Aylette BUCKNER of Caroline and Fauquier County Virginia and Green County, Kentucky

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1. Aylette BUCKNER was born 3 Mar 1745 in Caroline County, Virginia the son of Richard BUCKNER and Elizabeth AYLETT. Aylette BUCKNER married Judith Presley THORNTON about 1777 probably in Caroline County, Virginia or Fauquier County, Virginia. Aylette BUCKNER was in Fauquier County, Virginia by 1771 and certainly could have been married earlier than 1777. Judith Presley THORNTON was born about 1750 at Ormsby, Caroline County, Virginia the daughter of Anthony THORNTON and Sarah TALIAFERRO. He died apparently in 1811 in Green County, Kentucky
  • There children were:
  • a. Thornton BUCKNER born about 1778 probably in Fauquier County, Virginia. Thornton married Sally STANTON 17 Oct 1797 in Fauquier County, Virginia. William Stanton was the bondsman for their wedding. Thornton BUCKNER died 5 Aug 1857 at Salama, Taylor County, Kentucky. He is born in the Buckner Cemetery, Taylor County, Kentucky. Did this Thornton Buckner stay in Fauquier County, Virginia until just before 1830 census.
  • b. Catherine Taliaferro BUCKNER was born about 1779 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Catherine died about 1849 in Greensberg, Green County, Kentucky.
  • c. Louisa BUCKNER was born 1780/1783 in Fauquier County, Virginia. She may have married a cousin Horace BUCKNER. Louisa BUCKNER died before 1810 probably in Green County, Kentucky
  • d. Aylett BUCKNER was born about 1781 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
  • e. Elizabeth Aylett BUCKNER was born about 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Elizabeth married Isaac GIBBONS 22 Dec 1807 in Green County, Kentucky.
  • f. Laura Lightfoot BUCKNER was born about 1783 in Fauquier County, Virginia
  • g. Richard Aylett BUCKNER was born 5 Feb 1784 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Richard died in 1849 in Greenberg, Green County, Kentucky. Richard married Elizabeth LEWIS. Did this Richard stay in Fauquier County, Virginia until about 1840.
  • h. John BUCKNER was born about 1786 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
  • i. Elizabeth Aylett BUCKNER was born 1787 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Elizabeth married a Mr. TAYLOR. Elizabeth died about 1834.
  • j. Anthony BUCKNER was born about 1788 in Fauquier County, Virginia

    24 Jun 1771 Deed Book 4 page 208-211 Aylett Buckner signed lease and release between William Ball and Sarah his wife and Martin Pickett 600 acres on the north side of Cedar Run.

    27 Feb 1772 Richard BUCKNER married Judith EDMONDS in Fauquier county, Virginia. Judith was the daughter of Els - Martin Pickett was the bondsman.

    Aylett BUCKNER was born about 1745 and died 1811- He was a Major in the Fauquier Military taking his oath May 1778 commanded 2nd Fauquier Militia. Sent to Williamsburg, but was forced to resign for ill health.

    Aylett BUCKNER appears in the 1787 Fauquier County, Virginia census. 1 - 11 - 17 - 5 -10

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    Green County, Kentucky Wills

    Will of Aylett Buckner

  • Will of Aylett Buckner Will Book 1 page 28-36 (Will does not cover 8 pages the pages are numbered incorrectly).

    25 May 1807 - married children that I've heretofore given property to: Thornton Buckner, Caty J. TAYLOR wife of John Y. Taylor, Louisa Buckner wife of Horace Buckner and Richard A Buckner; daughter Elizabeth Buckner gets a negro named Molly and her children Lucinda, Mariah, Adaline and Spencer; Son, John Buckner, gets negro Abraham, Jacob, Lucy, Phillis, Nancy, Matilda and Alexander----tract of land that I now live on as part of the purchase money is still due, I desire that the balance of a bond due me from James H. Rice, be give to my son Richard A. Buckner and be applied to the payment of the land. Gun and Pistol go to my son Richard.

    Richard also tract of land in FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA, on the Watery Mountain adjoing the land I formerly owned. son in law, John Y. Taylor, tract of military land lying in Hopkins County but petented when Logan which we purchased jointly of Presly Thornton of Essex county, Virginia containing 1000 acres and which conveyed to us jointly by the aforesaid, Presley Thornton which I sold to the said John T. Taylor and have received full payment of him for the same to him and his heirs. John Y. Taylor shall act as guardian to my son John Buckner and that he may not be compelled to give security; request no appraisement or inventory made of estate, Wit Anthony Thornton, Andrew Chaudoin, David Chaudoin and John B. Smith

    Will of Horace Buckner

  • Will of Horace Buckner Will Book 1 page 53 -55

    10 Dec 1810 Will of Horace Buckner; brother, William Buckner-----100 pounds out of land which I received from my father's estate lying in Kentucky or out of my brother, Thomas Buckner's estate-----part of the land that I purchased of him, being one third of same land left by my fahter, which money I owed to him in consequence of his paying that sum for the land which I now live on; sons, William Buckner and John T. Buckner----residue of estate to be equally divided when my eldest son shal come of full age. Exec., my friends William Buckner, and Eliza A Gibbons; Proven in December Court 1810, by Isaac Gribbons and John Buckner Jr.

    Will of Horace Buckner

  • Will of John Buckner Will Book 1 pages 81-84

    27 May 1822 - Will of John Buckner son, of James B. Buckner, gets 2 negroes, Adam and Rosetta and old negro woman Rose; Daughter Mary M. Jackson, gets 2 negroes, Daniel and Judy and old negro man, Lall, Daughter Winifred E. Buckner (who I expect now lives in the state of Virginia) a negro, Polly and her 2 children Fanny and Abarilla and $100. I desire that my negro woman, Fanny and her daughter, Polly be sold at Public Sale and if Richard Parrott becomes purchaser of both, I request $50 be taken from his bid and be responsible only for what is left. I request my land be sold and debts paid and $50 given to my negro girl Polly and the rest, except $100 to be equally among my three children, James B. Buckner, Mary M Jackson and Winefred E Buckner. At my death, I want my 2 boys Thomas Jefferson and George Burrel sons of my woman Polly, to be emancipated; I desire that Gabriel M. Buckner take the boys into his possession and keep them to learn the art of farming until age 21. Exec., My nephew, Gabriel M. Buckner and my son James B. Buckner; signed by John Buckner; Wit: Richard A Buckner, Aylett Buckner and William H. Buckner. Produced in court 17 Mar 1823 and proved by Richard A Buckner. On 21 Apr., 1823 proved by William H. Buckner; recorded 24 Apr 1823 by John Barrett