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Featured Folk of Craig County

William WALKER

William Walker, Sr. was born, perhaps in Northern Ireland in 1725, and died on 17 Aug 1810 in Botetourt Co., VA. He is buried in the Caldwell Cemetery, a deserted private cemetery near Craigs Creek (near Camp Easter Seal, and near Route 681) in Craig Co., VA. In the early 1980's, I was elated to find, in a remote woods, during an extremely cold (8 degrees) windy, snowy day, his homemade mountain stone tombstone: "Wm Walker, DECD AUGUST THE 17 1810 IT BEING THE 85 YEAR OF HIS AGE." His will, dated 3 Aug 1810, is recorded in the Botetourt Court House.

William Walker, Sr. obtained 275 acres of land (land granted to James Patton by patent 3 Nov 1750; conveyed to Rob't Williams 16 Dec 1753; conveyed to William Walker 8 Jul 1763) on Craigs Creek in 1763 (then in Botetourt; now in Craig) while he was in Bedford Co., VA. A son, William was born in Bedford County in 1759. It seems that William was married twice, both times to a "Mary ?" (last names unknown); the second marriage was on 25 Apr 1785 in Botetourt to Mary Walker (her last name may not have been Walker).

Most researchers agree that he had the following children: Agnes, born about 1755; William, Jr, born in March, 1759 in Bedford Co., VA, died about 1839 in Darke Co., OH about 1839; Henry, born about 1760, died 1803 in Botetourt Co., VA; Mary, born about 1762; Sarah, born about 1762, died about 1799; John H., born about 1765 in Botetourt Co., VA, died 13 Jun 1835 in Botetourt Co., VA; George, born about 1769 in Botetourt Co., VA, died 19 Aug in Madison Co., IN; Esther, born about 1773, died, perhaps in TN, James, born about 1782; and MAYBE Robert. The third generation names and events can be obtained from J. Tracy Walker, III ( J. Tracy's line: William, Sr., John H., George Harvison, John Floyd, John Tracy, Sr., John Tracy, Jr., J. Tracy Walker, III.

John Floyd Walker, CSA
John Floyd Walker, son of George Harvison Walker, grandson of John H. Walker, and great-grandson of William Walker, Sr. enlisted in Company "K" of the 57th Virginia Infantry 1 Aug 1861. According to information he passed to his children, who passed the information to J. Tracy Walker III, John Floyd was in the following battles: Seven Days Battle around Richmond, Malvern Hill, Cold Harbor, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run), Drewery's Bluff, Battle near Chester Station, Fredericksburg, Plymouth, NC, and many skirmishes he could not recall. He was not in the Battle of Gettysburg as he was detailed as a guard to General Pickett's Headquarters. He was detailed most or all of the remainder of the war as one of General Pickett's guards. He was one of six privates remaining in the unit at the surrender at Appomattox. His military records are available from the National Archives. Following the surrender, he walked to Lynchburg, where a merchant gave him some shoes, and then on to Craigs Creek only to find that his father had moved to some location on New River during the war. So he traveled on to New River (near Ripplemead), and not knowing which way to go, he traveled down river to Charleston, WV searching for his family. Having not found them on the eastern side of the river, he crossed and traveled back into Giles Co., VA, finding his family, only a very few miles upriver from Ripplemead, in Eggleston, VA. J. Tracy Walker III recalls, during a conversation with his great- great-aunt, Lena Walker Bowen, that John Floyd's stepmother, Sarah McClaugherty Walker did not recognize him when he arrived home because he was so starved and ragged. Pictures of John Floyd Walker in Confederate uniform and the tombstone of William Walker are above.

For more information on this family contact the author: J. Tracy Walker, III

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