Bashaw, Bradley, Brady Families of Fauquier County, Virginia

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  • Dear Bradley and Brady Cousins of Fauquier County, Virginia

    As you review the following information please send information that will improve or expand the information that follows. We are particularly interested in determining who the lady named Celia is. She marries two men in Fauquier County, Virginia. Thanks Jim Burgess

    Who is Celia? Was she the daughter of Elizabeth Nichols in Lancaster County, Virginia? How is Elizabeth Nichols related to Rawleigh Chinn and Esther Ball? Is Esther Ball the mother of Elizabeth Nichols?

  • Peter Bashaw
  • Richard Bradley married 4 Aug 1781 Celia Bashaw - Richard Fisher Bondsman
    Bashaw , Brady and Bradley Families in Fauquier County, Virginia
    This is an attempt to document all of the records in Fauquier County, Virginia on the
    Bashaw, Brady and Bradley families in date order.
    4 Aug 1781  Bradley, Hugh and Celia Bashaw married  Richard Fisher Bondsman
    27 May 1788  Bradley, Hugh    Witness to Will of William Barker
     and wife Susanna.  Is there a Barker Connection?  Will Book 2 page 384
    10 Nov 1792  Bradley Hugh   Witness to Will of Simeon Morgan 10 Nov 1792
    Is there a Morgan Connection Will Book 2 page 260-261.
    21 Oct 1795   Bradley,  Hugh  Will Book 2 page 384.
    "This being my desire before witnesses that my wife should hold in possession all my
    Estate only that Richard My son is to stand its Agent under her when he becomes of 
    Full age ."
    Signed:  Hugh Bradley
    Witness:  Benjamin Arnold, James Sudduth, Peter Bashaw
    Proved:  26 Oct 1795, by order of Benjamin Arnold, James Suddoth,  and Peter Bashaw.
    25 Jan 1796 - Celia Bradley, with Turner Morehead her security, in bond of  1,000 granted
    certificate to obtain probate.
    3 Apr 1800  Bradley, David and Nancy Lawson bondsman daughter of James
    24 Dec 1800 Bradley Nancy (daughter of Jonas) married Joseph McKinney
    20 Jun 1802 Bradly, James and Nancy Lester bondsman daughter of Sarah
    4 Aug 1803  Bradley, Richard and Frances Campbell married bondsman Thomas Bailey
    (Jim Burgess Ancestor)
    20 Dec 1806  Bradley, Jonah and Susanna Power married bondsman daughter 
    of Walter and Elizabeth
    22 Dec 1823  Bradley, Mary Ann married Christopher Metcalf wrd/o Jeremiah Strother.
    22 Dec 1823  Mary Anne Bradley orphan of Richard Bradley deceased 22 Dec 1823 For $800.
    Jeremiah Strother guardian for Mary Anne Bradley.  Sec. Thomas Foster J.C.C:  William
    Bower, Asa Hume, Alexander  D. Kelly, Whiting Digges.  Guardian Book 2 January 1823
    September 1827
    29 Dec 1829  Bradley, Thornton and Elizabeth O'Bannon bondsman Willis O'Bannon
    MR (OGI)
    22 Aug 1849  Richard C. Bradley chosen guardian for Annie M. Lawrence orphan of John
    O. Lawrence page 95.
    22 May 1779  Hezekier (x) Brady witness B & S  Deed book 7 page 36039  William
    Pickett Sanford and Elizabeth his wife and Mary Bland tract on Little River of Goose
    Creek near the road that leads to Fauquier Court.
    3 Aug 1782  Brady, Amelia  daughter of Mary Bland Will  Will Book 2 page 450-451
    Witness Charles Metcalf
    6 Dec 1782  Bradey, Hezekiah witness to (Sale of Estate) of John Heaton
    Will Book 2 page 457-458.
    23 Aug 1784  Brady, Hezekiah & Charles Metcalf  and others witness to Mary Bland 
    (Administrator's Account)  Will Book 2 page 45-46.
    28 Jun 1790  Brady, Jos.  due to Thomas Bland Senior (deceased) Adm'r Account
    Will Book 2 page 168-169.
    14 Dec 1792  Mary Brady married Jacob Snyder bondsman Philip LYNOR
    22 Sep 1797  Brady, Thomas & Brady Joseph  bonds due to John O'Bannon  
    Will Book 3 page 81-85.
    10 Feb 1798  Brady, Sukey  daughter of William Sanford Pickett.  William Sanford Pickett
    daughter Sally Metcalf  Will dated 10 Feb 1798  -  William Metcalf witness
    25 Aug 1798  Susanna Brady (Widow) married James CHANNEL 25 AUG 1798
    bondsman Charles Metcalf
    12 Sep 1798  Brady Susanna  purchased 1 still from the estate of William Sanford Pickett
    Account of Sales Will Book 3 page 165-172.  Charles Metcalf also mentioned.
    26 Jun 1800  Brady, Patrick & Osee Doughty married bondsman daughter of Thomas.
    14 Sep 1803  Brady, Anne married John Wells  Anne daughter of Joseph
    24 Sep 1810  Brady, Elizabeth MARRIED Richard H. Gaines bondsman ward 
    25 of  Richard H. Gaines  
    26 8 Dec 1811  Helen Brady married John Botts bondsman Richard H. Gaines
    24 Sep 1810  Elizabeth Brady orphan of Joseph Brady deceased 24 Sep 1810 for 310 dollars 
    Richard Gaines Guardian.  Security Benjamin George.  Thornton Brady witnessed the
    Orphan's request that Richard H. Gaines be appointed her guardian.
    25 Jan 1817  Jane Brady orphan of Joseph Brady, deceased for $6,000 Darnall Smith guardain,
    Sec:  Augustine Smith Jr. John E. Blackwell.  Note filed with bond.  "I wish you (the court)
    To appoint Mr Richard H. Gaines, Jesse Peters."J.P. Wm Bower, George Kemper, Wm R.
    Smith, Chas. Hunton.
    27 Jan 1817  Jane Brady  married Darnall SMTIH  bondsman John E Blackwell.
    21 Dec 1825  Mahala S Brady married William Shumate bondsman  Darnall Smith
    8 Sep 1834   Brady, Caroline married Moses Burgess bondsman Christian Metcalf
    28 May 1761  Deed Book 1 page 235-237  James Beshaw accepted Apprentice Bond of 
    James Williams Fauquier County doth voluntarily and of his own free will and accord 
    Accept himself apprentice to James Beshaw to learn his art or trade or mistery.  Signed
    James Williams and James Bashaw Wit  Dan'l Bradford,  Thos. Keith, Wm Oldham
    28 May 1761
    26 Nov 1761 Deed Book 1 page 300-302  B & S between John Bell and Frances
    his wife and James Bash 45 pounds beginning corner to Waugh Darnall with the line that divides the said 
    land hereby conveyed from another part of the same tract sold by Mr Thomas Bell to
    William Norris 570 acres Signed John Bell, Wit James Pendleton jr., James Bell, and
    William Hunton 25 Mar 1762.
    21 Mar 1762  Bashaw, James married Frances Taylor bondsman daughter of  Benjamin
    25 Aug 1762  Deed Book 1 page 363-366  B & S Between Daniel Hogan and Ann his wife,
    and Mary Bashaw of Parish of Washington, Westmoreland County 18 pounds 150 acres being 
    part of a tract of 434 acres taken up by the said Daniel Hogan in the year 1742 corner to land of Charles Hogan.   Small branch of Cedar Run on the south side of a road (signed:  Daniel (X) Hogan,
    Anne (X) Hogan.  Wit:  Thom Marshall, Jas Hathaway, Sennett Young.  Recorded 26 Aug 1762, with receipt acknowledged by grantors.
    26 Aug 1762  Deed Book 1 page 369-375  James Bashaw witness Lease and Release between 
    William Wright and Mary and Thomas Edward  land taken up by Waugh Darnall.
    24 Aug 1766  Deed Book 1 page 518-522  Lease and Release.  Between James Bashaw
    and Frances Bashaw, his wife, and John James .. 300 acres corner of William Norris corner
    to Waugh Darnall. Signed James Bashaw ,  Frances Bashaw.  Wit John Chilton, Ben Bradford, John Bell.
    Recorded  25 Aug 1766. Ack to grantors.
    29 Oct 1771  Deed Book 4 page 313-315  B & S between James Bashaw & Frances, h.w. and
    Peter Bashaw  tract adjacent Waugh darnel land sold to the said James Bashaw by John
    Bell deceased. With John James's corner 167 acres  Signed James Bashaw, Frances
    Bashaw Wit: Joseph Basye, Elizabeth Edwards.  Recorded 29 Oct 1771, ack. By grantors.
    6 Jul 1772  Deed  Book 5 page 225-228 B & S Between Hector Ross of Fairfax County 
    Merchand and James Bashaw Bricklayer 18.8 parcel at Pignut Ridge, it being part of larger tract
    To Edward Washington of Pr Wm Co 12 Dec 1739 for 614 acres corner to late Jeffrey
    Johnson oak in Jarvis Cornwell lins 152 acres Signed H. Ross Wit James Craig, John Moffett,
    Wharton, Ransdell, Martin Pickett.  Rec 24 Aug 1772, proved by o of Craig, Moffett and Pickett
    4 Mar 1776  Deed Book 6 pages 256-259  B & S bet James Bashaw and Frances his wife, and Thomas Maddox 25 tract at the Pignut Ridge granted to said Bashaw by the prop 28 Nov 1772 corner to James Warren and Edward Washing .. corner to Warren and George Neavill 60 acres.  
    Signed James Bashaw and Frances Bashaw.  Wit Joel Weedon, John Weedon, Josias Basye, 
    Alexander Patton rec 25 Mar 1772 proved by o Joel Weedon and Alex Patton
    14 Jun 1777  Deed Book  6  Between James Genn and Nathan Matthew part of an Antient 
    Survey  called Bell's between lines of Waugh Darnall, now Simon Morgan, William Norris,
    John James and Peter Bashaw. Recorded 24 Nov 1777.
    6 Nov 1779  BASHAW,  Peter (Will) to the Parish of Leeds  Will Book 1 page 387-388
    Wife:  Celia - my whole estate during her life but in case she married it is my desire she be
    Thirded and after her death:
    Son:  Peter - all my land in Fauquier County and one negro boy
    Children:  Molly Bashaw, Rawleigh  Chinn Bashaw, & Elijah Bashaw, & Betsey Bashaw 
    & Sukey Bashaw  - all the remainder of my Estate that is not already given be equally
    divided among them.
    Exors.  MY FRIEND Charles Chilton and wife Celia Bashaw
    Signed:  Peter Bashaw  (X)
    Witness John Norris, Joseph  Taylor, John Coppedge
    Proved: 27 Mar 1780 by order of John Norris, Joseph Taylor, and John Coppedge.  Cert.
    To obtain probate granted Celia Bashaw.
    22 May 1780  Peter Bashaw Inventory do date no total.  Appraised by Joseph 
    Taylor, Jo'n Coppedge Wm Norriss.  Will Book 1 page 393.
    4 Aug 1781  Bashaw, Celia and Bradley, Hugh married   bondsman Richard Fisher
    28 Jun 1784  Archibald Beshaw rent for the year 1783 to Estate of Richard L. Hall Estate.
    Will Book 2 page 30-31.
    22 Nov 1784 Peter Bashaw Deed Book 8 page 199-200 witness to Bond James Genn bound
    to Joseph Basye of Culpeper County for 2,000 pounds contracts to sell rights in parcel… belonging 
    to his brother Thomas Genn which lands were left him by his father's will.  Lands adjacent  George
    Heale, Ambrose Barnett and William Fitzhugh. 
    21 Sep 1785  Betsy Bashaw married Wm Blackmore bondsman daughter of Francis MR (SAN)
    (groom) William, bride Betsy Bashaw
    7 Jan 1786  Frances Bashaw married Isaac Bayse bondsman daughter of Edmund
    12 Jul 1787  Mary Bashaw married Mark Wood bondsman Peter Bashaw (MR) (SAN)
    27 Jan 1791  Elizabeth Bashaw  married John Basye bonds Josias Basye MR (PIC) date of 
    MR 24 Jan 1791
    2 Oct 1794  Rawleigh Bashaw and Sarah Kemper married bonds daughter of Jacob
    21 Oct 1795  Peter Bashaw  witness will of Hugh Bradley  Will Book 2 page 384
    12 Dec 1796  Betsy Bashaw married Ephraim Kemper bondsman daughter of Celah
    27 Nov 1797  Bashaw, Elijah married Caty Button bondsman daughter of Cathrine.
    18 Aug 1798  Lucy Bashaw married Enock Cunningham bondsman Minter Bailey
    23 Sep 1804  Cathrine Bashaw married Nath'l Pritchett bondsman Samuel Henslee
    22 Mar 1814 Elijah Bashaw bondsman  for Charlotte Cartledge and Joshua Riley marriage
    16 May 1816 Susanna Bashaw married Everett Sanders bondsman Elijah Bondsman MR (REY)
    groom Everitt, bride Susannah Bashaw date of MR 18 May 1816
    3 Oct 1822  Bashaw, Elijah and Sally Hume married bondsman Jacob Hume
    18 Jun 1823  Elijah BASHAW bondsman for Sophia Arkless who married John Burton
    22 Sep 1851  Bashaw, Robert H married Virginia Rector daughter of Aldred