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Census Records of Fauquier County, Virginia

"Do you know that Fauquier County, Virginia was the most populous county in the 1850 Virginia census?"

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  • Fauquier County's Virginia Sandy Onbey is the Virginia Coordinator for the US Gen Web Census Project Virginia Census
  • Fauquier County, Virginia Census RecordsFauquier County
  • Family Search has the 1880 Census for all the United States1880 United States Federal Census

    Please visit the Library of Virginia web site to find Vital Statistic records for Fauquier County, and other Virginia counties!

    Census Records are wonderful for the beginning researcher as they exhibit the family as it appeared in given years showing everyone in the family. Once identified we have years of birth, so we can more easily find them in the birth records for a county.

    Census Records have been expained on Cyndi's HOWELL'S Web Site beautifully; therefore, I will refer the beginner, family and professional genealogist to her site. Please take a few minutes to review these sites, especially if you are beginning to catch the genealogy bug. With that said I will go through each census for Fauquier County, Virginia.

    Please be careful when considering a purchase of Census Records from various suppliers. Shop around as there are lots of good deals out there and lots of JUNK. Use census records from libraries, LDS Family History Centers, before ordering. Cyndi's List has several suppliers who sell them.


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  • Census FactsFauquierCounty, Virginia
  • Virginia Census Population by County 1790-1860
  • Virginia Census Population by County 1790-1860
  • 1790 - 17892 1800 - 21329
  • 1810 - 22689
  • 1820 - 23103
  • 1830 - 26086
  • 1840 - 21897
  • 1850 - 20868
  • 1860 - 21706
  • Posted by Jim Burgess
  • Sandy Onbey posted the following on the state of Virginia Census records I have been doing some digging and came up with...
  • 1870....1,225,163
  • 1880....1,512,565
  • 1890....1,655,980
  • 1900....1,854,184
  • 1910....2,061,607
  • 1920....2,309,187 <

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