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Confederate Cemetery

Located in Craig City, Virginia

Photos and notes provided by Stephen A. Taylor

There is no such thing as the Confederate Cemetery in Craig County - however there is a cemetery located in Craig City - or I should say three cemeteries connected in a triangle.

So far I have found at least 6 different names for said cemeteries - Wagener - Caldwell, Confederate, Yoder - Walker, McDonald, Craig City and Carper Cemetery in Craig City. As you leave New Castle going into Craig City - you can take the first right after crossing the bridge and follow (I think the name of the street is Commerce Street) any way follow that street until you get to 4th St. and the cemetery is on the right - it is now enclosed with a very nice split rail fence.

The following people were copied from the web site Find A Grave and are listed as being in two different Cemeteries in Craig County.

McDonald, Col. John C. – 14 Mar 1831 – 23 Dec 191 - CSA 22nd Virginia Infantry Regt. – born in Montgomery County, Virginia

Britts, Pvt. George Washington – 1831 – 21 Feb 1866 – CSA

McDonald, Annie R. – 13 Jan 1859 – 23 Jul 1923

McDonald, John Walter – 28 Feb 1859 – 20 Feb 1928

Wagner, Pvt. Fleming Bowyer – 3 Jan 1845 – 9 Apr 1936 – CSA

Wagner, Pvt. Jacob Carper – 21 Dec 1843 – 9 Apr 1936 – CSA

Yoder, Anna W. – 3 Sep 1831 – 26 Jun 1906

Yoder, William Larose – 19 Mar 1830 – 23 Jun 1900


Picture of Cemetery taken in the 1930’s – provided by Claudia Huffman

View of cemetery as you approach from New Castle downtown

Another view of cemetery many thanks go out to Heather Welch and her friends who Cleaned up the area and built the nice fences, as I said many, many thanks Heather.

A view of the area beside the cemeteries

A view of inside the fence to see how clean and neat the area is now

McDonald, J. W. {John Walter} 28 Sep 1859 – 20 Feb 1928

From Abstracts:

McDonald, J. W., son of Col. John Claiborne McDonald, died in Hillsboro, Texas, of flu on 20 Feb 1928, age 68; son William, body brought back to New Castle and buried in Carper Cemetery near Parents. Survivors: Widow; two sons; sister, Mrs. Andrew Powhatan Smith – Webster Springs, WV; niece, Mrs. T. C. Ragan – Christiansburg.

McDonald, Anne R. 13 Jan 1861 – 23 Jul 1923 {Daughter of John Claiborne & Paulina Platt}

McDonald Stone

McDonald, J. C. 13 Mar 1831 – 22 Dec 1914 {Married to Paulina Platt}

From Abstracts:

McDonald, Col. J. C. {John Claiborne} – born 3 Mar 1831 – died 22 Dec 1914, just short of 84 years; was CSA, Veteran 22nd Virginia Infantry; buried in McDonald plot in Craig City, with Masonic Rites. Survivors: three daughters; Mrs. Alice Richardson & Miss Annie – Craig City; Mrs. Andrew Powhatan Smith (Eliza) – Nicholas County, WV; son, John W. – Hillsboro, TX. ? (Unmarked grave – McDonald, Paulina Platt – 5 Jul 1826 – 15 Oct 1898)

a couple unmarked graves

Unmarked grave

A close up of George Washington Britts stone

Britts, George Washington Co B 28th Virginia Infantry CSA – with cross marker

George Washington Britts Military Marker with no dates on it The United States Flag & the Confederate Flag – CSA

Unmarked grave

View of cemetery from George Washington Britts grave

View of fenced area containing the Yoder graves

View from the back of Yoder area

Yoder headstones

Yoder, William Larose 19 Mar 1830 – 23 Jun 1900

Yoder, Anna W. 3 Sep 1831 – 26 Jun 1906

Close up of Anna Yoder’s dates

Kenney, Edward Thomas 1830 – 1900 & Kenney, Sarah Humphriss – 1840 – 1927

Yoder, Sara Anna 17 Jul 1896 – 20 Sep 1898 d/o Howard W. Yoder & Anna W. Thomas Yoder

Close up of Sara Anna Yoder stone

Full view of Sara Anna Yoder stone

Rankin, Ella Ada d/o Thomas A. & Susan L. Rankin Born: 11 Nov 1856 – Guilford County, North Carolina Died: 12 Jun 1935 – in New Castle, Va. Age 77 – 7 -1

From Abstracts:

Rankin, Ella Ada, native of Greensboro, N. C., died in New Castle, at her home of a stroke, On 12 Jun 1935, age 77 years 7 months and 1 day, buried in Carper Cemetery, Craig City. Survivors: two brothers; A. L. & J. I. Rankin; sister; Miss Joynce; and half –sister; Mrs. Victor Atkins – all of Greensboro – half – brother – Claude Rankin – Roanoke.

Another view of Ella Ada Rankin stone

Neilson, Thomas Bonar 6 Jul 1897 – age 64 years Of Glasgow, Scotland

Neilson, Thomas Bonar a closer view A closer view of Neilson marker still very hard to read

Walker, Edward Lee 20 Aug 1866 – 4 Aug 1926 “Liberal in good works – His generosity to Randolph – Macon College has made Possible the education of young men for the ministry.” Erected by the Trustees of Randolph – Macon College

From Abstracts:

Walker, Ed Lee; Madison County native, lived in Craig for thirty – five years, died on 4 Aug 1926, age 60; buried in Carper Cemetery, New Castle. Survivors: Widow, nee Emilie F. Yoder, daughter of Wm. L. (Married 12 Dec 1900); three Brothers; one sister; Mrs. Walker was helpless invalid several years, and he cared for her; She died in Dec of same year.

Walker, Emilie Yoder 6 Sep 1861 – 24 Dec 1926

From Abstracts:

Walker, Emilie Frances (Yoder), widow of Ed Lee Walker, born 6 Sep 1861; d/o Wm. L. Yoder Of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, died at her home on 24 Dec 1926 in New Castle; buried in the Carper Cemetery. Survivors: sister, Mrs. Clara Stine – Albany, New York; brother; H. W. Yoder – Raleigh.

Another view of cemetery

Rankin stone

Huffman, Mary E. {Mary Elizabeth Carper} 11 Nov 1862 – 13 Jan 1898 Wife of the Hon. Giles G. Huffman

Huffman, Hon. Giles Caldwell 25 Nov 1851 – 1 Sep 1888

Huffman Stones in fenced area

Abbott, Ollie Carper 26 Feb 1867 – 21 Nov 1907 {Caroline Olivia Carper, wife of Byrdine Akers Abbott}

Close up of Ollie Carper Abbott stone

Ireland, Richard 25 Aug 1900 – 20 Feb 1904

Full view of Ireland stone

possible unmarked grave

Thomas, Byrdine 12 Sep 1895 – 18 Sep 1896

McCartney, Thomas Benton 2 Feb 1839 – 9 Apr 1912 & C.S.A. {Married on 23 Dec 1869 to Emily Frances Carper} McCartney, Emily F. – 16 Sep 1859 – 19 Mar 1896

Large stone for Thomas Benton McCartney & Wife

Large Stone (?) Carper

Footstone with M. E. H.

Close up of Carper, Martha 10 Dec 1832 – 19 Mar 1887

Carper, Martha 10 Dec 1832 – 19 Mar 1887

Full view of Carper, Martha stone

Footstone M. A. C.

Footstone F. R. C.

Footstone E. F. M. (Emily Frances McCartney)

Footstone T. B. M. {Thomas Benton McCartney)

Footstone behind the one for Emily McCartney

Back of Thomas Benton McCartney stone – with Iron Cross

McCartney, Robert 9 Sep 1893 – 1 Jan 1894 Son of T. B. & M. E. McCartney

Carper, Russell B. 21 Mar 1886 – 4 Jul 1887

Footstone R. B. C. {Corner broke off with C.}

Footstone with L.

Footstone E. C.

Carper, Ola Star 14 Feb 1884 – 19 Jul 1885 Son of Isaac J. & Amanda Kessler Carper

Possible footstone with nothing on it lying on the ground

Half of headstone base half way buried in the ground

Fenced in Carper Part of the cemetery

Fenced in Yoder Part of cemetery

Standing near the back of cemetery looking toward the road

Wagener, F. B. 3 Jan 1845 – 16 Sep 1936 & CSA Wagener, Fannie Starks – 5 Nov 1853 – 29 May 1932

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” – 2 Tim

From Abstracts:

Wagener, Fleming Bowyer, died of cancer at home in New Castle, 16 Sep 1937, aged 91 years 8 months and 0 days, born Jan 1846; CSA Veteran in Clark’s Batt. Married on 23 Apr 1878 to Fannie L. Starke, dec’d ; buried in Caper Cemetery.

Wagener, Fannie L. (Starke); wife of Fleming Bowyer (Married 23 Apr 1878; died 29 May 1932, age 79th year; buried Carper Cemetery, Craig City.

Survivors: Husband; three children, Mrs. Ada M. Fox – Crewe; Mrs. Zilla Kessler & Mrs. Luther Marion Caldwell – New Castle; two sisters.

Wagener, F. B. 30 Bn VA Sharpshooters – CSA

Wagener, F. B. (Military marker beside his large marker – with flags & Iron Cross

Caldwell, Luther M. June 9, 1872 – 28 Jan 1949 & Caldwell, Bertha W. (Wagener) – 20 Jan 1879 – 6 Oct 1970 {D/o Fleming Bowyer Wagener & Fannie L. Starke}

Full view of Caldwell Stone

Marker base with marker missing

Standing behind the Wagener Marker looking across cemetery

View of cemetery from behind the Wagener marker

View of Carper Part of Cemetery from middle of cemetery