"Poor House"

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Seems like we have some cousins identifying themselves see below. Just a few observations. The Heflin Moffet Cemetery is a ways down the road from Marshall. Is the cemetery on the site of the Allison Farm on Rt 691?

  • Was the Thomas Cockrill home near where the Heflin Moffett Cemetery now sits. Unfortunately, there is not much left there. I believe that this cemetery is Holy Ground in that is where Cockrill, Ball, Bailey, Moffett, Hinson, Heflin and probably other family are buried. Do we have a picture of the Thomas Cockrill home or Thomas? Do we know where the foundation of the home is? Any comments on the above?
  • I would like to echo the question. How do we know Letty was blind?

  • Does any one have a copy of the Pension Application for Edward Ball and Letty
  • Jim, What can you tell us about the "Free State"?
  • Sorry for the disorganization!! Trying to figure out how to organize this information. If some one can reorganize this better that would be great. I want to use this as an example in the Place Names section of our Fauquier County site. Jim Burgess
    Poorhouse is located in Leeds, equidistant and NW of Warrenton, and  S 
    of Marshall. It is midway between South Branch (of Carter's Run) and 
    Carter's Run itself. That's going to be real difficult to follow without a 
    detailed map I'm afraid. Depends too upon the tilt of the map.
    George Hinson, s/o James Hinson and Polly Dulin, owned land adjacent to 
    Poorhouse, which was subject to a law suit a few years back which was 
    (believe it or not) based upon the Marshall brothers buying the leaseholds 
    of the Fairfax family in the early 1800s. Thus Poorhouse lies within the 
    famous "Free State" of Fauquier.
    Jim Ball
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  • Jim Ball
  • Jeanne Barton
  • Jim Burgess
  • M. L. Morgan
  • Willis P. Oliver
    By Pat Oliver
    One of my Fauquier OLIVERs, Hezekiah OLIVER, was apparently the Fauquier
    County Poorhouse keeper in 1820 (see the 1820 Federal Census.) This man
    later moved to Maury County TN (ca 1827) and was a school teacher.
    Can anyone point me to the Fauquier County records which might tell me more
    about this man, how he came to have that post, when he was appointed, where
    the "poorhouse" was located, etc. Also, is there any connection between the
    Fauquier county Poorhouse and the community/town recently discussed on this
    You directions are perfect .  I hadn't thought about that land
    falling in Leeds, interesting point.  Letty Rosser Ball would not have
    lived there until 1814 or so, but that's not to say other family members
    were not in the area earlier.  She purchased land, but probably lived
    with someone else when she first returned from KY.     I see Free State
    Rd on the map, running just west of the Poorhouse Creek.  Where would
    the Leeds boundary line be in this area?  One book says Rev James
    Thompson was the minister of Leeds, the glebe being on Little River,
    near The Plains.  That's pretty far east.   
      Now, Edward and Letty's dau. Nancy Alice Ball was born "on Carter's
    Run."  I think another dau. m. a Hinson [don't have my records nearby at
    the moment].  Nancy m. Henry Bailey [probable of Joseph, of Carr Bailey]
    1817.  I can't remember if any of the family married Dulins, but I know
    the name is everywhere they are.  Dulins wit. a couple of family deeds. 
      My aunt's notes show Nancy & Henry's dau. Leticia/Letty Bailey
    Cockrill is buried at Allison Farm, Rt 691, near Marshall [Moffett-
    Heflin Cem.]   Henry's bro. Carr m. Elizabeth Cockrill 1828, and Henry's
    dau. Leticia Bailey m. 1848 Thomas [John Thomas?] Cockrill.  It is this
    Leticia's tombstone that says she was a member of the Old School Baptist
      On the death register 1895, Leticia [Bailey] Cockrill is listed at
    Little Georgetown, as is her son Thomas [maybe she lived with him].   I
    suspect Leticia Bailey was a member of the Upper Broad Run Baptist
    Church, formed 1838, as "primitive Baptist," breaking away from Broad
    Run Bapt. Ch. at New Baltimore.   I haven't tried to find these records.
    I'm presuming "old school" and "primitive" to be one and the same. [? ]
      You are saying there was a law suit in recent years that related to
    the Marshall land coup?  Wow... 
      Good grief - my 1st Letty was blind?  No, I didn't know that!  [your
    latest note just came through - changes some of the stuff I said above,
    so disregard when necessary, as I don't feel like re-writing this book
       I have a document that shows Letty buying land after she returns -
    I'll find that - and, I will post her will [I want Jim to put the will
    on the Fauquier website, anyhow]. She is far from rich, but doesn't
    appear poor, either.    If you don't mind, I'm going to continue to
    bounce some things off you, for your critique.  I want to go to Fauquier
    in a couple of weeks, and need to have my fuzzy brain sorted out, so I
    accomplish something.    Ca 1982-3 my aunt gave me a tour of the family
    areas, and I want to try to retrace that trip.  The Thomas Cockrill farm
    was still there, and I would recognize it if I find it.  Its around the
    curve from a  church, it could have been the Episcopal church, Lil'
    Geo'town.  I'll know it when I see it.   
    thanks for all your info - very interesting!  [how did you find out
    about Letty being blind?]  

    It seems that Jim Ball, Jeanne Barton, Jim Burgess and Pat Oliver are cousins. All descended from Edward BALL and Letty Ball.