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Fauquier County Virginia Queries

PLEASE NOTE Queries will be accepted as long as they meet standards of good taste, are polite and are relevant to Fauquier County. For example, queries on people who did not live in Fauquier County will not be acknowledged, in order to save space and time for those with legitimate research concerns.

Burgess, Cockrill, Bailey, Utterback, Bashaw, Bradley, Ball, Minter, Perkins, Crump, Johnson, Shumate, Smith, Anderson, Moffett in Fauquier County, Virginia
Jim Burgess
31 Dec 1996 William Family in Fauquier County. Jonas William married Honour. Did they come from Westmoreland County, Virginia? Suzanne Sowell. suzanne@sat.net
29 Dec 1996 Brown Family in Fauquier County. Coleman Brown. A James Brown born in Virginia about 1783 and died in Morgan County, Kentucky in 1850. He married Emily Clow. They named their first son Coleman Brown. Will exchange information on Coleman Brown. Gary D. Lewis glewis@mis.net
29 Dec 1996 HopperHarmon Hopper born about 1760 in Fauquier County, Virginia died 28 Feb 1844 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Harmon married Sarah Cole in Orange County, North Carolina. Sjcfamorg@aol.com
26 Dec 1996 Jones-LondonThomas Murphy Jones married Mary Chowan London and lived in New Hanover County, North Carolina. Christening record in St James Espicopal Church in Wilimington, North Carolina states that children were born in Fauquier County, Virginia. Ann Wright Jones (1865-1870), Troy Jones (1867-1893), Albert Jones (1869- ) Mary Pembroke Jones (1872-1881), Robert London Jones (1874- ), Emily London Jones (1876-1881) Annie Campbell Jones (1878 - ) Is there an Episcopal Church in Fauquier County? stirkk@juno.com
25 Dec 1996 O'Rear Family John O'Rear sons, Jeremiah, Benjamin, Jesse, Enoch, Daniel, John, William; daughters: Mollie, Betsy, Patsy. My great grandfather William Harrison O'Rear. Linda Smallwood
23 Dec 1996 Winn, Conner Searching family of Mrs. Margaret Conner who died intestate in Culpepper County, in 1761. Children William Connor of Caroline County who married Sarah Rogers. 2 Frances Williams, 3. James Connor married Elizabeth Zimmerman, 4. Hannah Conner who married William Wood 4. Margaret Connor who married Minor Winn who left will dated 1778 in Fauquier County, Virginia. 5. Sarah Connor who married Willaim Kelly who died in 1751 in Culpepper County. 6. Ann Connor married William Kelly who died in Culpeper Co 1751. Anne Baker
21 Dec 1996 Risden - Kirby William J. Risden married Mary Kirby 5 Jul 1851 in Fauquier County, William J. Riden born in Princes George County, Maryland. William J. Risden member of Warrenton Rifles buried in Warrenton Cemetery. Sons Charles W. Risdon and William H Risdon lived in Warrenton, Virginia. John Risden jonpegr@peganet.com
19 Dec 1996 Chunn, Hereford, Sowers Seeking information on Andrew Chunn who died in 1846 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Who was his first wife? Their daughter Ann Massie Chunn married William Ansley Hereford. Andrew Chunn second wife was Sally Sowers (widow). Regina RoperHXKTO3B@prodigy.com
12 Dec 1996 Douglas, George, JordanNeed Proof for Sarah Elizabeth George who married Edward Douglas (born 3 Nov 1713) who lived in Fauquier County, Virginia. Sarah Elizabeth married Edward Douglas about 1740. Sarah Elizabeth was the daughter of John George and Mary Jordan. Floy Adkisson fadkisso@ktc.com
10 Dec 1996 Keyes, Cochran and CummingsSearching for David Keyes who died in 1788 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Was his wife Margaret. Margaret married Nathan Cochran in 1789 after David Keyes died. David Keyes and Margaret had a daughter Naomi who married Levi Cummings in 1798 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Judy Howingtonjlh@tusc.net
7 Dec 1996 Whitly and Hand Francis Whitly married Elizabeth Hand 11 Mar 1807 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Francis Whitly in 1810 Fauquier County Census. Descendants moved to Jackson County, Alabama Working on all Whitly in the Fauquier County Area. Josephine Bass. jbass@digital.net
5 Dec 1996 William Wright born 1 Nov 1740 probably in Prince William County, Virginia. William married Mary ???? (1st Marriage) Their son John(born 25 Sep 1768) married Ann Mason 3 Nov 1780 William married Elizabeth ???(2nd Marriage) Their son David and Elizabeth were married Dec 1768 William Wright wrightd1@scinet.net
4 Dec 1996 Burdette/Burdett/Burdit lived in Culpeper County may be related to Fauquier County, Virginia Burdett?? keown@evansville.net
16 Nov 1996 Minter, Pendleton, CarterAnthony Minter born about 1770 in Fauquier County, Virginia married Judith Pendleton daughter of Daniel Pendleton and Sarah Carter. Charles Minter was the son of Anthony Minter and Judith Pendleton. Charles Minter married Mary T. Alexander
16 Nov 1996 Triplett and GennMary Triplett (daughter of William TRIPLETT and Mary) married James Genn Junior(Fairfax Surveyor) in 1787 in Fauquier County, Virginia. James Genn son of James Genn Senior. They lived at the foot of Rattlesake Mountain until they moved to Nelson County, Kentucky in 1797. jrabun@ix.netcom.com
12 Nov 1996 Downing and HudnallAlexander Hudnall married Sarah Ann Downing and moved to Scotland County, Missouri in the 1840's ekfred@execpc.com
7 Nov 1996 Day, Deh Amri Day ? Deh found in Fauquier County, Virginia tax list 1759 to 1783. Is he related to Jacob Day of Loudoun or Will and Lewis Day of Hampshire County, Virginia diller@Bayou.UH.EDU
22 Oct 1996 Mitchell & Eddens Orlinda MITCHELL married John Eddens 3 Aug 1815 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Orlinda was the daughter of John Mitchell who may have died in Fauquier County. Orlinda died in Warren County, Virginia in 1870 Willing to share information. MrQuotes@aol.com
21 Oct 1996 Bailey, Barnes, Cole, Modesitt, Hardesty Seeking information John Bailey who married Elizabeth Barnes 1 Jan 1793 in Fauquier County. Was John Bailey's father James Bailey and was Elizabeth Barnes father Daniel Barnes? random@stlnet.com
21 Oct 1996 Kirkpatrick, Feagan Seeking information on William Kirkpatrick who lived near Hopewell, Fauquier County in 1787 married (1) Mary Feagin 23 Nov 1786 married (2) Mary Crupper 1817; died in 1829 at Hopewell. In 1793 William bought land on Fornication Creek in Bull Run Mountains near Hopewell. Where and when was William Kirkpatrick born? Who were his parents? Was John Kirpatrick of Prince William County, Virginia? Tom Kirkpatrick
20 Oct 1996 Kenner Interested in two Kenner Families of Fauquier County, Virginia. First William Kenner and Rodham Kenner. Second Howson Kenner Would like to exchange information and willing to share. Ron ronk@planet.ho.att.com
17 Oct 1996 Doniphan, Waugh Looking for descendants of Alexander Doniphan and Mary Waugh married about 1840 lived near Germantown. Large family William, George, Elizabeth married William SMITH, Joseph Doniphan married Ann Smith, Margaret married John Keith, Mary married Dr. Anderson Keith, and others. Alexander William Doniphan influential in founding of William Jewell College in Liberty Missouri. Trying to locate living descendants. Kenette Harder harderk@william.jewell.edu
15 Oct 1996 Barnett Seeking information on Judith Neavill married to Ambrose Barnett. She was the daughter of George Neavill that owned the mill and ordinary. Did she die childless leaving Ambrose to marry another who would become my ggggrandmother or was she the mother of Achilles Gibbs Barnett
15 Oct 1996 Ball, Dodd, Dulin, Smith, Sutphin, Tharpe/Thorpe, Hughlett, and Hinson Will share information on the Ball family of Carter's Run, Fauquier County, Virginia. Jim Ball jball@sprynet.com
14 Oct 1996 Templeman, Hume, Grant Fielding Templeman married Hannah Page in 1802 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Their son Willis Hume married Ann Susan Grant. Edward Templeman born about 1750 married Sylphia Dearing. Son Fielding Templeman born 1780 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Any help will be appreciated. Tristan Williams trisw@ljcrf.edu
10 Oct 1996 Swartz, Anderson Wanted information on Barnet Swarts and wife Jane found in the 1800 Fauquier County, Virginia Tax List. Also John Anderson was born 1752 and married Deborah Swartz. trichard@apex.net
8 Oct 1996 Smith, Huffman, Coram Genealogy puzzle on John Smith, Landon Huffman, Lydia Huffman, Elias Coram. Is Elias Coram a descendant of Champ Coram? Lived in Fauquier County late 1700's to 1820's. Will gladly exchange information. Floyd D. Ragsdale. ragsdale@galesburg.net
5 Oct 1996 Fairfax, Ford, and Warder of Fauquier County, Virginia Everett Littfield. ad213@lafn.org
2 Oct 1996 Douglas, UnderwoodSarah Douglas daughter of Joseph Douglas married Anthony UNDERWOOD 11 Dec 1798 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Any information will be appreciated. Bill Douglas douglas@icanect.net
1 Oct 1996 Adams Searching Issac Adams on the rent rolls in Fauquier County in 1770 and 1777. Is he the father of Abraham Adams who was born about 1767 in Loudoun county, Virginia? Jkozak jkozak@sincom.com
29 Sep 1996 Anderson Madison K. Anderson born 18 Jul 1836 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Madison married Jerusha Morgan 14 Jan 1864 in Farmington, Illinois. Died Alta Vista, Kansas 11 May 1910. Left Virginia because he hated slavery. Wilma Flach wflach@inreach.com
28 Sep 1996 Powell and Dawson John Powell was born about 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia. John married Tabitha DAWSON. John died in 1858 in Prince William County, Virginia. Can you help with Dawson or Powell. Pat Powell LPLW16@prodigy.com
24 Sep 1996 Batson, Willoughby Abel Batson married Margaret Peggy Willoughby 24 Jul 1798 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Children John W., James H., Charles Wesley, Katurah who married John O Sullivan, Andrew??, Batson family moved to Monongalia County, Virginia Abel died in Marion County, Virginia in 1845. Joy Gilchrist hcpd.lweisco@westvirginia.com
19 Sep 1996 Cooksey, Palmer Seeking information on Warren Cooksey Senior who married Susannah ???. Warren born about 1766-1774. Children of Warren and Susannah were Delilah Cooksey married John Palmer, Sanford, Warren Jr, George, Sarah Ann and Muriah all born 1796 to 1808 Will appreciate your assistance. Beverly Jamison Beve_tal@wow.com
9 Sep 1996 Hardin Seeking Hardin Family in Fauquier and Prince William County, Virginia. Thomas Hardin married Ann Anderson Dabney 17 Nov 1787 in Louisa County, Virginia. Is Thomas related to the Fauquier Prince William Hardin Family? Does any one have information on Thomas Hardin who married Sarah Payne. Thomas born 1 Jan 1758 and died 20 Jan 1840. Donald E. King IER505@KGV2.bems.boeing.com
Thompson, Hurst, JonesJesse Thompson married Elizabeth Hurst the daughter of James Hurst and Rosannah Jones. Jesse left his will in Fauquier county, Virginia 24 Nov 1803 recorded 27 May 1805. Rosannah Hurst Jones left her will 17 Oct 1793. Rosannah was the administratrix of James Hurst estate in Fairfax County, Virginia. Can you provide more information? Doug Foster. dfoster@apex.net
JAMES, KENTON, RUSSELL, WHITE AND HITT in Fauquier County, Virginia Yvonne James-Henderson
Bailey and Cole My gg grandfather Lewis Bailey born in 1801 married Nancy Cole 17 Apr 1823 in Fauquier County. Lewis was the son of John. They lived in Harrison, Taylor, and Barbour County in Virginia, before moved to Indian in the 1850's. Nancy Cole's parents were William Cole Junior and Anna Modisett. William was born about 1774 and Anna 1779. Was William Cole Junior's mother Sarah Elizabeth Simmons? Any information appreciated. Cleona Martin. random@stlnet.com
Bailey Bailey John Bailey died about 1847. His children were Thornsbury, Nancy, Sally, Rebecca, Enoch, Lewis. Appreciate any information. Cleona Martin random@stlnet.com
Lawler James W. Lawler died in Fauquier County, Virginia 4 Mar 1813. Will trade information. Pat Self. pats@inx.net
Coram and Lutterell Seeking information on Champe (Champion) Coram who married Catherine Lutterell about 1741. Champe died in 1787 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Descendants moved to Grainger and Knox County, Tennessee. Their children: Richard Coram, Champe Coram Jr., Elizabeth Coram, Mary Coram (b 1764 in Fauquier County) Auster??Coram, William Coram born 1769 (William died in 1844 in Grainger County, Tennessee). Would appreciate hearing from descendants or anyone who has information. Nancy Knight. NKnight451@aol.com
StiglerMy gg grandmother was Sarah Ann Stigler born October 1825 in Fauquier County, the daughter of James Stigler and Ann. Other relatives include Joseph Stigler and Mary A Anybody with information or connection to the Stigler family of Fauquier County would be greatly welcomed The Stigler family owned land in Fauquier from late 1700's to early 1800's. Wayne Greene
LuttrellMichael Luttrell was born in Oct 1751 and served in the Revolutionary War in 1781 under Captain George Shelton in Col William Churchill's regiment; later in the same year with Captain Thomas Helm and Major John Chun in the Virginia State troops. He married a woman named Shelton and moved to Marion County, Illinois. Michael died there in 19 Dec 1844. Am interested in the ancestry of this man and the identify of his wife. Bill Prosise. 104600.2013@compuserve.com

Mahorney/Mahoney Families in Fauquier County, Virginia before 1820
Powell, Dawson Family of Fauquier County, Virginia 1700's & 1800's. John Powell married Tabith Dawson. John was born about 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Died in Prince William County, Virginia in 1858. Children: Louisa b 1830, Burr born 1832, Andrew J. b 1836. Parents and origin wanted. Pat Powell
Ney Family of Fauquier County, Virginia in the 1800's. I am looking for info on my grandfather who was born in Amissville, Va. His name is Armistead Franklin NEY He was born 14 Nov 1883. He married Mary Francis FURR 4 Jul 1890. Mary Francis was born in The Plains Brenda Carter guavadr@dbeach.com
Risdon, Kirby, ClagettWilliam Joseph Risdon was born in Prince George's County, Maryland in 1831. Moved to Fauquier County before 9 Jul 1851 when he married Cecelia Clagett in Fauquier County. William served in the 17th Infantry Company K. Warrenton Rifles, CSA. He moved to Washington, D.C. in the 1890's where he died 29Mar 1898. He is buried in Warrenton, Virginia. His son Charles is my great grand father. Any children or information on his ancestry in Prince George's County, Maryland.
Marshall and SmithLooking for descendants of Chief Justice John Marshall. Also Smith's who migrated from Westmoreland County in 1753. Can anyone help?

Coram and LutterellLooking for information on Champe (Champion) CORAM who married Catherine Lutterell about 1741. Catherine was the daughter of Richard Luttrell and Mary Dermont. Champe CORAM died in Fauquier County in 1787. Children moved to Grainger and Knox County, Tennessee. Would appreciate any information. Nancy Knight
Morehead and Jett families living in Fauquier County Virginia, in the 1700's.
Jim Melton

Hitt, Fischback,Becker,Seelbach families living in Fauquier County, Virginia
Patti Ashcraft

Shumate, Oliver, Wilson families in Fauquier County Virginia Jesse Shumate married Mary Molly (Oliver) Wilson 10 Sep 1805 in Fauquier County, Virginia. They moved to Bourbon County Kentucky before 1810. She was the daughter of Hezekiah and Rebecca Oliver(pos of Maryland before 1785. She was the widow of Alexander Wilson whom she married in Fauquier County 6 Dec 1786


Smith, Marshall, Adams Smiths are known as Germantown Smiths (not Pig Nut Mountain Smiths.)

Ball My great grand father Clayton Ball and his mother Margaret were owned by a John H. Downing. Lived near Linden, Fauquier County, Virginia. Any information would be appreciated.

Wilson and Brown Randolph Wilson born in Loudon county, Va married Susan Brown Randolph Wilson in Fauquier County, Virginia. They migrated to Bath County, Virginia and then to Bartow County, Georgia. Susan was born about 1818.

Jones and Smoot Lewis JONES born 1778 probably Fauquier County, Va married Jan 1799 to Frances SMOOT daughter of John SMOOT and Thomasina_____. Lewis moved to Grayson County, Kentucky where he died in Sep 1834. Janet Jensen 2216 W Cherry Lynn Road Phoenix, Az 85015.

27 Aug 1996 Brown and Wilson Randolph WILSON married 1845 to Susan BROWN (born 1818) in Fauquier County, Virginia. Her mother was Susannah GREEN. Need parents dates, etc. Trentwil@msn.com

Ballard and Hampton George HAMPTON married Mary Nugent BALLARD 14 Nov 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Mary may be the daughter of Bland BALLARD who died in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1809. Any data on these families? cjohnson@fastlane.net

Freeman and Dobbins Elias N. FREEMAN probably born in Fauquier County, Virginia 1800-1807 married Elizabeth DOBBINS . Of four children three lived to be adults. John Drury FREEMAN is my ancestor. Did he have a second wife? He moved to White County, Arkansas about 1842. doggie@mail.snider.net

Luckett Family of Fauquier County, Virginia Thomas Hussey LUCKETT had two sons Richard and Frederick. They came from Frederick County, Maryland and married to Missouri. Anyone related to the LUCKETT family? carolmit@ix.netcom.com

Hays and Rector Jacob HAYS was born in 1769 in Rectortown, Fauquier County, Virginia and married Elizabeth RECTOR 21 Dec 1785 daughter of Jacob RECTOR I am descended through their son Baily HAYS who moved to Grayson County. Chris Timmons Auburn, California. kiowa@psyber.com

Gilpin Family All Gilpin in Fauquier County, Virginia specifically looking for James, Edward, John and Ignatius as mentioned in Fauquier Families 1759-1799 by John P. Alcock. John C. Rigdon. jrigdon@mail.gabn.net

Bragg, Poe and Glendenning Joseph BRAGG born about 1775 probably in Fauquier County, Virginia. wife Triphana POE born about 1788 married 23 May 1808 in Fauquier County, Virginia daughter of William POE. Son Edward S. BRAGG born about 1826 married Elizabeth "Betsy" GLENDENNING before 1850. sons George A Bragg, Joseph E Bragg, Thomas Glendenning Bragg and Mary C. Bragg. Other Bragg researchers? Norman Bragg Collier. NrmCollier@gnn.com

Prowell Family William PROWELL was born about 1756 probably in Prince William County, Virgina and may have lived in Fauquier County, Virginia. Is his father James PROWELL? Ralph PROWELL rprowell@northlink.com

Chadwell Family James CHADWELL living in Fauquier County, Virginia 1787. Wanted information on any Chadwell families of Fauquier County, Virginia. rlawler@isd.net

Douglas Family Benjamin T. DOUGLAS and Joseph DOUGLAS lived in Fauquier County, Virginia during the late 1760's. Their parents were William DOUGLAS and Sarah BERRYMAN. Sarah was the daughter of Major Benjamin BERRYMAN. Any Information will be greatly appreciated. Bill Douglas douglas@icanect.net
Fench Family Robert Fench married Lucy THORN - lived in Fauquier County briefly. Lived in Culpeper and Rappahannock County, Virginia. Is Robert's father William FENCH? Family moved to Layfayette County, Missouri. Please email correct address.