The Doniphan Family information needs a lot of work. I look forward to receiving your comments, corrections and updates to the Doniphan family. Jim Burgess

Much of this information is taken from original records and a book entitled The Sydney-Smith and Clagett Price Genealogy written by Lucy Montgomer Smith Price back in 1927 printed by Shenandoah Publishing House Strasburg, Virginia 1927.

Several researchers in Fauquier County, Virginia believe that this book sometimes exaggerats the truth. For the purposes I the DONIPHAN family the serious researcher should decide for himself. I am putting these families together as best I can with the information that I have available. I am ALWAYS interesting in what other information or opinions that others may have. Jim Burgess

Thanks to the return of the King George County, Virginia Will Book A1 and Sam and Ruth Sparacio records I believe that our information is accurate for the most part. If you disagree PLEASE let me know.

1A.  Alexander DONIPHAN was born about 1650 probably in Spain and may have lived in
      Plymouth, Devon, England.  Alexander married before 2 Nov 1691 and lived in
      Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.  Alexander left his will probated 20 Sep 1716
      in Richmond County, Virginia.
      Alexander married Margaret MOTT who was born about 1661 and lived in Old Rappahannock
      County, Virginia.  Margaret left her will 23 Mar 1709 in Richmond County, Virginia.  
      Margaret was the daughter of George MOTT and Elizabeth__________.

      Alexander secondly to a lady named Susanna in the will Alexander Doniphan dated 20 Sep 1716 and 
      will of Gyles TRAVERS.

      Children of Alexander and Margaret were: (Alexander, Mott, Robert, Elizabeth, Anne, & Margaret) 
       2A.  Mott Doniphan was born about 1692 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.
              Mott married Rosanna ANDERSON 6 Feb 1716 in Richmond County, Virginia.
              Mott died aout 7 Oct 1776
              3A.  Alexander DONIPHAN was born about 1718 married Mary WAUGH 17 June 1740 in 
                    Stafford County, Virginia.  All their children were born in Germantown, Virginia according
                    to one record.  Mary WAUGH was born about 1718 was the daughter of  Joseph WAUGH and
                    Mary CROSBY of Stafford County, Virginia.  Joseph Waugh was born about 1660 and died 
                    1727 of Belle Plaine Pomtomac Creek, Virginia(See Waugh file Fauquier USGENWEB site 
                    under Family Web site)
                     4a.  William DONIPHAN was born 20/30 Mar 1742 Overwharton Parish, Stafford  
                           County, Virginia William was wounded in the Revolutionary War
                     4b.  George DONIPHAN was born 1743 probably in Overwharton Parish, Stafford
                           County, Virginia George was killed at the Battle of Brandywine in the Revolutionary
                     4c   Elizabeth DONIPHAN was born 18 Apr 1744 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County,
                           Virginia and married William SMITH about 1773 and lived in Fauquier County, Virginia.
                           Elizabeth DONIPHAN SMITH died  about 15 Jan 1809 in Fauquier County, Virginia.   
                           William SMITH 
                     4d.  Margaret DONIPHAN  was born in 1746 and married John KEITH
                     4e.  Anne DONIPHAN was born 28 Feb 1747 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County,       
                     4f..  Alexander DONIPHAN was born 12 Mar  1750 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County,
                           Virginia.  Alexander married Mary DAVIS.  Alexander married Mary DAVIS.
                     4g.  Mott DONIPHAN was born 10 Jun 1752 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia 
                           Mott died before 8 Sep 1783 in King George County, Virginia.
                     4h.  Joseph DONIPHAN was born in 1757 in King George County, Virginia
                           married Ann Fowke SMITH 25 Apr 1784 in Fauquier County, Virginia.  Joseph was a  
                           Justice of the Peace in Fredericksburg.  Joseph and Mary moved to Kentucky.
                           Joseph Doniphan served in the Revolutionary War.  Joseph DONIPHAN died in 1813.  
                           5a.  Alexander W. DONIPHAN was born 9 July 1808 in Mason County, Kentucky.
                     4i.  George Anderson Gowry DONIPHAN was born about 1759 in Overwharton Parish,
                          Stafford County, Virginia.

             3B.  Anderson DONIPHAN was born ABOUT 1720 probably in Stafford County, Virginia.
                    Anderson married Magdelen MONTEITH about 1748 and lived in King George County,
                   4a.  Gerard DONIPHAN
                   4b.  Rosanna DONIPHAN
                   4c.  Mary DONIPHAN
                   4d.  Elizabeth DONIPHAN
                   4e.  Lucretia DONIPHAN
                         Thomas MONTEITH left his will dated 1 Dec 1746 proved 
                         6 Mar 1746/7 in King George County, Virginia.

            3C.  Anne DONIPHAN was born about 1722 probably in Stafford County, Virginia.  Anne 
                   married George WHITE 4 Aug 1743 in Stafford County, Virginia.  

            3D.  Robert DONIPHAN was born about 1724 probably in Stafford County, Virginia.

            3E.  Mary DONIPHAN was born about 1727 probably in Stafford County, Virginia.
                   Mary DONIPHAN married Travers COOKE 26 Feb 1754

            3F.  Margaret DONIPHAN

      2B.  Robert Doniphan was born about 1694 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.
             Robert married Ellen HACKLEY about 1710 and lived in King George County,
             Virginia.  Robert DONIPHAN left his will in King George County, Virginia 3 Oct 1743
             3a Robert DONIPHAN

      2C.  Sarah DONIPHAN was bonr about 1698 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.
            Sarah married William HANSFORD 12 Feb 1725/1726 at St Paul's Parish, Stafford
            County, Virginia.

      2D.  Margaret DONIPHAN was born about 1700 in Richmond County, Virginia.  Margaret married
             Owen DERMOTT about 1720.  Margaret died before 5 Jun 1724 in King George County,

      2E.  Elizabeth DONIPHAN was born about 1702 in Richmond County, Virginia.  Elizabeth
            married Stephen HANSFORD about 1724 probably in King George County, Virginia were
            they lived.

      2F.  Anne DONIPHAN was born about 1704 in Richmond County, Virginia.

      2G.  Anderson DONIPHAN was born about 1706 in Richmond County, Virginia.  Anderson married
             Elizabeth GRANT and lived in King George County, Virginia.  Anderson died about 1761
             in King George County, Virginia.   

1A.  Alexander DONIPHAN and Susanna

      2H.  Annne DONIPHAN  married twice:
            (1) John CAVE    
            (2) Gyles TRAVERS


              3a.  Mary DONIPHAN was born in 1784 married Dr Anderson  KEITH son of John KEITH
                     and Margaret DONIPHAN
              3b.  Thomas DONIPHAN was born in 1787 in Fredericksburg,  married Rebecca FRAZEE
              3c.  George DONIPHAN was born  was born in 1790 married Mary Ann MARSHALL and 
                     settled in Augusta, Kentucky.
              3d.  Margaret DONIPHAN was born in 1792 in Kentucky  married John HOCKADAY
              3e.  Lucy DONIPHAN died young
              3f.  Susan Montgomery DONIPHAN was born in 1794 in Kentucky  married DrDr. Ephraim
              3g.  Matilda DONIPHAN  was born in 1805 married Edward THOMPSON
              3h.  Alexander  William DONIPHAN  was born 9  Jul 1808  moved to Missouri and married 
                     Elizabeth Jane THORNTON of Liberty,  Missouri.  Alexander was influential in the founding
                     of   William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri
       2h.  Anderson DONIPHAN was born 1764

 1a.  Alexander DONIPHAN's second wife was Catherine DOBBINS

     2a.  Alexander DONIPHAN Junior married Eleanor KING of
          King George County, Virginia.

4c  Elizabeth DONIPHAN married  William SMITH (Captain). He was born I5 Feb 1741 in Fauquier 
     County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth DONIPHAN daughter of  Capt Alexander DONIPHAN 
     in 1773.   William SMITH died 22 Jan 1803 in Fauquier County, Virginia.   William 
     inherited the home called Mt Eccentric. Elizabeth was born 12 Apr 1744 and died 15
     Jan 1809.  He was know as "Gentleman William SMITH"  From Hennings Statues  Volume 7
     page 74   "William SMITH,  now living in Fauquier  County, was a soldier and served in five or 
     six  campaigns in the First Virginia Regiment, was   wounded  in defending a fort in 
     October  1758.  During the greater  part of  that term he   served as a Sergeant.  Given under my 
     hand this 2nd day of February 1780.  Adam Stephen  L't. Colonel. Virginia Colonial Militia, Volume 2,    
     page 48 by Crozier  He served in the first company organized in Fauquier County, mustered in 1761 
     and is mentioned as  "William Smith,  Sr."  His brother in law, William served in the same
     company under Capt William Edmonds, 1761.  The will of Elizabeth Doniphan SMITH is
     found in Fauquier County Clerks office, Book B page 18, dated 3 Jan 1804 and recorded
     2 Jan 1809.
     3a.  Mary Waugh SMITH   was born 1 Jan 1775 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
     3b.  Ann  Anderson SMITH was born 7 Oct 1776  married Joseph DONIPHAN ) Captain.
          "She was a mere child when she married Joseph DONIPHAN" at age 16 about 1792.
     3c.  Walter Anderson SMITH was born 1779 in Fauquier County, Virginia.  He married
          Catherine MOREHEAD 22  Dec 1803 in Fauquier County, Virginia.  Walter died in 
          1845 in  Fauquier County, Virginia.  Catherine MOREHEAD was the daughter of Presley 
          MOREHEAD.  Walter died in  17 October  1845 at Mt Eccentric. He was buried in the family 
          graveyard as were his father and grandfather.   Walter married (2) Charlotte TRIPLETT  daughter of 
          Francis TRIPLETT daughter of   Francis TRIPLETT (Colonel)  9 Children.
          Walter Anderson SMITH 's will is in Will Book C page 372 dated 18 Mar 1844 in
          Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia.  "To each of his nine sons he gave 350 
          acres of land with a fine orchard complete.  Colonel R. A. McIntyre states that upon 
          abstracting titles he finds Walter Smith of "Mt Eccentric" was  one of the largest 
          landowners  and wealthiest planters of Virginia.
   3d.  William Rowley SMITH  was born 12 Feb 1781 in Fauquier County, Virginia.  William
         Rowley married Lucy BLACKWELL 21 Mar 1809 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
         Lucy BLACKWELL WAS born 3 May 1793 and died in 1879
    3e.  Joseph Doniphan SMITH was born 26 Oct 1782  in Fauquier County, Virginia
    3f.  Elizabeth Doniphan SMITH was born 30 Jul 1784  in Fauquier County, Virginia 
         married George DENEALE (Captain)
    3g.  Catherine Harrison SMITH was born 12 Jun 1789 in Fauquier County, Virginia.


1.  Joseph DONIPHAN was a Native of King George County, Virginia.  
    Joseph DONIPHAN married Anne SMITH  (sister of Walter SMITH(Colonel).

    2a.  Alexander W. DONIPHAN was born 9 July 1808 in Mason County,

Brothers John MOTT and George MOTT.

1a.  John MOTT of Sittingbourne Parish, Rappahannock died about
     17 Jan 1677-1678

1b.  George MOTT 

     2a.  Elizabeth MOTT married John FOSSAKER  Richmond County
          Wills and Inventory 1709-1717
          page 83.  Mrs Elizabeth FOSSAKER, inventory presented 
          by the executor  Mrs Eleanor Shippie, 4 Jun 1712.  (Elizabeth 
          FOSSAKER was the widower of John FOSSAKER and eldest 
          daughter of George MOTT.  MRC, p. 71.)

     2b.  Margaret MOTT married Captain Alexander DONIPHAN.

     2c.  Anna MOTT married John GLENDENNING

     2d.  Ellen MOTT married Mr. PIGG


Marriages of Richmond County, Virginia.
DONIPHAN, Alexander (Captain, Gentleman)  circa 1653-1717, widower, 
married (2) by 2 November 1691 Margaret Mott, second daughter of George 
MOTT, Gentleman, of Rappahannock County, patentee of thousands of acres 
of land in the North Neck of Virginia.  Margaret (MOTT) DONIPHAN
dieddied prior to 23 March 1709  DB#1, p.8; see also Essex County
DB#13, page 320 and 26T275-285, 28T226-238.
Second to:  Susannah______.  Alexander Doniphan left his will in 
Richmond County, Virginia written 20 Sep 1716 and proved 6 Feb 1716/7.
DB#1,p.8 see also Essex County DB #13, p. 320 and 26T275-285, 28T226.238.

1650  Alexander DONIPHAN was born probably in Spain.

1674  Alexander DONIPHAN immigrated to America.

1 Jun 1692 Sworn in as Justice of the Peace  Mr. Alexander Doniphan
      Richmond County, Virginia Order Book 1.

3 Mar 1693,  Deed of Alexander Donipahn and Margaret his wife, coheir
      with Elizabeth, Anne and Ellen, daughters of George Mott, of the
      County of Rappahannock(now Richmond) Gent. to William Colsten.
      William and Mary Quarterly, Richmond County Record 1708-9, Deed
      Book 1.

6 Mar 1704-1705.  William Tayloe, Colonel and Commander-in-Chief of 
      Richmond County in behalf of himself and the Militia within said 
      County, showeth several charges for services in August and September
      Also maongst them William Underwood, Captain of a company of foot 
      October,  1704,  Captain Alexander, Doiphan, Captain of a troop
      of horse in the upper part of Richmond County.  Virginia County Records, 
      Colonial Militia, Richmond County Order Book, 1651-1776, Book 2 page 100
      Virginia Historical Magazine, Vokume XXX, No. 4.

1702-1714  Richmond County, Virginia Captain Alexander DONIPHAN Justice
      of the Peace and Coroner

5 Aug 1712.  Grant to Captain Alexander Doniphan and Mr. Robert Doniphan of the 
      County of Richmond, for 482 acres dated August 5th, 1712.  Northern
      Neck Grant Books, Book 3 page 108.

20 Sep 1716  Captain Alexander Donipahn 20 September 1716, son Alexander-
      Virginia County Records, Volumme 11, William and Mary Quarterly.

1716  Alexander DONIPHAN Will probated in Richmond County Virginia 
         Book 3 page 297.  Will of Alexander DONIPHAN Richmond County Virginia Wills and 
         Inventories 1709-1717 Page 297 -  Alexander DONIPHAN, WILL; 20 Sep 1716, 6 Feb 1716/1717.
         Son Alexander 250 acres in the fork of Rappahannock bought of George
         Jones deceased, Stephen Boweing the other 180 acres of land joining 
         the aForesaid tract:  son Mott 180 acres out of a tract bought of 
         Joshua DAVIS being 330 acres lying back of my river land;  if he has 
        no heirsto go to grandson.  Giles Travers;  son Robert; daughter 
        Margaret 70 acres.  bought of Joshua Davis; daughter Elizabeth 
       remainder of 80 acres and her mother's wedding ring; wife Susannah, 
       having kept her estate apart and taken it to herself and desiring 
       nothing of mine...; daughter Ann; ex to give Mrs Mary BELFIELD a ring 
       of 12 shillings price;  ex: son Robert; wits:  Peter LOWD, Elias
       POWELL, Robert FASSAKER.  (Alexander Doniphan married his second
       wife Margaret MOTT, by Nov 1691; she died prior to Mar 1709.  MRC,
       page 57.

1723  Dermott, Owen (d.i., 1723), COB#1, P. 123: 7 June = Margaret Dermot, widow,
      came into court and made oath Owen Dermot, deceased, departed this life without
      making any will so far as she knows or believes... and administration is 
      granted to her on his estate.  Robert Doniphan, her brother, became her 
      security and on 5 July 1713 an inventory of the estate of Owen Dermot(t), 
      deceased, was recorded in I:#1, p. 27-28.

1724  Dermott, Margaret (d.i., 1724).  COB#1, p. 181:  1 May 1724 = Administration
      on her estate was granted to Robert Doniphan who gave bond and her estate was
      ordered to be appraised.  On 1 May 1724 Robert Doniphan gave his bond as 
      administrator of Margaret Dermott, deceased and on 5 Jun 1724 he returned her 
      inventory to court.  (BB#1, p2;  I#1, p. 38)  She was the daughter of Captain
      Aleander and Margaret (Mott) Doniphan and widow of Dermot(t) next below, who 
      appears on the King George County records 1721-1723.  On 1 April 1726 ther son 
      Mott Dermott, was apprenticed to his uncle Robert Doniphan (COB#1, p. 314) and he 
      voted in the 1751 Burgess election (DB#3, p. 467).

1732 Grant, William Junior d.t., 1732.  William Grant Junior was murdered in late 1732
     his widow Mary Grant. ....  By 2 Dec 1743 Elizabeth Grant, the elder daughter had
     married  (as his first wife) Anderson DONIPHAN, Gentleman (C.1720-1761) and shortly
     thereafter  Mary Grant, the younger daughter married William Wright of Prince William
     County and he was gentleman Justice of the Peace there in 1746.

23 October 1743  Will Book A1 Will of Robert Doniphan page 166-167
           In the Name of God Amen.  I Robert Donipahn of the Parish of Brunswick in the 
     county of King George being sick and weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory
     do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.
           Item:  I give and bequeath to my loving son Robert Doniphan two negro girls
     Dinah and Truelove and like wise a Negro man named Sam and two feather beds and furniture
     at the day of marriage and likewise sufficient schooling, those Negroes above mentioned 
     to him and his heirs forever.
           Item:  I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Ellen Doniphan three Negroes,
     Edinbourough, London and Kate and also a white servant woman named Isabella Gordon and 
     also a lease of ladn lying in the little fork of Rappahannock River in Orange County 
     and all the rest of my personal estate I give to her and her heirs forever.
           Item:  I give and bequeath to my loving nephew Mott Dearmitt all my wearing
           It is my desire that James Hackley and my loving wife Ellen Doniphan be Executor
     of this my last will and Testament, utterly revoking all former wills by me at any
     time made.  I do hereby acknowledge this my last will and testament as witness my hand
     and seale this Twenty Third day of October One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Three.

                                                   Robert Doniphan (her mark)
     William Underwood
     Elias Sharp
     Elizabeth (her X mark) Hackley
     At a Court held for King George County the 2d day of March 1743 (1743/4).
        The last will and Testament of Robert Doniphan, deceased was present into court by
     James Hackley and Ellen Doniphan, his Executors, who made oath thereto which was proved
     by the oath of the witnesses thereto and admitted to record, the said executors with 
     John Fox their security entered into bond in L500 for the same.
     Copa. test  Harry Turner Cl Cur.

28 Feb 1747 Doniphan, Anne married George White 4 Aug 1743 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford
County, Virginia.

5 Jan 1749  Anderson Doniphan and William Rowley WITNESSES to the will of Jeremiah
      Bronaugh.  Jno Glendening also a witness.

1752 Tax List King George County, Virginia
"The three Doniphans held large tracts of land in both Stafford and King George
Counties and lived alternatively in both counties."
Doniphan, Alexander
Doniphan, Anderson,
Doniphan, Mott

26 Feb 1754  Doniphan, Mary married Travers 

Tyler's Quarterly Magazine Volume 26 1944-1945 page 280.

(1)  Alexander Doniphan was born previous to 1716, his grand father Captain Alexander Doniphan so indicating in his will.  Captain Doniphan bequeathed two tract of land to his son Mott and  othis second son that shall be borne the reversionary interest in the said land, thus indicating Mott already had one son but it was not the grand fathers intention that he shoud inherit any of the land which he bequeather his fahter.  The only reason the compiler can ascribe to this action is that Captain Doniphan knew his son Mott had married an heiress and that the eldes son of this couple would inherit a goodly land estate from his mother and it was his desire to provide for  the second son of Mott althought he had not yet been born.  Perhaps Captain Alexander Doniphan used this same reasoning when he failed to bequeath his son Robert any land, being aware he wsa the eldest son and heir of Margaret Mott Doniphan he was already entitled to a vast acreage; he therefore left the land in  which he had a fee simple estate to his other children.

Alexander Doniphan was raised in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, where he married 17 Jun 1740 Mary Waugh daughter of Joseph Waugh and Mary (Crosby) Waugh.  From her father she inherited 1176 acres on Potomac Creek, while her husband was possed of a considerable landed estate by inheritance and purchase in the counties of Stafford and King George.

On 4 Apr 1757  Mott Doniphan for love and affection deeded to his son Alexander my plantation in Fairfax county on Dogue Run now in the possession and occupation of Benjamin Ewell"...."being part of a patent formerly granted to John Matthews on 13 Oct 1694 for 2466 acres.Stafford Count Deed Book P page 142.
Space will not permit further reference to documents relating to Alexander
Doniphan.  He died in Stafford County in 1768 his will being recorded now in the now missing Will Book N page 37.  We are fortunate to have a copy preserved in the suite paper Doniphan vs Doniphan which pended before the Superior Court of Chancery for the Fredericksburg District.

Mary Waugh (Doniphan) died previous to 1785.   Stafford County D.B. S page 307.

Tyler's Quarterly Magazine Volume 25 1944-1945 page 278
III.  Mott Doniphan was the second son of Captain Alexander and Margaret
(Mott) Doniphan.  Stafford County C.Order Book #1 page 55. By inheritance he was entitled to a vast acreage in King George and Stafford counties and by virture of his marriage with Rosannah, daughter of Captain George and Mary Mathews Anderson of Potomac Creek, Stafford, he had a courtesy right in considerable other land on Potomac Creek, Overwharton Parish.  While documentary evidence is lacking, the indication are that Mott Doniphan and Rosannah Anderson were married circa 1710.

On 1 May 1747 Mott Doniphan(Stafford County Book P page 142 and Z page 201). purchased from Thomas Stubblefield and Ellen, his wife lage widow of Robert Doniphan Junior deceased all her dower right in her said deceased husbands deceased estate. (King George County D B #3 page 180.  On 5 Jun 1747 Mott doniphan of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Count, "for love and affection he bears to his son Anderson Doniphan(Stafford Record Book Z page 392). he deeds him one half of the plantation whereon my brother Robert Doniphan lated lived and which descended to me by the death of my nephew Robert Doniphan lying and being in Brunswick Parish, King George County.  King George County Deed Book #3 page 182.  Mott Doniphans appears frequently on the King George and Stafford county records but space will not permit further abstracts from those records.

The name of Mott Doniphan appears upon a panel on the galler of Aquia Church, Overwharton Parish, in a list of vestrymen for the year 1757 being the year the present church was constructed.

Rosannah (Anderson) Doniphan predeceased her husband.  The will of Mott Doniphan was of record in Stafford county Will Book N 1767-1783 page 333, now missing, however, the chancery suit Doniphan vx Doniphan states Mott died in "anteriour to 7 Oct 1776", and from his position of the will in Book "N" the writer believes this approximately the date of his death.  No copy or abstract of the will of Mott Doniphan has been located, however there is ample evidence that he had two sons both of whom predeceased him and Overwharton Parish Register records the marriages of two Misses Doniphans who are logically his daughter there being no other mail of this name eligible to be their father.

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