Before the Civil War in Fauquier County, Virginia

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What happened in Fauquier County, Virginia between 1830 and 1860?

Thanks to 19 volunteers, we will soon have the 1850 census complete. We will list their names and credit at that time.

  • Fauquier County, Virginia1850 Census
  • Fauquier County, Virginia Implied Marriages and Census data1831-1860
  • Women's Rights Rights 1830-1860
  • Mexican War 1846-1848

  • 78,000 Americans Served in the War
  • Records can be found on 14 Rolls of Film at the National Archives of the Veterans Administration.
  • The Index is on reel T-317
  • I found the following book
  • "An Index to Mexican War Pension Applications" transcribed by Barbara Schull Wolfe, printed by
  • Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe, Indianapolis 46239 by Walter R. Gooldy, 1985. It may be for sale at Heritage House 3851 South Post Road, Indianapolis, In 46239

    The book has 381 pages. There are approximatly that that there are 42,000 people in the book. Names are listed in Alphabetical order and seem to give the date of death, state, and some times other information.

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