Champe Family of the Northern Neck Walter Anderson and the Champe Family
Champe Family of Virginia.

Walter Anderson of King George County, Virginia. Were his parents John Anderson and Sarah Champ. Our purpose here is to begin to put the pieces together to determine the relationship between the Anderson and Champ families of King George County, Virgniia.

1624 At the plantation over against James City. Dead - John Champ 2 Jan 1635 Passengers who have taken the oath embarked on the Merchant Bonaventure, Mr James Ricroft bound from London to Virginia. John Anderson age 20 2 May 1635 Persons to be transported from London to Barabdos in the Alexander, Mr Gilbert Grimes, under Captain Burche. William Anderson Age 36, John Anderson 21. 6 Oct 1679 Walter Anderson Christened (Parents John Anderson and Sarah Champ) Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19 Oct 1690 Old Rappahannock Deed Book 8 1688-1692 Walter Anderson this day owened the mari of the cow belong to his daughter Sarah Anderson. To be a crop in the left eare and an half spade And underkeel in the right eare and desired that the same might be r Recorded. W. M. Colson Cl Cur. 16 Dec 1702 Walter Anderson married Susannah Prow French Church New York City, New York 2 July 1718 John Champe paid 500 from estate of George Gaydon Virginia Colonial Abstracts Volume 1 Richmond County, Virginia Records 1704-1724 page 316. 2 Nov 1721 John Anderson Will King George County, Virginia son Walter Anderson, brother Walter Anderson , daughter Sarah Anderson, Brother in Law William Browne. Mentions Mary Ceale Proved 1 Dec 1721 John Anderson Deceased. 8 Jan 1722 William Brown of King George County, Virginia died in Hanover County, Virginia to Dorothy Kerchaval, Margaret White - William White 1 Feb 1722 Court. 13 Jan 1724 John and George Mott Estate 17 Oct 1760 a portion to George Mott's daughter Ann who married John Glendending. John Glendening only son of Ann Mott sells to Ann Champe 250 acres on Muddy Creek Brunswick formerly Hanover Parish Rappahannock County Genealogies of Virginia Families Volume III 14 Jan 1723 William Browne of Sittenbourne Parish, King County, Virginia. 13 Jan 1724 George Mott's daughter Ann who married John Glendening. 1725 Ordered to summon James Kay to appear at the next court to answer the 1726 1727 1728 1728 Attachment of Walter Anderson and John Champe. 13 Nov 1732 Will of Walter Anderson mentions Ann Anderson, Mary Anderson, Hannah Anderson, Cyprian Anderson. Will proved 2 Mar 1733. John Champe Administrator. King George A-1 page 93-94 28 May 1733 Edward Barradall (Attorney General of Virginia from 1737 to 1748) deed to Landon Carter 28 May 1733 tract of land in Westmoreland County where Ed Barradall now resides in the parish of Cople, Lately purchased of John Champe the elder and John Champe Junior. 1 Mar 1734 Will of Robert Richards "and my friend John Champe, Junior Executors of this my last will and testament". Page 106-107 King George A-1. 30 Oct 1734 Will of John Naylor . "Deposition of John Champe, Thomas Turner Francis Moore …." John Champe aged about thirty two years sayth that he hathe receieved several letters from John Naylor, deceased, and that this deponant verily believes the Last Will and Testament of the said John Naylor. . . ." King George A-1 115-118. 22 Aug 1735 Thomas Travis will dated 22 Aug 1735 mentions. Ann Anderson and Hannah Anderson. John Champe and his Two daughters. Ann Champe and Jane Champe. King George A-1 page 113-114 14 Apr 1736 Will of Jeremiah Bronaugh Witness John Champe, Wm Rowley and Anderson Doniphan page 230 A-1 King George County, Virginia 2 Mar 1743 Will of William Thornton DATED 2 Mar 1743 "Francis Thornton having entered into Bond in L2000 for the Same King George A-1 page 169. 27 Dec 1744 Edy, Jno bond to Jno Champe Virginia Colonial Abstracts Volume III Huntington Papers page 515. 7 Mar 1745 John Champe Surveyor of the highways. Genealogies of Virginia Families Vol 1 Adam Banks of Stafford County page 89 4 Nov 1745 Eldest daughter Anne Champe daughter of John Champe, Lambs Creek, formerly Brunswick County, Hanover Parish a patent To John and George Mott. Genealogy of Virginia Families page 541. 4 May 1747 "I desire my Mother may have the balance that is due to me from Major John Champe." William Rosser A-1 King George County, Virginia. 14 Nov 1748 Will of Margaret Richards (widow of Samuel Mathews) John Champe refused to make oath on will. A-1 page 209-210 A-1 King George County, Virginia 31 Oct 1750 On October 31, 1750 John Champe, Hancock Lee and Enoch Innis met at the Plantation of the widow of Captain Augusting Washing and divided the negroes, Agreeable with his will, amon and his sons, George, Samuel, John and Charles Washington Deed Book 3 page 373 King George County, Virginia. 1756 John Taliaferro Estate. John Taliaferro's father in law John Champe Died in 1756. John Champe son of William Champe appointed guardian Of Minor Taliaferro Children. 12 Jul 1757 John Champe executor to the last will of Col Richard Blackburn Genealogies of Virginia Families. Page 768. 10 Dec 1759 King George County, Virginia Will Book A page 154-159 Will of John Champe. I John Champe being in perfect hearlt and of sound sence. Make my last will and testament…my wiil is that my son William Champe have all my lands in King George County next. Below Popolar Swamp together with my old mill. Together with twen slaves Or negroes to be part of those now working on said land and all the Stock of every kind. Unto my son John Champe June. All the remaining Part of my lands in King George County next above Popolar Swamp together With the plantation I now live on.. together with twenty slaves.. and all the rest of my negroes in King George County to be between my sons William Champe and John Champe as also all my household furniture. If both my sons die without issue.. after my wife's death that the lands be sold and moneys arising be equally divided between my daughter's then living.. all my lands in Prince William County and slaves be equally divided after my wife's deather between My sons William Champe and John Champe under the same lots in Dumries I give to my son John Champe.. over and above his full moiety of all other lands In Prince William.. each of my daughters Lucy Champe and Elizabeth Champe In six monts after marriage or when they arrive to twenty one years the full sum Of 800 pounds current money and to such of my grandaughter living at the time of my de My death one hundred pounds. Should either of my daughter Lucy or Betty Died before Marriage or before they come to age twenty one. Their leagcy be devided between my grandaughters living at such time expence of my estate … desire my grandson Francis Taliaferro may have his education at the expence of estate clothing,etc. until he arrived to age eighter years and then put to some business suitable to his capacity.. appoint my loving wife executrix with my sons William and John Champe executrix this 10 day December 1759. Witnesses.. William Templeman, Danl Sanford. John Champe My negro woman Nell I give to my dauhter Betty… also Daffned and her children to My daughter Lucy Champe… bu my wife is to keep them during her life. My will is my wife have twenty negroes to dispose of after my death as she pleases and Above her thirds these being intended as a gift to her (names the negroes). John Champe At a court held 3 Mar 1763 will presented into court.. It is certified by the whole Court that the will and codicils are all the handwriting of the Testator which Admitted to record. On motion of Executores certificate is granted them for obtaining A probate record in due form. 17 Oct 1760 John and George Mott estate a portion to George Mott's daughter Ann who married John Glendening 17 Jan 1724. John Glendening only son of Ann of Ann Mott Glendening sells to Ann Champe 250 acres on Muddy Creek, Brunswick formerly Hanover Parish, Rappahannock. Genealogy of Virginia Families Vol III A Taliaferro Estate page 541. 1761 Colonel Austin Brockenbaugh born 3 Nov 1738 married to Lucy Champe. 12 Rev John 13 Lucy married first in 1780 Philip Thornton Alexander of King George Genealogies of Virginia families. Brockenbaugh Family page 430. 1763 Colonel John Champe of Lamb's Creek, King George County, Virginia. 4 May 1775 King George County, Virginia Will Book A page 346-348. Will of John Champe. I Jno Champe of King George County being at This time in perfect health..give and devies to my dear beloved wife Ann Campe all my estate… also those four pictures drawn by Kesselious to wit Colo. Charles Carter and Ann his wife, my own and the said Ann Champe.. to my brother William Champe all my parcel of land whereon I live called Lamb's Creek.. indefautl of such geir give said land to my Nephew Henry Willia.. alos to him ten negroes.. to my niece Ann Taliaferro seven negroes. Unto my sister Elizabeth Fleming, seven negroes.. To my nephew Jno Taliaferro all my tract of land commonly called (F---- In default of heirs to the son son of my niece Mildred Carter wife of Landon Carter Esqr of Fauquier.. if she has no second son to my Friend Jno Jno Carter Esqur. Of Cleve.. Teste. Jenny Burnett Hugh Mercer, Charles Burnett. At a court held. 4th May 1775…will presented by Ann Champe Administration granted said Ann with annexed. And admitted to Record. 1775 1775 Mary's brother John Champ II married Ann Carter of Cleven. John Champe died in 1775. Genealogies of Virginia Vol IV plus page 375. Mary Champe daughter of Col John Champe of Lamb's Creek in Colonel Married Lewis Willis 6 Children of Mildred another. 6 children. Mildred antoher son John - Mildred another son of John - Mildred Willis married Ann Carter of Cleve John Champe died 1775.

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