
Elliott, John
Elliott, Joseph D.
Elliott, Josiah
Elliott, Judieth
Elliott, Margaret
Elliott, Marshal
Elliott, Martha
Elliott, Martha
Elliott, Mary
Elliott, Mary
Elliott, Mary
Elliott, Matilda
Elliott, Obedience
Elliott, Obedience
Elliott, Opeora
Elliott, Robert T.
Elliott, Samuel
Elliott, Samuel
Elliott, Sarah
Elliott, Sarah
Elliott, Sophia
Elliott, William
Elliott, William
Elliott, William C.
Ellis, Elizabeth
Ellis, Nancy
Ellis, Rebecca
Ellis, Richard
Ellis, Thomas
Farmer, Elizabeth
Farmer, Emiline
Farris, William
Fergusson, Caroline
Fergusson, Elizabeth
Fergusson, Elizabeth
Fergusson, Jackson
Fergusson, James
Fergusson, John
Fergusson, Lemuel
Fergusson, Mary
Fergusson, Mary
Fergusson, Moses
Fergusson, Moses
Fergusson, Thomas
Fergusson, William
Fergusson, WillIiam
Fergusson, Wm. H.
Figg, Malinda
Figg, Mary
Figg, Robert
Figg, Samuel
Finey, Davia
Finey, Francis
Finey, Hannah
Fitz Gerald, Mathew
Fitz Gerald, Patrick
FitzPatrick, Dennis
Flin, John
Flin, Mary
Flournoy, Francis
Flournoy, James F.
Flournoy, Julia
Flournoy, Mark F.
Flournoy, Samuel
Foe, Julia
Ford, Benjamin
Ford, Bettie
Ford, Eugenia
Ford, Ida
Ford, Lilian
Ford, Lucy
Ford, R.
Forlions, Benjamin
Forloins, Louisa
Forloins, Mary
Forloins, Mary
Forloins, Robert
Forloins, Robert
Forloins, Sarah
Forloins, Thomas
Foulkes, Dolly
Foulkes, Elizabeth
Foulkes, Francis
Foulkes, John
Foulkes, Josiah
Foulkes, Manerva
Foulkes, Matilda
Foulkes, Pleasant
Fournoy, Claurence
Fournoy, Mary
Fournoy, Oscar
Fournoy, Wm G.
Fowler, James W.
Fowler, Emma
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Rebecca
Fowler, Spencer M.
Fowler, Thomas
Franklin, David
Franklin, John
Franklin, Martha
Friend, Catharine
Friend, Joseph
Fruler, Amanda
Fruler, Nelson
Fuquay, Eliza
Fuquay, Elviria
Fuquay, Lucy
Fuquay, Martha
Fuquay, Mary
Fuquay, Sarah
Fuquay, Susan
Fuquay, William
Fuquay, Wm G.
Furcron, Charles
Furcron, James
Furcron, James
Furcron, John
Furcron, Junius
Furcron, Luvinia
Fureron, Elizabeth
Fureron, Elizabeth
Fureron, Henry
Fureron, Infant
Fureron, Sydenham
Fureron, Thomas
Fureron, Warren
Gallaher, John
Garner, Virginia
Gasbit, Amy
Gasbit, George
Gasbit, George
Gasbit, John
Gasbit, Mary
Gasbit, Phebe
Gates, Joseph J.
Gates, Judieth
Gates, Louisa
Gates, Mahala
Gates, Mary
Gates, Victoria
Gillam, Robert
Goode, Adolphus
Goode, Ann
Goode, Ann
Goode, Azalia
Goode, Charles
Goode, Cornielius
Goode, Damacius
Goode, Daniel
Goode, Daniel B.
Goode, David
Goode, Elizabeth
Goode, George W.
Goode, Hannah
Goode, Indianna
Goode, Infant
Goode, Infant
Goode, James
Goode, James
Goode, John
Goode, John
Goode, John B.
Goode, Joseph
Goode, Lemuil
Goode, Lucy
Goode, Lucy
Goode, Manenia
Goode, Margaret
Goode, Mariah
Goode, Martha
Goode, Martha
Goode, Mary
Goode, Mary
Goode, Richard
Goode, Robert A.
Goode, Sarah
Goode, Suddon
Goode, Sydenham
Goode, Thomas
Goode, Walthall C.
Goode, William
Goode, William
Green, Andrew H.
Gregory, Aurelia
Gregory, Edwin
Gregory, Elizabeth
Gregory, Emiline
Gregory, Emma
Gregory, Eugenia
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, James
Gregory, James
Gregory, Mary
Gregory, Mordecai
Gregory, Ruphus
Gregory, Susan
Gregory, Thomas
Grey, Calidonia
Grymes, Robert P.
Hafray, Michael
Haley, Daniel
Haley, Richard
Hall, Ann
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Francis
Hall, Green
Hall, Henry
Hall, Izabella
Hall, James
Hall, Jane
Hall, Jasfur
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Margaret
Hall, Mariah
Hall, Martha
Hall, Martha
Hall, Mary
Hall, Permelia
Hall, Rebecca
Hall, Robert
Hall, Theedrick
Hall, Wilkins
Hall, William
Hall, William
Halls, Elizabeth
Halls, James
Halls, John
Halls, Margaret
Halls, Thomas
Halls, William
Hancock, Adderson
Hancock, Augustus
Hancock, Calvin
Hancock, Caroline
Hancock, Charles
Hancock, Daniel
Hancock, Elinorer
Hancock, Elizabeth
Hancock, Elizabeth
Hancock, Elizabeth
Hancock, Faney
Hancock, Infant
Hancock, Jane
Hancock, Jefferson
Hancock, Laurabelle
Hancock, Lucy
Hancock, Margaret
Hancock, Mariah
Hancock, Mary
Hancock, Obedience
Hancock, Orson
Hancock, Sarah
Hancock, Victoria
Hancock, Woodson
Hancock, Woodson W.
Hanebough, John T.
Harris, Johm
Harris, Lilia
Harris, Martha
Harris, Mary
Harris, Mary
Harris, Permilia
Harris, Thomas
Harris, Thomas A.
Harris, William
Harrison, William
Harvell, J. W.
Haskins, Jane
Haskins, John
Haskins, Martha
Haskins, Rebecca
Haskins, Robert
Haskins, Virginia
Hawk, James
Hawkfres, Calhooie
Hendrick, Ann
Hendrick, Beverly
Hendrick, Joiey
Hendrick, Mary
Henry, James
Henry, Jordan
Hews, Ann
Hews, Anthony
Hews, Anthony
Hill, Cally
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, John
Hill, Martha A.
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mary
Hill, Sarah
Hin, Lucy
Hobson, John
Hobson, Martha
Hobson, R.B.
Hobson, Richard
Hobson, Sarah
Hobson, William
Holdar, Charles
Holdar, Charles
Holdar, Elius
Holdar, Elizabeth
Holdar, Hester
Holdar, John
Holdar, Mathew
Holdar, Sarah
Holland, William
Horley, O. W.
Horner, Charles
Horner, Izabella
Horner, Josiah
Horner, Levy D.
Horner, Martha
Horner, Mary
Howard, Alexander
Howard, Catharine
Howard, Eliza
Howard, George
Howard, James
Howard, Mary
Howard, William
Howell, Thomas
Huffman, Wm T.
Hundley, Frank
Hunt, Caroline
Hunt, Eldrige
Hunt, Elizabeth
Hunt, Ely
Hunt, Mark
Hurmose, Mirrit B.
Hurt, Jane
Hurt, Mary
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Francis
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Peter
Jackson, Peter H.
Jackson, Virginia
Jackson, William
Jarrat, Jacob
Jewett, Amelia
Jewett, Andrew
Jewett, Andrew
Jewett, Ann
Jewett, Doritha
Jewett, Elizabeth
Jewett, Francis
Jewett, George
Jewett, George
Jewett, Jane
Jewett, John
Jewett, Jonathan
Jewett, Martha
Jewett, Martha
Jewett, Mary
Jewett, Mary
Jewett, Mathew
Jewett, Mathew
Jewett, Sarah
Jewett, Thomas
Jewett, William
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Cornelius
Johnson, Edwin
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Harriet
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, Julia
Johnson, Lucy
Johnson, Lucy
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Johnson, Wm. H.
Jones, Amanda
Jones, Caleb
Jones, Caroline
Jones, Emily
Jones, Emily
Jones, Enoch
Jones, Eunech
Jones, Francis
Jones, Francis
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Izabella
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Joshuay
Jones, Josiah
Jones, Julia
Jones, Lousia
Jones, Martha
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Rhoda
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Virginia
Jones, Walter
Jones, William
Jones, Wm. H.
Jordan, Benjamin
Jordan, Benjamin
Jordan, Dallas
Jordan, Iesman
Jordan, John
Jordan, Mariah
Jordan, Martha
Jordan, Martha
Jordan, Meranda
Jordan, Victoria
Kelley, Catharine
Kelley, John
Kelley, John
Kelley, Rebecca
Kenedy, Henry
Kenliff, Ellinore
Kenliff, James
Kenliff, James
Kenliff, Joseph
Kenliff, Mary
Kenliff, Nicholas
Kenliff, Thomas
Kiper, John
Kiper, Mariah
Knowles, John
Lacy, Adlina
Lacy, Jane
Lacy, Lawson
Lacy, Lucy
Lacy, Sarah
Lacy, Sirbina
Laudus, John
Leonard, Lizey
Leonard, Martha
Lester, Almelia
Lester, Ann
Lester, Elizabeth
Lester, Izabella
Lester, John
Lester, John W.
Lester, L. L.
Lester, Virginia
Lockett, Ann
Lockett, Ann
Lockett, Charlisasena
Lockett, Cheatham
Lockett, Claiborne
Lockett, Daniel O.
Lockett, Edwin
Lockett, Edwin
Lockett, Elam
Lockett, Elizabeth
Lockett, Elizabeth
Lockett, Francis
Lockett, George
Lockett, James
Lockett, James
Lockett, James
Lockett, John
Lockett, John
Lockett, Louisa
Lockett, Lousa
Lockett, Margaret
Lockett, Mariah
Lockett, Marques
Lockett, Martha
Lockett, Martha
Lockett, Mary
Lockett, Mary
Lockett, Mary
Lockett, Mary
Lockett, Mary
Lockett, Oscar
Lockett, Phebe
Lockett, Rebecca
Lockett, Rebecca
Lockett, Rebicca
Lockett, Richard
Lockett, Samuel
Lockett, Sydenham
Lockett, Thomas
Lockett, William
Logan, Catharine
Logan, Peter
Logan, Richard
Long, Daniel
Long, Daniel
Long, Infant
Long, James
Long, John
Long, John
Long, Mary
Long, Mary
Long, Nancy
Long, Patrick
Long, Patrick
Long, Patrick
Long, Patrick
Long, Patrick
Long, Susan
Long, Timothy
Lordargin, James
Luillam, Ann
Luillam, Ellin
Luillam, Jane
Luillam, John
Luillam, John
Luillam, Richard
Luinn, John
Luirk, Pierce
Mack, James
Mack, James
Mahone, Ann
Mahone, Willis
Mann, Alonze
Mann, Archer
Mann, Caroline
Mann, Cordilia
Mann, Edwin
Mann, Elenoris
Mann, James
Mann, Judieth
Mann, Martha
Mann, Sallie
Mann, William
Marlin, Ella
Marlin, Joseph
Marlin, Louisa
Marlin, Louisa
Marlin, Susan
Marshal, Ann
Marshal, Francis
Marshal, John
Marshal, Johnson
Marshal, Mary
Marshal, Thomas
Marshal, Thomas
Marshal, Thomas
Marshal, William
Martin, A. T.
Martin, Alpea
Martin, Anna
Martin, Benjamin
Martin, Caroline
Martin, Edward
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Francis
Martin, James
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, Martha
Martin, Martha
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Patrick
Martin, Rebecca
Martin, Rebecca
Martin, Reyall
Martin, Royal
Martin, Sallie
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Susan
Martin, Susan
Martin, Susan
Martin, William
Martin, William A.
Mc Doogal, Charles
McGary, Henry
McGary, Josephas
McGary, Prudence
McGary, Zeluemma
McGruder, Zachanah
McGruider, Abraham
McGruider, Adalaide
McGruider, Francis
McGruider, Infant
McGruider, Rosabelle
McGruider, Shrah
McGruider, Zachariah
McLaughlin, Mary
McLaughlin, Mary
McLaughlin, Patrick
McLaughlin, William
Middoway, Thomas
Miles, Algeron
Miles, Eliza
Miles, James
Miles, Josiah
Miles, Peter
Miles, Richard
Miller, James R.
Miller, Virginia
Millsine, Daniel
Moles, James
Moles, Jane
Moles, Sophia
Molton, William
Monk, Harriet
Monk, Susan
Moody, Anderson
Moody, Cornelia
Moody, George
Moody, Hiram
Moody, Infant
Moody, James H.
Moody, Joseph
Moody, Leroy
Moody, Martha
Moody, Mary
Moody, Nancy
Moody, Sarah
Moore, Alice
Moore, Asy
Moore, Cornelia
Moore, Daniel
Moore, David
Moore, David
Moore, David
Moore, Epperson
Moore, George
Moore, George
Moore, Haly
Moore, Izabell
Moore, James
Moore, Jane
Moore, Jefferson
Moore, John
Moore, Josiah
Moore, Lucy
Moore, Lucy
Moore, Martha
Moore, Martha
Moore, Martha
Moore, Martha
Moore, Mary
Moore, Michal
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Rosa
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Theona
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Virginia
Moore, Virginia
Moore, Wiley J
Moore, William
Moore, William T.
Morgan, *
Morgan, *
Morgan, Ann
Morgan, China
Morgan, John
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Sarah
Morgan, William
Morgan, Wm. H.
Morris, Charles
Morris, Infant
Morris, Richard
Morris, Susan
Morrisset, Beverly
Morrisset, Mary
Morrisset, William
Morrissett, Edwin
Morrissett, Elizabeth
Morrissett, Ellihu
Morrissett, James
Morrissett, John
Morrissett, Lawson
Morrissett, Madison
Morrissett, Martha
Morrissett, Mary
Morrissett, Peter
Morrissett, Peter
Morrissett, Rebecca
Morrissett, Richard
Morrissett, Thomas
Morrissett, Virginia
Murchie, Judieth
Murchie, Marrion
Murphy, John
Murphy, Michael
Myers, John
Myers, Joseph
Myers, Joseph
Myers, Matilda
Newby, Lucy
Newby, Martha
Newby, Thomas
Newby, William
Nunnelly, Daniel
Nunnelly, James
Nunnelly, Julia
Nunnelly, Lintha
Nunnelly, Mary
Obrien, Patrick
Odonnel, Patrick
Oneil, Daniel
Oneil, William
Owin, Elizabeth
Owin, Harriet
Owin, Jane
Owin, Joseph
Owin, Matilda
Owin, Samuel
Owin, Samuil
Pahram, Edward
Pahram, Elizabeth
Pahram, Elizabeth
Pahram, Martha
Pahram, Robert
Pahram, Winey
Palmer, Eliza
Palmer, Josiah
Patram, Alfred
Patram, Barbary
Patram, Benjamin
Patram, Dolly
Patram, Hellina
Patram, John
Patram, Julia
Patram, Juvenel
Patram, Mary
Patram, Mary
Patram, Mary
Patram, Peter
Patram, Sarah
Patram, Sarah
Patram, Susan
Patram, Susan
Patram, Thomas
Patram, William
Patram, Willis
Pearson, Joseph
Perdu, Joseph
Perdu, Mary
Perdu, Mary
Perdu, Sarah
Perdu, Thomas
Perdu, William
Perdue, Branch
Perdue, Elizabeth
Perdue, Elizabeth
Perdue, Elvira
Perdue, Herpatria
Perdue, John
Perdue, Julia
Perdue, Mariah
Perdue, Mariah
Perdue, Marilla
Perdue, Martha
Perdue, Mary
Perdue, Nathaniel
Perdue, Patience
Perdue, Samantha
Perdue, Samuel
Perdue, Sarrish
Perdue, Thomas
Perdue, Thomas
Perdue, Thomas
Perdue, Virginia
Perdue, William
Perdue, William
Perry, Artemus
Perry, Cyumus
Perry, Harriet
Perry, John
Perry, Martha
Perry, Martha
Pierce, Lucy
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, Moteah
Pierce, Robert
Pierce, Thomas
Pierce, Wm. P.
Pinchbeck, John
Pinchbeck, Martha
Pinchbeck, Martha
Pinchbeck, Obedience
Pinchbeck, Thomas
Pinchbeck, William
Pinchbeck, William
Pinkleton, Fancy
Polland, Emiline
Polland, Francis
Polland, John
Polland, John L.
Polland, Leonidas
Polland, Marcellus
Polland, Sarah
Polland, Sarah L.
Polland, Thomas
Powell, Phebe
Powell, Thomas
Powell, Thomas
Puckett, Aberdale
Puckett, Doritha
Puckett, George
Puckett, Green
Puckett, Hirmas
Puckett, Isham
Puckett, James
Puckett, John
Puckett, John H.
Puckett, Mary
Puckett, Obedience
Puckett, Plasina
Puckett, Thomas
Purdie, Aaron
Purdie, Emma
Purdie, Phebe
Purdie, Robert
Purdie, William
R*hjne, John
Reams, John
Reams, John E.
Reams, Joshuay
Reams, Louisa
Reams, Mary
Redstock, Thomas
Ricky, Elizabeth
Ricky, James
Roberston, Elizis
Robertson, Amanda
Robertson, Amanda
Robertson, B**ding
Robertson, Edmonia
Robertson, Guslavus
Robertson, Infant
Robertson, Judieth
Robertson, Mary
Robertson, Olivia
Robertson, Peter E.
Robertson, Richard
Robertson, Robert
Robertson, Sarah
Robertson, Susan
Robertson, Thomas
Robertson, Virginia
Robertson, Westmore
Robertson, William
Robertson, William
Robertson, William
Robertson, William
Robertson, Wm M.
Roper, Ann
Roper, James
Roper, John
Ross, Martha
Ross, Peter
Rowlett, Joseph
Rowlett, Louisa
Rowlett, Lucy
Rudd, Indianna
Rudd, Martha
Rudd, Nancy
Rudd, Z. B.
Russed, Abraham
Saunders, Virginia
Sewell, Mary
Shepherd, Eliza
Shepherd, Obedience
Shepherd, Thomas
Shepherd, Thomas
Short, Archerbald
Short, Catharine
Short, Elizabeth
Short, George
Short, Narcissa
Short, Sarah
Sims, Alexander
Sims, Emiline
Sims, Eugenia
Sims, John
Sims, Phebe F.
Sims, Tabitha
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Francis
Smith, Henry
Smith, Hezehiah
Smith, John
Smith, Lawson
Smith, Martha
Smith, Martha
Smith, Matilia
Smith, Permelia
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Virginia
Smith, Virginia
Smith, William H.
Snelling, Louisa
Snelling, Therepa
Snellings, Alenander
Snellings, Alonzo
Snellings, Creed T.
Snellings, David
Snellings, Emma
Snellings, John
Snellings, Lemuel K.
Snellings, Mary
Snellings, Mary
Snellings, Mary J.
Snellings, Mary S.
Snellings, Ryland
Snellings, Sarah
Snellings, William
Snellings, Wm.
Spear, Austin
Spear, Caroline
Spear, Caroline L.
Spear, Rebecca
Spear, Wm. E.
Stanly, Henrietta
Steel, Infant
Steel, John
Steel, Mary
Steel, Mary J.
Steel, Samuel
Steel, Sarah
Stenter, Charles
Stratton, Anderson
Stratton, Elizabeth
Stratton, Infant
Stratton, James
Stratton, Lorenze
Stratton, Louisa
Stratton, Martha
Stratton, Martha
Stratton, Mary
Stratton, Orianna
Stratton, Richard
Stratton, Richard B.
Stratton, Robert
Sublett, Benjamin
Sublett, Joseph
Sublett, Nancy
Sublett, Samuel
Sullivan, Jerry
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Michael
Taller, Anderson
Taller, Judieth
Taller, Mary
Taller, Robert
Tally, James
Taylor, Cornelia
Taylor, David
Taylor, Hannah
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, Jemima
Taylor, Joel
Taylor, John
Taylor, Judieth
Taylor, Marttia
Taylor, Obedience
Taylor, Phebe
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William
Th****att, Mary
Therman, John
Timberlike, Francis
Tinsley, Charles
Tinsley, Emma
Tinsley, Geogianna
Tinsley, George
Tinsley, Martha
Tinsley, Mary
Tinsley, William
Tizard, J.B.
Tizard, Julia
Trabue, Charles
Traylor, Arther
Traylor, Beafond
Traylor, Charles
Traylor, George
Traylor, Gracy
Traylor, Mary
Traylor, Miade
Traylor, Rhodia
Traylor, Virginia
Traylor, William
Traylor, Wm L.
Turner, Ann
Turner, Cecina
Turner, Infant
Turner, James
Turner, John
Turner, Madison
Turner, Marcellus
Turner, Mary
Turner, Pamelia
Turner, Susan
Turner, Valerias
Turner, William
Turpin, Adaline
Turpin, Anderson
Turpin, Caroline
Turpin, David
Turpin, John
Turpin, Mary
Turpin, Sarah
Turpin, Susan
Turpin, Thomas
Turpin, William
Twentyman, Ann
Twentyman, Jeanna
Twentyman, Joseph
Twentyman, Mary
Twentyman, Peter
Twentyman, Robert
Vaden, Caroline
Vaden, Catharine
Vaden, Davy
Vaden, John
Vaden, Mary
Vaden, Mike
Vaden, Peter
Vaden, Sarah
Vaden, Wesley
Vase, Henry
Vase, John
Vase, Mary
Verser, Martha
Vest, Branch
Vest, Elizabeth
Vest, Frances
Vest, Harrison
Vest, James
Vest, John
Vest, John
Vest, Joseph
Vest, Joseph
Vest, Martha
Vest, Mary
Vest, Nancy
Vest, Permelia
Vest, Richard
Vest, Robert
Vest, Tarlton
Vest, Thomas
Wades, Mary
Walke, Caspar
Walke, John W.
Walke, Lucy
Walker, Geoge
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, Joshuay
Walker, Luvinia
Walker, Luvinia
Walker, Martha
Walker, Mary
Walthall, Eliza
Walthall, Mary
Walthall, Sarah
Ware, Ann
Ware, John
Ware, Mary
Ware, Wm. H.
Watkins, Francis
Watkins, James
Watkins, Martha
Watkins, Thomas
Weisegor, Charles
Weisegor, Faney
Weisegor, Mary
Welch, Sarah
Welch, Thomas
Welch, Thomas
Welch, Watt
Wells, Eliza
Wells, Emily
Wells, John M.
Wells, Martha
Wells, Martha
Wells, Mary
Wells, Minerva
Whit, Amanda
Whiteman, Mathew
Wilde, John
Wilkinson, Alfred
Wilkinson, Amagline
Wilkinson, Amarillus
Wilkinson, Emma
Wilkinson, James
Wilkinson, Jennitta
Wilkinson, Joel
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, John D.
Wilkinson, Josiah
Wilkinson, Julia
Wilkinson, L. W.
Wilkinson, Laura
Wilkinson, Mariah
Wilkinson, Mariah
Wilkinson, Mary
Wilkinson, Mary
Wilkinson, Permelia
Wilkinson, Richard
Wilkinson, Richard C.
Wilkinson, Robert
Wilkinson, Samuel
Wilkinson, Stephen
Wilkinson, Stephen
Wilkinson, Susan
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, William
Williams, Ann
Williams, Ann
Williams, Francis
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, Martha
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary
Williams, Pleasant G.
Williams, Robert
Williams, Robert
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Wills, Alexander
Wills, William
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Julia
Winfree, Ada
Winfree, Adalaide
Winfree, Cathrine
Winfree, David B.
Winfree, Eugenia
Winfree, Henry
Winfree, James
Winfree, John
Winfree, Judieth
Winfree, Martha
Winfree, Mary
Winfree, Mary
Winfree, Mary
Winfree, Phebe
Winfree, Robert
Winfree, Samuel J.
Winfree, Sarah
Winfree, Saundel
Winfree, Selah
Winfree, Thomas
Winfree, Virginia
Winfree, Willey
Winfree, William
Womack, Louvenia
Wood, Caroline
Wood, Green
Wood, Guellimus
Wood, Peter G.
Wood, Sarah
Wood, Sarah
Wood, Thomas
Woodfin, Berlkley
Woodfin, Eliza
Woodfin, Elizabeth
Woodfin, George
Woodfin, James
Woodfin, Lucy
Woodfin, Susan
Wooldrige, Arietta
Wooldrigs, Drucilla
Wooldrigs, George
Wooldrigs, Izabella
Wooldrigs, Mary
Wooldrigs, William
Wooldrigs, Wm T.
Worsham, Joseph
Worsham, Lucy
Worsham, Margaret
Wyatt, Martha
Wyatt, Rebecca

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