Fauquier County, Virginia Lookups

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Fauquier County, Virginia Lookups

Send an email  to Jim Burgess if you have material you'd be willing to share, or know of books available on Fauquier County. Virginia

Rules for Lookup Volunteers

Researchers should not ask lookup volunteers, to violate copyright laws in responding to requests for lookups in any copyrighted material. We are to look up simple short look up offers!

You may read about copyrights copyrights

Rules for Lookup Requests

Mention the name of the book in your message.

Make your requests for lookup limited in scope.

PLEASE be specific & reasonable in your request - giving full name, parents, dates, and any other pertinent info that you may have. Do not ask for all the information you have on a surname, with no dates, names, etc. Do not play games asking for information for which you already have information. Our volunteers time is just as valuable as yours!

The more information you send, the better chances of a successful lookup. Our volunteers are just that they are volunteers, who must be able to find your information and return it to you in a reasonable period of time. They are doing this to help you and are not responsible to build your entire family tree. Should you get demanding and angry volunteers are instructed to ignore your request! I know none of you would do this! Being polite goes a long way! Thanks

In addition we encourage all researchers to:

  • 1. Build your own library of Fauquier County, Virginia books.
  • 2. Order the books through inter-library loan or your LDS Family History Center.
    Fauquier County, Virginia Books

    Fauquier Books

    Library of Virginia


  • Pat Duncan

    "Fauquier County Virginia Death Register 1853-1896" By Patricia B. Duncan, 1998, Willow Bend Books

  • Pat Duncan

    "Fauquier County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions" by Nancy Chappelear Baird, 1970, Virginia Book Co.

  • Valerie Holmes Thomas

    Fauquier Families 1759-1799 Comprehensive indexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds, and Minute, Deed and Will Books, and others. By John P. Alcock Iberian Publishing Company 548 Cedar Creek Drive Athens, Georgia 30605-3408

  • Pam Digges

    "Fauquier County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions" Volumes 1 and 2 By Nancy Baird, Carol Jordan and Joseph Scherer; published 2000 by Heritage Books, Inc. Bowie, MD 20716

  • Pam Digges

    "Fauquier County, Virginia 1759 - 1959" By Fauquier County Bicentennial Committee 1959, Virginia Publishing, Inc. Warrenton, VA

    Family Histories

  • Jim Burgess

    The History and Genealogy of the Utterback Family in America, 1622-1937 by William I. Utterback, A.M. Marshall College, Huntington, West Virginia 1937 republished 1987 Early American Families, P.O. Box 1422 D.T.S. Omaha, Nebraska 68101-1422

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