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Featured People of Craig County

Johann David von Nida

Johann David von Nida, commonly called David, was born 1748 on the ship "Hampshire" on the Atlantic Ocean while his parents were in route to America from Germany. He lived in Maryland during the early part of his life, probably in the Cumberland area. He married a German girl, Mary, who was also of Maryland.(1) Family records indicate that Johann David served in the Revolutionary War from 1775 until its close. (1) There were no family members located on the 1776 census of Frederick Co., MD.

He lived in Berkeley Co., VA. in 1780 and owned considerable property in Hampshire Co., VA. (2) "David Nidy of Berkeley Co., assignee of William Bailey, 215 acres on Great Cacapehon in Hampshire Co. - Survey, Richard Rigg, adjoining Abraham Lerue, Joseph Crecraft, Sr." (8) "David Nidy, (in 1780) assignee of William Bailey of Berkeley for whom survd, forfeited from Joseph Cracraft, Senr; Oct 1777 - 29 Apr 1779, 215 a. Gt. Cacapehon, warrant to Joseph Cracraft, senr and Abram Lerue. cc - John Morgan and Thomas Conway. Surv Richard Rigg." (9)

David Nidey and James Cochran are listed as a "chain carrier" on a survey listed as follows: "James Cochran, son of and assignee (in 1778) of William Cochran of Frederick for whom surveyed 8 Sept 1766 - 7 Apr 1775, 122 a. on Back Creek, E.Side Spruce Hill adj. Abraham Haines, Wm Baldwin, Francis Baldwin, Richard Beeson, Jno Bailey. CC David Nidey and James Cochran - Surv Richard Rigg." (8)

David Needy appears on the 1784 - 1784 Rent Roll - 215 Ac. The name David Needy also appears on the 1782 Tax List with 1 white tithable and 0 slaves, 3 horses and 5 cattle. However, the first census of Hampshire Co., 1782, does not list any Nida/Needy/Nidy family, nor does the 1787 census of this county. The Nida family is also absent in the 1810-1820-1830-1840 & 1850 census in Hampshire County. Hampshire County was formed from Frederick Co., VA on May 1, 1754. Most of their records were lost or destroyed during the Civil War. All marriage books from the Revolutionary War to 1865 are missing. Personal property tax lists are in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division for 1782 through 1850. Hampshire County included part of what is now Mineral County and Morgan County.

The family moved to Botetourt Co. after 1780 and purchased 345 acres of land in Botetourt County on November 15, 1786. (3) He acquired considerable land in what is now Giles, Allegheny, and Craig Counties, owning more than 1000 acres, most of which appears to have been in Sinking Creek valley. All nine of their children are believed to have been born in Berkeley County. However, there is some question as to the year of each birth. The Virginia Census of 1787 lists only one white male over 16.???

There is a Joseph Nigh on the 1810 Berkeley Co., VA census, age over 45, which may or may not be a relative of Johann David. Jack E. Nida has listed him as a son in his book but I cannot substantiate this. There is also a Lloyd Nidy, over 45, on this same census who could be a brother to Johann David.

The time and place of the deaths of David and Mary are not completely known at this time. Both joined in executing deeds in 1807 and it appears that they were dividing their property among their children. On February 21, 1805, David deeded to his son, John "Nyday", 160 acres on the "waters of Craig Creek" which was witnessed by Adam "Nyday" and George Irwin. (4) On February 10, 1807, David and Mary deeded 118 acres of their land "in the Valley of Sinking Creek" to their son, Peter "Neyday". (5) On October 13, 1807, David and Mary deeded to their son, Abraham "Niday", 153 acres of land "on Stone Run branch of Craig Creek". (6) On the same day, they also deeded 135 acres to their son, John "Niday". (7) David`s signature is legible while Mary made her mark (X).

David Nida`s name does not appear on the tax duplicate for Botetourt County in 1809, although the names of several of his sons appear there. It appears that Mary may have died as her name was not on the deed when David purchased land in Giles County in 1807. The purchase appears: "Ibid pg. x57. Thomas and Nancy Kirk to David Nighday land on the south side of John`s Creek Mountain, on Clover Bottom, branch of Sinking Creek adjacent to Philip Harless. 1807." However, a sale of land in 1813 gives more information. "Ibid pg 283 David and Susanna Nighday to Isaac Kirk--37 acres, witnesses, John W.D.Williams, John Tawney, Isaac Epling and Joseph Kirk." This appears to be the name of David's second wife, Susanna, who he remarried after the death of Mary between 1808 and 1810. I believe that the female listed on the 1810 Giles County census in David's age bracket to be Susanna. This census also lists others who I believe to be his son, Jacob, and his son David and wife, Nancy Scott and their two sons and three daughters. The 1820 census of Giles County shows David and his wife with a female between the ages of 10 and 16 who was probably a grandaughter. David's son Peter and his family were living nearby. I believe that David had died by 1828 and Peter moved with his family to Ohio leaving only Jacob to appear on the 1830 Giles County census.

Jack E. Nida's "The History of The Family von Nida" lists the names of eight children for this family as John, Abram, Peter, Joseph, Adam, Jacob, Philip, and Katherine. I have found nine children who I believe to belong to David and Mary, but the names are not the same. Perhaps some of them had two names and the census, deeds, and marriage registries reflect the names as I have listed them. However, I have found nothing on Joseph and and the research of others including Jack E. Nida gives nothing except his name.

In the WPA Federal Writers Program 1935-1936, there is a description of the David Niday home. It was uncertain for me to establish just which David this house belonged to, but I am of the opinion that it was Johann David and Mary's home on the original homesite now owned by Jane Johnstone near murder hole.

Footnotes (1) Brief manuscript prepared about 1880 and in possession of F. B.(Ben) Niday of Mercerville, Ohio in 1966. No further verification found.
(2) See "Historic Old Shepardstown" , pg 70, wherein "David Needy" is mentioned as owning 215 acres of land in Berkeley County in 1780. Also original deed, Land Office, Richmond, Virginia by Lord Fairfax to "David Nidy" for 215 acres of land in Hampshire County, Virginia, a part of the famous Northern Neck Grant dated May 26, 1780. This deed recites that "David Nidy" is a resident of Berkeley County, Virginia. In deeding away this latter property he signed his name "Johann David von Nida". His wife "Mary" also signed.
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