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First Baptist Church Cemetery
Fauquier County
The Plains, Virginia

I completed this photo inventory in November 2005.  There are many field stones and unmarked graves. This is a listing of all of the tombstones that I could find at that time.

Sign Photo

Bellows, Mildred A., "Mil", May 9, 1905

Bland, Warren Leon, 'Sug', June 25, 1956-July 18, 1986

Bowles, Grant, Jan. 20, 1858 aged 92

Bradford, Lena, June 5, 1905-July 7, 1982

Braxton, Harold, SGT US ARMY VIETNAM, 1946-1987

Brown, Rose

Brown, Russell L. Brooks, April 28, 1956-May 30, 2004 (funeral home marker)

Butler, James P., 1971-1999

Butler, Nancy Lambert, December 26, 1934-May 23, 1957

Carter, Amelia, 1910-1961

Carter, Chadwell, 1915-1968

Carter, Charles L., Died July 3, 1959 aged 10 dys

Carter, Hattie F., 1938-1968

Carter, James Henry, VIRGINIA PVT 350 FLD RMT SQ QMC WORLD WAR I, March 1, 1897-Oct. 28, 1960

Carter, Mae Virginia, May 4, 1951-Aug. 1, 1965

Carter, Stennie A., 1900-1979

Carter, Taylor J., February 3, 1924-May 10, 1983

Carter, Turner Junior, 1951-2004

Christian, Lewis, May 7, 1901-Nov. 3, 1945

Christian, Luvenia M., July 4, 1902-Jan. 6, 1992

Christian, Louise E. Bushrod, March 17, 1932-September 1, 2004; Christian, Elmer F.

Christian, Robert Leroy Sr.-Obituary from The Culpeper-Star Exponent:
A funeral service for Robert Leroy Christian, Sr. of The Plains, will be held today at 12 noon at First Baptist Church, 4195 Loudoun Ave., The Plains, with Rev. Leonard Morton, Sr. officiating. Interment will be in First Baptist Church Cemetery, The Plains. Joynes Funeral Home, Inc., Warrenton, is in charge of the arrangements. (I could not find a tombstone)

Corn, Betty G., Dec. 8, 1893-July 13, 1977

Dade, Katie T., 1900-1946

Davis, Felicia Monique, "Nikkie", June 6, 1976-1999

Daw, William, Feb. 19, 1947, Aged 81

Fairfax, J.H., 1892-1966, Pastor 1st Bapt., The Plains 1940-1966

Ford, Joseph Lee, 1937-December 11, 2001

Foulks, ????, 1932-1987

Foulks, Herbert L., 1937-1999

Foulks, Mary Ann, 1933-2005

Gant, Ella, Died 1925

Gant, Charles M., April 16, 1901-May 25, 1963

Gant, Georgia B., March 8, 1889-Feb. 26, 1973

Gant, Peter, Died 1940

Gant, Sarah, Died 1953

Garner, Hattie E.W., Born 1880-Died Nov. 2, 1965

Garner, William, Born 1881-Died Aug. 13, 1917

Green, Robert Shackelford, May 31, 1914-May 9, 1985

Hamm, Mary Ann, 1938-2003 (funeral home marker)

Hamm, Tina Marie, 1986-1994 (funeral home marker)

Hathaway, Birtie L. Thompson, Wife of Thomas Hathaway, Born Dec. 4, 1890-Died May 24,1909

Holmes, Roger S., June 25, 1922-September 21, 1995

Jackson, James A. Sr., 1925-2001

Jackson, James J., 1942-1964

Jackson, Mack L., 1915-2005

Johnson, Charles Henry, 1920-1965

Johnson-Harris, Deborah L., Nov. 15, 1960-Dec. 18, 2000 (funeral home marker)

Lacy, Mose, July 9, 1953 Aged 65 yrs

Lacy, Sally Carter, Dec. 29, 1919-Apr. 28, 2004

Lambert, C. James, Mar. 19, 1958, Age 6 ms

Lambert, Flore, 1927-1991

Lambert, Florence M., 1907-1999

Lambert, Frances Mae, 1929-2000

Lambert, John Rose, 1934-1995

Lambert, Lawrence G., 1932-2004

Lambert, Maggie F., 1888-2001

Lambert, Norris, 1903-1953

Lambert, Phillip, 1902-1987

Lambert, Stanley Lee, 1930-2002

Lee, Peggy Ann, Sept. 2, 1946-Jan. 13, 2001

Miller, James, 1896-1977

Miller, James Lee, 1904-1993

Mitchell, George L., 1858-1913 (G.L.M.)

Ogundoju, Margaret Elizabeth:
Obituary from The Culpeper Star-Exponet:
Margaret Elizabeth Ogundoju, 48, of Temple Hills, Md., formerly of Fauquier County, died July 6, 2005, in Maryland. A funeral service will be held on Tuesday, July 12, at 1 p.m. at Joynes Funeral Home, 29 N. Third Street, Warrenton, with Rev. Leonard S. Morton Sr. officiating. Interment will be in First Baptist Church Cemetery, The Plains. The family will receive friends on Monday, July 11, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the funeral home. (I could not find a tombstone)

Porter, Violet Clarine:
Obituary from The Fauquier Times Democrat, Warrenton, Virginia, November 29, 2005, Violet Clarine Summers Porter, 77, of Stephens City, died Nov. 21 at Evergreen Nursing and Rehab in Winchester. Mrs. Porter was born in Bluemont to the late Justice Summers and Leola Virginia Young Summers. She was the wife of Jessie James Porter. In addition to her husband, Mrs. Porter is survived by six children: Gary D. Summers of Stephens City, Linda J. Cook of Flint Hill, Sandra L. Surnear of Front Royal, James M. Porter of Winchester, Donna M. Rodriguez of Winchester, and Mary L. Davis of Richmond; nine grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. Also surviving are three siblings: Oliver E. Summers of Manassas, Elsie Viola Summers of Marshall, and Convil Summers of Front Royal. She was preceded in death by a daughter, Frankie M. Porter; one brother, Justice Summers, one sister, Helen Smith, and one granddaughter; Mary J. Summers. A memorial service was held Nov. 23 at Turner-Robertshaw Chapel in Front Royal. Inurnment was private at First Baptist Church, The Plains.

Reels, Maria, Died 1938

Reels, Phillip, Died 1917

Robinson, Clara V., 1963-2003

Robinson, Robert Lee, 1966-2001

Shorts, Aricillia G., Dec. 25, 1897-May 23, 1994

Shorts, Charles Edward, AS US NAVY, Mar. 31, 1923-Dec. 26, 1990 (funeral home marker)

Shorts, Gertrude I., 1921-2004

Shorts, Larry Clark, 1949-2003

Shorts, Louise, Nov. 29, 1915-Sept. 11, 1964

Shorts, Milton Sr., April 15, 1910-Jan. 18, 2003

Shorts, Thomas A., June 24, 1942-Jan. 6, 1989

Summers, Leola V., 1904-2004

Taylor, Moses Daniel:
Obituary from The Fauquier Citizen Newspaper:
Moses Daniel Taylor, 86, of Marshall, died Dec. 14 at home. Mr. Taylor is survived by nephews, nieces and other extended family. A memorial service will be held Dec. 23 at noon at First Baptist Church, 4195 Loudoun Ave., The Plains. Interment will be at the church cemetery.

Taylor, Sarah G., Dec. 12, 1898-Aug. 23, 1970

Terry, Irene Fairfax, 1908-1996, Member 1st Bapt. The Plains for over 60 years

Thomas, Rosie M., Daughter of Ross & Blanche Thomas, Born Aug. 16, 1871-Died Mar. 16, 1917

Thompson, Lettie Bolden, Wife of Joseph Thompson, Died Nov. 19, 1916, Aged 49 Years

Tibbs, ??? P., ????-1960

Tibbs, Isabell H., Apr. 23, 1906-Jan. 20, 1996

Tibbs, Mary Frances, Mar. 15, 1902-Aug. 24, 1978

Tibbs, William Edward, PFC 3142 QM SERVICE CO WORLD WAR II, Sept. 19, 1925-June 20, 1953

Wanzer, Daisy B., Mother, Apr. 28, 1912-Feb. 15, 1986

Wanzer, Geraldine G., 1931-2000

Wanzer, Jerry H., July 15, 1938-blank; Wanzer, Edith R., July 23, 1934-June 19, 1995

Wanzer, Jerry Myer, 1906-1960

Wanzer, Samuel A., 1944-1993

Ward, Henry, 1827-1902; Ward, Mary J., 1820-1898

Ward, Queen Augusta, Born May 28, 1872-Died Oct'r 30, 1891

Williams, Elizabeth, January 21, 1955, aged 4 yrs

Williams, George L., 1937-2001 (funeral home marker)

Williams, Helen S., "Selena", Feb. 9, 1902-Oct. 5, 1990

Williams, Randolph L., "Streets", Jan. 17, 1898-Feb. 9, 1963

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