Edwards Family

15 Jun 1998 John W. Edwards has submitted his family for your review. Please correspond with John should you be able to add to his information. Thanks - John Edwards

Begining in 1850 I found my gg-grandfather Benjamin Edwards, (Jr) living in the 
Ashby District  of Fauquier county.  Most of these people were farmers (English 
planters) who lived and worked on their farms.  Most families had many children by 
today’s standards. 
It appears that many people married their neighbors and, I’m sure, some of their own 
cousins, as people never left their towns and farms. 

Benjamin had a neighbor who was a farmer and a preacher.  A. H. Bennett. 
He  married my g-grandmother and g-grandfather in 1869.  Some of the Edwards’ 
neighbors had surnames such as Rector, Blackwell, Shumate, Suthard, Oliver, 
Brooks,  and Bennett, just to name a few. 

As well as I have put it together the lineage went as follows: 

Benjamin Edwards married Susan Suthard  in 1825.  They had issue: 

Granville       b. 1828            Sarah F.      b. 1842 
John              b. 1832            Henry F.      b.  1844 
Joseph H.     b. 1834            Martha E.    b. 1846 
Eliza J.          b. 1838            James H.    b.  1847 
Inman            b. 1840 

The two people that I have found are my greatuncle Inman and my g-granfather 
Henry.   Inman  R. Edwards fought in the civil war and survived.  He drew a pension 
in 1888, and I believe he still lived in the area at that time. 

Henry married Ricey Brooks daughter of William M. and Emily Brooks, another 
Fauquier farming family (and neighbor).  Their brood was as follows: 

Susan            b. 1829 or 30                     Lucy       b. 1839 
Louisan          b 1831                               Henry     b.  1842 
Polly (or Patty)  b. 1833 or 34                     Samuel  b.  1843 
Thortin             b. 1835                              Ricey     b. 1846 
Barnett            b. 1837 

I found that Barnett later married a Mahala F. Edwards Jan 5, 1860. 

Henry and Ricey were married in Fauquier Co Dec. 30 1869 He 23, she 22. 
His occupation is farmer .  Married by A. H. Bennett  Fauquier  County marriage 
register Vol 7, 1854-1906 Reel 68 

Henry and Ricy had 3 children: 

Ella Edwards 
Ida Edwards 
Nelson F. Edwards my grandfather. 

Its possible a move to Stafford was made about this time (1890) 

Nelson married a most wonderful woman Fannie Lillian Young of Falmouth, Va. 
They had 3 children: 

Josephine Ricey 
Mary Nelson Sedonia 
John Franklin Edwards, my father who married Edith Whattaker. 

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