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Samuel Obenshain

Recorded in Deed Book 'I' pages 452 453

Whereas by his last will and testament duly
admitted to probate in the County Court
of Botetourt County, Virginia, Samuel Oben-
shain authorized his Executors, named
thence, to make sale of any or all of
his real estate, and to receive the
purchase money therefor, and to execute
conveyances of such real estate, and of
the Executors would in said will only Mr.
T. Thrasher assured the execution thereof,
and qualified in the said Court to discharge
the duties thereof.  And whereas acting in
such capacity the said Mr. T. Thrasher,
Executor of Samuel Obenshain, deceased,
has sold to Byron C. Caldwell such title as
his testator had in the tract of land
hereinafter named.
  Now therefore in consideration of the
promises and of Fifty Dollars in hand
paid, the said Mr. T. Thrasher Executor of
Samuel Obenshain, deceased, doth grant
and convey (conveying with special
warranty only such title as the said
Samuel Obenshain had in the law hereinaf-
ter mentioned) a certain tract or parcel
of land lying on the waters of John's
Creek a branch of Craig's Creek in the
County of Craig, Virginia, described in two
deeds of conveyance from the heirs & the widow
of Charles H. Smith to the said Samuel Oben-
shain, dated respectively, June 10, 1894 and
July 7, 1874 as follows:
Beginning at two white oaks corner to
Wiley's & Eakin's land & running thence
N 70 W 80 poles to 4 pines N 56 W 70
poles to four pines, N 36 W 88 poles to
3 pines N 73 W 58 poles to 3 pines, N 40
W 52 poles to a pine & black oak N 3
W 36 poles to a pine & two black oaks N
24 E 84 poles to a pine and 2 chesnut
oaks on a ridge S 73 E 84 poles to 3
poles N 70 E 40 poles to 2 white oaks
& a chesnut oak S 15 E 37 poles to 2
white oaks & a chesnut oak S.W. 26 poles
to a white oak & chesnut oak & maple
near a branch S 10 E 8 poles to three
white oaks S. W. 15 poles crossing
said branch to a hickory & black oak
corner to Wiley's land thence with the
same S 38 1/2 E 222 poles to two white
oaks & thence S 6 E 46 poles to the beginning,
and it is the intention of the party of the
first part to convey to the party of
the second part only such title
to said land as the said Samuel Obenshain

Had Given under my hand and seal this
26th day of January 1899

Witness the following signature & seal
                  Wm. T. Thrasher SEAL
        Executor of Samuel Obenshain's