Barbee Family Stafford and Fauquier County, Virginia

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The information on the Barbee has been compiled from a letter by Herbert Barbee 305S 4th Street, Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067 dated 18 Jun 1973. This is meant to be a start and help others with this surname. This information has not been thoroughly checked out. Once I thought Ann Barbee and Garner BURGESS were my ancestors. This proved to be incorrect. Will be happy to update this information. Jim Burgess

1a. Andrew Barbee was born before 1660 and died before 1699 in Stafford County, Virginia. He married Sarah. After Andrew BARBEE died Sarah married her second husband Thomas JAMES 11 Sep 1699. Andrew Barbee and Sarah had the following children:(Thomas Barbee and Mary Barbee)

  • 2a. Thomas Barbee was born about 1690 in Virginia. Thomas married Margaret.

  • 2b. Mary Barbee no more information.

    2a. Thomas Barbee was born about 1690 in Virginia and lived in Overwharton Parrish, Stafford County, Virginia. Thomas married Margaret. His will is dated 1752 in Stafford County, Virginia. Thomas wrote his will 8 Nov 1748 in Stafford County, Virginia and it was proved 10 Mar 1759 in Stafford County, Virginia

  • 3a. Sarah Barbee was born 1711-1714 probably in Stafford County, Virginia. Sarah married John O'Bannon son of Bryan O'Bannon. Sarah died about 1806. Their family is found on page 10 of The O'Bannon family published by Trudy J. Sundberg and John K. Gott in 1994 published by Heritage Books, Inc.
  • 3b. Andrew Barbee was born about 1712-1716 probably in Stafford County, Virginia. Andrew married Jane. Andrew Barbee died in 1790 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Their children were
  • 4a. Andrew Barbee
  • 4b. John Barbee
  • 4c. Mary Barbee married Mr. Foley
  • 4d. Elizabeth Barbee married Mr Withers
  • 4e. Sarah Barbee married Mr Bradford
  • 4f. Joseph Barbee
  • 3c. Thomas BARBEE was born 1715-1720 probably in Stafford County, Virginia. Thomas married Margaret FANT 29 Sep 1748
  • 3d. John BARBEE was born 1722-1724 probably in Stafford County, Virginia. John married twice: (1) Elizabeth WELCH about 1751 (2) Phillis DUNCAN about 1764
  • 3e. Lydia BARBEE was born 1718-1725 probably in Stafford County, Virginia. She married John GRANT about 1741.
  • 3f. Mary BARBEE was born 1724-1727 in Stafford County, Virginia .Mary married William COATNEY 21 Feb 1745
  • 3g. Anne BARBEE was born 1730-1732 in Stafford County, Virginia. Anne married Garner BURGESS 19 FEB 1751 in Stafford County, Virginia.

    Information (46 pages) is found on page 19 of The House of Burgessess by Michael Burgess published in 1994 by Borgo Press, San Bernadino, California.

  • 3h. Betty BARBEE was born 1730-1733 in Stafford County, Virginia. Betty married William SMITH 1 Jan 1750 in Stafford County, Virginia.
  • 3i. Joseph BARBEE was born 1734-1737
  • 3j. Catharine BARBEE was born 1735-1738 in Stafford County, Virginia. Catherine married James WITHERS. Catharine died about 1776