Jim Burgess Thoughts May 23, 1999

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Our computers and USGENWEB project gives family history researchers, genealogists and historians a unique opportunity to assist each other in Family History. It is my desire to make this a wonderful place for each of us to visit and exchange information about Fauquier County and our families who lived there. I need your HELP in this endeavor. If you can add to or correct information on this site please let me know. - Jim Burgess

Some of these projects are overwhelming. The 1850 Census Project, Place Names Project, Where they came from project, and others of your choice will benefit everyone.

Please understand that I cannot answer every email that is sent to me that require my doing your family research. I would love to do that; however, I would be taking the excitement and blessing away from you.


  • 1. Provide a site for Family History and Genealogist to visit and exchange information.
  • 2. Provide a space for Family History Queries to be exchanged.
  • 3. Share Book resources that are available in the market place.
  • 4. Provide this service for NO CHARGE.
  • 5. We do support donations to Rootsweb a non profit organization for offering free web space to USGENWEB masters and family genealogist.

    Goals of this Fauquier County, Virginia USGENWEB Site

  • 1. Assist genealogist to find sources of information on Fauquier County.
  • 2. List and announce publications that AUTHORS have diligently published.
  • 3. Assist those authors in selling their publications for NO CHARGE.
  • 3. Assist the Fauquier County Historical Society and the Fauquier County Heritage Society to reach their goals and objectives.
  • 4. To preserve and share information on Fauquier County, Virginia.
  • 5. Provide a unique way to opportunities to organize and post data for genealogist to use.
  • 6. Working on your Family History requires that each of us research our own family and document the information to be the best of our abilities. This is not a site where others will do your research; although, that may happen from time to time.
  • 7. We want to provide a place where Fauquier County, Virginia family web sites can be easily found and searched.
  • 8. We support genealogist in developing their own Family Web Sites. Cyndi's Howell's HTM site is posted next to the family Web Site section, to assist you in that effort.
  • 9. We do not want to post copyrighted information; however, we do want to post information that will assist others. Should anyone find something they feel is copyrighted on this site please let me know so that we can discuss the subject.

  • Recently we have some wonderful new Genealogy Tools available.
  • Item 1 - Family Search
  • Item 2 - Place Names in Fauquier
  • Item 3 - Where did they go?
  • Item 4 - Where did we come from?
  • Item 5 - Gen Connect is a wonderful source for all genealogist!