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1a.  Nathaniel Hedgman was a large land owner in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.
We know that he died in 1721 in Accokeek, Virginia.  He had two sons and one
daughter as far as we know to date.
      2a.  Elizabeth Betty HEDGMAN was born about 1702 in Virginia.  She married
             William TRIPLETT about 1723 in Virginia.  She died after 1733 in Charles
             County, Maryland.TRIPLETT Family
             Also see Harman Utterback
      2b.  Nathaniel HEDGMAN was born before 1715 and lived in Old Rappahanock
             County, Virginia.
      2c.  Peter HEDGMAN was born before 1715 and lived in Old Rappahannock
             County, Virginia.  His wife name was Margaret.

1715 - Nathaniel HEDGMAN, 750 acres on the north side of the Rappahannock River.  
His two sons, Peter and Nathaniel Junior, in 1724 increased this holding to 4,800 acres 
by taking grants on the north side.  The Hedgman acquisitions on the North Fork of the 
Rappahannock was soon to be come known by Hedgman's name and the quarter established 
by his sons between Tin Pot and the River below the mouth of Great run survived as a
landmark late into the century.

Rappahannock - North Fork of the Rappahannock becamse know as Hedgman's River in 
1715 when Nathaniel Hedgman patented two large areas on the north side.  In later this fork
was called Rappahannock and the South Fork distinguished as Rapidan.  Rappahannock means 
"Quick Rising  Waters".

1729 Peter Rout, 714 acres on both sides of the Great Runon the north side of 
Rappahannock river, adjoining Nathaniel's where his names survives as Rout's hill,
a small settlement shown on modern maps near the south of Great Run.

Abstracts of the Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys

King George County, Virginia

Nathaniel Hedgman, no wart, survd 29 Jun 1724, a tract laid off for his brother, Mr Peter
Hedgman and other half for Capt Thomas Hooper, 26 Mar 1719, 2025 acres on Nort side of
Rappa at the Lt Fork adjacent Peter Hedgman and near  Joseph Chambers.  Surv John Savage
Filed in Oversize Box.

Mr Peter Hedgman of Stafford; no wart survd, 29 Jun 1724; it being  of a surv made for Capt
Thomas Hooper, 16 Mar 1719 the other half laid off for Nathaniel Hedgman, brother of Peter;
2,025 acres on North Side Rappa at the Lt Fork,  Tinn-Pott run adjacent Joseph Chambers and Nathaniel Hedgman, deceased and now in possession of said Peter his son.  Surv. John Savage, Filed in oversized

  • Fauquier County Deed Book 7 (1778-1783) by John K. Gott the following:

    Pages 381-387. 17 September 1781. Division. Between JOHN HEDGMAN of Stafford Co., Gent., grandson and heir at law of Peter Hedgeman, late of sd. Co., dec'd. and Catherine, his wife and Robert Knox of Charles Co., MD., Gent., William Know of Culp. Co., Gent. and Alexander Knox, late of Va. by the sd. Wm. Knox his atty. in fact .. Peter Hedgeman was possessed in his lifetime of a considerable estate, real and personal, in counties of Stafford and Fauquier .. did make his last Will and Testament .. 29 Nov. 1764 .. gave all lands in S'ford & 27 slaves .. unto his son the sd. William Hedgeman and heirs of his body and in default to John Knox of Falmouth, Merchant .. and to his grandson .. John Hedgeman .. 5 and no more .. and did give 8 slaves and all his land adjoining and below the Marsh Run .. in Fauq. Co. .. to sd. John Knox in fee simple and remainder to his son William entail .. and died soon after .. William Hedgeman by his ..will..dated 8 June 1765 & rec. in S'ford Co. did give to his nephew the sd. John Hedgeman, 5 s. and the remainder of his Estate to sd. John Knox and the sd. William Knox and their heirs .. John Knox by his last .. will .. dated 1 Feb. 1768 .. rec. in S'ford Co. .. residue of estate left him by sd. Peter Hedgeman to his three brothers .. Robert, William and Alexander Knox to be equally divided amongst them .. And Whereas disputes have arisen and Law suits commenced bet. the parties with regard to their title to the Estate of .. Peter Hedgeman and William Hedgeman .. in order to put an end .. to all which controversies .. the sd. Robert Knox and William Knox and on behalf of their Bro. Alexander .. have agreed with sd. John Hedgeman to give up and relinquish to him the sd. John Hedgeman .. one full half or moiety of the estate of sd. Peter Hedgeman his Grandfather after deducting the legacies given by the will of Peter Hedgeman and John Knox .. and deducting debts .. of the Estates .. and John Hedgeman to give up his right and claim to estates of his grandfather and uncle .. by agreement dated 6 July 1779 .. rec. in S'ford. Co. .. parties have chosen William Grant, Thomas Mountjoy and Elijah Threlkeld, Gent. to make partition and assign to John Hedgeman his moiety .. estate in S'ford Co. supposed to contain 1000 acres, (+/-) .. 2380 acres in Fauquier Co., part of larger tract of land which sd. Peter Hedgeman died possessed .. lying on the north fork of Rappahannock River and Tin Pot Run .. 35 Negro slaves .. Knox brothers have conveyed to John Hedgeman, in fee simple, .. arbitrators have laid out land and allotted moiety to Knox Bros. .. except 500 acres of same devised by Peter Hedgeman to Margaret McCormac, wife of Stephen McCormac .. Also the whole of a tract of land adjoining to and below the Marsh Run .. called Summer Duck and the 36 slaves .. John Hedgeman and Catherine, his wife .. to Robert, William and Alexander Knox .. the residue or balance of sd. tract of land lying on north fork of Rappahannock River and Tin Pot Run after deducting the 2380 acres conveyed to sd. John Hedgeman and 500 acres to McCormacs which resiidue is supported to be 1981 acres .. tract below Marsh Run called Summerduck ...3000 acres and slaves. Signed: John Hedgeman, Catherine Hedgeman Witnesses: Andrew Buchanan, Anthony McKitterick, Daniel Payne, John Horner, David Sharp. Recored: 25 March 1782, with Cert. to examine Catherine Hedgeman by James Pendleton, John Wiggenton and William McClanaham, Gent. of Culp. Co., dated 25 March 1782. ACK: by John Hedgeman

    Pages 393-399. 17 September 1781. Division. Bet. Robert Knox of Charles Co., MD., Gent. and Rose Townsend, his wife and William Knox of Culpeper Co., Gent. as well in his own right as surviving Exor. of Peter Hedgeman and of William Hedgeman, late of S'ford. Co., dec'd., and also as atty-in-fact for his brother William Knox now beyond sea and Susanna, his wife of sd. William Knox, and John Hedgeman of S'ford. Co., Gent., grandson and heir at law of the said Peter Hedgeman and Nephew and heir at law of the sd. William Hedgeman [recites same history as deed recorded on pages 381-387] gives metes and bounds of John Hedgeman's allocation .. [mentions]: Cattail Branch .. Rappahannock River at mouth of Deep Branch .. corner to George Williams and along his lines .. cor. to Hedgeman, Williams and Hancock Lee's (formerly Nathaniel Hedgeman's Lands) .. Paul Williams's fence .. cor. to Marr and Hedgeman .. Tin Pot Run .. John Anderson's Cabbin .. dividing cor. bet. John Hedgeman and Alexander Knox .. (and division of slaves) .. Signed: Robert Knox, William Knox, Susanna Knox, Alexander Knox by Wm. Knox his Attorney. Wits: As to Wm. & Alex'r. Knox; And'w. Buchanan, Dan'l. Paynee, John Horner, Anthony McKitterick, David Sharp. As to Robt. Knox: And'w Buchanan, Robt. Lawson, Daniel Triplett, Luc Mackintosh, William McClanaham, Gent., of Culp. Co., to examine Rose Townsend Knox and Susanna Knox, 10 Oct. 1781, from H. Brook, Clerk, returned with Cert. Rec: 25 March 11782, and 22 April 1782, proved by oath of Daniel Triplett (as to Robert Knox)

    Pages 122-126. 25 September 1783. B & S. Bet. John Hedgeman, Esq. & Catherine, his wife of Stafford Co. and Cleon Moore of the Town of Colchester, Fx. Co. .. atty. at law .. 500 .. tract .. cor. to John Lears Lott .. s. side of Long Branch .. Grasty's cor. .. mouth of Piny Branch in the dividing line bet. Hedgman & Knox .. Hedgman's Quarter .. cor. to Charles Duncan's Lott .. line of Hedgman, Lee & Jenings .. 500 acres .. part of large Tract gained by John Hedgman by a late settlement bet. him and Robert & William Knox which they gained by devises from Peter & William Hedgman .. Signed: Jno. Hedgman, Catherine Hedgman Wits: John Wigginton, Charles Duncan, James Muschett, William Freeman, James Routt, Nathaniel ELkins Comm. to examine Catherine Hedgman to Thomas Mountjoy, William Hewett, rousy Peyton of Staff. Co., Gent. Rec: 27 April 1784, proved by oath of James Muschell. 28 June 1784, proved by oath of Wm. Freeman & Chas. Duncan.

    8. WILLIAM(6) TRIPLETT {WILLIAM(5), FRANCIS(4), FRANCIS(3), FRANCIS(2), JOHN(1)} was born 1697 in King George County, Virginia, and died Abt 1749 in Prince William County, Virginia. He married (1) // POPHAM. He married (2) ELIZABETH HEDGMAN Abt 1723, daughter of Nathaniel Hedgman. NOTES: Died in Prince William County, will dated May 10, 1748 (Culpeper County Deed Book A, page 258). Copy found in Land Cause Book of Prince William County, 1789-93, pages 33-36. Will proved April 24, 1749 in Prince William County, Virginia. Children of William Triplett and Elizabeth Hedgman are: a. ELIZABETH TRIPLETT was born about 1724 , m. John CRUMP. Elizabeth Triplett CRUMP died after 1789 in Fauquier County, Virginia. b. JOHN TRIPLETT, b. Abt 1726, of Stafford County, Virginia; d. Abt 1790, Culpeper, County, Virginia. John TRIPLETT married Lucy ABBETT. Lucy ABBETT was the daughter of Roger ABBETT and Ann WADDINGTON. c. THOMAS TRIPLETT, b. November 25, 1727; d. April 1778, Culpeper, County, Virginia. Thomas TRIPLETT married Hannah CLAIBORNE. d. NATHANIEL TRIPLETT, b. 1733 Abt 1753, Prince William County, Virginia. e. FRANCIS TRIPLETT, b. 1728, Culpeper County, Virginia; d. 1794, Fauquier County, Virginia. Francis TRIPLETT married Benedicta Hedgman SENNETT 17 Mar 1758 f. JAMES TRIPLETT, b. 1733-1734; d. Bef May 21, 1785, Prince William County, Virginia. James TRIPLETT married Sarah Jane PIERCE Sep 1769 g. DANIEL TRIPLETT, b. Abt 1744; m. CATHERINE. Daniel died after 1771. Daniel lived in Prince William County, Virginia. h. SARAH TRIPLETT born about 1739 married (1)Willliam FARROW about 1766. (2) Thomas THORPE i. WILLIAM TRIPLETT, b. Bef May 10, 1748, King George County, Virginia; d. 1768, Prince William County, Virginia j. ANNIE TRIPLETT. k. Peter TRIPLETT
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