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PLEASE NOTE Queries will be accepted as long as they meetstandards of good taste, are polite and are relevant to Fauquier County. Forexample, queries on people who did not live in Fauquier County will not beacknowledged, in order to save space and time for those with legitimateresearch concerns.

Burgess, Cockrill, Bailey, Utterback, Bradley, Campbell, Robinson, Stacy, Ball, Minter, Perkins,Crump, Johnson, Shumate, Smith, Anderson, Moffett, Rosser, Neavill, Rowley, Chinn,Doniphan, Blackwell, Travis, Hull, Mott, Waugh, Crosby, Steptoe, Eustace, Towson, in Fauquier County, Virginia submitted by Jim Burgess
Jim Burgess
31 Dec 1998 LeachHi all, I need help with the following, it is a slim chance it will turn out but itsthe best hope I've had in a long time. I need any and all information onMarshall Leach who lived in Va. from 1789-1799. He is listed on the tax listfor most of those years. He is not listed in the censuses and I can find nogenealogies that list him. Does anyone have any information they would bewilling to pass on? I received this tidbit after ordering the book "FauquierFamilies 1759 - 1799." You can post replies or reply directly toUnionstan@aol.com. Thanks, Stan LeachUnionstan@aol.com.
31 Dec 1998Hi all, I am trying to establish who the Eliza Payne is the marriedWilliam Edward Heflin in 1841. The family moved to Culpeper Co. in1850. The problem is that I have conflicting information on who Elizaor Elizabeth Payne married. Following are the vital statistics that Ihave: Eliza b 1822 Stafford Co.?, d Jan 1870 Cullpeper Co., m 13 Dec1841 Fauquier Co. she the daughter of Presley Payne and Setha Withers.William Edward b Oct 1814 Stafford Co., d ca 1885, parents were JamesHefferlin and Mary Anna Walker. Census: 1850 Culpeper Co., 1860 HomelandP.O., Culpeper Co., 1870 Jeffersonton Township, Culpeper Co.Resolving this is key to my research. Please, if any one can help Iwould appreciate it. Thanks, Phyllis.hfarmer@ccpl.carr.lib.md.us
30 Dec 1998 Gill, Hurst, Bradley, Fletcher, Putnam,Gray, Jefferies, Smoke James Gill born around 1797 married a cherokee indian named Trefis Smoke(?).He lived with his daughter, Elizabeth Putnam on the Jackson farm onRappahanock Mountain in Marshall, Va. He died at Townsend Fletcher's place in1869. Also Coleman Gill married a Matilda Jefferies. Ned Hurst rode withMosby's Rangers. Any information is greatly appreciated. Dan Gill atWGill29405@aol.comWGill29405@aol.com
30 Dec 1998Need info about C.B. Shacklett. My husbands 3gr-grandfather JosephReed, was buried on his land after he was killed during the Civil War.The date of his death was 9 October 1864 in Piedmont, Virginia. (aka,Piedmont Station or today it is called Delaplane, Va.) In the Roll ofHonor it states that he was "whence removed C.B. Shackletts land nearPiedmont, Va." He was moved from Mr. Shackletts land to ArlingtonNational Cemetary. I do not know when that occured though. I would loveany info anyone may have about Mr. Shacklett and if his land is still"land" and not a highway or something to that effect. Thank you! Larissa Lewisdevin@sanasys.com
29 Dec 1998 RandolphHi Lists; Does anyone have the book George Wythe Randolph and the Confederate Elite byGeorge Green Shackelford? It sounds like something useful, but I don't evenknow if it is for sale. Thanks, JoanneMjw1017@aol.com
28 Dec 1998 Adams, Smith, JettI am looking for information on the family of Thomas Marshall ADAMS, son ofLittleton ADAMS and Harriet W. SMITH., and Frances "Fanny" JETT daughter ofBirkett JETT and ?? I have a lot of ADAMS family information but need FannyJETT ADAM's death date and mother's name. 1850 Clarke Co Census she wasliving with daughter Mary Ann ADAMS ROYSTON but not in 1860 Census. Havesearched Clarke & Fauquier County records but no death listed. Anyone knowwhere they are buried??They had the following 5 children all born in Fauquier County, Virginia.1. My ancestor Elizabeth Marshall ADAMS, bn 25 Nov 1821 died ???? Married 27Sept 1841 Edmond A. LAWS. Need their death dates and place of burial.2. Her twin sister Harriet W ADAMS married John W. GLANVILLE on 14 December1843 in Fauquier County. Where did they go???3. Joanna M ADAMS bn 31 May 1829 md 1 April 1845 to Robert LONG in FauquierCo. Have names of 5 children. Two of their sons married in Clarke Co,daughter Jane Francis LONG married Zachariah V. ROYSTON.4. Mary Ann ADAMS bn 13 May 1830 md 23 March 1846 in Fauquier Co to Peter KempROYSTON, died 1906 Clarke Co, Va and buried in Mt. Carmel Cem, Mt. Carmel,Clarke Co, VA. Would love to have full death date for Mary Ann.5. Susan Thomas ADAMS bn 19 Jan 1832 md to Henry BRADFORD 23 Aug 1846 inFauquier Co. Susan died 17 Feb 1862 at age 30 years and 29 days in HarrisonCo, (W)Va. She was only 14 years and 216 days when she married in 1846 andwas in Harrison Co, (W) Va before 1850. A long way from home at such a youngage. She had at least 11 known children when she died of measels at age 30.Two children died Feb 11th & 12th , Susan on the 17th and another child diedon March of 1862. A very tragic life. Her husband Henry BRADFORD died 28 Aug1870 at age 47 years. Their surviving children moved to Taylor Co, WVa.Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. I would alsobe very happy to share what information I have. Thank you and Happy New Yearto all.CMalone646@aol.com
20 Dec 1998 Pepper Looking for information on Samuel & Elizabeth (HOLTON) PEPPER. Samuel b. 1725, Prince William Co., Va - 1797, Bracken Co., Ky + Elizabeth (HOLTON) b. 1730, Va - 1820, Mason Co., KyI am descended from their son:Samuel Jr b. 1756, Fauquir Co., Ky - 1824, St. Louis, Mo + Katharine Amelia (CONNER) b. 1754and through their son:John b. 1783, Va - 1850, Mo + Elizabeth (DuVALL) b. 1790, Va - 1851, Moand through their son:John DuVall b. 1813 - 1819, Ky - 1881, Mo + Martha J. (GLOVER) b. 1827, Ky - 1900, Dearborn, Platte Co., Moand through their son:Michael B. b. 1849, Mo - 1892, Mo + Elizabeth (CURTIS) b. 1848, Mo - 1931, Moand through their daughter:Mary Myrtle b. 1876, Mo - 1964, Mo + William Franklin LINVILLE b. 1870, Mo - 1966, MoWilling to trade info. with anyone interested. I am interested in allthe siblings of the above persons. I have only listed my direct line. Melanie Pendleton genebuff1@juno.comgenebuff1@juno.com
18 Dec 1998John A Marshall mar 1864 DC to Virginia ? he died 18 Dec 1866 somewherein DC or VA. Carole SGBAldwin@aol.com wrote:SGBAldwin@aol.com
17 Dec 1998 Sanford, Metcalfe, Young and Smith Capt. William Sanford Pickett SR m Elizabeth Metcalfe m Lucy Young, m:Martha Metcalfe ?Smith5th child: William Sanford Pickett Jr born in Fauquier. m ????? , m NancyBurroughs Cash in Mason CO KY then moved to Pike CO MO JLConrad@worldnet.att.net
17 Dec 1998 AllenI have done a little bit of research on Allens. I am on the trail ofArchibald & Abigail Rhodes Allen. Their 1st son John was born in 1743 inStafford Co., but the family ends up in Fauquier Co and more specific LeedsManor. There is another Allen family in the area, also.Sandy SeNiDiA@aol.com
17 Dec 1998 Turner, Debell, Boram Does anyone have information about Anna DEBELL (dau. of William) who married James TURNER in Fauquier County? The bond was dated 27 Nov. 1792.My GGGgrandparents were John BORAM and Elizabeth TURNER (dau. of a JamesTURNER) who were married in Fauquier County, bond dated 16 May 1818. I amwondering if Elizabeth is the dau. of James and Anna (Debell) Turner. Anyinformation would be appreciated.Julie Mathews in St. Joseph, Missourimathews@ponyexpress.net
17 Dec 1998 ClymanSeason Greetings and Good Hunting:On an early map of Fauquier County the name Deel Clyman appears betweenPantherskin Run and the Lost Mtn area. This is Geo. Washington purchase1768 of 2712 acres. Deel apparently lived in MD. prior to this time.Deel signed indenture to Washington for 169 acres part of this was of aGrant to Geo. Carter 1731. A will John Deel Climan of 1797 mentions his wife Mary, dau. CatherineEfaw, Mary Price, and Eve McDonnald with his son Philip Clyman asexecutor. Mary Climan mar. Samuel Price in Fauquier Mar 23 1793Eva Climan mar John McDaniel in Fauquier Feb. 15 1788Catherine Climan although married at the time of the will and I believemarried to David Efaw I have no information as to when or where theirmarriage took place. David was in the army 1783/1786.Any help or others researching the above names please contact me if youhave info. regards to all Especially the nice people at Thomas Balch Librarybob e refaw@hhs.net
16 Dec 1998 Corum or CorunI am searching for CORUM or CORUN from Fauquier/Prince WilliamCounties. Thank you and Happy Holidays!M. L. Morgan lindleyj@erols.comlindleyj@erols.com
16 Dec 1998 Hello all, In trying to gather some information on the DAFFINS/DAFFANS of StaffordCo., Va., I received an email from a person explaining that her grandfatherhad cousins named DAFFIN in Fauquier Co. in the 1920-1930s. They used to visitover there. Apparently it was near the county line. Does anybody have anyinformation of this DAFFIN family? Will appreciate any Daffin info. I'mtrying to find the ancestors of my gggrandfather, THOMAS J. DAFFIN, b. about1815-1817. Don't know his parents or where he was born. Also if there is aconnection to a CHARLES C.D. DAFFIN who lived in Baltimore. His deathcertificate lists him as being born in Va. in 1815. Any information, no matterhow insignificant it seems, will be appreciated.Sincerely, Rick Largaespada HOOKSETS@aol.com HOOKSETS@aol.com
16 Dec 1998 Morris and ShryGeorge MORRIS and Mary SHRY (m. 1801)?SusanLa33ey@email.msn.comLa33ey@email.msn.com
16 Dec 1998 Stamps and AllenResearching the above lines in Fauquier County, VA. Little info onAllen and Stamps. Shirley Jennings Weber saweb@halcyon.comsaweb@halcyon.com
15 Dec 1998I'm looking for information on the following family. Just startedgathering data so any help appreciated.1. Lawrence Ryan and father from Ireland (NFI)1.1 William Ryan b. 3/20/1860sp. Josephine Edmonds d. 19191.1.1 William Clayton Ryan#1 sp. Gertrude Bailey Moore b. 1872 d. 6/17/1917 prev. md., childrenClaire, Mary, and Harvey Moore Daniel Ryan b. 5/19/1912 Maudie Josephine Ryan b. 8/28/1913 sp. ? Furr1.1.1.3 Susie Elizabeth Ryan b. 10/3/1915 d. 11/27/1956md. 1932sp. George William (Willie) Allison b. 8/11/1911 Faquier Co., Va. Gertrude Ryan b. 5/25/1917 d. 7/22/1917 #2 sp. Bertha Allison b. d. 4/13/19401.1.1.5 Shirley Ryan b. 6/11/19251.1.1.6 Dorothy May Ryan b. 8/30/19271.1.1.7 Arulla Ryan b. 4/13/19331.1.1.8 Frances Ryan b. 5/27/19351.1.1.9 Rosie Lee Ryan b. 5/15/19371.1.2 Jenie Thomas Ryan1.1.3 Shirley Ryan 1.1.4 Mavis Ryan 1.1.5 Girl md. Emmitt Rector1.1.6 Girl md. Rufus GrayKenkhodge@gdi.net
15 Dec 1998 Smith and HordFirst, I apologize as you may have received this via another discussionlist.I have been attempting to place the Rowley SMITH who married Billy HORD in King George Co. in Aug 1772. It would seem likely this is the son of the Joseph SMITH who died in Fauquier in 1793, but was originally from King George. >From Fauquier records we know that Rowley's wife was known as "Betsy". The last known records of Rowley in Fauquier were in 1794, about the time he and Betsy removed to Shenandoah Co. Their children were adults about then and some remained in Fauquier. There is a DAR record which gives the wife of Rowley, s/o Joseph, as Betsy HOOMES. This is in obvious error as the marriage between a Rowley SMITH and Betsy HOOMES took place in Fauquier in 1807. It may be that this is Rowley SMITH Jr. Nothing seems known of him. Roberta Dulin Stewart in her study, "The Dulin Family in America" (1961), states that the wife of Rowley SMITH was Elizabeth "Betsy" WOODWARD and that they were married in Jun 1772 (location unknown). Mrs Stewart gives Elizabeth's birth and death dates which may have come from a second-hand Bible entry. A daughter of Rowley is believed to have had the middle name of "Woodward". There was indeed a WOODWARD family in both Fauquier and Shenandoah. Equally, there was a HORD family that was in Fauquier that appears to have come from King George. If you can guess by now that I am questioning the reference named above, you are correct. I've found a number of poorly made assumptions by the author in other areas, and am wondering if this is more fuel. While I have used the WOODWARD name in my database (citing Stewart), I've never been comfortable with it. There seems no record of any other Rowley SMITH as a nephew to Joseph Smith and it seems to me that the SMITH/HORD union actually is Joseph's son. Perhaps "Billy" may have been a transcription error for "Betty". Has anyone researched the HORD family from King George and Fauquier who can shed any information on this? Thank you,Jim Balljdball@raex.comjdball@raex.com
15 Dec 1998Looking for surnames around 1793Carter- Isaac Redman - Lydia All I know they were married in Fauq. CO. in 1793 . Don't know Isaac parentsor Lydia's parents. Or even siblings.Anyone could help me, I would be appreciated.Jan Bee54@aol.com
15 Dec 1998 Allason, all spellingsLooking for any information on the following group.Other spellings; Allason, Alason, Alison, Ellerson, Elleson1. William Allison b. ? d. 11/5/1838 will prvd 8/26/1839, Bk 16, Pg 231md.sp. Nancy ? [ mentioned in will ] 1.1 Fanny (Frances) b. ?#1 md. 12/23/1817sp. Presley R. Gladstone s/o Arthur and Susanna (Hitt) Gladstone#2 sp. John M. ConaltyCatherine Frances md. John T. Smith1.1.1 Roley b. 1.2 Martin W. Allison b. ca 1794 -1800 d. 12/29/1891 (heart disease)sp. Elizabeth ? (Rowley?) b. ca 1814 (census) d. 6/18/1860 (b. 1800?Death.C.)1.2.1 Bozzil (Bozwell) b. ca 18341.2.2 John T. b. ca 1837sp. Artemia ? b. ca 18561.2.3 Ann L. b. ca 18701.2.4 William M. b. ca 1843 [ more on this line ]md. 2/1/1866 Fauquier Co., Va.sp. Mary Ann Dennis b. 8//18471.2.5 Extra b. ca 1852 [may be Elsie but written Extra on census]sp. Elizabeth ? b. ca 1839Alexander b. ca 18691.3 Nancy Allison1.4 Kitty (Catherine?)Ken
14 Dec 1998 Power and FieldsPOWER, FIELDS. I'm researching Thomas POWER and Mollie FIELDS who wereresidents of Fauquier County about 1800. I would appreciate hearingfrom anybody who is researching this family. I'm especially interestingin obtaining information about their children. Please email WayneGreene at wgreen19@aol.com. Thanks.wgreen19@aol.com.
14 Dec 1998 BarnesBARNES--looking for William Barnes born abt 1765 in Faquier County. Married Elizabeth Marshall Oct 25, 1790 in Culpeper County. Moved to Adair County, KY nancy@rapfire.netnancy@rapfire.net
13 Dec 1998 Can some one find this will for me & send me a copy?Martha's will 24 Aug 1822/23 Sep 1822 (Fauquier Co Will Book #8 p230) listschildren: son-in-law Jonathan Cooper and wife Eliz.,dau. Martha G. Hanay,granddau. Catherine Luckett, son Thomas H. Kenner, son Robert [Harrison]Kenner, son Rodham Kenner, dau. Sarah Rowe, heirs of deceased dau. JudithHattox.Martha was married to George Turberville KENNER. I am trying to locate herlast name. She is my 5th Great Grandmother.I would be glad to pay for any expense. Gracegilgen@digitalpla.net
13 Dec 1998 BrooksI am interested in the Joseph Allen who served with John Mazaret in theRevolutionary War. Is anyone researching Allens in Fauquier Co.? Michele BrooksJCBrooks@aol.com
13 Dec 1998 Paynes of VirginiaI have the book _The Paynes of Virginia_ by Brooke Payne. There are 10 Alexander Payne's in the index, but I don't see a one who lived in TN. According to the book, Alexander Payne, son of Francis & Patsy (Withers) Payne, died at age 16 or 17. He was born 12 Jul 1815 in Fauquier Co., VA.Alexander Payne who md Eleanora Schwartz in 1853, Culpeper Co., VA, was son of William Francis and Frances (Payne) Payne, first cousins. William Francis Payne was son of Francis and Martha (Ferguson) Payne. Francis also had a son Alexander Payne, who married Frances Ellen Wilhoute, and lived in Culpeper Co., VA.There is one Alexander Payne listed without a location. He was named in the 1830 will of his grandfather, Thomas Payne. In 1835, Alexander's father, Thomas Payne, executed a deed of trust in his favor, of land on which said grandfather had lived (in Fauquier Co., VA). Thomas Payne, father of Alexander, was living in Parke Co., Ind. in 1844. There is nothing as to where Alexander lived.Joan Hackett jhacket1@ix.net.com
10 Dec 1998 MoffettDaniel Moffett b 30 Jan 1785 Fauquier Co. VA. d 2 Sep 1839 Culpepper Co. VA.m1 Mary Elizabeth Moore 10 Mar 1796 Shenandoah Co. VA. b ? d prior to 1803 2ch m2 Mary Newman? b ? d ?ch Thomas Anderson Moffett b ca 1797 Loudoun Co. VA. d ? m Marhat Ellis b ca 1809 Shelby Co. KY.? d ?I have more on Thomas Anderson Moffett's siblings and children.:-) Kelle MetzKmetz268@aol.com
10 Dec 1998 Rector I would like to contact any one who has a Rector connection. Be glad to sharewhat I have on this name. AnnABaugh9618@aol.com
10 Dec 1998 Paynes I am trying to find parents of Alexander F. Payne b. ca. 1837 TN whosefather was born in Va. Since there so many Paynes in Fauquier Co. I wonder if anyone has any connection to this Alexander. He was inthe Hardin Co. TN 1870 census but moved in 1872 to Baxter Co. AR.Was married twice, first wife unknown, second wife Mary Melton.Thanks for any help. Ed Oldaker e.oldaker@juno.com
8 Dec 1998 WycuffLooking for the parents of William WYCUFF b.1810 Spelling may vary from WYCUFF, WYCOFF, WYKOFF, WYCKOFFAny help would be greatly appreciatedJonathan Wycuff Jonath9175@aol.comJonath9175@aol.com
7 Dec 1998 Stinson and BallWho was Benjamin Stinson parents. b. 5 Dec 1768 VA or PA d. 1 Oct 1852in Fauquier Co., Va. or MO. Married 11 Feb 1793 in Fauquier Co. Va. toMargaret Ball. Had Nancy, James, Lucinda who married Evan PeytonPhillips 23 Oct 1827 Fauquier Co, VA this is my line, Elizabeth,Harriet, Taliaferro, Benjamin Jr., Peggy, Artimeria.juoliver@erols.com
7 Dec 1998 Smith and Kerns/KearnsAm looking for information on parents and siblings of Jeptha Smith, b. ca1803 and Catherine Kerns/Kearns Smith, b. ca 1812. They married in Va, Ibelieve and lived for awhile in Farquier Co., VA before moving to WV, sometimebefore the Civil War. JFAR 171@aol.comJFAR 171@aol.com
6 Dec 1998 RansdallIs anyone researching the RANDALL family that was in Fauquier County asearly as about 1770? This family should not be confused with the RANSDELLfamily, as I think they are two separate families. Sometimes RANDALL waswritten as RANDOLPH. Jim Messersmithjjsmith@mnsinc.com
6 Dec 1998 Smith Smith was the sup. of public schools for Fauquier circa 1918. I'm seeking info about his professional life to use in my dissertation, the title of whichis I Consecrate Myself To The Service Of Teaching: The Jeanes Teachers, ACase Study in Fauquier County, Virginia.DTH1800@aol.com
6 Dec 1998 Garrett and HaileyI research the William Garrett Family of Fauquier Co. William marriedAnnie Hailey in the County. They had several children there. He servedin the 1812 War from Fauquier Co. I would be willing to share theinformaiton we have collected on this family and the children. Geneva Garrett genmg@web-access.netgenmg@web-access.net
6 Dec 1998 Lee and ScottAm trying to verify info on Richard Lee, b 31 July 1753 in Fauquier Co.and Elizabeth Scott, b 1764 in Fauquier Co. She was the daughter ofCapt. William Scott.Richard an Elizabeth had a daughter, Anna Lee, b 1785 in Faquier Co.Have been told that Richard was related to Gen. Robert E. Lee, but wasnot told how related. Am trying to verify info on William McGuire/McGuyer, b 12 March 1748 inVA, and Mary Ann Shirley, b 17 February 1762 in VA. He was son ofCornelius Mcguyer/McGuire. she was daughter of Michael and CatherineShirley. William and Mary Ann and an infant son were prisoners of war in Canada,where another son Thomas M. McGuyer/McGuire was born 1 August 1781. Theolder son froze to death in a cemetery shortly after they were released.Thomas McGuyer/McGuire married Anna Lee daughter of Richard Lee. Annawas born in 1785 in Fauquier Co. Thanks Thanks.taz1@tisd.net
5 Dec 1998 Wilbourn Edward Wilbourn appears in court records in Pr. Wm. Co. from about 1754. After Fauquier was formed, he is shown in Fauquier Co. from 1759 until hemoved to Granville Co., NC, Nap of Reed's District, ca. 1768/1769. Hebrought land in Granville Co., NC in Jan, 1769 from John Hampton, who mayhave had Fauquier connections.Edward Wilbourn and wife second wife, Mary, daughter of Alexander St. Clairof Stafford and Pr. Wm., sold the last of the land she had inherited fromher father in Fauquier Co. as late as the 1790s, I believe.Edward lived on land adjoining Francis Tennell whose wife Margaret was asister to Mary St.Clair Wilbourn.Seek information on other Wilbourns in the area in the 1750's and before; weneed Edward's parents and siblings. There is a Duke Wilburn mentioned in aPr. Wm. court record in the 1750's. Does anyone know of him?Edward Wilbourn, as well as many others in Fauquier in the 1760s, seems tohave often been sued for relatively small amounts of money. Was this tiedto tobacco farming, or were these just hard times then? I would beinterested in learning about the economy.Eager to hear from any others interested in the Wilbourn (all types ofspelling and St. Clair (often spelled Sinclair) families.Thank you! Pansylea Willburnwillburn@earthlink.net
6 Dec 1998 Bolin Looking for the ancestors of Robert Bolin. He was born 1 apr 1788 in FauquierCo., VA. He married Elizabeth Priest and then moved his family to MuskingumCo., Ohio. She was born on 01 feb 1781 also in Fauquier Co.; Her parentswere Thomas Priest and Sarah Ann Stark with Thomas as shown in a census asbeing born in Farquier Co., and that of his wife in O, Vinginia. Her fatherwas John Stark from Overwharton, Stafford Co., I am seeking info on theparents of Robert and Elizibeth Priest along with there childred. You mayrespond to this inquiry by emailing me at Rdark571@AOL.comRdark571@AOL.com
6 Dec 1998 HackleyAm interested in lineage preceding James Otho Hackley, and Lady LeeCarter Glascock Hackley, who had three children,James, Chloe, andLucille. Thank you for any and all responses.J.A.(Hackley) Hoppajahoppa@webtv.net
5 Dec 1998 Leach I am researching the LEACH family of Fauquier County. Does anyone have anyinformation on any LEACH families of the 1700's or 1800's? Regards, Linda Richwine (LRichwine@aol.com)LRichwine@aol.com
5 Dec 1998 O'BannonMy family has been traced back to a John O' Bannon of Faquier Countyborn in 1710. His father was Bryan O' Bannon born in 1675. I do not knowwhere he was born, he may have come over from Ireland and was not bornhere. I am looking for information on his wife, the date of theirmarriage, etc. because I am trying to trace this family back to Ireland.I know there were lots of descendants of this family, seeing how therewas no birth control in those days. One of his descendants is PresleyNeville O' Bannon and there is a book named Valiant Virginian that hasto deal with the O' Bannons but it is no longer in print. If anyone hasany information on these O' Bannons, I and other descendants I havemet via internet, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks from Texas.mchicks@mail.swbell
5 Dec 1998 HawkinsI am researching the Hawkins family in Fauquier County Va.I have come across a dead end again.Are there any Hawkins researchers that can help me?Happy Holidays, Jill cruse.james@mcleodusa.net
5 Dec 1998 HolmesI am researching the Holmes Family of Old Stafford Co., Prince William Co. ,Fauquier Co., Culpeper Co.Thank you, Valerie Holmes Thomasvthomas@otn.net http://members.xoom.com/holmes2/holmes.htmvthomas@otn.net
12 Dec 1998 Randall or RandolphIs anyone researching the RANDALL family that was in Fauquier County asearly as about 1770? This family should not be confused with the RANSDELLfamily, as I think they are two separate families. Sometimes RANDALL waswritten as RANDOLPH.Jim Messersmithjjsmith@msnsinc
5 Dec 1998 HolmesI am researching the Holmes Family of Old Stafford Co., Prince William Co. ,Fauquier Co., Culpeper Co.Thank you, Valerie Holmes Thomasvthomas@otn.nethttp://members.xoom.com/holmes2/holmes.htmvthomas@otn.net
5 Dec 1998 Bolin, Priest and StarkRobert Bolin was born in Fauquier Co., VA 01April1788. He married anElizabeth Priest, also from the same county and born 01Feb1781 and thedaughter of Thomas Priest and a Sarah Ann Stark. They headed west toMuskingum Co., OH where there owned property just west of Zanesville , Ohio. Any assistance in locating the parents of the subject individual shall beappreciated. thanking you in advance. rondarkesRDark571@aol.com
4 Nov 1998I would like to post this to the Fauquier Co Query Board:Looking for information on MANOAH CORLEY and his family in Fauquier. Any connections? Will list my info below: RICHARD CORLEY & EFFERILLA ??d. mid-1780 Son: MANOAH(Have no other solid information on him except for his son MANOAH, who lived in FAUQUIER CO. Rumors are that a land grant from Lord Fairfax name Richard, "Effie", & Manoah.)MANOAH CORLEY & JANE FOGGb 1739 d May 1823Children: JOHN, Richard, WILLIAM, Lewis, Gabriel, Hezekiah, Margaret Bragg, Charlotte Settle, Agatha Poe & Effie Corley.Grandchildren: Manoah Harris, Joseph Harris, Amilia Harris (daughter Elizabeth Harris' children)(From 2nd hand information I've learned that MANOAH is listed in census & tax lists of Fauquier Co.His will recorded May 1823 in Fauquier Co. names his wife Jane and all of his children & grandchildren. Sons JOHN & WILLIAM were probably born in Fauquier or Culpeper. William married Catherine Whitman.)JOHN CORLEY & ?Children: Thomas Jefferson CorleyJames Samuel CorleyGEORGE WASHINGTON CORLEY/CAULEY(John bought 1610 acres in RANDOLPH CO, WV from his brother WILLIAM's widow CATHERINE WHITMAN.In a will recorded in BATH CO,VA and BARBOUR Co,WVA John leaves the land to his three boys, Thomas, James, & George)Any insight would be appreciated!!!!
8 Dec 1998 Corley and FoggI would like to post this to the Fauquier Co Query Board:Looking for information on MANOAH CORLEY and his family in Fauquier. Any connections? Will list my info below: RICHARD CORLEY & EFFERILLA ??d. mid-1780 Son: MANOAH(Have no other solid information on him except for his son MANOAH, who lived in FAUQUIER CO. Rumors are that a land grant from Lord Fairfax name Richard, "Effie", & Manoah.)MANOAH CORLEY & JANE FOGGb 1739d May 1823Children: JOHN, Richard, WILLIAM, Lewis, Gabriel, Hezekiah, Margaret Bragg, Charlotte Settle, Agatha Poe & Effie Corley.Grandchildren: Manoah Harris, Joseph Harris, Amilia Harris (daughter Elizabeth Harris' children)(From 2nd hand information I've learned that MANOAH is listed in census & tax lists of Fauquier Co.His will recorded May 1823 in Fauquier Co. names his wife Jane and all of his children & grandchildren. Sons JOHN & WILLIAM were probably born in Fauquier or Culpeper. William married Catherine Whitman.) Children: Thomas Jefferson CorleyJames Samuel Corley GEORGE WASHINGTON CORLEY/CAULEY(John bought 1610 acres in RANDOLPH CO, WV from his brother WILLIAM's widow CATHERINE WHITMAN.In a will recorded in BATH CO,VA and BARBOUR Co,WVA John leaves the land to his three boys, Thomas, James, & George) Any insight would be appreciated!!!!cauley@erols.com
30 Nov 1998 Lyle Corder asked about COLEs in Fauquier county. The only one I have locatedfor sure is in Prince William county, which is not too far away. Theinformation below seems unlikely to be accurate [how could both father and sonmarry women named Elizabeth Keys?] but I include it in hopes that it will helpsomeone or that someone can set me straight!1 Benjamin Cole b: Abt. 1815-35 in Virginia? +Elizabeth Keys b: Abt. 1835 in Virginia? 2 Bolivar Cole b: Abt. 1855 +Elizabeth Keys b: Abt. 1851 in Prince William county, Virginiam: 23 September 1883 in Prince William county, Virginia Elizabeth was the dau of James [born about 1799] and AnnKeys. Laura Keyes Perry keyesperry@aol.comkeyesperry@aol.com
29 Nov 1998 Hi all, I feel that all descendants of Fauquier Heflins are related andI have information to share. I would like to hear from anyone who is adescendant of any of the following brothers and sisters:John E. Hefflin b 1808 m Lucretia CourtneyGeorge Washington Hefflin b 1812 m Miriam CourtneyWilliam Edward Hefflin b 1814 m Elizabeth PayneCornelius Charles Hefflin b 1820 m Mary Jane LloydJames Edwin Hefflin b 1821 m Susan PattersonSusan Elizabeth Hefflin b 1822 m (1) ...Cox, (2)....BurchAbsolom Perry Hefflin b 1824 m (1) Susan Heflin, (2) Elizabeth MargaretGrimsley.Carter Granville Hefflin b 1829 m (1) Ellen P. Watson, (2) AliceHarriett GrimsleyMary Anna Hefflin b 1830 m Winfield S. PayneHope to hear from anyone. Phyllis.hfarmer@ccpl.carr.lib.md.us
29 Nov 1998Looking for information on John Brent and wife, Anne, who left FauquierCounty, Va.for Nelson County, Ky. circa 1796-98. His grandson, Dr. Sanford Brent of HenryCo.,Ky, (now Trimble Co.) stated that he was born in Washington Co., Ky., theeldestson of four sons and seven daughters of William and Elizabeth Simmons Brent.William Brent was born in August 1777 in Fauquier County. Steve Thrasher Louisville, Ky Kybranch@aol.comKybranch@aol.com
29 Nov 1998Anybody out there researching the Corder or Cole names in Fauquier Co,VA?They were there by about 1730 and 1780 respectively. Thanks Lyle Corder Wvlyle@aol.com
29 Nov 1998 Weeks and PilcherHello! I am trying to obtain information about my grandparents from FauquierCo. VA. My grandfathers name was Laurentis Surrell WEEKS b. abt. 1870, hemarried Mary Catherine PILCHER. They had Milton Walter,Elwood,Albert,Richard(Dick),Alice,Elizabeth,and Gladys. The family moved to Charles Co. MD sometimeafter my father's birth in 1911. Any information anyone can provide abouttheir parents and siblings would be greatly appreciated.Cdwspeedy@aol.com
29 Nov 1998 Holland I am looking for information about a Charles HOLLAND (about 1780's) and his son Pleasant HOLLAND (born about 1/27/1810). If you have any information please contact me, Thankstrh@iinet.com
29 Nov 1998 RosserI am interested in exchanging imfo on the Rossers in this county. My line includes John Rosser, Richard Rosser (of Stafford Co. ) and presumablyRossers of the Westmoreland Co. I have considerable imfo from that timeto the current. D.G. Rosser E-mail DGODROSSER@ aol.comDGODROSSER@ aol.com
28 Nov 1998 Hamilton and ThriftLooking for information on William Hamilton who died ca 1788 in Fauquier Co., VA, had brother Henry, sister Rebecca THRIFT of Fairfax Co., VA and son Hamilton. bnbfarm@fginet.com
27 Nov 1998 Fleming and Penquite I'm trying to find more information about John FLEMING (abt1770-1853) who married Elenor PENQUITE (1793-1874) and lived in theFauquier-Loudoun Counties area. They had a child, Sarah Fleming(1815-1890). Am looking for any additional information about thesefolks. John's parents might by Archibald and Sarah FLEMING. Thanks.Susan BellingerAlso researching McArtor, Bradfield, Wilson, Carr, Kerr, Piece (Pearce)1bellinger@visionet.org
27 Nov 1998 Brodie and BoormanMy grandmother's family is connected with all of these & I'm trying to connect the folks in the family Bible. Some of them were born at Airlie Plantation in the 1860's. Some are buried in Warrenton Cemetery. I'm specifically trying to connect Mary Frances Brodie; Janetta A Brodie/James W. Shirley; C. Shirley Carter/Mary B(oorman?) Carter; Annie Boorman/Samuel Wortham; Elizabeth Duval/Robert H. Boorman; Fairfax Washington Carter/Shirley Carter. Earliest known date is for Dr. C. Shirley Carter, b. 1856. Rebecca Emmetthorsemom@richmond.infi.net
26 Nov 1998I am interested in a John BRAGG of Fauquier Co Va.John BRAGG, Mary BRAGG and Peter NEWPORT (believed to be the father of MaryBRAGG) are found as witnesses to a lease dated Aug 1775 between BenjaminTutner and wife Ann of Culpeper Co and Nicholas NEWPORT of Hamilton Parish,Fauquier Co.According to his obit taken from the GREENVILLE MOUNTAINEER, Greenville,SC, PETER NEWPORT BARGG was born in 1763 in Fauquier Co VA. Circumstantialevidence indicates he is probably the son of John BRAGG and Mary (NEWPORT)BRAGG.An ad in the VA Gazette date 18 July 1771, "Taken up in Fauquier a blackand white heifer, marked with a crop and underkeel in the left ear and ahole in the right. Posted and appraised to..." signed John BRAGG isfurther evidence he was still in Fauquier Co at this time.Peter NEWPORT'S will is found in Granville Co NC, approved in the Aug Court1783. He names in his will"...to dau Mary BRAGG, a slave and at her deathto her son Peter BRAGG."It is speculated, based on circumstantial evidence that John BRAGG and hisfamily migrated to Spartanburg Co, SC by way of NC. A John BRAGG turns upin Spartanburg CO SC in 1786, purchases 50 acres, witnessed by Peter BRAGG.If anyone has further info on this family, please contact me.Thanks! Jeanne Cox jcox@dragnet.net
26 Nov 1998 HeflinI am trying to verify that William Edward Heflin married Eliza(Elizabeth) Payne in Fauquier Co., VA on 13 Dec 1841. I have conflictinginformation. Could anyone tell me the birthplace (Stafford or FauquierCo.)and the death place (Culpeper, Stafford, or Fauquier Co.) ofElizabeth Payne? Thanks for your help. Phyllis.hfarmer@ccpl.car.lib.md.us
26 Nov 1998 Clarkson and Blackwell and PickettHenry CLARKSON of Fauquier Co. had a son William, born 3 April 1773. Williammarried Mildred PICKETT, the daughter of Martin and Anna (BLACKWELL) PICKETT,on 9 January 1794. I am looking for information on Henry CLARKSON and hiswife Dorcas. If anybody has suggestions for source that I might check I would reallyappreciate it.Thank you.John Randolph MarshallSearch4Kin@aol.comhttp://www.intercall.com/~jmarshal/gene.htmSearch4Kin@aol.com
26 Nov 1998 Morris and ShryAs I've tried to find info on Morris and Shry fromFauquier Co. (m: 1801), La33ey@email.msn.com
25 Nov 1998 Jeptha SmithJeptha was born 1803 and Catherine 1812. They were married in Farquier Co.,Va. and moved to WV sometime about the Civil War. Catherine's father wasJermiah Kerns Jfar171@aol.comJfar171@aol.com
23 Nov 1998 SmokeLooking for the Cherokee tribe name of Smoke in Fauquier County. James Gillwas to have married a Trefis Smoke in the early 1800's. They had childrenname Elizabeth (married a Putnam), Coleman Gill, Maria Gill (married WilliamGray 1843), Jane Gill (married a James Gray 1843) Addison Gill, John Gill,George R. Gill, Fanny Gill, and Aphalonia Gill (married Jacob Kerns). ThanksDan Wgill2905@aol.comWgill2905@aol.com
26 Nov 1998 Green and ShacklettLooking for information on Hezekiah GREEN and son Charles born 1767 . Hedied 1818. Charles married Mary Ashton SHACKLETT the daughter ofHezekiah SHACKLETT in Va .1792 . She was born 1777 Died 1828.Had daughter Anna GREEN born Dec 17, 1798.in Fauquier Co. VaShe married Shadrack K.FAGANS born 1806. They were married in Fauquierco, april 1829 He died in 1834. Had son Hezekiah J FEAGANS born feb12,1831. Married Isabelle Lancaster Jan 1853 in smith co . TennThis all the information I have on the Greens and Shacklettsdunsmore@webtv.net
25 Nov 1998 BolinRobert Bolin b.1apr1788 in Fauquier County , Va married Elizabeth Priest b.1Feb 1781 . Moved to Muskingum Co. Ohio.It is believed that the father of robert was named Bolling. any help would beappreciated. RDark571@aol.com
25 Nov 1998I am trying to link my ancestor Thomas O'Bannion born abt. 1780 in VA or GAdied abt. 1842 Limestone Co., AL to the Fauquier Co., VA O'Bannons. He marriedMildred _____ and moved to the Mississippi Territory abt. 1809. Need to knowpossible O'Bannons who may have had a son Thomas born around this time. Thanks for your help!Sherry LedlowSLLedlow.@aol.com
24 Nov 1998Does anyone know what records are available for the Parish's? I have aancestor,John Glendenning,who is listed as Manor of Leeds for the year 1798.I have been unable to find a marriage for him and was wondering if therecords of a marriage would be in one of the Parish records.I am not sure ofthe year when he was married,he stated paying taxes in Fauquier in 1784.Iread somewhere that tax records before that date are not available so hecould have been living there before that date.Also would you look in your book for the name Glendenning or ClendeningAny help appreciated Joyrockytop@msys.net
24 Nov 1998 Allen Roach and MusickLooking for information about John ALLEN (1741-1832) and his daughterEsther (abt. 1770-1855). Who was his wife? Did Esther have any siblings? Esther m. William ROACH also of Fauquier Co, who d. 1809. Esther then wentwith the family of her daughter Sarah ROACH and Robert MUSICK to Logan Co.,IL, All information will be greatly appreciated.Dotdhay@alltel.netdhay@alltel.net
23 Nov 1998 Singleton and FlowereeIf anyone has any information on the ancestors to William Singleton marriedto Susannah Floweree in 1785. Susannah was the daughter of Daniel Flowereeand Susannah French.Uriah Byrne married to Lydia Brown born in 1700's. They had a daughter,Lucinda, who married John F. Singleton March 16, 1812. Lucinda was bornaround 1793.Also any information on Austin and Phoebe Herold. They had a daughter,Mary E., who married Alfred M. Brown. Mary would have been born about1819.Any infor on their ancestors would be appreciated. I have info on theirdecendants. Thanks, Marla Bohnert.jbohnert@citynet.net
23 Nov 1998George Washington EDMONDS (1760-1840) and Mary Sophia RUST had a son,George Steptoe EDMONDS (1803-1875), who m. Lucinda Elizabeth TAYLOR ca1831. They then moved to Missouri. I believe this Lucinda was thedaughter of Lucinda RUST, sister of Mary Sophia. She m. Edward TURNER in1800 in Fauquier Co. I suspect that Lucinda became a widow early,remarried a TAYLOR. The family always said the wife of George SteptoeEDMONDS was TAYLOR, not TURNER. Does anyone know more about Edward TURNER?Lucinda Elizabeth TAYLOR was b. 18 March 1816, possibly Loudoun Co. ratherthan Fauquier.vhass@aug.com
23 Nov 1998 Harris and DowellLooking for relatives or information , my gggreatgrand father THOMAS HARRISFauquier Co. Fought in ARW. Brother also fought, name may be Samuel. Thomashad one son DAWSON, married POLLY DOWELL in Tenn. Seven children, one beingFRANCIS MARION SMITH HARRIS 9-23-28 Smith County, Tenn. Need info.to document for DAR. THANKS gfearisb@aol.com gfearisb@aol.com
23 Nov 1998 Churches in Fauquier CountyI, too am interested in the information being posted about churches inFauquier Co.My Peter G. Lamkin who was born in Fauquier County April 26, 1818. I don'tyet know who his parents or siblings were. His father was supposed to be aBaptist minister in Fauquier. The family left the county for St. Louis,Missouri about 1824.Would anyone have ideas on how to locate a Lamkin in Fauquier who would havebeen a Baptist minister?Thanks much. Janis S. GatschetGatschet@aol.com
23 Nov 1998 Churches in Fauquier county I enjoyed reading about the various churches in Fauquier County. I amsearching for info about Carter's Run Baptist Church since some of myHoltzclaw ancestors were members there. I would appreciate any info on thechurch or places to search. I haven't had much luck thus far.Thanks,Suzanne Collins Matsonscmatson@aol.com
23 Nov 1998 Hudnall FamilyVicky,My data comes from a period after 1750, but it leads me to believe you areon the right track. There were many HUDNALLs in Fauquier County. John P.Alcock, in Fauquier Families, 1759-1799 (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Pub. Co.,1994) has 13 entries of Hudnal/Hudnall, many with the same names youprovided. For example:In 1770, John Hudnal's heirs paid quitrents to Lord Fairfax on 375 acres.In 1765, a Joseph Hudnal gave 127 acres to his son John, the land beingdescribed by Alcock as"part of tract obtained from father John Hudnall ofNORTHUMBERLAND."In 1762, a Thomas Hudnall was given land by his father, William Hudnall ofNorthhumberland.There are marriages, slave transfers, taxes paid, and other transactions.It would not help you if I were to simply transcribe the entries, becausethey are abbreviated and coded, and require constant referral to a 24-pageintroduction, without which it would be impossible to fully understand theentries.You can order the book online at http://www.iberian.com/Fauquier.phtml , andI believe you would consider it an excellent investment. If you do not wantto do that, contact me by e-mail with any questions you have.Jimgranger@worldnet.att.net
22 Nov 1998 BurgessIs anyone out there working on Dawson Burgess that livedin Orange Co., IN ? Thanks, Nancy
22 Nov 1998 HudnallsLooking for information on any HUDNALLS out of the Fauquier Co. area circa1650 - 1750.Looking for information on land owned, titles or offices held. Good deeds,bad deeds, marriage dates to whom and where.John HUDNALL from Isle of Wight England settled in that area around 1640 or soand was said to have come here with 5 or 6 brothers, Thomas, William, Henry,James, Harry and possibly Benjamin. Have yet to find proof of this though,perhaps there is some record of it there or maybe someone knows where I mightfind it.Thank you, Vickie Trotter CarterCherOhkee@aol.com
21 Nov 1998I am trying to identify the parents of Mildred Ann JENNINGS. She mayhave been called Milkey. She was b: 1776 in VA (probably) and d:February 23, 1857 in Monroe Twp., Mahaska Co., Iowa. She m. GeorgeSTRINGFELLOW on January 18, 1795 in Fauquier Co., VA. He was b:September 17, 1772 in Culpeper Co., VA (probably) and d: 1840-1842 inOwen Co., KY. They were married by Baptist minister Ephraim Abell inFauquier County. There was no bondsman for the marriage nor wereparents' names given. I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks.Sue in Falls Churchstreett@erols.com
21 Nov 1998I am looking for information on John SMITH, d: abt 1815 in Fauquier Co.,VA. John SMITH was married twice. I know nothing of his first wife. Theyhad at least two daughters:Catherine SMITH, m: 22 Nov 1790 in Fauquier Co., VA, William Barrett(Barnett); Bondsman: Robin Gaunt (Grant); father gives consentSarah SMITH, m: 22 Nov 1790 in Fauquier Co., VA, Robin Gaunt (Grant);Bondsman: William Barrett (Barnett); father gives consentJohn married 2nd Rebecca SPICER, daughter of William and Lovinia BONNETT.If you have any information, please contact me,Sylvia gidleyjs@erols.comgidleyjs@erols.com
21 Nov 1998 SmithI and another researcher are trying to make sense out of the SMITH familyin Fauquier Co., VA. We have a John SMITH who is also referred to as John of BumberryDoes anybody out there know anything about "Bumberry"? Was it a village,estate? I did a search on the www and came up with 1 hit. Turned out to be asurname appearing I think either in PA or MI.Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sylviagidleyjs@erols.com
21 Nov 1998 Holmes In subsequent searches, I can not locate when or where the family camefrom. The only birth that seems to be recorded is that of Grover C.Holmes. Lucy's maiden name is believed to be Courten. Ethel Lee Holmesb. 1910, believes Lucy was dead when she was born to Eddie Mason Holmesand he and Ida Belle Holmes.My grandfather's name is Eddie Mason Holmes and he and Ida BelleHolmes (nee Wines) are buried at the little white church in Amissville,Virginia.Can anyone give me an idea of how and where to search for the family? Also, where was the Centre District in the 1900 census? Was theMarshall District in the town of Marshall? When did Amissville becomepart of Rappahannock County? Could the family births be recorded inRappahannock County or would they be recorded in Warrenton?Thanks, Bob Holmes 336 Kingston Circle Sykesville Maryland 21784Rmholmes@erols.com
21 Nov 1998 Mailing List for Fauquier County African AmericansHello Fauquier County folks,I'm looking for any african americansyou may run across in your search. Irun the Mailing List for FAUQUIER COUNTY AFRICAN AMERICANS and need allinformation you may find in your search. please send to:fauquier@listbot.comThis will send to the entire list of Fauquier County African-Americandecendants. Thanks in advance, Billy Wilsonmotown.alumni.association@juno.com
21 Nov 1998 Stewart of Fauquier County, VirginiaSeeking info. on JAMES STEWART, Fauquier Co., d. circa 1790's. Hiswidow and son John migrated to Henry Co. KY in 1795. His son Asa had ason James who migrated to Bartholemew Co., IN around 1840+James' son George migrated to Moorehead, KS, where mygrandfather John Wesley Stewart was born. His son, Glenn, had twochildren, my sister, Donna, and Myself:Rev. A. Dale Stewart, D.Min. 9827 SW 198th Circle Dunnellon, FL 34432 (352)465-7251 bigstew@mercury.netbigstew@mercury.net
20 Nov 1998 Fauquier BoundariesAndrea, maybe I can help. At the formation of Fauquier in 1759, most of that area which became Fauquier was included within the Parish of Hamilton.The area of Fauquier grew initially from the south along the Rappahannock. As the northern area filled-in, Fauquier was formed from Prince William in 1759 to its present configuration. Being one of the largest counties in the state, there was a movement to split Fauquier into a northern and southern half. This proposed county split never took place, but an ecclesiastical boundary change did. About 1769, 10 years after county formation, the Parish of Leeds, also known as Leeds Manor, was formed from Hamilton Parish. The parish boundary is loosely taken as Carter's Run. The area north of Carter's Run fell to Leeds while the southern part of the county remained Hamilton. It was in Leeds where the Fairfax leaseholds existed.Early on, taxes were administered through the church. As the system matured, taxes/tithes were administered at the county level which made more sense. Nevertheless, the parishes continued to be referred to in court documents primarily to designate the local.Hope this helps.Jim Balljdball@raex.comjdball@raex.com
20 Nov 1998I am interested in any leads on Rev. James Thomson, his wife, Mary AnnFarrow, or their family. He was an early Episcopal minister in FauquierCounty.He was tutor to John Marshall, first Chief Justice, and he preached thefuneral for Lord Fairfax. Rev. Thomson arrived in Virginia before the Am.Revolution, and may have died in the very early 1800's.I am aware of Bishop Meade's book which briefly discusses Rev. Thomson'sministry. Several books on John Marshall also briefly mention him.I am interested in additional sources of information in books. I amparticularly interested to know if and where he and his wife are buried inFauquier County. I have not yet done a courthouse search for legal records,but will in the future.I will appreciate any help on this ancestor.John Thomsonthomson@rma.edu
20 Nov 1998 Rice and BristolWilliam RICE of Fauquier Co., married Jemima BRISTOL across the countyline in Prince William Co., Dec. 2, 1788. They made their home inFauquier Co., for about 20 years before moving to Bedford Co., VA.One of their sons was named BAILEY presumably after William's brotherBailey RICE. This is as much as I know of the family before theymoved to Bedford Co. Perhaps someone on the list can help me on thisline. It could be that BAILEY was a surname in William and BaileyRICE's maternal line or the name of a respected individual or familyin the neighborhood. Any clues are appreciated.(Widow's pension #2375 was issued to Jemima Rice, widow of WilliamRice, Rev. Sol.)Thank you, Barbara McCarley Sulphur Springs, Texaswrdsmith@neto.com
20 Nov 1998 Fauquier County, VirginiaDoes anybody know where the boundaries of Hamilton Parish were? The referencesin the Fauq Minute Books make it sound as though it was not just a religiousdivision but an administrative area, in a way.--Andrea Kent Brigde1405@aol.com
I am looking for information on African-American Carter's and Chandler'swho lived in Fauquier County since 1900. I am specifically looking forinformation on my grandmother, Louis Chandler-Spriggs, who was born inFauquier, CT. in 1925, meet my grandfather Stephen Spriggs from Annapolis,Md. and moved to Washington, DC where she had lived until her death lastJune. She also has a sister Helen Chandler who was born around 1926 anddied five years ago In Washington, DC My grandmother's fathers name isnot on the birth certificate because it was believed he was white. Hermother's name was Maybe (Mamie Cater), who had three sisters Annie, Claira(Claire), Elizabeth, and a brother Joe Carter.My grandmother gets her last name from a married Aunt ElizabethCarter-Chandler, who had two daughters Mary (passed last June inWashington, DC), Margaret (resides in New York) and a son Robert Jr. (BuddyThe Carter-Chandler family migrated to Washington, DC around 1939 until thepresent.If anyone can pass any information on that would be wonderful we areplanning a reunion for the weekend of Martin Luther's King Birthday.Thank you.Lakita_Mcneil@dai.com
19 Nov 1998 Evans and WrightLooking for information on Susan Groves Evans born 1807 and William F. Wrightborn 1800 in Fauquier Co. they had a son William M. Evans born 1829. Familyhas story of them not being married thats why Williams name was Evans. Anyinformation helpful I have nothing farther than Susan and William. Thanks.EJFrance@aol.com
19 Nov 1998 Morris/MorrissIs anyone researching MORRIS/MORRISS lines from these counties in VA:Spotsylvania, Richmond, Orange, Fauquier, Bedford, Westmoreland, KingGeorge. Mine seemed to have picked a new county for each life event. :DThe descendants of Ewell/Youel MORRISS went to Lincoln and Pike Co., MO. Iam not sure if this family is related to the Israel MORRIS line (son ofJacob and Hannah [BURDINE] MORRIS of Loudoun/Bedford Co.) that also settledthere, but maybe. This family was biased towards spelling their name with2 s', suggesting literacy, since they would have to constantly becorrecting the recorder's spelling. I have more on the descendants ofSanders, Hannah, Margaret, Simon, and Ewell.Here is the line: 1. Charles MORRISS, b.c.1712; d.1797 Westmoreland Co., VA. m. to Hannah[RICE?]2. Sanders MORRISS, d. May 1810; m. 1779 Fauquier Co., VA to Mary PAYNE2. Simon MORRISS, Sr., b. 11 Dec. 1766 VA; m. 7 Sept. 1789 Richmond Co.,VA; d. 25 Sept. 1834 Taliaferro Co., GA2. Hannah MORRISS, m. (1) 29 Jan 1787 Westmoreland Co., VA to JeremiahMOXLEY. (2) 30 Oct 1805 Fauquier Co., VA James SPRINGFELLOW2. Mary "Molly" MORRISS, d.Jan. 1831; m. (1) 25 Dec 1787 WestmorelandCo., VA to Weeden ARNOLD; (2) 24 Jun 1791 Westmoreland co., VA to SamuelMUSE; (3) 4 Jan 1796 Westmoreland Co., VA to John BUTLER2. Sarah MORRISS, d. bef. 1793; m. 25 Jan. 1791 Westmoreland Co., VA toWilliam STONE2. Margaret "Peggy" MORRISS, m. 9 Mar 1793 Westmoreland Co., VA toWilliam STONE2. Ewel(l) (Youel, Yovel) MORRISS, b. 1773 Westmoreland Co., VA; d. 27May 1835 Spotsylvania Co., VA; m. (1) 7 Dec 1797 King George Co., VA toJane BOON(E); (2) 24 Jun 1805 King George Co., VA to Ursula THORNLEY [orRIDING?]2. Susannah MORRISS, b. 4 Mar 1778; d. 25 Feb 1807 Greene? Co., GA; m. 28Nov 1796 Westmoreland Co., VA to Thomas LYNE2. Elizabeth "Betty" MORRISS, m. 23 Mar 1801 Westmoreland Co., VA toJames JOHNSONThree known children of Ewell MORRISS went to Lincoln/Pike Co. areas of MO:Charles Rice MORRISS m. Elizabeth MASON (to Pike then Lincoln ca1838), JohnT. MORRISS m. Emily A. SCOTT (to Pike ca.1855 or 1856) and James Y. MORRISSm. Judith B. STEWART (to Pike ca1855). Would appreciate any information onthese and other children of Ewell: William B., George Green, Frederick M.,Austin A., Jane E. and Margaret H.Would appreciate any information on the ancestors and descendants ofCharles and Hannah [RICE?] MORRISS.My webpage: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~lbarronLucy Barron (617) 495-2446Senior Serial Cataloger e-mail: lbarron@fas.harvard.eduWidener Library, Rm. 87Harvard UniversityCambridge, MA 02138lbarron@fas.harvard.edu
19 Nov 1998 Chadwell and OwensLooking for any information on James CHADWELL of Fauquier Co.,VA. Bornabout 1758 in England. Died Apr 1827 Henry Co., Kentucky. MarriedSarah "Sally" Ann Owens 06FEB1787 King George Co. VA. Children includedGeorge Chadwell b. 1791, Mary Ann Chadwell b. 1794, Elizabeth Chadwellb. 1795, John Chadwell b. 1796, Nancy Chadwell b. 1801, James Chadwellb. 1802, William Chadwell b. 1803.rlawler@isd.net
17 Nov 1998 African Americans of Fauquier countyHere is a mailing List for African Americans of Fauquier County(Genealogical Discussions):http://fauquier.listbot.comBilly Wilsonmotown.alumni.association@juno.com
17 Nov 1998 Bewley/BuleyHave you run across the surname BEWLEY/BULEY in your research? My people werein Fauquier County at least briefly in the 1780's. Nathan and John are on thetax list for 1783. Nathan witnessed a deed in 1787, and John shows up on thetax lists for 1787-88. Nathan was also listed as a defendant in a court casein 1787. I have no other information as to their activities in this county,and would appreciate any information you might have on this surname. Myearliest known ancestor is Jesse BEWLEY, and I am trying to connect him to theother Bewleys in the same area at the same time.Thanks, Rae Lynn KruthaupRLKruthaup@aol.com
16 Nov 1998 Ford and AllisonIn searching for ancestors, I find that Austin Ford was born around 1790 in Fauquier, Co..., Virginia. He served in the War of 1812 and I believe married Jane Allison of the same place. Allison, I believe, was a prominent family in the area. Of their children, John Wesley Ford, was born on Jan 22, 1822 in that place. Later the family moved to Missouri where both Austin and Jane died and are buried. Do you have any information of birth, marriage, census of these folks in your records? Thank you for time in this matter.daford@co.tds.net
16 Nov 1998 TriplettI'd appreciate any info or help on identifying how these Triplett familymembers fit into the "Francis (1) Triplett" line. All of theseindividuals are buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery, Upperville, Fauquier County,Virginia. Upperville is only a couple of miles (if that) from the LoudonCounty line.James W. Triplettd. 7/11/1905 aged 71 years(b. abt. 1834)Wife = Margaret J. Triplettd. 11/7/1907(b. abt 1824)probably their children:Allen R. Triplettb. 3-3-1859 d. 10/25/1939b. Annie F. Triplett 6/__/1862d. 1/__/1923J. Edward Triplett1/29/1866-5/12/1939Laura B. Triplett (J.E.'s wife?)9/12/1873-12/11/1948In same plot:Clarence William Triplett9/2/1893-12/11/1948His Son Robert Wesley Triplett3/2/1928-3/16/1995Mabel Irene Triplett (CWT)9/22/1890-6/2/1988-----------------------------B. Addison Triplettb. 2/28/1837d. 12/24/1929His wifeAmanda M. Triplett2/28/18455/29/1909daughterBertha S. Triplettd. 11/11/1888age 13 years, 9 months, 7 days------------------------------Urial Triplett1/16/1803-1/9/1874His wife, Sarah A. Triplett9/4/1814-6/24/1892--------------------------------S. W. Triplettd. 12/11/193_ age 64 yearsSimildia J. Seaton, wife of S. Wm. Triplett2/26/1858-5/5/1920Thanks in advance, Kate.gausa@access.digex.net
15 Nov 1998 Kendall all spellingsKendall Kendle Kindle Kindal Kennel Kandel GendallAfter 35 years of frustrating research in a single line of Kendalls, I am building a database on all Kendall's known tohave come out of Virginia. I have a special interest in Kendalls from Fauquier, Frederick, Loudoun, Stafford, Rappahannock and Warren Counties in Virginia. As well as Licking County, Ohio!I would like to communicate with Kendall researchers who haveinformation on men with the first names of George, Bailey, and Noah who were KNOWN TO HAVE LIVED in Fauquier County, Virginia.Also I have some evidence that the widows of George (Catherine)and Bailey (Mary) ended up with children & grandchildren in Licking County, Ohio. I would appreciate help pursuing thisavenue of research.I am also interested in your Kendall research. If you know, or think, your's originated in Virginia and would like to share your work, in order to help untangle Kendall lines, and prevent duplicateresearch; I would be grateful for any information you can share. Thanks! Tom Kendall Email: tkendalljr@ec.rr.comtkendalljr@ec.rr.com
15 Nov 1998 Malone Does anyone have any information on the Thomas MALONE mentioned in FauquierFamilies by John P. Alcock?? He listed the following: Thomas MALONE MinuteBook 5-441, 1780. Soldier in New Jersey Regiment under command of Col. PeterSchuyler has been Va. resident for seven years.Thanks Cheryl Jackson MaloneCMalone646@aol.com
15 Nov 1998 Jacobs Family I am looking for any information on JOHN JACOBS and his son SAMUEL JACOBS who was listed as paying taxes in Fauquier County, VA. Samuel was born July 7, 1793 and moved with his father and the rest of the family to Jefferson CO., TN. John Jacobs married a lady named Rebecca (last name unknown) in VA. John and Samuel were farmers. Either John or Samuel enlisted as a Fifer in Capt. Holmes Co. between 1784-1811. Must have been John as Samuel was born in 1794. John Jacobs bought furniture and horses in 1810 in Jefferson CO., TN, so he had to have moved to TN sometime before then. Do not know who JOHN JACOBS parents or siblings were. JOHN JACOBS was my gggg grandfather. Any information will be greatly appreciated.Thank You,Rosanne B.cactsrse@ipa.net cactsrse@ipa.net
14 Nov 1998 The Footes were grantees in the BrentTown tract which included Fauquier Countyland. Henry S. Foote, founding trustee of LaGrange College--now theUniversity of North Alabama, moved from the county in 1820 to Tuscumbia,Alabama. He later served as Governor of Mississippi, defeating JeffersonDavis.For selected information visit my website:chotank.comThe site always includes documentation on Disney's America, formerly plannedfor Waverley, built by Frederick Foote, a cousin of Henry S. Foote.Avon Edward Foote chotank@aol.com chotank@aol.com
14 Nov 1998 Stevenson Stinson Does anyone else share this family from Fauquier???James Stevenson, first found in l744, witnessing a will of John Marr, NewHamilton Parrish, Prince William County.l759 James Stevenson/Stinson on Rent Rolls living on Licking Run. (Thisland was purchased from William Kerns.)James Stevenson & wife "Betty" sold l0 acres to Thomas Withers inHamilton Parrish, Fauquier Co. in l788.their children were:John Stevenson married Margaret Hopper d/o Joseph HopperMary Stevenson married Joseph HopperSarah "Sally" Stevenson -----------Elizabeth Stevenson married Geo. HerndonLeannah Stevenson married Hezekiah MartinJames Stevenson died in l789. His wife's name was Elizabeth called"Betty"don't know whose daughter she was. As a widow, she married John Moxley.Who did Sarah "Sally" marry????Who was James's father and what nationalty was he?What was Elizabeth "Betty" maiden name???Thanks for any help at all on this family.Mildredmille4@juno.com
14 Nov 1998 Palmer, Thompson, Cogle, Cooksey etcStill trying to make connection between the following PALMER's: (thanks to info from Joan Hackett)Isaac PALMER md Milly THOMPSON, dau of Jesse, 12 Nov 1792, in Fauquier Co.Abner PALMER md Sarah COGLE 1800 in Fauquier Co.Isaac PALMER md Susan, widow of Wm. COOKSEY, in 1816 John PALMER md. Delilah COOKSEY (dau of Wm. Cooksey & Susan) 1818 in Fauquier Co.Mary PALMER md George MILLS they moved from Fauquier Co to Harrison Co. bef. 1850.Isaac PALMER md. Mary Ann MOORE March 19, 1842, Fauquier Co. later moved to Harrison Co.(this last is my line of PALMER's that I am trying to get more info on.) Thanks, Cindy palmerv@earthlink.net palmerv@earthlink.net
13 Nov 1998 BrownRichard Brown b. 15, Feb.,1793-94 Faquier Co., Va. d. 4, Sept., 1867 Brown Co., Ohio m. Mary Ann Housh 28, Oct., 1821 Brown Co., Ohiofather: Thomas Brown mother: Margret ??Children: Henry B. Brown b. 1834, Daruis B. Brown b. 1837, Melinda b. 1822,Nancy b. 1824, Mary Ann b. 1825 .All Children were born in Brown Co., Ohio.I am trying to put together this family ( Thomas Brown , Margret and children)with all theie children and desendants while in Faquiere Co., Va., andpossible beyond that. Any help with this project would be greatlyappreciated.Sharon Henderson,SHEND52@aol.comSHEND52@aol.com
13 Nov 1998 Bashaw and PinckardInterested in corresponding with others researching these surnames. Myprinciple families are BASHAW and PINCKARD. Have considerableinformation on BASHAW and DODD families from Fauquier County. Willexchange information. Also have copy of the original GERMANNA book andthe Alcock book if I can be of assistance.Regards,Robin Niles Bashawrbasha@mastnet.net
13 Nov 1998 Dunkin and YoungI am currently researching the Dunkin family name and think that My 5thgreatgrandfather was perhaps born in Fauguire Co, VA in 1750. His name wasJohn Dunkin and he married Margaret Young, a Quaker from Loudoun Co, VAsometime around 1770. She was disowned for marrying out of unity.They hadthree sons and 2 daughters. I am very interested in finding John's parents andsuspect his father's name may be a Joseph Dunkin or perhaps a Samuel Dunkin. Ido know that a Joseph Dunkin immigrated into Virginia in 1725...Does anyonehave any information???Anything would be appreciated..this has been a major roadblock!Sincerly Darla Dunkin UshlerLilac4me@AOL.comLilac4me@AOL.com
13 Nov 1998 Edwards Sparks and RectorLooking for connections to a Gerrard Edwards b. abt. 1725, d. 1810.First located on the tax rolls of Fauquier Co. in 1759.He had one Issac Sparks living with him at thetime. He may have been the first over of his family, probably fromWales.Married a women named Jemima ? They had issue:Benjamin, Elijah, Elizabeth, Milly, (married into the huge German Rectorfamily), and William. He may of had brothers, John? Andrew?Thomas?My line is Benjamin 1Benjamin 2Henry F.Nelson F.John F.Me-John W. EdwardsI would like to here anything on Gerrard Edwards. Has anyone runinto this man during their research. I have his deeds and Will. I Alsohave the will of his son Benjamin Sr.Thanks John Edwardsfredsc@fls.infi.net
13 Nov 1998 Triplett and Grey Hi, I am looking for any information on the parents of Mary Ann Triplett, born 16Aug 1822 and died 22 Feb 1897. I believe she is buried in the Ivy HillCemetery outside Upperville.Her father "-" Triplett must have died something after Mary Ann was born asher mother, Lucy "-" married a Thomas Germain Grey and had a child in 1829.Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Barbara JandBHuff@aol.comJandBHuff@aol.com
13 Nov 1998 Is there anyone who has seen any Luckett's in the Cemetery records. I am especially interested in Richard Luckett's wives or where Richard d1850 Fauquier Co., VA is buried also Thomas Hussey Luckett d. 1800 FauquierCo VA. But could use dates on most of the Luckett's, and have not foundwhere they are buried.They lived on a tract called Manison House Tract was on Town Run, HamiltonParish Does anyone recognize that, or can they locate it today..In 1840 it was near Falmouth Rd, Maddox line.Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 724-847-4473 [using The Master Genealogist 3.5, WP8,Eudora]carolmit@usaor.net
16 Nov 1998 McClenehanMy 5th Great grandfather was born in ca 1747, he lived in Fauquier County,VA. The family left VA in 1817 and settled in Bracken, County KY. Do notknow to whom he was married. They had eight children, William, John,James Jr., Jane, Hugh, David, Andrew and Thomas. Our name has changed overthe years McClanahan/McClenahan, my Grand Father kept the "E". Would likehear from anyone that has the name of my 5th Grandmother. I have theMcClenachan family genealogy to 1971, have James Jr. to present.Thanks, Helen McClenahanhelenc@cei.nethelenc@cei.net
13 N0v 1998Hello everyone! I want to hear about any information you have on the Smiths inFauquier County. I have a Joseph Smith born in 1801 in Fauquier Co. to Jamesand Silvy Smith. That is as far as Ive gone. I would appreciate as much helpas possible. Thanks!BethBethM20AL@aol.com
13 Nov 1998 Story Lampkin LeeSTORY - LAMPKIN - LEE Searching for the PARENTS of these STORYchildren: John STORY b. cir. 1750 Killed in VA. 10th Cont. Line. Mary STORY =m= 1st. ______LEE, 1782 in Fauquier Co. VA. =m= 2nd John LAMPKIN 2-10-1785 in Fauquier Co. VA. Female ? STORY Female ? STORY**** Francis Story b. about 1773 , went WEST, to Greenbrier Co. I have records that this family was in Fauquier Co. VA. and Culpeper Co.records. I really don't know where they were born. I would appreciateany help with any information as to the names of the parentsor any other information. Thank you very much.Sincerely,Nancy C. STORY Adkinskabaybruce@zoomnet.netkabaybruce@zoomnet.net
13 Nov 1998 Johnson FamilyNoticed that I wrote Minor Winn instead of Minor Johnson. It was MinorJohnson who married Hannah Johnson on 22 Feb. 1790 in Fauquier. Still needHelp!!. Thanks. Deanna. tdames@worldnet.att.net
11 Nov 1998 Mason Sinclair and TowlesInterested in any information and willing to exchange information on theMASON, SINCLAIR, AND TOWLES families.Tom Towles jgtowles@email.msn.comjgtowles@email.msn.com
9 Nov 1998 This message and a reply are being forwarded to the Wright, Bedford, Fauquier, and Franklin lists so that if anyone else is interested in the issue, they can comment as well.The first message is from Dan Wright regarding the identification of William Wright who married Mary Grant as the son of John Wright who married Elizabeth Darnell.The second message, which will be sent shortly, is my reply regarding the identification of that William Wright as 1809 (year of death) William Wright of Franklin County, Virginia (place of death) rather than 1805 William Wright of Fauquier County, Virginia.Best wishes,Robert N. Grant15 Campo Bello CourtMenlo Park, CA 94025RNGrant@prodigy.comRNGrant@prodigy.com
9 Nov 1998 Roach and AllenLooking for ancestry/descendants of William ROACH and Esther ALLEN. William was on the Fauquier Co. tax lists in 1787. Family tradition sayshe died in Culpeper Co in 1809. Children of this marriage: Fielden, Betsy,Anna, Lucinda, Peggy, Sarah. Sarah b. 1794, m. 1811, Woodford Co., KY, toRobert MUSICK, and d. Logan Co., ILDot dhay@alltel.netdhay@alltel.net
9 Nov 1998 ParsonsLooking for information on JONATHAN PARSONS born in 1816 in Fauquier County. FWFARRELL@worldnet.att.netFWFARRELL@worldnet.att.net
8 Nov 1998 Jackson, Gill and Fletcher8,Nov, 1998 Seeking any information about the John Jackson, Elizabeth Putnamor James Gill that lived on Rappahannock Mtn. near Marshall in the 1850's.also looking for a Towsend Fletcher burial location. Dan Gill,WGill29405@aol.comWGill29405@aol.com
8 Nov 1998 Edwards Edwards Family of Fauquier,VirginiaLooking for connections to a Gerrard Edwards b. abt. 1725, d. 1810.First located on the tax rolls of Fauquier Co. in 1759.He had one Issac Sparks living with him at thetime. He may have been the first over of his family, probably fromWales.Married a women named Jemima ? They had issue:Benjamin, Elijah, Elizabeth, Milly, (married into the huge German Rectorfamily), and William. He may of had brothers, John? Andrew?Thomas?My line is Benjamin 1Benjamin 2Henry F.Nelson F.John F.Me-John W. EdwardsI would like to here anything on Gerrard Edwards. Has anyone runinto this man during their research. I have his deeds and Will. I Alsohave the will of his son Benjamin Sr.Thanks John Edwardsfredsc@fls.infi.net
8 Nov 1998 RollinsWould like to know anything about VIncent Rollins listed as Rev War SOlider inFauquire CO VA . Parents. siblings, residences anything.Phyllis Please email onlyPhyl2003@aol.com

7 Nov 1998 Edwards Family and ClatterbuckLooking on information on Edwards. My father was born in New Baltimore, Va. (Robert Lee Edwards) His father Robert Lee was born in Fauquier County, Warrenton, Va. to Robert Scott Edwards & Betty Lillian Allison. He married Ruby Virginia clatterbuck. Robert Scott was the son of Wesley & Ann Edwards. Have nothing on Wesley and Ann and no brothers and sisters for Robert Scott. Anyone having information, I would be very interested. E-mail me at carolynm@mpinet.netThanks, Carolyn Edwards-McNeffcarolynm@mpinet.net
6 Nov 1998Researching in Fauquier County, VA, for connections to: Nancy GREEN & EnochMARSHALL, b. 1771; Mary Jane QUISENBERRY, b. 1732, & John MARSHALL, b. 1732;Elizabeth MARKHAM, b. circa 1704, & John MARSHALL, b. 1682; Martha JanePENDLETON & Thomas MARSHALL, b. 1655. Frances Wentz Taber,Researching in Fauquier County, VA, for connections to: Nancy GREEN & EnochMARSHALL, b. 1771; Mary Jane QUISENBERRY, b. 1732, & John MARSHALL, b. 1732;Elizabeth MARKHAM, b. circa 1704, & John MARSHALL, b. 1682; Martha JanePENDLETON & Thomas MARSHALL, b. 1655. Frances Wentz Taber,taber@net-magic.nettaber@net-magic.net
6 Nov 1998 Stone Kemper MorrissHello everyone, I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of Isabella KEMPER (ca1805-?)who married Francis STONE (ca1800-?) on 11 Jan 1820. Francis was the son ofWilliam STONE (ca1763-1831) and Margaret (Peggy) MORRISS (ca1778-1823) ofWestmoreland Co., VA. The only clues I have are as follows: George KEMPERacted as bondsman on record for the third marriage of William STONE (above) toMary (PAYNE) MORRISS on 2 Jan 1823, Fauquier Co., VA; also, George T. KEMPERsigned the will of William STONE (above) as a witness, on 14 May 1831,Fauquier Co., VA. The listing of George on these records could be coincidentalor they could demonstrate a family link to Isabella. William STONE's willstates "I give to my son Francis and his heirs…" which leaves open thepossibility of descendants. Any information on these KEMPERs would be greatlyappreciated. I have extensive information on the MORRISSes and STONEs andwould be happy to share.Best regards, Brian Douglas ConleyBriDConley@aol.comBriDConley@aol.com
6 Nov 1998 Drummond Am hoping to get info concerning my g-g-g-g grandfather, Thomas Drummond,b. abt 1765; believed to have come from either Fauquier County or LoudounCounty in Virginia, probably around 1785; purchased land in Lambert'sRun, Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia), on 21 June 1803. Descendants still in Harrison County. Married Sarah, fathered followingoffspring:1. Dolly b. 1788/17902. Willis b. 17953. Pendleton b. 1796/17974. Wilford b. 17955. Keziah b. 18026. William b. 18077. Elsie b. 18098. Elcana b. 1813Any help would be most appreciated.Bob Drummondbobd15@juno.com bobd15@juno.com
4 Nov 1998I believe that John Beall (1688-1742) son of Alexander Beall m 1712 toVerlinda Magruder, dau. of Capt. Samuel/Sarah Magruder. John was the foundingfather of Beall Town.There are a number of Beall histories: "Alexander Beall-1640-1744 One Line ofDescent" , "Five Families of Beall from Maryland" and Colonial Families ofBeall"and others.Can anyone help me with two "Charles Kempers"--both reportedly Rev. WarPatriots and whose histories parallel.According to Willis Kemper's genealogy, which many quote, one Charles was theancestor of the IL family, but we cannot document this or find his wife'sname. He was the father of William Kemper who married Sarah Hitt. Williamwas the father of Alexander who was in IL. We have tried a very long time toget this straightened out and hope that someone can clue us in.Thanks-----Dorothydand3060@aol.com
3 Nov 1998 McLearen I have a few McLEARENs in my line, but the earliest I have is Algernon SidneyMcLearen, born 1824, so I am unable to help Sandy with her earlier MCCLARENs.I'd be interested in hearing from Sandy and others researching the family.Here is what I have about Algernon:A. S. McClearnen [sic] is listed as brother-in-law of Frances Garrison whenhe reported her death in 1859.In the 1850 census of Stafford county, Algernon McLerain is 26 and his wifeMartha A. [GARRISON] is 19.In 1870, Algernon (46), a blacksmith and farmer, and Martha (39) were livingin Fauquier county very close to the James H. KEYES family. Later his sonAlgernon Jr. would marry Alice Virginia KEYES. In 1870, Algernon MCLEARN hadreal estate valued at $954 and personal property valued at $1040.In 1900, the family are living in Broad Run township of Fauquier county.Their farm is #155 in the agricultural census.KeyesPerry@aol.com
3 Nov 1998 Cinnamond and Herndon Am researching John A. Cinnamond Sr. b: abt 1750's, Antrim County IRL,migrated to US in 1796, spent a few years in Fauquier County and marriedthere a Frances HERNDON Whitecotton. Looking for info on both FrancesHerndon and John Cinnamond.Thanks. Cinnfull@msn.comCinnfull@msn.com
3 Nov 1998 Furr and SkaggsResearching John Furr who married Nancy Furr d/o Moses Furr on 15 Jan1795 in Fauquier Co, VA. John was father of Jemima Furr who marriedGeorge Staggs on 20 Mar 1823 in Harrison Co, VA.rene@skyenet.net
2 Nov 1998Hello, Fauquier;I'm researching the ADAMS, MCCLAREN [also spelled McLaren and several otherways], BRADFIELD, PIERCE and KING families of Northern Fauquier, in the Parisarea. More specifically, I'm looking for the following individuals:Charles McClaren Adams, born ca. 1810,Elizabeth Jane McClaren, born ca. 1810,Archibald McClaren, born ca. 1780,Susan McClaren, born ca. 1780,Daniel McClaren, born ca. 1770, married Mary Todd [or Dodd]Hector Pierce, born ca. 1799 - trying to find his wife and parents.Benjamin Franklin Bradfield, born ca. 1790 married Drusilla King, born 1789.The Adams and McClaren's are primarily from Fauquier Co., the Pierce, Bradfieldand King's moved into Fauquier from Loudoun. These families had a tendancy tomove back and forth between Fauquier, Loudoun and Warren Counties but it seemsas though the Paris region was their "home base".Any info would be much appreciated and I'd be more than happy to share what Ihave.Thanks~ Sandy Adamsmtnlaurl@erols.com
1 Nov 1998 Hi. I think I tried to send my home page address to you before, but Ireally can't remember. I have the following families in Fauquier County: Jennings and Withers. My home page address is http://www.ipa.net/~ksmith. Thanks. Terri ksmith@ipa.net
31 Oct 1998 Shumate and DodsonMy family tree has the following:Daniel SHUMATE b. 14Jun1749 prob. Prince William, VAm. Tabitha DODSONonly child I know of is:Mary "Molly" SHUMATE PARKERb. ? in Fauquier, VAm. Martin PARKER (also probably of Fauquier Co VADoes any of this look familiar?ThanksJackie Moore Carterjcarter@ptinet.net
30 Oct 1998 Keeble and StampsHi, I am looking for information on Richard Keeble from the mid 1700's.He would be my 8th generation grandfather. He ws married to HannahStamps.Anything that could be found would be greatly appreciated. Heapparently live in Faurquier Co. Vir. I'm not really sure of an exactyear. Please respond at above address. Thak you. Kathy Keeble Olsonmailto:kb04@webtv.net
30 Oct 1998 SHOWERS, ELKINS, KENNEY, HANBACK,Am researching SHOWERS, ELKINS, KENNEY, HANBACK, what little bit of information I have lists Fauquier County severa times..the census in 1850 listed my great great grandfather Philip Henry Showers as living there with his wife who was Eliza Jane Elkins andher son George Washington Elkins..who later took on the Showers name...any information on these or related links would be very much appreciated...April pab@cfw.com pab@cfw.com
29 Oct 1998 Manuel and JohnsonRedmond P Manual. He was born in Fauquier/ Morrisville, Va in 1906. He married Fannie BellJohnson in 1933. They had four children, Vivian 1934, Virginia Arlene 1937,Vernon Willis 1938 and Bettie 1940. I believe his father was known as Pem andhis mother's name may have been Julia. His parents owned a house on Rt 17 inMorrisville, Va. It was bought by a Mr. Claude Price Sr in the 1940's. Redmonddied in Washington, DC in June of 1950. Any info on the parents of Redmondwould be greatly appreciated.Bltif@aol.comBltif@aol.com
28 Oct 1998 Hampton/B>My husband descends from George Neville's daughter Susannah, who marriedRichard Hampton, Jr. They moved to Culpepper Co. then on to Edgefield, SC.Interested in finding a death date for Susannah. Jane J. HamptonWe recently visited Warrenton and found the old home place of RichardHampton,in New Baltimore. He is my husband's ancestor . I have tried writingto the Pearmund's who now own the place, but my letter is returned. Anysuggestions on how to reach them? Jane J. HamptonJHamp65244@aol.com
28 Oct 1998 GORDON, GORDEN, OWENS, JEFFRIES, BARNES, TYREE, WHITMAN, BARLOW,JETT, DOWNS Please post the following query for me:Seeking information on the family and descendants of Hugh GORDON/GORDEN b.c. 1739 d. 1834 Washington Co. KY and his wife, Sarah OWENS. They lived inFauquier Co. before moving to Kentucky about 1798. Their property may havebeen close to the Westmoreland Co. border, as Hugh was taxed there in 1799.Children b. VA include: Mary, John, Manoah (Noah), Dorcas, Frances,William, Anna, Joel, Rhoda, Elijah, Sarah, and Elizabeth. I amparticularly interested to find any siblings of Hugh.Thank you! Mary Ann Hanson maise@continet.commaise@continet.com
27 Oct 1998 Holtzclaw and Carter's Run Baptist ChurchI am searching for info on Joseph Holtzclaw (my 4g-grandfather), member ofCarter's Run Baptist Church. He represented Carter's Run in a BaptistAssociation meeting in 1771. I am also interested in locating a churchhistory and/or minutes if such exists. My direct descendant is his sonStephen Holtzclaw who moved to SC around 1809.Thank you for any help given.Suzanne Collins Matsonscmatson@aol.com
25 Oct 1998 Bartlett Family The BARTLETT family "passed through" Fauquier Co (most went to HarrisonCo, but some went to KY)... but the family grew a lot there and left somegood records. Thomas BARTLETT, Sr lived there from 1768 to 1785; hischildren included: oldest son William ma 1774 Sarah HATHAWAY (any info onher parents John HATHAWAY and Sarah Lawson TIMBERLAKE??); [Wm+Sarah stayedin Fauquier Co intil 1790]; Susannah m Reuben STROTHER who died in FauquierCo in 1830's (would love to hear from GLASCOCK, ELLIOTT, SHRYOCK, RAWLINGSand WINSOR descendants); Elizabeth m 1771 Fauquier Co to Sanford CARROLL whodied in 1777 Fauquier Co (would like to know more about his parents: DempseCARROLL and Frances SANFORD's ancestors); John B m 1780 Fauquier Co AnneBARKLEY (would like to hear from others researching her parents: WilliamBARKLEY and Sarah STEPHENS); Benjamin ma 1784 possibly in Fauquier Co toMary Ann Heath CARROLL (d/Dempse CARROLL and Rebeccah HEATH - any info onher family??); Sarah ma 1782 George FOWKE - anyone know more about hisparents Gerard FOWKE and Elizabeth DINWIDDIE?; James m 1790 Fauquier Co toSarah PHILLIPS and they then moved to Harrison Co - anything on her parentsJohn PHILLIPS and Mary JOHN?. I am trying to find out where Thomas BARTLETT, Sr and wife Anne camefrom... Was it common to migrate up the Rappa. River? There were otherBARTLETT families in the 1720-1770 time frame in Richmond Co, and KingGeorge Co and Spotsylvania Co - which county would be most likely to havefolks migrating in late 1760s to Fauquier Co???Jim Bartlett/Rockville, MDWeb Site: http://customers.doubled.com/~bartlett/genealog.htmDescendants of Thomas BARTLETT (c1730-1806) of Fauquier and Harrison Co, VAbartlett@doubled.com
24 Oct 1998 DennisWould like info on Isaac Dennis of Fauquier County and his illegimatechildren. Circa 1840'stnbound@skypoint.com
24 Oct 1998 BartlettThis isn't one of my families, but has a lot of good information on theBartlett family.Web Site: http://customers.doubled.com/~bartlett/genealog.htmDescendants of Thomas BARTLETT (c1730-1806) of Fauquier and Harrison Co, VAand 80 other surname ancestors, mostly from Colonial Virginiakwright354@aol.com
24 Oct 1998 Lee and McClellandLooking for Martin LEE. ---Am seeking info on Martin LEE per death certificateborn 9-18-1803 Fauguier Co., VA. was married in Harrison Co., OH on 6-19-1828to Sarah McCLELLAND. He died 1-22-1888 in Meigs Co., OH. Please help!!!!Nanci HessPoohgal116@aol.comPoohgal116@aol.com/A>
23 Oct 1998 Dennis and LloydResearching the DENNIS line in Fauquier and surrounding counties. Jesse B.Dennis b. 1814 Va. married Salina Lloyd b. 1815 Va., the daughter of JosephLloyd on Feb. 7,1837. The 1850 census lists their children: Joseph age 10William age 9 Mary age 6 and Zachary T. age 1. By 1860 Jesse was dead andSalina and the children are living in the town of Salem in Fauquier Co. Doesanyone know where this town was located? The children are now listed as Jos.A., Wm. H., Margi, and Zach.There are some other DENNIS families living notfar away in the town of Brandywine.(Isaac Dennis, Francis Dennis and JacksonDennis) Where was this town located?Jesse B. Dennis's parents were Absolum Dennis b. 1791 Va.and Mary Ann Wilsonwho moved to Ohio before 1830.BARTMESS@aol.com
21 Oct 1998 SpicerSPICER, Fauquier/Culpeper, Virginia: I am looking for ANY info I can get on the ancestors of Robert Mallory Spicer, who married Eula Blanch Humphrey, (my grandfather, born cir late 1800's) and/or his father, my great-grandfather, Mallory H. (Howard) Spicer (wife-Sarah) of Fauquier and/or Culpeper, Va. My mother, Margaret Elouise Spicer was b. 16Jan 1920 d. 04Feb 1987, in Stone Mountain, Ga. She married my dad (George Robert Bizzell, of Wayne County, N. C., b. 20Aug 1923 d. 04Aug 1995, Stone Mountain, Ga.) on 18Jun 1946, in Washington, D.C. They resided with my mother's mom and dad until I was about 1 yr. old (+-) at which time we moved to Alexandria, Va., until 1968...when we moved to Georgia, where I still reside. My mother's parents lived on Rhode Island Avenue, in Washington, D.C. I (Susan Lynn Bizzell~Weber) was born to them 25Jul 1949, Washington, D.C., now residing in Georgia. ALL info would be most gratefully accepted...it seems this branch of the Spicer clan was a very elusive lot! (*I don't know how much of this was factual, but I was told by my mom and her sister that we were related to Sir Walter Raleigh...but can't be sure...haven't been able to get back that far yet...however, I do know that our ancestors immigrated from England, PROBABLY between the late 1600's and early 1700's.*) Other info: Children of Robert Mallory and Eula Blanch (aunts and uncles) are: Robert Humphrey Spicer Sr. Alex., Va.; Dorothy (init.?) Spicer , Temple Hills, Md.;Jeanne (init.?) Spicer , Lanham, Md.; Ina Marie Spicer , Lanham, Md.; Raymond (init.?) Spicer, Lanham, Md.; William (init.?) Spicer, Binghamton, N. Y. Many thanx *in advance* to anyone and everyone with ANY info, regardless how trivial it may seem to you, concerning this branch of the Spicer family, or that can steer me in the direction of someone who might be researching the same branch. susanw1@bellsouth.net
20 Oct 1998 Gordon and OwensLooking for Info. on Hugh Gordon b. Scotland ca. 1733 m. Sarah Owens in Fauquir Co. ca. 1766. Sarah was the daughterof Nathaniel Owens.Sarah and Hugh lived in King George Co. then Washington Co., Ky. I believe they were aquatinted with the Tharp family because of a marriage within these two families 2 generations later in Washington Co. Lorene rene70@aol.com
19 Oct 1998 Pettit and OwensHello,I am looking for any information on the ancestors of both NathanielPettit and Rebecca Owens who were married in Fauquier Co.October 19,1781.Thanks Jim Browncats@eosinc.com
19 Oct 1998 Butler FamilyI am searching for the parents of James Alfred Butler, born around 1904 inFauquier County, he married Mary Elizabeth Butler(Butler was also her maidenname). They had two sons, James and Eugene. Any info would be great. Emailme at ButlerM@ncr.disa.mil or butlerjm@erols.com Morgan E. Butler 696-1893butlerjm@erols.com
19 Oct 1998 AndersonI am looking for information about Elijah Anderson and his parents. Elijah wasmy great-great grandfather. He was born 8 July 1836 and died 15 Mar 1890. He is supposed to be buried in the Creelfamily cemetery near Marshall. I have not been able to locate this cemetery. Ibelieve his father's name was Harrison and his mother's name was Mollie (I donot know her maiden name). I have reason to believe Harrison's father may beSpencer Anderson, but do not have enough information to make that solid. Anyinformation would be greatly appreciated.Mayr315@aol.com
18 Oct 1998 Looking for children, if any, of the following marriages in Fauquier Co. 1. Aaron Drummond m. Nancy Oldaker 3 Nov 17962. William Cypher m. Mary Oldaker 24 Nov 1804 3. Burr Montoya m. Charity Oldaker 9 Nov 18024. Mary Brown m. Isaac Oldaker 23 Feb 1824 The above Oldakers are children of Abraham Oldaker who lived close ThumbRun near Markham. Any replies would be welcome. Ed Oldaker e.oldaker@juno.com
18 Oct 1998 Berry, JohnNeed someone willing to do census lookup for the name BERRY, John... 1810,1820, 1830... please let me know if you can help....thanks.. diane riner berryiBeDiB@aol.com
18 Oct 1998 Ellis I'm looking for any info on james ellis, sr. and james ellis, jr. Bothappear on the 1810 virginia census. I'm wondering if james,jr is thesame jame ellis born in va., married mildred patton in 1810 in Flemingco, Ky . Both James and Mildred Ellis appear in the 1850 Bracken Co.census and are the parents of my ggg grandfather William Ellis, born1822 in Bracken co. Ky. William died in 1884 and is buried in Mason Co.,Ky. I have datails of William's descendents if you are interested. JudiEllis Vidourek.vidourek@concentric.net
17 Oct 1998 Smith I am looking for information regarding a Chilton/Shelton Smith born about 1803 possibly in Fauquier County VA. If you have ANY info or clues, please let me know. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it, J. Van KirkJack M. Van Kirk jack.vankirk@mcione.com
14 Oct 1998 Weeks, Blackwell, and HaleyThis is my first time on your site. I've just started so what I have issketchy. My ggrandfather, Manley Jackson Weeks, was (I believe) born andlived in Fauquier County (is buried in Warrenton Cemetary) and was married toHannah Blackwell Haley who was also born and lived in Fauquier (also buried inWarrenton Cemetary). I think Manley's parents were John W. and Jane F. Weeksbut I don't know anything about them. Would like any information anyone mayhave about them or Hannah Haley's parents, James W. and Virginia Haley.Thanks!dlstegner@aol.com
13 Oct 1998 Rodgers and Speaks
James ROGERS/RODGERS was born 2 July 1760 in Culpepper Co., VA.   A different source indicates a William ROGERS/RODGERS was born in 1748 in Culpepper.  Could these two be brothers?   James was reportably in Fauquier Co., VA in 1777, in Franklin County, VA in 1784, in Sevier Co., TN in 1788, and in Lincoln Co., TN in 1811.  Marriage records of Madison Co., Mississippi Territory show that a James ROGERS married Polly SPEAKS on 17 June 1812.  Can anyone tell me if this James is the James born in Culpepper?  The James born in Culpepper was in Limestone County, Alabama from 1816 to about 1833 when he shows up in Franklin Co., TN, then in 1837 he is in Pickens Co., AL.  Finally he is in Monroe Co., MS in 1842 where he died in 1843.  In his Will (I have copy.) he names his wife, Mary (Is this Polly SPEAKS.  Land records from Limestone County, Alabama show a wife named Polly and Polly is a common nickname for Mary.) and the following children: Francis, Julia Ann, Martha, Silas, and Margaret. The wording of the Will—the children of my current wife, Mary—hints at the existence of a former wife and other children. Another query (without sources) indicates that James had a son named Joseph Larkin Rogers, born 21 August 1794 in TN and died 1 July 1878 in Lee Co., MS and that Joseph Larkin, usually called Larkin, married Hannah HOLAND, daughter of Jacob HOLLAND and Sarah MILLER in Pickens Co., AL.  Joseph Larkin and Hannah are indeed buried in Lee County, MS.James ROGERS is a prime suspect for the father of my gg grandfather, Robert M. ROGERS, who married Jane/Ginny ALLISON/ELLISON in Madison County, Alabama in 1815.  Robert M. and James were in Limestone County at the same time and migrated to Monroe County, MS within a few years of each other.  Robert named his eldest son, James.  Robert M. was born in TN at a time James was in Tennessee (ca 1794).  Can anyone furnish additional clues about the families of James ROGERS, born 1766 in Culpepper Co., VA and died 1843, Monroe County, MS?Snail Mail is Richard Stokes, 3800 Glacier Highway, Juneau, Alaska 99801—long way from my roots and many sources of information.  Any tidbits appreciated.  Sorry No Email Available.  Jim Burgess

13 Oct 1998 South Run ChurchSeeking information about the SOUTH RUN CHURCH. This church usedto be located near the intersection of State Roads 731 & 738 inthe "Freestate" area just south of Marshall in Fauquier County.Does anyone know of the existance of any information on this church?Births, Marriages, Baptisms, Membership lists, Tithe lists, etc..I am looking for marriages and deaths of KENDALLs that may havebeen missed in official records. Thanks!Email Tom at: tkendalljr@ec.rr.comtkendalljr@ec.rr.com
13 Oct 1998 Thunderbird CemeteryHas anyone ever heard of Thunderbird Cemetery and where it might belocated? It is an Indian Burial ground somewhere near Luray.Thank You. BarbaraSPHINCTOLI@aol.com
12 Oct 1998 Harris and McCormickI am researching the ancestors of Elisha HARRIS b.1760(prob. in or nearFauquier Co.) d. 1824 in Morgan Co.Ohio, his wife Margaret McCORMICK b.c.1760 Fauquier Co. Any information on Elisha Harris' and/or Margaretsparentage, siblings would be appreciated. I have Elisha Harris descendantsinformation to share. Also researching John McCORMICK,father of Margaret,died in Fauquier Co. VA in April or May 1817. Need a middle initial forJohn and any information on his ancestors. ferrall@mtaonline.net
11 Oct 1998 LookupsFauquier Co. Marriage Bonds 1759-1854 by Gott would love to have some lookups for the following namesBERRYFAEGINSKENDALLBARCLAYthanks for the help... dianeIBeDiB@aol.com
11 Oct 1998 LampkinLAMKIN/LAMPKIN. Peter G. Lamkin was born 4-26-1818 in Fauquier Co., VA. Iknow nothing about his parents or siblings except that his father was aminister: Baptist I believe. Peter moved with his family to St. Louis, MOabout 1824 and he then went on to IN and KY about 1836. Any help with theLAMKINS or advice on how I should proceed with VA research would beappreciated. Gatschet@aol.comGatschet@aol.com
10 Oct 1998 Tannery in ParisFor several decades there was a Tannery near Washington Streetin Paris, Fauquier County, Virginia. I am interested in anyinformation that can be supplied concerning the Tannery AND its owner, WILLIAM KENDALL. Tell me about Facts, Folk Lore, Tid-bits, Hear-Say and serious sources for hard core facts. I am particularly interested in finding if William Kendall had any siblings. Thanks for your help!! Tom at tkendalljr@ec.rr.comtkendalljr@ec.rr.com
10 Oct 1998 MahorneyI have traced my family roots to James B. Mahorney, born Fauquier Co, VA1763. He married Elizabeth Harris. Children: Arthur, Mary, Bennett,Taliaferro. He served in the Revolutionary War. I'd like anyinformation I can get about his ancestors and descendants. Contact J.Mahorney at jmahorne@esd112.wednet.edu.jmahorne@potlatch.esd112.wednet.edu
9 Oct 1998 Chilton, Moore, and RansdellCHILTON, MOORE, RANSDELLWilliam M00RE was a veteran of the Third Virginia Line. He was originally from Louisa County, Virginia. He married Hannah RANSDELL and later moved to Fayette County, Kentucky. From the naming patterns of their children, I believe that Hannah may have been the daughter of William RANSDELL and Mary CHILTON of Fauquier County. William RANSDELL’s will was dated 3 Jul 1776. Only sons were named.dickdfox@lockhart.net
12 Oct 1998 Utterback Hello.I saw your e-mail address while looking for "Utterback." Does Fauquier County, VA, include Acquia Creek or Acquia Landing? I have a reference to Utterback's farm near there in the Official Records of the Civil War. Had an ancestor Martin Utterback from Virginia via Kentucky.Please respond to Phillip Faller at Pcannon@ix.netcom.com . Thank you.Pcannon@ix.netcom.com
10 Oct 1998Does anyone have access to the following book and would be so kind as tolook up a few names? Fauquier Co. Marriage Bonds 1759-1854 by Gott ALLISON: Bailey, Cathrine, Elizabeth, Emily M., Fanny, Martin W., Mary Ann,Nancy, Richard, WilliamROLEY: Betsey (Betsy, Elizabeth)ROWLEY: Cathrine, Moses, SusannaI'd appreciate any help with these names. Ken in Orlandokhodge@gdi.net
10 Oct 1998 Butler in Fauquier CountyLooking for info on 18th century BUTLERS of Fauquier County. William BUTLERborn in 1735. Married Mary ??? around 1754. Probably born in Prince WillaimCounty, he settled in the Deep Run Area of Fauquier. Children were: Joseph,Spencer, Sarah (Sally), William Jr., Charles, Nancy, Benjamin, Armistead,and John. Seeking almost any information on this family and theirancestors.stallard@erols.com
9 Oct 1998 Hickerson and Van BibberI'm looking for any info on ancestors of Thomas Hickerson b. 1789 Fauquier co, Va m. 21Jun1816 St. Charles, Mod. 1867 LaPlata, Mosp. Susanna Van Bibber d. 1855 LaPlata, MoThanks Jim BoalesSterling, Va JimBoCruzn@aol.com
9 Oct 1998Jeptha was born 1802 and Catherine was born 1816. Jeptha and Catherine had14 children (that includes 1 or 2 sets of twins). They lived in Fauquier Co.,Va for awhile before moving to somewhere around Roane Co., WV, sometime beforethe Civil War. They had 12 daughters, and two sons: Jeptha Henry and JamesLewis Smith. Catherines' father was Jeramiah Kerns/Kearns. Does anyone have any informationon the family, also? James Lewis Smith enlisted in the Confederate Army, probably in Greenbriar Co.The daughters names are: Mildred -1836; Susan Dawson Smith-1839; Fanny -1843; Nancy D - 1844; Matildy -1846; Virginia A. - 1848; Martha J. -1849;George - 1852; Georgia - 1853; Lucy - 1857; Lillie - 1859; Catherine A. -1841. Janice JFar171@aol.com
8 Oct 1998 Brooks and AmosLooking for information on John Brooks or Lilly Ann Amos, poss. lived/bornin Fauquier Co., VA. 1 John Brooks b: Abt. 1745 in Culpeper Co. VA.. +Lily Ann Amos b: Abt. 1750 in Culpeper Co. Va........ 2 Virginia Brooks........ 2 Dabney Brooks Sr. b: December 01, 1770 in SC or VA............ +Sara Bumpas........ 2 William Brooks b: 1771 in VA............ +Rhonda "Rhoda" Van Meter........ 2 James William Brooks b: July 01, 1771 in VA............ +Ann Wood........ 2 Susannah Brooks b: December 01, 1772............ +Derenzey McDaniel........ 2 John M. Brooks Jr. b: Abt. 1773 in ? SC............ +Betsy Courtslryoung@dynasty.net
7 Oct 1998 Bushee and FisherTracing family of Bushee -- I think my Mother lived in Fauquier Co from1905 to 1915, but I can't filnd proof of this. Her father's name - JohnHarrison Bushee. A brother, Lawrence Edward Bushee, was born in Warrenton- 2 April 1907. A sister, Margaret Elise Bushee was born in FauquierSprings - 28 August 1908 and another sister, Dorothy Louise Bushee was bornin Casanova - 23 April 1913. I do not proof of any of these dates, justfrom family members. I do not know if there were any other families ofBushee living there that this family may have been visiting. Mygrandmother's maiden name was Sallie Fisher, but I don't know if Fisher'slived there either.Thanks for any info I can get. Marion A. Smith - e-mail -dlgaulke@crosslake.net dlgaulke@crosslake.net
7 Oct 1998 Allison
Just located the prior generation of the William M. Allison that I wastracing.  Does any one recognize this group?  Son's name, Extra, is spelledthe same way on both the 1860 and 1870 census.  They lived in the Warrentonand Upperville area of Fauquier Co., VirginiaMartin W. Allison       b. ca 1794 -1800        sp. Elizabeth ?      b. ca 1814        Bozzil (Bozwell ?)              b. ca 1834        John T.                 b. ca 1837                sp. Artemia ?   b. ca 1856                Ann L.          b. ca 1870        William M.              b. ca 1843      [ more on this line ]                md. 2/1/1866 Faquier Co., Va.                sp. Mary Ann Dennis     b. 8//1847        Extra                   b. ca 1852                sp. Elizabeth ? b. ca 1839                Alexander       b. ca 1869Ken in Orlando
7 Oct 1998 Ledyard and MorganSeeking information about Grace Ledyard born in Fauquier County 1717.Her parents were John and Grace Ledyard. She married Randall Morganborn about 1713 and died 1773 in Fauquier County.Marshalybb@juno.comlybb@juno.com
4 Oct 1998 ElliotI am looking for information on Samuel Elliott who appears in the Fauquier Co Census in 1810. Is he the Samuel with children, Elizabeth and William and Wesley. Any help, thanks, Michael Elliotteldog@erols.com
5 Oct 1998 Berry Fauquier CountyNeed to document census information for a BERRY, John or Elijah . Elijah wasborn about 1802-3 perhaps in PA... that would have had him traveling with Johnfrom PA. Would like census information prior to 1840 and as early as possible.Can anyone help me with this broad request?thanks.. diane riner berryIBeDiB@aol.com
4 Oct 1998 BEATY, HARRIS, HARRISON, FRENCH, STIGLER, McCARTY, McCONAUGHEYI'm researching BEATY, HARRIS, HARRISON, FRENCH, STIGLER, McCARTY, McCONAUGHEYfamilies of Fauquier County, Virginia. Price STIGLER and Jane McCONNAHA weremarried 1796 in Fauquier Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of JamesMcCONAUGHUE of Loudoun County, Virginia. I would be interested in hearingfrom anybody researching these families. Also researching Obed/Obadiah HARRISwho's will was probated 1800 in Loudoun Co., Virginia. My grandfather WilliamMcCARTY was administrator for the will of Obed HARRIS. The only reference forhis will is in a court house document found in Fauquier County, Virginia. Iwould be interested in hearing anybody with information about Obed HARRIS.Please email Wayne Greene at wgreen19@aol.com. : Wgreen19@aol.com
2 Oct 1998 Otterback/Utterback/Heimbach
Sir: Could you please post the following to the Fauquier Co. queries?I am seeking information on any and all descendants of Johann HermannusOtterback/Utterback and Marie Elizabeth Heimbach. They brought 6children with them from Germany to the Germanna colony in 1713 and theywere one of the original settling families. The children were:Anna Margaretha (1685 - ~1730) who married Hans (John Jacob)Holtzclau/Holtzclaw (1683-1760) - had 10 children between 1707 & 1738Johan Philip (1692-?), spouse unknown - had 2 sonsAlice (Elsbeth) Kathrina (1697-?) who married John Kemper (1697-?) -had  9 children between 1717 & 1737)Maria Kathrina (1699-?) who married John Martin (?) - any children areunknownJohannes (1702-aft 1772), spouse unknown - had 2 sonsAnna Katharina (1705-?), spouse and children unknown.Thank you.Sondra Brackman Moorehttp://www.slbrackman.com/family/sondra@slbrackman.com
3 Oct 1998 TharpJohn THARP, b. ca. 1752, Spotsylvania Co., VA., m. ca. 1793, Catherine (surname unknown). John Tharp d. 23 Jan. 1838,Fauquier Co., VA. John & Catherine had 7 known issue. Seeking documented proof of the name of John Tharp's andCatherine's parents. Also, interested in information on daughter, Lydia (ca. 1793 - aft. 22 Aug. 1850) who m. 15 July 1811,Shenandoah Co., VA., William "Big Billy" WOOD. Any information on the ancestors & family of John & Catherine would begreatly appreciated. b&jking@new-vista1.com
1 Oct 1998 Morehead and RoyI'm looking for information on a Lydia MOREHEAD. She married James ROY.Their children were: John M., Sally, Polly, Fanthey, James N., Sarah Louise,Julia Ann, Reverley, (Could be Beverley,) Charles Wesley, and Rachel Amenda.Julia Ann married William Potts Eaton. I believe Lydia Morehead was fromFauquier Co. Lydia died 1 Feb 1830. Any information appreciated.Marilyn Johnson email:emlejay@carrollsweb.comemlejay@carrollsweb.com
3 Oct 1998 Craine and Smith and Summerslooking for any information on Jame Craine b abt 1779 in VA / he had least twodaughters...Mary Ann B. Smith (m John R. Smith) in 1852Lucy Clatlet Smith (m George Wellington Summers) in 1852/she died around1859-1860apparently James Crain had land, some 223 acres, know as Springfield Farm ..any of this sound famliar.Jhnston@aol.com
30 Sep 1998 Allison Looking for any information on the following line. Probably moved toFaquier from Loudoun ca 1880. Tony Allen Allison b. ca 1858 Loudoun Co., Va. D. <1900?md. sp. Mary A. ? b. 1841William ( Willie) Calvin Allison, b. 10//1879, d. 2/18/1952 Faquier Co., Va.md. ca 1903-4 sp. Georgia Belle Furr b. 1884Maude b. 1904Brenda b. 1905Blanche b. 1907Rachel b. 1908Agnes b. 1910George William (Willie) b. 8/11/1911 Faquier Co., Va.Katherin b. 1914Samuel b. 1916Winnie b. 1917Pattie b. 1919Mary A. Allison b. 5//1875 - Elsie D. Allison b. 5//1882 (Elsey)Ken in OrlandoLooking for any information on the following line. Probably moved toFaquier from Loudoun ca 1880.Ken in Orlandokhodge@gdi.net
26 Sep 1998 FrenchMarcellus French was b. @ Spring Hill, Warrenton VA 2/14/1831 to James Frenchand Sarah S.B. Henry French. His siblings were James Henry French, JuniusButler French, Rosalie French, Matilda French, all who were born in Warrentonalso. The family owned Fenton around the 1830's-1840's in Warrenton which Ibelieve burned around 1905/06 in one of the town fire's. Thanks, SuzanneFrench Keesler Suzandcarl@aol.comSuzandcarl@aol.com
25 Sep 1998 LeachLooking for the parents of Thornton K. Leach of Pignut Mountain justEast of The Plains, VA. He was born about 1796 and died in 1880 and isburied on Pignut Mt. Will be happy to share my information on thisfamily. Tried to contact the author of a note posted on 23 May 1998requesting info on the family of John and Mary Leach, but e-mail wasreturned for improper address. Hope to contact the author.hjleach@erols.com
23 Sep 1998 Grome, Bradford Preston, Foster, Campbell Book dealer "Olde South Books" oldsouth@usit.net has the book FauquierDuring Groome, H.C. 1927 1st for sale. Genealogy material is laid in Groome,Bradford, Preston, Foster, "Campbell inscriptions at Aspenvale...copied1935." Contact book dealer I have not seen contents of material laid in.OldPoplar@aol.com
23 Sep 1998 RoachWilliam ROACH is listed on the VA Taxpayer list for 1782-1789 as payingtaxes in Fauquier Co.; he is also shown there in the 1787 VA census. Doesanyone have any information about his wife, children, or parents? Arethere presently ROACH families living in the area?Dot Hay dhay@alltel.netdhay@alltel.net
22 Sep 1998 Adams and AshbyJim My family dates back to the early 1800s in Fauquier County. Theylived near where the Adams and Ashby families resided. I am always lookingfor physical evidence to mark their time and location spent there. SometimesI run across genealogical items for sale that relate to Fauquier families butnot mine. The other day I ran across a book dealer who had the book GroomeFauquier During the Proprietorship 1929. This is not a hard book to find butthere was genealogical material written in the book Groome, Bradford,Preston, Foster, " Campbell inscriptions at Aspenvale...copied 1935. Othertimes I run across documents relating to the well known Ashby family. Is itpossible to add a site to Fauquier homepage so the families of Fauquier canhave first crack when local historical items are for sale? ---Derek Feltner OldPoplar@aol.com
20 Sep 1998 Smith and Spicer
Is anybody researching this family in VA:Descendants of JOHN SMITH             1 JOHN SMITH, b: Abt 1765               ..+REBECCA SPICER, b: Abt 1765, m: 24 Dec 1787  ..2 REUBEN SMITH, b: Abt 1790....+GRACE HEADLEY, b: Abt 1790 in Fauquier Co., VA, m: 12 Jul, 1813 inFauquier Co., VA....3 ROLEY T. SMITH, b: 1820 in Fauquier Co., VA, d: Abt 1910 Lived inScott, Fauquier Co., VA......+JANE E. SINCLAIR, b: Abt 1825 in VA, m: 17 Dec 1849 in Fauquier Co.,VA ?......4 Pembroke SMITH, b: 1852 in Fauquier Co., VA             ......4 Luther SMITH, b: 1853 in Fauquier Co., VA               ........+Caroline Downs, b: 1848, m: 19 Dec, 1872       ......4 ROSA Lee SMITH, b: Abt 09 Apr 1857 in Fauquier Co., VA          ........+ZACHERY Taylor I FLYNN, b: Feb 1850 in VA, m: 18 Jan, 1877 inFauquier Co., VA ?      ......4 Vernon E. SMITH, b: 1859 in ?, Fauquier Co., VA         ......4 George T. SMITH, b: 1866 in ?, Fauquier Co., VA         ....*2nd Wife of ROLEY T. SMITH:                        ......+Grace Downs, b: Abt 1820 in Fauquier Co., VA, m: 22 Nov, 1874 inFauquier Co., VA        ..2 Samuel SMITH                ..2 Joseph SMITH        ..2 Noah SMITH  ..2 Frances SMITH..2 Lucinda SMITH       ..2 Rebecca SMITH       I would like to correspond with anybody researching above family.Sylvia    gidleyjs@erols.com
20 Sep 1998 Tomlinson Thomas Tomlinson told the census taker in 1850 that he was born in FauquierCounty in 1800. Thomas lived in Jefferson Co OH after about 1810, where theonly adult head of house Tomlinson was Joseph, believed to be Capt. JosephTomlinson Jr, VA line, 10/12/1745 - 5/30/1825. However, there are a multiplicity ofTomlinsons to choose from. Does anyone know of any Tomlinsons who lived inFauquier Co between 1790 and 1810? Many Thanks.docevans@cc.dixie.edu
20 Sep 1998 Nelson, Hogan, Catlett, Withrowlooking for surnames Nelson ,Hogan ,Catlett,Withrow Fauquier Co Va. fromabout first half of the 1700's Patricia Perkins at caviness@abts.net caviness@abts.net
20 Sep 1998 Taylor and OwensSeeking Information concerning Thomas Taylor b.1793 in Va. who married Mary Elizabeth Owens b.in 1801 in Fauquier Co.Va. Thank You! Michael Taylor,Box 183,Whitman,WV 25652 mtaylor@newwave.net
20 Sep 1998 Carter and SimpsonM.F. Carter was born Nov. 17, 1847 Somewhere in Va. I found the will ofanother Moore Fauntleroy Carter that died in 1828 in Fauquier Cty. I'm sure heis the grandfather of the M.F. Carter I'm looking for, who happens to be mygreat-great grandfather. His mothers maiden name was Lucy Simpson. If anyonehas any information about this I would greatly appreciate it. Cl3bme@aol.comCl3bme@aol.com
20 Sep 1998 Sinclair and SmithI have a Jane E. SINCLAIR, b: abt 1823 in VA, m: 17 Dec 1849 in FauquierCo., VA, Roley T. SMITH. (Roley married 2nd on 22 Nov 1874 in Fauquier Co.,VA, Grace DOWNS)Source for DOB: 1870 Census Records for Fauquier Co., VA: Jane E., 47years, female, white, Keeping HouseSource for marriage: Marriage bonds book 6 pg 24, Roley Smith and JaneSinclair. Surety John Sinclair. Bond dtd 17 Dec 1849.)I found a Jane Elizabeth SINCLAIR in the Death Register from Fauquier Co.,VA. It states that Jane Elizabeth died on 18 Sep 1870 in Fauquier Co., VAof consumption. There is no husband listed, but parents: George B. andEllen. I am wondering if this is my Jane E.If you have any information on this family, please contact me at:gidleyjs@erols.comThank you, Sylviagidleyjs@erols.com
19 Sep 1998 Ramsey and HobsonGrgrandfather George M. RAMSEY b. 1754 Va. may have married Polly HOBSON noproof of that yet any help appreciated. Pat pchittyhttp://www.geocities.com/heartland/bluffs/6882patty@i1.netpatty@i1.net
19 Sep 1998 Davis and ByrneSearching for William and Elizabeth Davis who had a daughter, Elizabeth,who married Darby Byrne (1782-1818); she married second James Carter.Also does anyone have proof of parents of Uriah Byrne who died 1834?hugenot@mail.swbell.nethugenot@mail.swbell.net
19 Sep 1998 Austins Fauquier County, VirginiaSearching from the end of my ropes for African-American AUSTINS, probably slaves, thought to be inFacquier Co., VA in mid 1800s. (specifically Fannie and/or George W.(?) Also looking for Fluvanna Co.info as family may have been split. How/where can I get access to slave and or property records ofthese 2 counties? What other resources can I try? Help!! Any info on African-american AUSTINS frommid 1800s on would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks ahead of time. Please contact me at:kitaq1@yahoo.com. bkny@ix.netcom.com
14 Sep 1998 Mauzy and BradfordSeeking any information about Thomas Mauzy first marriage to prob LetticeBradford and second marriage to Violeta Bradford, a cousin or sister to thefirst wife. His father was Henry Mauzy married first to Anne Withers, but hisThomas's mother was Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Benjamin Taylor andElizabeth ? . We have been cross referencing any an all family connections.We are the decendents of Thomas Mauzy and Lettice _____ We would like anyinformation on the Conyers family too. Kathleen Hames Khgeno@aol.com
11 Sep 1998 Hazeal Harrill and ShanksHAZEAL HARRILL married CATY SHANKS on Dec. 31, 1787 in Fauquier County. Who were the parents of Hazeal and Catherine. Is he relatedto JOHN HARRILL? Could Caty (Catherine) be related to FREDERICK, MICHAEL, GEORGE, or HENRY SHANKS? Any help would be greatlyappreciate.Tome/Kay Walters tkwalt@rmi.net
9 Sep 1998 Heflin of Fauquier County, VirginiaI'm searching for ancestors and descendents of William HEFLIN, Sr., born1755/1760 in Fauquier County, Va. His children were William Heflin, Jr.born 1783, died Mar. 1858 and Reuben Heflin, born c. 1785, died 1863. I'm a descendent of William Heflin, Jr. Below is my Web Page:http://www.erols.com/jrheflin/Ron Heflinjrheflin@erols.com
2 Sep 1998 DICKERSON FAMILY OF FAUQUIER COUNTYI am seeking information about Dickerson Wood, his wife Mary, and hisdescendants:DICKERSON (sometimes spelled "Dickinson") WOOD was born 1740 in FauquierCounty, VA and died January 23, 1803 in Fauquier County, VA. He married MARYUnknown in about 1760. Dickerson and Mary had children named Mary, William,Elijah and James.Will be happy to share what information I have.Jack_Wood@email.msn.comJack_Wood@email.msn.com
1 Sep 1998 Episcopalian Church at DelaplaneAt which church might an Episcopalian family have worshipped in the area ofwhat is now Delaplane, circa 1778? Brigde1405@aol.com
30 Aug 1998 Risen and KennedyJust recently found 4Ggrandparents - Thomas RISEN and Sarah KENNEDY. Thomas bc 1780 VA? d Morgan Co., OH ?. Only information currently have is that hemarried Sarah Kennedy Dec 2, 1800 in Fauquier Co, VA and that he is on the1800 tax list and was in Ohio at least by 1813. Children: John b 1802;Elenor (my 3Ggrandmother) b 1803 d 1883 m John G. WRIGHT; Betsey; Polly;Joseph b 1813; Jonas; Martin; Elizabeth J; Lydia A and possibly others.Children's names come from bio of Joseph in "History of Morgan County, Ohio"of 1886. Know John & Elenor born Virginia, others either VA or OH. Wouldappreciate any information on the parents of Thomas and Sarah. Willing toshare what I have on Elenor and John's descendants.Sharrie Grant - Grant10109@aol.comGrant10109@aol.com
29 Aug 1998 Leach and WhiteNeed information on Elijah Leach m. Sarah White, last found in 1810 FauquierCo. Census. I am related through their son Enoch Leach b. 1814 Fauquier Co. m.Mary Collins. Sarah White was the daughter of James White & Mary Minter. Alsocan any one tell me where I can find a copy of the 1807-08-09 tax list forFauquier Co. preferrably online if not then in printed form. Thank You,Stan Leach Unionstan@aol.com: Unionstan@aol.com
29 Aug 1998 O'BannonI am seeking information on John O'Bannon born in Fauquier county in 1755/65.He left Fauquier county for Woodford county, Kentucky in 1790. I need a directline to the correct O'Bannon branch. I have the will of another John O'Bannondated 1797 leaving his son John 1/3 of all Kentucky lands, but I can make no directconnection. Any information would be appreciated. LEARGUI@aol.com
29 Aug 1998 Gordon, Keith, McCabe, Randolph and VaughanHello, I'm new to this list. I'm researching GORDON and KEITH who relate to ISHAM,MCCABE, RANDOLPH, VAUGHAN, and others in this and surrounding counties.Barbara Prestridge webmaster@prestridge.com
29 lAug 1998 Galloway and Rawlings I am looking for information on the forebears of Thomas Fleetwood Galloway, b. 8/28/1876, d. 7/12/1950. As far as I know he lived in F. County, since according to relatives he was the sheriff there for some time. He married Elizabeth Douglas Rawlings (date unknown). Please send any information to djg11@cornell.edudjg11@travelers.mail.cornell.edu
29 Aug 1998through the kind help of Evelyn Wines I have been given my husband'sFauquier Co. family (all names back to John 2 from F. Co. in the Winesline. Evelyn's info from VR and census material). Now I would love tohear from anyone who shares the wives' surnames as I have only the infoas here on them. There are a number of Fletchers married into otherWine/Wines lines as per the records I received and I am quite interestedsince they seem to be solidly from Fauquier Co. Some of the other wivesare listed as from VA or probably so but no firm data. Lewis and Ruthwere married in Fairfax Co. so her family may be from there.Thank you!April
                ------------------------------------------------1 Lewis6 W. Wines, b. 1886, m. Ruth Helen Stamp, 1910, d. ca. 1926        2 James5 E. Wines, b. 1860, m. Ella Beall, 5 July 1881 (d/o B.M. Bealland Verlinda (?))        3 Willis4 W[allace] Wines, b. ca. 1829, m. Caroline Fletcher, 31January 1858, m. Nancy Ida Wine              4Edward3 Wyne/Wine/Wines, b. 1803, m. Maria Barton (d/oThomas Barton)                   5 John2 Wyne/Wines, b. 1780, m. Jemima Edwards                        6John1 Wine, b. 1760
29 Aug 1998 Hutchison and BursonLooking for information regarding Nelson S. HUTCHISON, b 1793 marriedLydia BURSON (daughter of Joseph and Mary SHAW BURSON). Nelson died in1825 and the 1820 census lists him as living in Fauquier Co, Va.Looking for parents of Armenia S. HUTCHISON b10-20-1825 married MasonClarence Adams (son of William and Nancy ROBERTSON(ROBARTSON) inFauquier Co on 11-2-1846. I can find nothing on the parentage of thefollowing names: Nelson S. HUTCHISON; Armenia S HUTCHISON: WilliamADAMS; or, Nancy ROBERTSON. If anyone knows of siblings, parents, etc,please E-mail me and I will gladly share info on later generations.Thanks, Caroldadams55@swbell.net
27 Aug 1998 Keith and Contee and RandolphWould like to compare info with others in the James KEITH, Jr. and Elizabeth CONTEE line ofFauquier Co. James was s/o Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDOLPH. Need info on JonContee KEITH and wife Isabella GORDON.Thank you. Barbara Prestridge webmaster@prestridge.comwebmaster@prestridge.com
25 Aug 1998 Samuel and CroppLooking for William A. Samuel who married Susan T. CroppThey married July 17, 1848Any information would be appreicated.Barb Edwards617 E. BdwyNewton, KS 67114 email: edwardsbk@hotmail.comedwardsbk@hotmail.com
24 Aug 1998 Stickel and StufingerSeeking info in Daniel Matthew STICKEL and Anna Catherine StufingerSTICKEL (could be spelled STICKLE). They came to the U.S. in 1833 fromAltenhastlen, in Hesse Cassell, Germany. They came over on the shipPhoenix and ported in Baltimore, MD. They settled in Warrenton, VAwhere Mr. Stickle (it is said) was an overseer of slaves on aplantation. In 1840 they moved to Perry Co., OH and are shown on cesusrecords there. Any info is greatly appreciated. -- Charles Mooremailman@CITCOM.NET
24k Aug 1998 Cardwell and WatkinsJohn Cardwell b. Jan. 17, 1790, Bunker, Hill, FauguierCo., VA who married Arminta "Ara" Watkins abt 1822 Where? died Feb. 11, 1876,Breathitt, Co., KY. It is John Cardwell that I am seeking info on. Sjwyr@aol.com
24 Aug 1998 John NelsonResearching John Nelson from Fauquier Co,VA.Children-Thomas W. Nelsonb.1800 Fauquier co,VA md. Betsy McGeorge 19 Apr 1832 Fauquier co,VA.James O. Nelson b 1802 Fauquier co,VA md. Mary E. Hirst 2 Feb 1827Fauquier VA. John B. Nelson b 1805 Fauquier,VA. Henry Nelson b abt 1807Fauquier VA. Addison Nelson, Alexander Nelson, George Nelson. All 7brothers moved to Cooper Co Missouri abt 1833.Any information would beappreciated.Pamela Woogerd Nelson nelsp@pacbell.netnelsp@pacbell.net
24 Aug 1998 Lukins and RectorI am looking for information about Peter Lukins who married Ann Rector inFaquier County in 1793. I can find no information about Peter's family orwhere he was from nor any information amount Ann Rector. Can anyone provideinformation.???Scotty Cline KYBRED1943@aol.comKYBRED1943@aol.com
22 Aug 1998 StrotherI am John Gilbert Strother-Father-Andrew Edwin Strother-his father-JohnJames Strother- born 1878 Marshall,Va. died 1914 Wash.D.C.-hisfather-James Mason Strother-born 1845 Marshall,Va.died1909-Marshall,Va.-his father-John James Strother-born 1781 FauquierCounty Va. died 1863 in Marshall,Va.strohs@fls.infi.net
22 Aug 1998 WeaverWilliam A Weaver was born in VA. I don't know what county. I know here wereseveral Weavers in Fauquier Co. It was said that there was a Weaver orWeaverville named for the family. Do you know of any such community in the1700's before Fauquier was actuall a county? mhopper MHop7@aol.com
22 Aug 1998 Black alias Swarts BLACK alias SWARTS. Does anyone know the origin of the Abraham BLACK aliasSWARTS who starts to appear in the Fauquier Co., VA, records in the 1780's?Where did he come from, and with whom? Son John m. Rebecca Davidson; dau.Mary m. Conrad Dearing or Duehring. They were Baptists; went to Scott Co.,KY, shortly after 1800; to Boone Co., MO by 1830. I have documentation on thedescendants. Virginia Easley DeMarce Veasleyd@aol.com
22 Aug 1998 Still trying to get information on parents and siblings of Jeptha Smith, b. ca1803 and Catherine Kerns/Kearns Smith, b. ca 1812. They married in Va, Ibelieve and lived for awhile in Farquier Co., VA before moving to WV, sometimebefore the Civil War.JFAR 171@aol.comJFAR 171@aol.com
22 Aug 1998
Since I can't find my Smith's maybe I can help someone.  The following infowas taken from SMITH PAPERS, which I think is no longer published.  I knowNOTHING  more than I am posting. From  the will of WILLIAM SMITH, State of VA. County of Fauquier, 1836Children named:William,; James ; Mary Ann Hickerson; Lucinda Ellington; Elizabeth Fox; John .(The portion left Mary Ann, was to remain in control of executers) His wifewas Mary.  He also left Jane Reins some things for her faithful service..--------       SMIITH PAPERS - Galldwell, Kennebec County, MaineJohn SMITH, 3rd, was b. England came to this town sometime in 1814, md.Margaret ,daughter of William & Jane VASS of this town , formally of New York,Childen: Martha, b. 26 Sept. 1815 ; Losia, b. 6 Oct.1816Daniel & Abigail  SMITH; Daniel Smith, b. 3 Feb. 1749, md. 29 Nov. 1769Abigail GORMAN, b. in Norwalk, 10 March 1750;  , Children:  Owen, b Nantucket12 Dec. 1770;  George B. Kennebec, b. 6 July, 1772, d. 29 Aug. 1794; Anna. b.6 Feb. 1774; Gorhan, b. 17 Apr.1783; William Allen, b. 13 May 1785, d.17 Aug.1786; Polly, b.Kennebec 21 Feb. 1787; 2 sons born 29 Mar. 1789 Nantucket, diedsame day; Benjamin, b. 10 Junw 1793, died 2 days later;    Apprentice toDaniel and Abigail were : Betty BOSTON, b. 1782 Nantucket and Thomas FRANKS,b. Georgetown SC 13 June 1786.ROLAND AND NANCY SMITH, Children; Clark, b. 7 March 1794; William, b. 22 Dec.1795; Anna, b. 11 Feb. 1799JACOB AND DEBORAH SMITH l Children : John, born in Epping, NH 9 June 1796;Eliza, b. 10 July, 1798; Dolly b Hallowell, 27 July 1800; Jacob, b. 15 May1803; Caroline, b. 18 July, 1805, d. 18 Feb. 1806
22 Aug 1998 Jacob HayesJacob Hayes and his wife Caty purchased land in Fauquier Co in 1768. Theirson Jacob b. 1765 in Faquier Co. other children John.Bennett.Jeremiah,Sallie,Parthenia and maybe William. I am looking for Jacobs parents andCatys surname. I have info on Jacob b. in 1765 and will shareJillhunters@vfr.net
20 Aug 1998 researching the SHUMATE name in Fauquier Co.,VA. My sources of info are Col. Robert Riley's book, The Shumate Family,Kentucky Pioneers, published within the past few years, and Theodore vonStauffenberg's Shumate Family, published in mid 1960's. I would be interestedin anything new or different that you have on this family. My latest ancestorin Fauquier Co. was Mark Hardin SHUMATE who left around 1800 for ClaiborneCo., TN, via NC. Thanks! Polly EDrucke@aol.com
15 Aug 1998 Lawrence Does anyone have information on a Lewis (Luis) Lawrence (married 1809Shenandoah County, VA) who married Mary "Polly" Roy and had a daughter Mary Ann Lawrence? Heappears on thecensus for that county in 1810 and 1820. His estate was settled in 1840.PLEASE respond to my personal address: Nancynald@rica.net
20 Aug 1998 McConchie, Stith, and BrownHi I am HELEN V McConchie Stith i am looking for HOWARD JEFFERSON McConchiebrothers WILL. JAMES , TOM their parents was JOHN WESLEY McConchie and MARYVIRGINIA BROWN . JOHN B IS 11-15-1830 D 11-18-1893 MARRIED 08-18-1857 IONLYHAVE MARY D 08-01-1909 I am the granddaughter of LAURA THOMPSON SMITHMcConchie my father was JAMES WESLEY McConchie . any help would be appreciatedHELENS249@AOL.COMHelenS249@aol.com
20 Aug 1998 MassieAccording to a letter written ca. 1894, when he was in his seventies, ThomasB. Massie lived at a place called Meadow Grove, and also owned and farmedChappelear Farm, which was two miles from Meadow Grove. We are trying todetermine, first, where Meadow Grove was and if it's still standing, and,second, if this particular Thomas B. Massie was the colonel who rode withGeneral Turner Ashby and was one of the general's pallbearers. There were,unfortunately, several fellows named Thomas B. Massie. Does anyone haveinformation on these topics? Please reply to AndreaKent@aol.com.AndreaKent@aol.com.
19 Aug 1998 SnellingAm posting the nane of Aquilla Snelling of Fauquier County, Virginiaasnellings@earthlink.net
19 Aug 1998 Pearl and KerrSearching for information the children of Samuel PEARL and Dorcas KERRwho were married Aug. 25, 1773, in Fauquier County, Virginia.treeshaker@qconline.com
18 Aug 1998 LawrenceLARRANCE, LAURANCE, LAWRENCEResearching the Larrance/Lawrence family of Fauquier Co. EdwardLarrance moved from Northumberland Co. VA in 1738 to what becameFauquier Co. His will, dated 1783 and probated 1786, named 8 children:John, Edward, Peter and Richard Larrance, Jean Weeks, Sarah Priest,Winnefred Luttrell, Susannah Catlett. If you are a Larrance/Lawrencedescendant, please contact me.vidales@worldnet.att.net
14 Aug 1998 Johnson and AllanMy great grandfather, John Chilton Johnson, was borne in Warrenton andattended high school there. He owned a store from 1877 to 1881. His parentsaare William Johnson and Sarah Carter Allan. Members of the household in the1860 Census were James W. (11), Judith A. (10), John C. (8), Rosina L. (2),and Isabella Williams (Williams was listed as the next family in the 1850Census). William Johnson was a confectioner in Warrenton in 1860. He was born in1824. Marraige was listed in Culpepper. I need to find the parents of WilliamJohnson. If anybody has any information please share. Harry Jones HJones456@aol.comHJones456@aol.com
14 Aug 1998 Orear and GlascockMargaret OREAR md John GLASCOCK 1730. She died aft 1773, buried RockburnCemetery, Atoka area, Fauquier C, VA. I am trying to find out about herparents John Orear b 1675 VA, md Mary PECK b 1679 VA. Can anyone help?sticklizard@uswest.net
14 Aug 1998 McNish and Dean/B>
Hello - I joined the list earlier this summer, but I'm just getting around toposting.  I've been busy with my husband's family lately.  Now I'm gettingback to mine again!I am looking for any info and anyone researching on David McNish ofFauquier Co., VA.  I have info on his descendents and now I am trying tofind more out about him.  What I do know:  He was on the Virginia tax list around 1797 (date?) asa single entry and at that time wasn't married and was under 18 yearsold.  I recently found him on the Fauquier Co Tax list of 1800.  The familyhistory says he was married to Elizabeth Lewis who was from aprominent Tidewater area family (maybe named Brent?).   I found a listingin a book about southern family history saying his daughter Mary wasmarried to William Pickett of Fauquier co., VA.  David's son Horatio McNish married Susan Dean (of Philadelphia) around1818 and later moved to Tennessee.  He settled south of Nashville inWilliamson Co. in what is now known as Brentwood.  It is said by theBrentwood city historian that the town of Brentwood got it's name fromHoratio McNish's estate.  The McNish estate was supposedly named bycombining the names of two different family estates in Virginia (possiblyhis mother's family).  Horatio was involved in the county - served asjustice of the peace, on the council, etc....   His son William became thepostmaster of Nashville just before the Civil War began.Does anyone know anything about the McNish's in Fauquier Co?  Until Ifound the book on southern families I didn't know Horatio had a sister. Maybe there are other children out there?  I just started tracing David andhaven't researched in VA yet - can anyone give me advice on whatrecords to look at - ie: best bets, are the early VA censusesmissing/burned,  etc....  I'm looking for proof to back up the stories andtheir existence!Thanks in advance - and hoping to find cousins out there!Christine M. McNishmail to: mcnishcm@udmercy.edu or mcnishcm@aol.com
14 Aug 1998 Barr and Foster14 August 1998 Barr and Foster - Issac Barr was b. Dec. 14, 1751 in Fauquier Co. Enlisted in the regular army of the U.S. in the spring of 1776,under Capt. John Ashley in Fauquier Co. for first two years. Capt. Ashley was attached to the 3rd Regiment of the Va. Line. He served fiveyears total, fought at Trenton, Princeton, and Monmouth and was discharged at Philadelphia in 1781. After the war he married Anna Foster inVirginia. She was born in 1762. Before 1800 the family migrated to Stokes County, N.C. Any information about parents or wedding date wouldbe greatly appreciated. Ken Flippin kflippin@bellatlantic.net kflippin@bellatlantic.net
13 Aug 1998 Dearing of Thumb Run in Fauquier CountyI am looking for informaton on Jeremiah Dearing who lived near ThumbRun In Fauquier County. He was the father of George, Fanny, WilliamD. and Lewis. Any response would be helpfull.Saunie Dearingelkton695@yahoo.com
13 Aug 1998 WilliamsDoes anyone have any information on Jeremiah WILLIAMS born abt 1750? He issaid to have lived in Fauquire Co. and then moved to Giles Co. If you haveANY information on Jeremiah WILLIAMS, I would love to hear from you. Thanksfor any help. PhyllisPRosley@aol.com
11 Aug 1998 EdwardsDoes anyone have any information on Gerrard Edwards? He was listed onthe tax register of1759. Born about 1737-1740. Married a women named Jemima. ChildrenElijah, Benjamin, Susanna, William. Thanks John Edwards,Fredericksburg, VA fredsc@fls.infi.netfredsc@fls.infi.net
11 Aug 1998 Horton and KernesLooking for any descendants/information on Hortons of Fauquier Co. Myancestor Augustine Horton b. 1778 in Fauquier Co, believed to be the son of aBenjaman Horton and Elizabeth Kernes, dau. of Wm. Kernes, moved his family toGreen Co Ky about 1811. Augustine married Mary (Molly) Taylor in 1799 inFauquier Co. I would also appreciate someone locating a marriage bond forAugustine and Mary--when doing their own research of course. Many thanks.gclarkbj@aol.com
9 Aug 1998 Hall and HamrickHave detailed data to share with descendants of Elisha HALL m. Lydia MargaretHAMRICK. Need to Document the parents of Elisha HALL and Lydia MargaretHAMRICK. Also, detailed data to share with descendants of John HARRELL, RevWar Soldier from Charles Co MD to Fauqier Co. Need to Document the ancestry ofJohn HARRELL.BobbyS8@aol.com
6 Aug 1998 Symons and PennHi. I am searching for information and relatives of my Great GreatGrandparents, CHARLES ("CLIAX") SYMONS (?) and MARY ELIZA PENN who were bothfrom Fauquier Co., VA. Their daughter, Laura Mae Symons is my GreatGrandmother. Laura had two husbands, Sam Writt and William Earl Willingham.William is my Great Grandfather. He was from Frederick Co., VA.Any information would greatly be appreciated.Thank You,Debbie Willingham WillinghD@aol.comWillinghD@aol.com
5 Aug 1998 Ridley and BaileyDoes anyone know the parents of Elizabeth BAILEY who m. John Ridley 1781Fauquier Co. Va.? Judy WrightKWright354@aol.com
4 Aug 1998 Morris and ShryGeorge Morris m. Mary Shry 2/12/1801 in Warrenton, yet I cannotfind related documents---HelpLa33ey@email.msn.comLa33ey@email.msn.com
4 Aug 1998 Pickett and CashMy 3rd gGrandfather was William Sanford Pickett, Jr. b: 15 May 1766 inFauquier CO VA immigrated to Maysville, Mason CO KY where he married NancyBurroughs Cash in 1812. Immigrated to Peno Twp, Pike Co MO about 1830where he died 22 April 1848.My problem: Was Nancy his 2nd wife? My ancestor, Sarah Ellen PickettSummers was born in 1802 in KY according to her tombstone.I have found a William Sanford Pickett who married Martha Smith 25 Sept1798 in Fauquier CO VA. Could this be the same man?Thank you for your help.Joann Lucas ConradJLConrad@worldnet.att.net
3 Aug 1998 HortonWould like to find any descendants of Tobias HORTON from Kent, England. AlsoBenjamin Horton and Augustine Horton who left Fauquier Co in 1811 and broughtlarge family to Green Co,now Taylor, Kentucky. Thank you.GClarkBJ@aol.com
4 Aug 1998Walker, Vaughan, and BemusdafferPlease add my surnames to Fauquier County, VA.Walker, Vaughan and Bemusdaffer.email address: NKanarr@aol.comThank you very much,Vicki Kanarr NKanarr@aol.com
3 Aug 1998 Fitzgerald and NeavilSeeking any data on ancestors or descendants of William Fitzgerald, bnabt 1732, m Kitty Neavil. Had 12 children born in Fauquier County.Particularly interested in their son Jesse Fitzgerald, b before 1765 inFauquier Cy., died abt 1841 in Scott County, KY. Will appreciate anyhelp on this.Don Fitzgerald ....r.mcavso@worldnet.att.netR.MCAVSO@worldnet.att.net
Cardwell and Watkins and CockrellAug. 1, 1998 : JOHN CARDWELL b. Jan. 17, 1790, Bunker Hill, Fauquier Co., VA;m. Arminta "Ara" Watkins abt. 1822 where?; d. Feb. 11, 1876, Breathitt, Co.,KY. I am seeking any information about John Cardwell in Fauquier Co. I wouldespecially like to know who his parents were. I am also seeking informationabout his marriage to Ara Watkins. Was the marriage in Fauquier Co., VA? Ibelieve Ara to have been born in NC. Any help would be appreciated. JohnCardwell was my ggg grandfather. I enjoyed your website and will be returning! Thanks for all your time andresearch.I am also researching the Cockrell line. John Cockerell b. 1770 in VA Simon Cockrell B. 1742 in MD > John Cockrell b. 1717 Wales.Sandra WyrickSjwyr@aol.comSjwyr@aol.com
30 Jul 1998 Jackson and Strother Seek information on George W. JACKSON and his wive, whose surname isbelieved to be STROTHER. Known children were Elgvia, born about 182l andher sister Nancy. Elgiva was married in Fauquier Co., VA in 1842. Needthe first name of George's wife and the names of the parents of George.Will be willing to exchange more detailed information upon response tothis query. John A. McCall 230 E. Cambridge Drive Lake Ozark, MO 65049jamccall@mail.usmo.com
31 July 1998 Sinckler and Shirley I am interested in finding information about these two families. I haveresearched the names in genealogy libraries in SLC, UT and Houston, TX,but cannot go back beyond Alexander Sinkler B 1700.Alexander Sinckler, wife unknown, was the father of Wayman Sinkler, B1722, wife: ---- Shirley.Wayman's wife:------ Shirley, father was Richard Shirley and the motherMary Graham.Richard Shirley, father was John Shirley, B 1675, Fairfax Co, VA, motherunknown.Mary Graham, father was Edward Graham, Fairfax Co. VA, Patience (Died:12 Sep 1749 will, probated 27 May 1750).That is about all the information I have. I am aware of a genealogybook written on St. Clair line done by Grigsby from Beeville, TX, andsome information did come from that book.Alexander Sinckler was the grandfather of Robert Sinkler (St. Clair),who was a DAR patriot. Robert is my fourth great grandfather.Thanks for any help. Jill Jamesgrabau@infohwy.com
29 July 1998
Can share much on Hereford and Chunn families.Andrew hunn SR had a dau Ann Massie Chunn who m William Ansley Herefordand went to MO. This is my direct line; also interested in correspondingwith anyone desc or otherwise working on any of the other CHUNNChildren:1. Kitty Short Chunn (1798-1830?) m Joseph B Ball2. John Massey Chunn (1799-1838) m Ann M Cocke3. Emily Chunn (c1805-bef 1838) m John M Massey4. Maria J Chunn c1811- aft 1850 m William T Baker(and % Ann Massie of course...)These were children of Andrew with his first wife, Elizabeth maiden unkb 10 May 1774 died 22 Aug 1814.With his 2nd wife Sally, widow of Daniel Sowers, he had:Andrew J Chunn 1817-1894 m Isabella McNish AshbyZachariah T Chunn 1819-1849 m Mary Strother RustMartha Turner Chunn 1824-1881 m Samuel AshbyWilliam S Chunn bet 1824-32- died? m ?James Thomas Chunn 1829-1867 m ?Regina Roper
29 July 1998 Dade and HawleyAm seeking information on the Dade and Hawley families. HawFam@aol.com
29 July 1998 Duff Duffs arrived in Fauquier Co. VA sometime around 1750, exact date is unknown. They were from Scotland via Ireland, some arriving c. 1720, butmost after the 1745 Rebellion. They slowly moved South and by 1780 they were in Wash.Co. VA. Will gladly exchange extensive Duff data withother researchers. Thanks. Bonnie Duff-Smith, P.O. Box 254, Judson, TX 75660 or Email; DuffSmith@prodigyDUFFSMITH@prodigy.ne
28 July 1998 Wheatley-Whitley and othersGeorge and Mary(Henry) Wheatley-Whitley. George born circa 1690's died1752Prince Williiam Co. Estate settled 1762 in Fauquier Co. Children: Femalemd. to Moorehead.George Jr. b. 1732 d1771. JOHN b. 1733-34 d. 1795-96. James b. 1736-37 d.1795-96. Joseph b1741-42 d.1795. William b.1739-40.My ancestor JOHN WHEATLEY md. ANNMARR. Their son Daniel md. Susanna Duncan, daughter of Joseph Jr. and CatyO'Bannon.I would like to exchange info with anyone searching these families.Researching SETTLE,MARR, DUNCAN,O'BANNON,HENRY,HITCH,POPE,WILLIAMS, And WHITLEY-WHEATLEY. Jean Austin Tollecart@bright.net
28 Jul 1998 Tolle and CulverhouseGeorge TOLLE, Jr. was born in Fauquier Co. abt 1782. He married CloeCULVERHOUSE 20 Jan. 1807, probably in Fauquier Co. Their children, Lucinda,Susan, Parmenus, Nimrod D., Julia Ann, Ann Mariah, George Daniel, CatherineJane, Vienna Elizabeth. KSSOONERS@aol.com KSSOONERS@aol.com
27 July 1998 CinnamondResearching John A. Cinnamond, Sr. b: 1768 County Antrim Ireland, came toUSA abt. 1796 m: Frances Herndon Whitecotton abt 1803 in Fauquier Co VA.Any info on either John A. or Frances Herndon greatly appreciated.Mary Cinnamon Cinnfull@msn.comCinnfull@email.msn.com
28 July 1998 Ranes of Fauquier County, VirginiaSeeking info on Ranes family of Fauquier Co, VA. Samuel RANES and ElizabethTalbot had John, James, Giles, Joshua, and William RANES. William Ranes, itis believed, was in the Revolutionary War in Faquier Co, VA. Any info at allwould be Greatly Appreciated! THANKS! Bob boblin@bright.net
27 July 1998 Creel FamilyAsa HAWES and Elizabeth CREEL were married February 2, 1822, witnessed by herfather David CREEL. He is on the 1820 Fauquier Co. Census. If you have anyinformation on him or the CREEL family, please respond.Vincent HoranNacho601@aol.com
26 July 1998 Tibbetts and JonesMy gggg grandfather was Mathias TIBBETTS. He died in 1784. Wife, Elizabethremarried to a John JONES in 1786 in Fauquier County. She died in 1812, Ihave been looking for Mathias's existence for 113 years. I can not proveanything. I know that the first TIBBITTS in VA was Thomas TIBBITTS in 1709.He lived in a Brent Town Settlement near Sowego, VA. He had come fromLondon. I got this much from a Fauquier history book. I need to findMathias!!! Any record-birth-death-marriage-land-will-ANYTHING!! Also, Iwould like to connect him with Thomasa if possible. Mathias had 3 children:Thomas TIBBETS, Patsy, and Mary who married David CLINTING. Thoams boughtproperty in what is now Hardy Co., WV in 1835. Lived in Shenandoah prior tothat. Please advise. tibbet@access.mountain.net
26 July 1998 Tennison and Mitchell WLill share info. on Charles E . TENNISON who md. Luvenia H.A.MITCHELL 1849 .She was dau. of James MITCHELL and wife , Melinda orlEmelinda,[who] . Both parents born Md. about 1815. James said to have beenlost @ sea1853.but listed as harnessmaker 1850 census. Charles Tennison andfamily moved to Alex Va. where he was born. Melinda--------Mitchell later md awm. Ketland,butcher in Alex. Any help filling in rec. to be appreciated.. SueDRAKE35@aol.com
26 July 1998 Settle Family of Fauquier County, VirginiaSETTLE, trying to find info about LEWIS SETTLE, b.1775, d. 1817 inFauquier Co. His wife is unknown--she is listed as a Mrs. Corbin in thedisposition of his goods in 1822. His children were Hiram Perry andElizabeth. His father was FRANCIS SETTLE.jsrevare@ix.netcom.com
25 July 1998I am looking for information on the OLDHAM family in Fauquier 1750 and later.Mary Oldham GeniOlogy@aol.com
24 July 1998 Page and Baylor and StonesI found you!! Hooray! I am searching without luck for George PAGE born1765? in VA Died 26 Feb 1822 in Fauquier Co. married a Mary (possiblyBAYLOR) as the only child I have is George Baylor Page b. 18 April 1787in the county but died in 1856 in Perry Co OH possibly Rushville as thatis where my great Grandmother, Martha Ann PAGE STONER was born asGeorge B. moved his family there. Does this family sound familiar toanyone? I found a Geo. Page in Kent Co Va. Perhaps I should look there?I have the book with John Page as first Page in Va. but can't connect.Thanks for any suggestions or help. Linda in Albuq. NM.jamila@thuntek.netjamila@thuntek.net
24 Jul 1998 Williams of Fauquier CountyI am seeking my Williams ancestors known to have been in Fauquier Co Va. asearly as 1700's. Need parents of WILLIAM MYRIX WILLIAMS b. early 1700'sbelieved to be your county. A JOHN WILLIAMS is believed to be the above WmM. Wms brother. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Sally Blacksalbee@3rivers.net
24 July 1998 MatthewsI have a newly-discovered ancestor, Jonathan MATHEW (MATTHEWS, MATTHEW,MATHEWS, etc.), b. 1752-1753, who moved to Fauquier from Bucks Co. PA withhis father Benjamin MATHEW abt. 1775. Jonathan MATHEW was in the Rev. War in 1777. Abt 1778, he m. in FauquierHuldah b. 1758. Benjamin MATHEW died abt 1785 in Fauquier. In 1783, Jonathanand Huldah moved to Hampshire Co.Any proof of the above information or additional information would beappreciated. Thanks so much. Brenda EricssonDbericsson@aol.com
23 July 1998 Pratt and CookI am looking for any information on ZEPHANIAN PRATT born 4/22/1782 in FauquierCounty VA. He married ANN COOK. Zephanian died in 1813 in Christian CountyKY. He may have had a brother (or some other family member) named JohnBaptist Pratt born in 1796. Place mentioned non-specific, other than eitherMaryland or Virginia. John married a NANCY THOMPSON. Any information wouldbe greatly appreciated. Thank you. Trudy A. HullTAHULL@aol.com
23 Jul 1998 Hutchinson and AdamsAm researching family and need information on the HUTCHINSON (HUTCHISON) family of Fauquier Co, Va. Armenia S. Hutchinson marriedMason Clarence Adams on November 2, 1846 in Fauquier, Va.. Armenia wasborn on October 20, 1825 in Va and died on April 18, 1907 in Illinois.She was the mother of at least two children born in Va: James William(1847), and Walter Harrison (1850). The family moved to Illinois inthe mid 1850's. I am new to this so any information would be greatlyappreciated. Will share info of later generations. Thanks.dadams55@swbell.net
23 July 1998Steele of Fauquier CountyDoes anybody recognize this family?Samuel Steele M. ? died in Fauquier Co. Va. after 1823Children: Mary (Molly) Steel M. William Bradford 1786 Fauquier Co. Va. Molly's ch. mentioned in Samuel's WILL: Fielding Bradford, Lucy Bradford Curley.These are the other children of Samuel Steele that's mentioned in his willdated 1823. George, William, Henry, John Elizabeth, Nancy.The will also mentions Samuel's 2nd wife Barbara Garner. Any information on Samuel ? I'll be very grateful. Deanna HolmHogs@aol.com
21 July 1998 King FamilyRobert King, b1755, was in Revolutionary Army, along with brother William King,b 1763 in Fauquier Co. Robert King had a son John, b1776. I am trying to find information on a William King,b 10 Oct 1777 in Rockbridge Co.,VA. Summary: is William King,b 1777 in a different County, a second son of Robert King?Any help will be appreciated. I have much info on William King after he left Virginia and would be happy to share. Mant thanks, Bill King.RAXT48A@prodigy.com
19 July 1998 Templemans of Orlean, Humes of Fauquier CountyI would very much like to begin a communication with anyone researchingthese surnames (also Dearing, Josiah Butler). Eager to make a Rev Warconnection as it is known that at least the Hume family was in the areaat that time. Karen Durstrdurst@unlinfo.unl.edu>
18 Jul 1998 Cage and Douglass18 Jul 1998 Searching for information on William CAGE, who marriedElizabeth DOUGLASS of Fauquier Co. c.a. 1765. Elizabeth was the dau ofEdward and Sarah GEORGE. Need date and place of marriage. Also need to findwho the parents of William CAGE b. c.a. 1745. Could it be a William CAGE ofPrince William Co.?bmiley@tri-lakes.netbmiley@tri-lakes.net18 Jul 1998 Searching for information on William CAGE, who marriedElizabeth DOUGLASS of Fauquier Co. c.a. 1765. Elizabeth was the dau ofEdward and Sarah GEORGE. Need date and place of marriage. Also need to findwho the parents of William CAGE b. c.a. 1745. Could it be a William CAGE ofPrince William Co.?bmiley@tri-lakes.netbmiley@tri-lakes.net
17 Jul 1998 Harris, McCormick and MorganI'm interested in the HARRIS/HARRISS along with the McCORMICK and MORGANfamilies of Fauquier Co, VA.My ancestors from the area are: Elisha HARRIS/HARRISS who marriedMargaret McCORMICK in 1780 in Fauquier Co. Margaret's parents were JohnMcCORMICK and Elizabeth MORGAN. Elizabeth was the daughter of WilliamMORGAN and Elizabeth DUNCAN. I have quite a bit on the McCormick andMorgan side but nothing on the Harris side. HELP!Elisha and Margaret had several children some born in the area beforethey moved on to OH, Morgan Co area where Elisha died in 1824.The children were:William,John, Betsy(Starr), George, Simon(a minister),Mary(Mrs. James Powell), Anna(Mrs. Isaac Powell)said born in 1791Culpeper Co, Sally(Mathena), Stephen, Hannah(Mrs. SamuelPowell),Elijah,and Morgan.Help greatly appreciated.Shannon Moore Orlando, FL mailto:mgm@gate.netmgm@gate.net
16 July 199816July 1998 GRAHAM FAMILY OF FAUQUIER COUNTY I am attempting to getinformation on the Grahms Family of Fauquier County Va., specificallyDanville, and Warrenton areas. The Earliest I have is David E. Grahamand his children Edgar Cologne Graham, John Vincent Graham, David E.Graham Jr., Ricahrd Bertrand Graham, Herbert N. Graham, Horace AlexanderGraham, Charles E. Graham, Robert M. Graham, and Mary A. Graham. I knowthat David E. Sr., Edgar C., and John Vincent were active in the CivilWar. David E. was in the 17th Va. Inf. Co K Warrenton Rifles, and EdgarC. was in Jeb Stuarts Division and Co H 4th Va. Calv. Black HorseTroop. I would like any information about either them or their Units.Also I am especucally interested in David E. Graham Sr.'s ancestors, hisfather and mother ect. I understand there may still be a part of thefamily in Danville and that some of the orginal GRAHAM FAMILY FARM isstill intact. Please respond to rickg@bitstorm.net. Thank You inAdvance...Richard Graham Grimesrickg@bitstorm.net.
16 July 1998 Barnett and SpinneyI am trying to find out information on 4th Greatgrandfather James Barnett. Hewas married to Mary Spinney in Fauquier Co. Nov. 1796. After their marriagethey moved to Culpeper Co. Va and my 3rd Greatgrandfather Henry was born therein 1803. I know of two other children and possibley a third. John, Harriet,and Sarah. After the births of these childen James and Mary Spinney Barnettmoved to Harrison Co. Ohio.I am trying to find the parents and sibs of James Barnett.Thank you,Sandra Kerschner GreenCoeur d' Alene, IdahoSchlobohm@aol.com
16 July 1998 Kinsell and MaxfieldKINSELL, MAXFIELD, before 1870richard@melfoster.com
16 July 1998I am seeking DUFF family data. Duff's fled Scotland into N.Ireland, thento PA and some settled in VA. c. 1700-1750, possibly earlier. Relatedfamilies were: KNOX, THATCHER, HAYNES, CARSON, BROWN & MONTGOMERY. I willshare data on DUFF families with other researchers. Thanks. BonnieDuff-Smith, P.O. Box 254, Judson, TX 75660 DUFFSMITH@prodigy.net
14 July 1998 Clyman and EfawLooking for info. on John Deel Climan (Clyman) in Fauquier county inearly to mid (possibly later) 1700's. Had several sons one of whombecame a Famous Mountain Man. Had at least three daughters. Interestedin his youngest daughter Catherine. Believed to have married a DavidEfaw (David's last name spelled several different ways). Deel Climan'sname appears on some early maps of the county in the Lost Mountain Area.He worked for George Washington managing some of his land prior toRevolutionary War. Any help much appreciated.Would like to get on Fauquier County List if there is one.bob erefaw@hhs.net
10 Jul 1998 CAVENDISH, McGRAW, TERRY, KINCAIDI've just heard that my gr-grandfather said his family came from FarquierCo., VA ... Does anyone have info on McGRAWs in this area? Here is my line:Descendants of HENRY MCGRAW 1 HENRY MCGRAW Circa 1797 - Circa 1873.. +MARY SMITH Circa 1800 - 1873..... 2 ALLEN MCGRAW 1824 - 1897......... +MARY SUSAN HENDRICKSON 1833 - 1908............ 3 FLOYD ELIJAH MCGRAW 1867 - 1943................ +ELLEN BELLE TERRY 1868 - 1922................... 4 GUSSIE RUTH MCGRAW 1898 -....................... +LYNTON RAY CAVENDISH ................... 4 Golda McGraw ....................... +Vernon Kincaid ................... 4 Susie McGraw ................... 4 Clyda McGraw ....................... +Grafton Fox 1907 - 1962................... 4 Hester McGraw ....................... +Raleigh Goad 1904 - 1975................... 4 Willie McGraw 1907 - 1976....................... +?? Fox ................... 4 Winnie McGraw 1907 -....................... +Ralph Dempsey 1908 - 1994................... 4 Woodrow McGraw ............ 3 Martha A. McGraw 1862 -................ +Alex D. Harrah ............ 3 Flora McGraw 1864 - 1926................ +Mr. Burdette ............ 3 Willis Edward McGraw 1867 - 1933................ +Sarah Francis McClung ............ 3 Almeda McGraw 1870 - 1960................ +Asel Terry ..... 2 Martha McGraw Circa 1824 -..... 2 Rachel McGraw Circa 1825 -..... 2 Louisa McGraw Circa 1826 -..... 2 John Wallace McGraw 1828 -......... +Elizabeth H. Taylor ..... 2 Jane E. McGraw Circa 1829 -......... +James Walker ..... 2 William H. McGraw Circa 1831 -..... 2 Thompson McGraw 1838 -..... 2 Washington McGraw 1838 -..... 2 M.A.U. McGraw Circa 1840 -..... 2 Emily E. McGraw Circa 1842 -......... +Jacob R. Adkins Frances Cavendish Dormanlizard@eagle.ptialaska.netlizard@eagle.ptialaska.net
9 July 1998 Researching Holtzclaw, Leach, Davis, Eskridge families of early Fauquier. Would appreciate any help on these and all related families.ritaseiter@juno.com or 8009 Crazy Horse Ln, Ft. Worth, TX 76137.wseiter@flash.net
9 July 1998 Colston and Dangerfield9 July 1998: COLSTON and DANGERFIELD; I am looking for any informationabout my grandfather,Arthur Curtis Colston (1890-1931), his motherMartha Dangerfield Adams and his father (?) Will Colston. All livedin Upperville. Martha Dangerfield was married to Johnathan AbrahamAdams and Will Colston (never her husband) was perhaps fromWashington, DC. Will Colston may have been related to the Colstons ofUpperville (Ayreshire Farm). This info was provided by Mr. DanDeButts, of the Walsh Library, Upperville in 1996. missdale@yahoo.comThank you. missdale@yahoo.com
8 July 1998 Nelson Moorehead, Rector, FishbackI am descended from John Nelson b. abt. 1715 and Sarah Whitson Nelson ofStafford , Fauquier County VA. The following is the list of their children ona DAR Lineage Form: Lydia Neslon b. 24 Sept. 1746 married AlexanderMoorehead, Nanny Nelson b. 11 Jan 1751 married Josiah Fishback, Mary Nelson b.2 March 1751 married Harmon Rector, Margaret Nelson 18 Aug 1753, Jesse Nelsonb. 22 Jan 1756 married Anna Stephens, John Nelson b. 11May 1759 marriedBathsheba Hogan, William Nelson b. abt. 1761 married Sarah Craven, JemimaNelson b. abt 1764 married Charles Utterback, Lettice Nelson b. abt. 1766married Geroge Shumate and Sarah Nelson B abt. 1768. Any more information onthese lines would be appreciated. Looking for info on Jesse Nelson and hiswife Anna Stephens and her family.nanphil111@aol.com nanphil111@aol.com
8 Jul 1998 Doniphan, Holmes, Grigsby, Lampton and StarkMy name is Cheryl Colbert and I really appreciate all yourhard work on the Fauquier County website. Today, while visitingit, I found your Doniphan information. Here is a family I knowsomething about--I think! Anyway, I have printed out your information and will see if there is anything I can add. The other Fauquier families I work on are McClanahan, Keith, Holmes/Hoomes, Grigsby, Lampton and Stark. Cheryl dcolbert@compuserve.com
6 Jul 1998 Preston and SouthardThornton Preston married Susan Southard, "of age" in Fauquier Co in1803. Lived Fauquier 1810, Culpeper 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850. Thorntonappears in 1850 without Susan in another household, presumably adaughter. Census records would seem to indicate as many as 5 children,none identified. No Culpeper, Madison, Fauquier marriages for Preston.Susan Appears in 1838 will of father Moses Southard in Madison Co asSusan Preston and Thornton Preston appears on the list of buyers ofestate items. Anyone working on this line?John johnh@fastlane.net
5 July 1998 Anderson and LearLooking for parents and siblings of Theophilus Perry ANDERSON, b. 12 June1765 at Piney Hill, Fauquier Co., VA; m. Molly LEAR 27 Oct 1788 FauquierCo., VA (Rev. John Pickett was the minister); d. 10 June 1828/29. Thisfamily was in Garrard/Madison Co. KY by 1793. Following Theophilus' deaththe entire family moved north into IN. Their children were - RebeccaElizabeth, William Cornelius, John Payton, James Lear, Joseph Theophilus,Goerge Washington, Rachel, Catherine, Mary and Hannah. Any helpappreciated on this line.Linda Comstock-Teelin Beautiful Brown Co, IN104457.653@compuserve.com104457.653@compuserve.com
4 July 1998SISSON-CARVER - Seeking information on SISSON family prior to movement toPike County, MO. in 1839. Henry SISSON, Jr. married Elizabeth Carver inFauquier County. Henry, Sr. was a native of Fauquier Co., his parents wereborn in County Cork, Ireland, and immigrated to U.S. prior to RevolutionaryWar.macnjo@big-river.net
3 Jul 1998 I am looking for any information on Samuel LAWRENCE and Mary THARP. Mary isthe daughter of Jesse THARP. Samuel is of German ancestry; the last nameusually appears as LAWRENCE / LAURENCE / LORENTZ / LAWRENTZ. Samuel, b. abt1768, and Mary's, b. abt 1794, marriage bond was dated January 2, 1812.Their children are: Noah and Alexander (twins: 5 May 1816), Ransom (24 Aug1821), James (2 Aug 1823), Margaret Ann (about 1819), Melissa Mary(unknown), and Theodosia (unknown). The family moved to Harrison Countybefore 1841. Thank you.robltz@erols.com:
2 Jul 1998Searching for descendents of Benjamin Snelling who lived in FauquierCounty in late 1700's.asnellings@earthlink.net
1 Jul 1998 Lynn and FristoeI am looking for info about JOHN LYNN of Faquier Co., b. 17??, father ofFIELDING LYNN, b. 6 Jan, Faquier Co. d. 12 Oct. 1835. FIELDING wasmarried to RUTH FRISTOE, b. 23 Dec, 1772 Faquier Co., m. in 1804.Thanks! zigzag@poboxes.comzigzag@poboxes.com
1 Jul 1998 Fagan FeaginsJust found my Fagan/Feagins from Fauquier County Virginahttp://www.familytreemaker.com/users/f/a/g/Thomas-J-Fagan/Tom Fagan tjfagan@juno.comtjfagan@juno.com
1 July 1998 ShumateHi,Dolores from Texas here. Am just beginning to research my son-in-law'sfamily.His GG grandfather was Bayles (Balis, Bailes) Shumate b. c.1826 in FauquierCo, Va. Married Rebecca ? c. 1850-1855 in Fauquier Co. They moved to WalnutCreek area, Lee Co, VA. Actual residence shown as Indian Creek. They had Sarahb. 26 Sep 1855; John B. b. 15 March 1864 and William b13 Oct. 1866. who isthe G grandfather to my son-in-law. William's family moved to Kentucky.William left home at 14 yr on a cattle drive. He went to Kansas where hemarried Laura ? c. 1895. Laura may have been married before since in 1900census, she and William were married 5 years and there was an 8 yr old son,Ralph, born in 1891. They homesteaded in Taloga, OK in Arpil 1892 (formerCherokee territory) and Bryan was born in 1896. Rebecca Shumate died in 1894in Taloga and Bayles was alive and 84 yrs in the 1910 census.Thomas F and wife, Elizabeth (Lizzie) living in Lee Co in late 1860's. Their children, William Gand Martha born there. Their name changed to Shoemate when Martha born in1867. Regards, DoloresE-mail to Dolcar30aol.comDolcar30aol.com
1 July 1998I am looking for info about JOHN LYNN of Faquier Co., b. 17??, father ofFIELDING LYNN, b. 6 Jan, Faquier Co. d. 12 Oct. 1835. FIELDING wasmarried to RUTH FRISTOE, b. 23 Dec, 1772 Faquier Co., m. in 1804.Thanks! zigzag@poboxes.comzigzag@poboxes.com
1 July 1998 Palmer and MooreISAAC PALMER b. 1810 in VA, m. MARY ANN MOORE (may not be her maidenname) b. 1818 in VA. Looking for birthplace, parents and/or siblings ofthese two. They married on March 19, 1842 in Fauquier Co., VA. Onechild born three days before marriage: Sarah Ann b. Mar. 15, 1842. Alsoknow that they had moved on to Harrison Co., WV by 1845 when anotherchild was born. (speculate that Mary Ann's first husband died and shewaited until after the child was born to marry Isaac, but anyone's guessis as good as mine at this point.) This is my dead end, any info wouldhelp.palmerv@earthlink.net
30 Jun 1998 Emmons FamilyI am searching for any info. on Joseph Emmons, originally in Orange Co.,who died in Fauquier in 1767. Williams Emmons was the administratorof his estate. William died in Fauquier in 1797. His children were Joseph(wife Elizabeth), Mary Embry (husband William), Betty Henry (husband George),Sarah Jones (husband William), Anne Hurst (husband Henry), William (wifeElizabeth), James Emmons (wife Sarah Kirk; Rev. War Vet), and Agatha Heflin(husband Martin). James substituted for William in the Revolutionary War.Joseph, and Anne went to Fleming Co. Ky, William went to Madison Co. Va,then to Fleming Co. Ky, James went to Giles Co. Va, then to Michigan. I am interested in anything on the Emmons family. Thanks !LTrentman@aol.com
29 Jun 1998 Jennings and WilliamsHello,My name is Doug Lusher and I am a 5th gr-grandson of Augustine Jennings (708-1778). Augustine Jennings was born in Lunenburg Parish, Richmond County,Virginia and died in Fauquier County in 1778. He married Hannah Williams(1710-1809) on Sep 4, 1737. They had 14 children:1. John Jennings (1738-?)2. Elizabeth (Betty) Jennings (1742-1810)3. William Jennings (1744-1814) (my 4th gr-grandfather) +Elizabeth Withers4. Augustine Jennings, Jr.(1746-1814) +Molly Oxford5. Jemima Jennings (1748-1814) +John Hudnall6. Frances (Fanny) Jennings (1750-1808) +Thomas O'Bannon7. Nancy Jennings (1753-1823) +Mathew Keene Withers8. Chloe Jennings (1754-1837) +James Withers9. Barryman Jennings (1757-1783) +Susannah Duff10.Baylor Jennings (1758-1807) +1.Susannah Bradford +2.Sallie Morehead11.George Jennings (1760-1789)12.Hannah Jennings (1763-1842) +Joseph Duncan, Jr.13.Lewis Jennings (1765-1831) +1.Lucinda Bradford +2.Margaret Franklin14.Sarah Edrington Jennings +1.George Simmons +2.Peter Lucas +3.John Rawlings Augustine & Hannah Jennings moved from Richmond County to Prince WilliamCounty during the 1740's. When Fauquier County was established, AugustineJennings was responsible for surveying a portion of the county line. Hisplantation was located along Elk's Marsh Run near what is now Midland,Virginia. Augustine Jennings served in the Virginia Colonial Militia in 1759. Four ofhis sons; William, Augustine, Berryman, and Baylor, served in the VirginiaMilitia during the Revolutionary War. The parents of Augustine Jennings were William (1670-1734) and MaryJennings. I have not been able to establish that this William is the son ofHumphrey Jennings of Birmingham, England. By most reports, that WilliamJennings (1676-1775) married Mary Jane Pulliam of Hanover County, Va and diedin Nottaway County, Va.DLusher212@aol.com
28 Jun 1998 Roof and StanfordIm looking for any infromation on the name of ROOF. Martin Roof marriedFannie Stanford between 1920-1925. At this time Martin Roof's family lived inFauquier, thro not from Fauquier, they are (possable) from Rockinham County.Any information will help. You can reach me at PKTCH345@aol.comPktch345@aol.com
27 Jun 1998 RectorI am a direct descendant of John Rector, born 1711, who came with hisparents to VA in 1714. His father's name was Hans Jacob (Richter)Rector, b October 10, 1674 and died August 1729. Hans' wife was AnnaElizabeth Fischbach (1685-1711?). John's wife was Anna CatherineFischbach (1714-1775). However, we have recently learned that Anna diedearlier and John married a Catherine Taylor Robinson. Can you direct meto what books, articles, etc., I might purchase to round out my searchon these ancestors? I have started doing this in the last year anddidn't know that my mother's ancestors was such a part of America's andVirginia's history. Also, I have a sense of urgency as I am losing myeyesight to macular degeneration. The left eye is gone and the righteye is in the process, so I need to go and read all I can very soon. All of my grandparents were deceased before my parents married, so Inever got to listen to them tell about their childhood and theirparents. That is my loss. I am 72 years old and, like I said, am newto finding my roots. Please let me know where to write and what tobuy. I know this is an imposition, but you don't know how much I willappreciate it. Thanks - Clara Watson Elkins35952395.257E@carrollsweb.com
26 Jun 1998 PagePage and DouglasPAGE, Reverend John; born Nov 22, 1766 in Fauquier Co,Va m 1799 Celia DOUGLAS.died 1859 Rome, Tn. Reverend Page was aMethodist Circuit Rider in Ky & Tn. I am searching for his parents. Helpappreciated. Joseph Page. jwpage@bellsouth.comjwpage@bellsouth.com
25 Jun 1998 StoverHello all. Am searching for info on the names listed in hopes offinding out more about my maternal family. The names I know a littleabout are Joseph Stover Finley, Sr. and Katherine Victoria Essex (my g.grandparents), some about all their children and their parents (JosephLinton Essex, Victoria Pritchett, and Margaret Stover). If these namesare familiar to you it would be wonderful to hear from you, perhapsleading me to more things I'm hoping to learn. Many thanks, RiceStrange, Raleigh, NC. (rgs@bellsouth.net)rgs@bellsouth.net
26 Jun 1998 Thompson and LeeI am seeking any additional information on John THOMPSON and Sithy LEE who m. on Oct. 15, 1810 in Fauquier Co., VA. John THOMPSON was b. abt 1789 in VA and d. bef. 1860, prob. in IL. Sithy Lee was b. abt 1789 in VA and d. aft. 1859 prob. in IL. Both were bur. in Peoria Co., IL, however the graveyard was destroyed.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Eric Bosley Preferred email address: ebosley@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.usebosley@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us
25 Jun 1998 Shacklett and CarterMy Grandfather James Shacklett Jr was born in Delaplane VA on 7/4/1854 or 1857 depending on which source you read. his father was James Shacklett born somewhere in the 1820' or 30's. James Sr. and his wife Hannah Carter had one child, my Grandfather. James Sr. and ??his 2nd wife or perhaps a shrotening of Hannah...Ann had 3 children Walter, Sampson and Fannie all born between 1860 & 1876. My Grandfather married Sylvia Ervin and they moved to Brooklyn NY in the 1880's. I will be visiting Warrenton and the surrrounding area between 6/29 & 7/1. Are there any places I might look to find the relationship of my Grandfather & Great-Grandfather to the Shacklett's that lived in the area. Thank you ...Walt Shacklettwshackle@esu2.esu2.k12.ne.us
24 Jun 1998Looking for descendants of Anthony ETHELL, b. Feb 18, 1757 Loudoun Co, Va,d. apr 19, 1841 Fauquier Co, burial Fauquier Cem. Children by wife Saran ?are JOHN, b. 1782, JAMES S. b. 1784; WILLIAM B. 1789; ELIZABETH b. 1791 m.H. Langfit; NANCY b. 1795 m. ? BREWER, SARAH b. 1799 and THOMAS B. 1801. Have info on William will share.Kay dikempk@accessus.net dikempk@accessus.net
24 Jun 1998 Hamrick or HambrickSome of the children of the founding family of Hamrick or Hambrick livedin Fauquier County. I would like to hear from any descendants. http://www.cmpu.net/public/jmckinnyjmckinny@cmpu.net
23 Jun 1998 Griffith and WilloughbyLooking for connections to the GRIFFITH families and WILLOUGHBY families inFauquier Co Va. Evan GRIFFITH b 23 Dec 1729 Cardigan Parish, Cardigan Co Wales d. 1795 FaquierCo Va. Married Sarah WILLOUGHBY Children: John, * Willoughby, Margaret, Amelia, Rachael, Dennis, Sussannah,Sara, Elijah. * I descend from their son Willoughby GRIFFITH Sr, he first came to Mercer CoKy, then Mason Co Ky and then to Fleming Co Ky about 1802. He married Mary AnnOWENS, d/o Jeremiah OWENS and Jane KENTONE-mail me : QCart@aol.com - Laquita Fox CarterQCart@aol.com
23 Jun 1998Does anyone know where "Woodbine near Morrisville" is located? It was thereturn address on a letter written by my great-great-great grandfather,James T. Suddoth, to a commanding officer at VMI in 1861 regarding hisson's whereabouts during the Civil War. His son was Lt. Francis MarionSuddoth of the 26th Virginia Infantry, York Rifles. He died at the home ofa Lt. John Gwynn in Gloucester County. I am also looking for the grave ofFrancis Marion Suddoth? Any suggestions? Flo Larson-Redmond, Director ofthe North Delta Museum, Box 95, Friars Point, Mississippi 38631 flo@techinfo.comflo@tecinfo.com
23 Jun 1998 JonesLewis JONES b. 1778 VA d.1834 KYmarried Francis G? b.1780 of FauquierAnyone have anything on them or would be willing to do a look-up? Would appreciate any help. Thanks Marlenemarsbar@gvtc.com
22 Jun 1998 Weekley and MoodyI am seeking information on the Weekley and Moody families.Robinson Weekley was born in Fauquier County on Mar 7, 1786. He married aMargaret Moody there in 1809. It is believed that she was born May 19, 1789,most likely there in Fauquier County as well. I know that they had (at least)three children, James J. , Thomas and David but I do not know thereirbirthdates. Robinson's parents were Jacob and Elizabeth Weekley. I know that they hadother children besides Robinson some of which were William, Sarah, Thomas,Joseph, Catherine, Elizabeth and Elijiah and Nancy.ANY infomation anyone can provide to help with either the Moody or Weekleyside would be greatly appreciated. ThankyouAline Akosiara@aol.comAkosiara@aol.com
22 Jun 1998 Bowers and RothrockLooking for any living relatives of Elizabeth 'Betty' (Rothrock) Bowerswho lived in Fauquier County in the 1800s. Her father was William C JRothrock. Send response to email address:rothrockro@dialaccess.comRandy RothrockRothrockRO@dialaccess.com
21 Jun 1998 I am so impressed with the wonderful research on Fauquier County. I amtrying to locate the grave of Lt. Francis Marion Suddoth who died inGloucester County, Virginia in 1861. He was Adj. of the 26th VA Infantry -York Rifles. His parents, James T. Suddoth and Jane West Martin Suddoth,lived at "Woodbine" near Morrisville. Can anyone help me locate his grave. Does anyone know of any Suddoth graves? Does anyone know where "Woodbine"would have been in 1861? Many thanks for your wonderful work!flo@tecinfo.com
20 Jun 1998 Martin, Suddoth, West Thompson, and BallMY family was from Fauquier County. Some later moved to Friars Point,Mississippi and are buried here. My ancestor was Francis Martin, Jane WestMartin Suddoth, Asenath Thompson, James T. Suddoth, Nancy (Ann) WestMartin, Francis Marion Suddoth, etc. If you have any others tracing thesefamilies, please notify me.Flo Larson-RedmondDirectorNorth Delta MuseumFriars Point, Mississippi 38631 Post Office Box 95601-383-2471 or 2342flo@tecinfo.com
19 Jun 1998Wm. Holton b. Fauquier Co 1752 m. Elizabeth Cook. Any informationgreatly appreciated. gappleby@atwood-il.com
17 Jun 1998 King of Fauquier County, Virginia Robert King and his brother William King,b 1763, both were born in Fauqier, Co.,Va. Both served in Revolutionary Army. Robert King had a son John,b 1776. I have a possible ancester, William King, b 1 Oct 1777, in Rockbridge Co.,Va. Am trying to determine if my William is a son of Robert and a brother of the John King mentioned above. Any help would be appreciated. Bill King RAXT48A@prodigy.com
17 Jun 1998Kendall Kendle Kindle Kindal Kennel Candel Gendall After 35 years of frustration in researching a single line of Kendalls,I am building a database on all Kendall's "originating in Virginia."I have a special interest in Kendalls from Fauquier, Frederick, Loudoun,Stafford, Rappahannock and Warren Counties.I would really appreciate all specific help with Kendalls having thefirst names of Bailey, Baylor and Noah who lived in Fauquier County,Virginia, as listed in 1830-1850 Fauquier County, Virginia, Census'. Also, I am interested in your Kendall's if you know, or think, theyoriginated in Virginia, if you would like to share your work, in order to help untangle Kendall lines, and prevent duplicate research; I wouldbe grateful for any information you can share. Thanks! Tom Kendall Email: tkendalljr@ec.rr.comtkendalljr@ec.rr.com
16 Jun 1998 McCarty and Bosley of Fauquier County, VirginiaAm trying to find info on W. POPE McCARTY and unknown wife. Son JAMESMcCARTY b 1 April 1730 Fauquier C., VA, d 1785-87 same, md 1755 NANCYANN BOSLEY b 1735 Fauquier C., VA. Need info on Nancy's parents, too.Any help appreciated. sticklizard@uswest.net
22 Jun 1998 Murray I am searching for information regarding James Murray who is known to be inPrince William county as early as 1717. Spouse was Lydia (perhaps Hughes) sonRalph served in the revolution 1777-1780 in the 13th. Virginia Regiment. Jamesdied about 1783 and will is on file in Fauquier County. Thanks for anyinformation provided.Jimurr@aol.com
15 Jun 1998 Powell and DawsonResearching the POWELL family from Fauquier Co.John Powell b 1782 in Fauquier Co. d 1858 in Pr. Wm. Co.married to Tabitha Dawson b 1790 in Fauquier Co. d ?Johns father was John Powell , mother unknown.Children of John Powell:Louisa Powell b 1831 d? Burr Powell b 1832 d 1916 married to Mary Ann Rookard or Rookwood.Andrew Jackson Powell b 1836 d1913James Powell b? d?LPLW16B@prodigy.com
14 Jun 1998 Goddard and Avis First time on your query site, Trying to locate infor on John GODDARD, b1794, parents Hugh GODDARD and Mary AVIS, they were married in FauquierCounty 1787----any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! JoAnn Daniel" jo&leo@mako.com
Jun 11, 1998 Marshall and Levi My ancestor William Marshall m. Rebbeca Levi was born in Faquier Co. Hisfather was supposidly William Marshall and a cousin to the father of thesupreme court Justice John Marshall. Do you have any information on him? SGBAldwin@aol.com
11 Jun 1998 1840 Fauquier County, Virginia CensusThe presently available 1840 Fauquier County Virginia Census is analphabetized index of the original. According to information obtainedfrom the U.S. National Archives the official census forms were neversent to them. The currently available microfilmed 1840 Fauquier censusis ALPHABETIZED and is NOT on the original official census sheets.The problem with this is, it is impossible to determine "neighbors" from this version. Does anyone have any knowledge on the existence ofa NON-alphabetized version of the 1840 Fauquier County Census? Pleaseemail Tom at: tkendalljr@ec.rr.com tkendalljr@ec.rr.com
9 Jun 1998 FreemanFREEMAN I am searching for the ancesters and decendents of GarretFreeman listed in the 1820 Census for Fauquier Co. He was married to Ann V. Their children were Lafayette, Martin H.,Mary,Martha A., Monteville., Julia A., Charles F., Araminta., Elizabeth A.,William and John. List near him on the census is Nathaniel C. and Alexander Freeman...maybe brothers. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!nash@randomc.com
12 Jun 1998 Grayson, Edmonds, Foote, Blackwell, Bowen, Sanders Hello, These are the surnames of interest to me:GRAYSON, EDMONDS, FOOTE, BLACKWELL, BOWEN, SANDERS/SAUDERS/SAUNDERSAre these surnames of interest to you? Please send your reply to my email address: vredden@flexi.net.auThank you. Virginia vredden@flexi.net.au
12 Jun 1998Would be happy for any info on Newgents, Edward or Thomas and theirwives Elizabeth Conway & Philadelphia Spillman, in the 1700's..CarolynRupprath..Bonfire@webtv.net .Bonfire@webtv.net
12 Jun 1998Seeking info on sibs/parents of Joseph HALL, b. England, 1745, d. LewisCo., WV 1825. Wed Mary Ann HITT MARTIN STRANGE cir 1795 and b. in Fauquier Co., VA. Her d.o.b. is unknown.J Guy HALL JGH376@aol.com Glen Burnie, MDJGH376@aol.com
14 Jun 1998 Tullos, Finney, Honey, Lathram Families TULLOS(TULLOSS); FINNIE(FINNEY); HONEY; LATHRAM: John James TULLOSS, b.Sept. 16, 1783 in Farquier Co., VA; d. June 20, 1841 in Knox Co., Ohio;m. Elizabeth HONEY (dau. of William HONEY and Nancy LATHRAM) 1815 inFarquier Co., VA. John James TULLOSS was the son of Rodham TULLOS, b.abt. 1740 somewhere in Virginia, and Ann James FINNIE. Their marriagebond was recorded Aug. 21, 1764 in Farquier Co., VA. Rodham TULLOS wasthe son of Rodham TULLOS, b. May 24, 1712, d. 1769 and Susannah _____. We believe that Ann James FINNIE was somehow related to the JAMESfamily, as there are many references to "cousins" with the last name ofJAMES. Also, the family spelled its name FINNEY when they arrived inOhio, just as TULLOSS took on another S. John James TULLOSS was aveteran of the War of 1812, and we believe that his father is the sameRodham TULLOS who is listed as a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Needparents and siblings of any of the above. Thank you. Margaret FrazierBowman, e-mail: mbowman@beeline-softare.com.mbowman@beeline-softare.com.
13 Jun 1998 From District Court Order Books 1804-1817:In this microfilm I found several cases with variations of thefollowing heading: Aminidal Seekright issue of (Plaintiff named)against Ferdinando DreadnaughtThe summaries refer to the defendants as being "defendant in the suitin the room of the said Ferdinando Dreadnaught". These seem to be landdisputes--in one case, inheritance of land in Fauquier county is in question.If you have access to the same microfilm, one example is on page 326(24 May1806). One of the defendants on this page went on to name his son Ferdinand.If anyone understands these terms please let me know.Sincerely, Rhonda JacksonJacksonJ@aol.com
12 Jun 1998 Bartlett and CarrollLooking for parents of Elizabeth "Betty" BARTLETT who married SanfordCARROLL. Faugiuer Co. VA marriage bond was dated 13 Feb 1771. SanfordCARROLL & Thomas BARTLETT sign bond. Thomas BARTLETT & Sanford CARROLLsign marriage bond for Thomas BARTLETT and Sarah CARROLL on 2 Jan 1777. Ialready know that Sanford and Sarah were brother and sister according totheir father's Will. It appears that Thomas and Elizabeth BARTLETT are alsobrother and sister. I am looking for proof, Who are their parents?rosbrown@voicenet.com
11 Jun 1998Looking for information on Mary Shry who married George Morris inWarrenton, Fauquier County in 1801. They lived there for several years andhad three children before moving on to what is now W.Va. Don't know whotheir families were. Have detailed information on the family after theymoved to W.Va. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.ati@radix.net
11 Jun 1998 O'Donnell and JenningsThomas O"Donnell was my g-g-grandfather. He came to virginia from ireland. Ihave a document that is an application for citiziship dated 1838 in thiscounty and signed by Wm. a. Jennings. It was given to me by my g-uncle.However, his name is misspelled as ODonald on the document.I am told hefought on the part of the south during the civil war but I haven't found hisname anywhere yet. Might have been for Virginia or another state, I don't know. jaybird@accs.netjaybird@accs.netI can find no directions to request my e-mail address be changed on thefollowing post: 29 Oct 1997 Page and DouglasPAGE, Reverend John; born Nov 22, 1766 inFauquier Co, Va m 1799 Celia DOUGLAS.died 1859 Rome, Tn. Reverend Page was a Methodist Circuit Rider in Ky &Tn. I am searching for his parents. Helpappreciated. Joseph Page. jpage@edge.netPlease change the address to: jwpage@bellsouth.comjwpage@bellsouth.com
9 Jun 1998 HolmesI am Valerie Holmes Thomas my family lineage dates back to 1700 John Holmes Old Stafford Co. The Holmes land was in the tri-corner of Prince William, Fauquier and Stafford Co. you can see my lineage at my website http://members.xoom.com/holmes2/holmes.htm Thank you, Valerie vthomas@otn.net
9 Jun 1998 Payne FamilyI am looking for information on Thomas PAYNE/PAINE who arrived in Virginiaaboard the ship "Transport" from London in 1635. The record states that hewas 23 at the time. I am attempting to link him with the Thomas PAINE ofSt. Mary's, Md. that "immigrated" there in about 1664 with wife Jane(SMALLPIECE) and several children. Thomas PAINE died in 1673, Md. It doesnot indicate where the ship arrived (only Va.) or where he made off to oncesetting his feet down unfortunately :-] Although Fauquier County wasn'testablished until later, I have seen postings about PAYNE's within thecounty before. So, I thought I'd give it a try.Regards, Patrick Payne http://www.mindspring.com/~papayne papayne@pop.mindspring.com
9 Jun 1998 Rockland Church CemeteryIs anyone familiar with the area of Fauquier Co., called Rockland? It is south of Linden, I believe (I have a terrible sense of direction). Going East on Rt. 55, turnright at the Post Office, then after several miles, onto Rt 727. I visited an old cemetery there on Monday, where my great grandparents, Andrew Peyton & Sarah Jane Mills Kenney were buried in 1925 and 1933. The cemetery is completely overgrown, not visible from the road. My Aunt and Uncle showed me where it is. There are 2 other stones left whole and readable, a Pickerell and a Fox. Apparently, the Fox was the last person buried there in 1973. The church burned long ago. On an old map of Fauquier County, it is called simplyRockland Church and Cemetery. I need to find out the name and/or denomination of thechurch to search for records of others buried there. I believe other members of myfamily may be there too. Any help greatly appreciated.Lynnie lsager@shentel.netlsager@shentel.net
8 Jun 1998Kenny and MillsI'm researching my father's family, KENNEYs from Fauquier County. Earliest known ancestors are my g g grandparents, RICHARD KENNEY b @1812, married SARAH ANN MILLS.Does anyone know the denomination of a church that once stood on Rt 727,just south of LInden, in the area called Rockland? The cemetery is overgrown and not even visible from the road. My great grandparents, ANDREW PEYTON KENNEY AND SARAH JANE MILLS were buried there in 1925 & 1933. The church burned years ago. Only 2 stones are readable, a Pickerell and a Fox. Apparently the Fox was the last person buried there, in 1973. I haven't been able to determine the denomination of the church, to search for records of the cemetery. It is shown on an old map of Fauquier County simply as Rockland Church & Cemetery. Any help greatly appreciated. Lynnie lsager@shentel.netlsager@shentel.net
7 Jun 1998 John Edward in Fauquier County, VirginiaLooking for any info.on JOHN EDWARDS SR. before 1754. Thank you. Steve Skidgel E-Mail sskid81896@aol.comsskid81896@aol.com

6 Jun 1998 Hawes and CreelI am trying to look for background information on Asa HAWES and ElizabethCREEL, married in Fauquier County on February 22, 1822. The father of MissCREEL was listed as David CREEL in the county record. Please let me know ifyou have any information that may help.Vincent Horan Nacho601@aol.comNacho601@aol.com
5 Jun 1998 Lloyd/Loyd of Fauquier County, VirginiaLooking for any LLOYD/LOYD families who were in Fauquier Co, VA about1800-1815. Thanks, Kay Kay MastersonResearching: Baker, Barnes, Beeson, Brown, Boone, Chapman, Dement, Dodge,Jackson, Mendenhall, Mills, Sadler, Scholl, Talcott, Ball Gibbons, Kuhns,Loyd, McCormick, Thompson, Masterson. http://www.snowcrest.net/yreka/kay richnkay@snowcrest.net
5 Jun 1998 Hopper and Catchings I am looking for any information on my ancestors:William P. Hopper born 11-20-1783 in Faquier Va. and his wife Nancy Catchingsborn 1-28-1787 in greene Co. Tn. I think his father was Grover Blaggrove Hopper.The first generation that I have is Blaggrove Hopper born in 1690 and died in Virginia in 1768. His wife was Annie ?. I also have another Blaggrove Hopper born 10-27-1759 his wife was Rhonda Kesterson 10-17-1759 she was also born in Va. Please e-mail if you have any information. jgcjkra@sun-spot.comjgcjkra@sun-spot.com
7 Jun 1998 Hooper I am looking for information on my ancestors who cam from Fauquier Co. Va.His name could be any of the following:Blaggrove HopperBlackgrove HopperBlaggorne Hopper ? I've seen several spellings of this. Seymore B. HopperGrover HopperThanks for any assistance that you are able to give. Gailjgcjkra@sun-spot.com
4 Jun 1998 Computer Crash - Please HelpHello Gang!I suffered from a major computer crash. It was so bad I had to re-formatmy "boot" hard drive to recover. My genealogy data is safe, but I lost myinternet brouser and address book.All of you whom I have been corresponding about German LORENZ, LORENTZ,LARRANCE, LAURENCE, LAWRENCE, LAWRENTZ, etc families, please send me amessage so that I can rebuild my Address Book.Thank you, Robin Lawrentz robltz@erols.comrobltz@erols.com
5 Jun 1998 Finch and AskinsMy gggrandmother was Mary FINCH, b. abt 1802. She married Presely Askins inMarch, 1822 in Fauquier County. Believe she was the daughter of WilliamFINCH, Jr. Is anyone researching this family? Any information greatlyappreciated. PR CarpenterPRCarpe@aol.com
5 Jun 1998 Bise, Kelly and AllisonSamuel R Bise married Sarah Jane Kelly Does anyone have any info. on the Bise surname Please??? My BrickWall. Thanks..... Pauline Pauline Phelps paulinep@igalaxy.net
3 Jun 1998 Hughlett and BallHUGHLETT, William, m. Margery BALL, Fauquier County, VirginiaTheir daughter Susannah HUGHLETT, b. c. 1800, d. after 1830,m. 29 December 1818, in Fauquier County, Virginia,Elijah CREEL, b. c. 1800, Fauquier County, Virginia d. after 1830Their son Sylvester Hughlett CREEL was born 26 July 1830 inFauquier County, Virginia, d. 8 June 1905, Douglas County, Kansas.He married, 11 November 1862, Nancy Catherine WILLIAMS, b. 7August 1842, Lawrence County, Kentucky, d. 1924, probably in SantaFe, New Mexico.HEDGEMAN - this is the long shot. One of Sylvester CREEL's brothers wasnamed Hedgeman CREEL, and Sylvester named one of his sons Ira HedgemanCREEL. A bond record of Prince William County shows that on 18 July1733, a Nathaniel HEDGMAN witnessed a transaction between John CHILTONand Richard BLACKBURN. On 17 July 1733, Nathaniel HEDGMAN witnessed aland sale from CHILTON to BLACKBURN, which land adjoined that of JohnCREEL.I noticed a couple of messages concerning a Hedgeman Run Churchrecently, here or in the VA-ROOTS list, so there must have been quite afew HEDGEMANs in Fauquier County.Bonne chasse, Glennhsknight@uswest.net
1 Jun 1998 Jeffried and McAlister Would appreciate any information regarding possible parents and birthdate forEnoch Jeffries who married Adeline McAlister. They had a son Willis born in1832 in Ky. Willis's death cert shows Enoch being born in Ky but I feel he waseither really born in Faquier or that his parents were part of the Jeffriesthat lived in the county in the late 1700's. Thanks.email "brtonfan@aol.com"Brtonfan@aol.com
31 May 1998 Muirhead?MoreheadI am looking for information on the MUIRHEAD?MOREHEAD family that camefrom Scotland in the 1600(?) and some settled in VA, KY,and NC. I amtrying to find information on my great-great grandfather ANDREWMUIRHEAD?MOREHEAD JR. who was born in 1795 (possibly in VA) and died in1857-1859. His first wife was MARTHA CADDALL born 1803, and his decondwife was JANE D. HUDSON born 1811. He had 13 or 14 children from bothmarriages. I think that they were born in Pulaski Co. or Montgomery Co.VA. Any information would be helpful. Margaret BolenThank you. mbolen@cwv.net
`29 May 1998 Caynor and Hinson and BurgessI am researching the Caynor Family History that goes back to 1781 whenMatthew Caynor and Ann Hinson of Fauquier Co got married. Matthew was inthe Revolutionary War and he and Ann had at least 6 children, 5 girls and 1son, John Caynor. John married Margaret Mathis and they had 8 - 10children. I find John and Margaret in the census until 1860 but cannotfind a death record for either one. Looking for death information and listof all of children. I have 9 of them but believe there may be more. Alsotrying to find death record of William O. Caynor, married CharlotteBurgess. He was grandson of John & Margaret. W. O. was in Civil War andlast record was in Fauquier CO. in late 1800's. Any informationappreciated.caynor@netpath.net
28 May 1998 FurrJust found out that Sarah Sally Furr, b ca1785 in Fauquier and died in 1855in Gilmer Co, WV was the daughter of Ephraim and Jane FURR. So , a Furrmarried a Furr. Sarah Sally Furr Furr was the mother of Alice, Bushrod ,Lemuel and Amos Furr who moved to Gilmer Co, WV. Now, I need to find out who Sarah Sally Furr, daughter of Ephraim, married.I'll bet it was a first cousin.....Please help.Lyle CorderWvlyle@aol.com
28 May 1998 Siers Family Seeking information about John Siers who lived in Prince William Co., andlater in Fauquier Co., VA. He died in Fauquier co. in 1779.mahey@aol.com John Maheymahey@aol.com
28 May 1998 Dale and Young Seeking information about both these people. William DALE married AnneYOUNG (d/o James) around 1750-60. Their first child was born about 1759.Need parents and other ancestors of James YOUNG and William DALE.Any help will be appreciated. Richard Dale, 704 Ponca Drive, IndependenceMO 64056-2053, (816) 796 - 3357, jdale@swbell.net
28 May 1998 Hall, Hotchkiss, Sealock, StrotherHALL, HOTCHKISS, SEALOCK, STROTHER. Searching for ancestors of SamuelSpencer Hall, b. 22 Jul 1866 in Fauquier County, d. 12 Oct 1958 in Orlean,VA. Married Charlotte A Hotchkiss 26 Dec 1893 in Linden, Fauquier County.I believe Samuel Spencer Hall's father was Alfred Hall, but have no furtherinfo.Charlotte Hotchkiss, aka Kate, was the daughter of Eli James Hotchkiss, b 9Jan1830, d. J14 Jul 1896 (who are his parents?), and Mary Elizabeth Sealock,b. 25 Apr 1839, d. 3 Jun 1893. Her parents were Davis Sealock, b. 3 Aug1808, d. Sep 1887 (who are his parents?) and Elizabeth Strother, b. 5 May1810, d. 12 Apr 1875 (does anyone have anything on her family?). I wouldreally appreciate any information on any on these families. Jim Grangergranger@worldnet.att.netgranger@worldnet.att.net
26 May 1998 Grant and HitchLooking for Samuel Russel Grants mother. His father was John Grant. Samuelwas born 1786 in Fauquier Co., his grandfather was John Grant, who was marriedto Lydia Barbee. Samuel married Mariah Hitch 1811 in Arnolds Crossroads inCulpepper Co., Va. I have been researching the GRANT family for a number of years. William Grantcame to Va. from Scotland in 1670's. I have no information on him before hecame to Va. The family ended up in Leeds Manor and I have been searching forSamuel Russel Grants mother. Samuel was married to Mariah Hitch in 1811 atArnolds Crossroads. I have quite a bit of information on GRANT, HITCH,BARBEE, BURGESS AND NEAL families, I will share what I have.Thanks Any help would be greatly appreciated.Cheri Grant Kingsroost@aol.comKingsroost@aol.com
28 May 1998 Adams and McClarenIn search of Charles McClaren ADAMS, born 1810 in Fauquier Co., marriedElizabeth Jane MCCLAREN from Fauquier Co. in 1827.Looking for their parents, siblings, any info. Thank you.S. Adams mtnlaurl@erols.commtnlaurl@erols.com
28 May 1998 Adams, Hunt, Crump, HerndonADAMS, HUNT, CRUMP, HERNDON. An Indenture was made 11 August 1794 whereby Richardson and Nancy Martin HUNT sold 1000 acres of land on Beaverdam Creek in Elbert County to Josias P. ADAMS for the promise of delivery of five slaves by 1 January 1798. The document stated Josias was late of Virginia, but at the time of the Indenture of Augusta (in Richmond County). The land had been granted to HUNT in 1787 when the land was in Wilkes County. After a sheriff’s sale, an Indenture made 1 September 1795 returned the 1000 acres to Richardson HUNT as the highest bidder at a public sale. LDS records list a Josias ADAMS born 23 September 1762 in Fauquier County, VA. LDS records also list a marriage of 1 February 1792 between a Josias P. ADAMS and Elizabeth CRUMP in Fauquier County, VA. Are these the same Josias? Can anyone help supply more information about Josias? Did he have children in either Virginia or Georgia? What was his fate? I search for the parents of a James ADAMS, born in Virginia in 1795, married Frances HERNDON in 1820 in Elbert County, and died in 1857 in Jasper County, Georgia. This James is not James B., born the same year in Virginia, whose father was Thomas ADAMS, a Revolutionary War soldier. Any clues would be appreciated. Richard Adams Stokes, 3800 Glacier Highway, Juneau, Alaska 99801.Richard Stokesstokes@alaska.net
26 May 1998 Cummings and MynattI have recently found an abstrast will for Simon Cummings 1771 in FauquierCounty. His daughter Sarah married into the Mynatt or Myoratt family. Isanyone researching this family?Betty Webb sarahjames@aol.comsarahjames@aol.com
24 May 1998 Taylor FamilyDoes anyone have a Wm. Taylor b. about 1760's as the son of one of theirancestors? This Wm. Taylor was in 1799 Bath Co. Va. and then d. before 1826 inWashington Co. Va. At the time of his death, he owned land in Ky. The firstname Marvel M. is found in his grandchildren, so may be a family name.I think this Wm. Taylor links up to Fauquier Co. Va. Taylor families, some ofwhom went to Greenville Co. S.C. in 1780's.KWright354 KWright354@aol.com
24 May 1998 TaylorHave you by any chance run across an Ebenezer Taylor, b. 25 Aug 1790?Family tradition says he was born in PA or VA, but we haven't been ableto find him yet. He married Margaret Foster, dau. of Benjamin & JohannaFoster, on 19 Dec. 1811 in Brooke Co., Va (WV).Ring any bells? Sandysangen@cococo.net
24 May 1998 WaddleDoes anyone have information on John Waddell or Waddle who was married toElizabeth ? in the late 1700s and lived in Va possibly Fauquier Co Theirdaughters name was Elizabeth and she married Rawleigh Taylor in 1792 inFauquier Co..Thanks....Terri Mullins vmullins@intop.netvmullins@intop.net
23 May 1998 Durham, Ferguson GilmoreDo any of you have any knowledge of these Ferguson families? Theinformation was taken from FAUQUIER FAMILIES 1759-1799, ComprehensiveIndexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds and Minute,Deed, and Will Books, and Others, by John P. Alcock, published byIberian Publishing Company, Athens, GA, 1994. I am trying to find information on William Ferguson. I am interested inthe John Ferguson below because of the DURHAM who witnessed a deed. Oneof William Ferguson's daughters married a Durham later in Allen Co.,KY. My William FERGUSON married Catherine GILMORE 28 Oct 1793 inAlbemarle Co., VA, but I can find nothing else on him. He may have hada brother named Daniel and perhaps one named John. I see that Williammarried Dolly Amiss, but perhaps she died and he married Catherine. Catherine and William named one of their daughters Dolly CatherineFerguson -- she is the one who married the Durham in Allen Co., KY.If anyone can help me, I was be forever grateful. I hope each of youhave a wonderful holiday, and good luck in your research.Warm regards, Sharon Clark Fort Worth, Texas clarksha@swbell.netclarksha@swbell.net
23 May 1998 CoppageNeed proof of the birth of Peyton COPPAGE said to be born 1799/1800 inFauquier County, Virginia. Is there anyone out there that can help withthis surname?TIA Ric Gordon in TexasICQ = 1324559fdg@flash.net
23 May 1998 Leach and HallSearching info for LEACH and HALL families. My gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather, JohnLeach (b. 1777) married Mary Hall (b. 1771) in 1796 in Fauquier Co. Mary'ssponsor was Sarah Hall; who was she? Mary's mother had died when she was veryyoung. John's parents were William Leach and Sarah ______. They had fourdaughters, Jane (never married & died in VA); Elizabeth married Roland Smithand moved to Scott Co., KY; Sarah married Thomas Holmes and moved to TN; andanother daughter (name unknown) who married a man named ___________ Short; andthen one son, my John Leach mentioned above.Family history has it that William Leach was one of three sons who came toAmerica from England approx. 1760, their father being a minister to the so-called "High Church of England." Any insight on these people would be appreciated. pNlNuB.A.KZC.FGwZ1"@fp-1.rootsweb.com
23 May 1998 Gordon, Grim, Kendall, ThompsonSeeking any information on Gordons from Fauquier County. Desperate for anyinformation on Manley (could be Emanual) Edgar Gordon m. Mollie (could beMary) Grim DOM 7-22-1869, Jefferson Gordon m. Mary Kendall DOM 3-20-1842, andJohn Grim m. Louisa Thompson DOM unk. Anyone searching GORDON, GRIM, KENDALLor THOMPSON lines out there?Estelle Gordon ( RedTop3@aol.com ) RedTop3@aol.com
23 May 1998 Moffett and StoneWm. Moffett m. Ann Stone 1761 Fauquier Co. Va. Does anyone know theirdaughters' names? Was Lucretia Moffett who m. John Wilkinson 1782 theirdaughter? Did they have a daughter named Lurania or Rener?Thanks. Judy WrightKWright354@aol.com
22 May 1998Looking for any information on Thompson Cox who married MarianneHansborough in 1835 in Fauquier County. He may have brothers namedJames, Henry, Calvin and John F.Cheri Astrahanastrahan@mminternet.comastrahan@mminternet.com
22 May 1998 WrightWright, listed on the 1810 Fauguier Co. VA Census, may be thefather of Enoch Wright, b. 1805 VA, county unknown. Would appreciatehearing from anyone who might have information on this family. Thank youvery much.Vera Meek WimberlyConroe, TXWilliam meekie@lcc.netmeekie@lcc.net
21 May 1998 EllisAm researching Ellis family of Fauquier County, 1750-1810. Pleaserespond if you have information. William B Ellis wbellis@erols.com
21 May 1998 CumminsAm looking for info on Simon Cummins, prob. born Co. Cork, Ireland, died Fauquier Co. aabt. June 24, 1771. Also, son Alexander Cummins, prob. born Fauquier Co., died 1813 in Virginia. Alexander should have been in Rev. War and I am looking for any proof, or any info about him.Answer to mombronte@aol.commombronte@aol.com
19 May 1998 Owenstrying to find missing link in Owens family line. My great grandfatheris supposedly James S. Owens. I have his marriage certificate to Olifsafronia Gray and they show up in the 1880 census. I cannot findanymore on James. I need to know his parents to go further backAny help would be appreciated. Thanks ever so much. Patricia Weachter saltshaker@redrose.net
20 May 1998 Keyes and NallsLooking for any additional information regarding James KYES / KEYES andMary Ann NALLS who were married in this county on 2 Dec. 1846. Any helpwill be greatly appreciated!Ronald L. Kyeskyes1@hotmail.comKyes1@hotmail.com
18 May 1998Desperately need parents or any information about Harriet SMITH bn 18 April1764, Fauquier Co, VA ? died 15 June 1848. She was Littleton ADAM'S secondwife..marriage date unknown. Littleton ADAMS bn 12 Feb 1752 died before 1834near Delaplane, Fauquier Co, VA, son of John ADAMS & Sarah Stacey GIBBONS.John and Sarah GIBBONS ADAMS came from Charles Co, Maryland and settled inFauquier Co, Virginia.There was another Harriet SMITH bn 18 Oct 1788, daughter of Elizabeth ADAMS(sister to above Littleton) and Thomas SMITH. This Harriet SMITH marriedPeter ADAMS son of Thomas ADAMS (brother to Littleton & Elizabeth) and RebeccaWood...oh what a tangled web. I can find information on her but cannot findanything on my Harriet SMITH. Could my Harriet SMITH have been from this same SMITH family?? Maybe even anaunt to the other Harriet SMITH. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!Thanks,Cheryl Jackson MaloneCMalone646@aol.com
18 May 1998I am researching the Aliff (also spelled: Alliff, Ailiffe, Ayliff, Ayloffe)family that was in Fauquier county in the late 1700s and early 1800s.There is a Thomas and a William Aliff that migrated to Bedford Co. (andlater Franklin and Roanoke Co.) by 1803. On the 1810 census, Thomas andWilliam are in Bedford and an older William Aliff is listed in Fauquier.Both Thomas and William list their parents as Thomas and P. Aliff. So isthis older William in Fauquier in 1810 a brother to another Thomas...thefather to Thomas and William of Bedford and Roanoke?Is anyone else researching this family? I am trying to determine if thethis family is related to the Thomas Ayloffe who arrived in 1744 fromEngland to Rappahannock Co., or to the Ayliff/Iliffs of Delaware who werethere in the late 1600s.Any help would be appreciated!Thanks, Maryroyalgal@mail.vt.edu
18 May 1998 May 18, 1998 ELIJAH NASH ROBINSON I would like any available informationon Elijah Nash Robinson who married Sally Griffith in Fauquier CountyVirginia on April 5, 1802. mcmullen@tnics.commcmullen@tnics.com
19 May 1998I am searching for a Hume Cemetery. Can anyone tell me if there is onelocated at Hume, Va.? Searching for any 'Beahms' buried in thiscemetery. I appreciate all help.Please e-mail me - jcampbel@shentel.netThank you, Judy Campbelljcampbel@shentel.net
18 May 1998I have been attempting to identify the parents of WILLIAM JOSEPH RISDON whowas married MARY KIRBY in Warrenton, VA July 7, 1851. Marriage records donot identify his parents but show hers to be John G. amd Cecelia Kirby.Does anyone know identity of Warrenton newspaper for 1851 and where I couldfind copy or microfilm of it? Would like to review it in chance I mightfind identity of William's parents in ariticle about wedding.ThanksJohn RisdonPunta Gorda, FLjonpegr@peganet.com
16 May 1998I am seeking any information available on Elijah Nash Robinson who marriedSally Griffith on April 5, 1802, in Fauquier County, and who later seems tohave migrated to Mason County Kentucky and finally to Daviess CountyIndiana where he died and left his family.mcmullen@tnics.com
16 May 1998 Edwards SuthardDoes anyone possess information on Benjamin Edwards? In 1850 he was 53and his wife Susan(Suthard) was 46. Looking for their parents. Also William M.amd Emily Brooks. I have established that their daughter Ricey (5 yrs old in 1850) marriedHenry F. Edwards 6 yrs old in 1850) They are my Great Grand Father and Mother. Wouldappreciate any light on this Edwards line.......Thank you, John Edwardsfredsc@fls.infi.net
16 May 1998 Warrenton Civil War CemeteryHello:I have just found out that on May 24, 1998 there arefestivities planned for the dedication of a walllisting civil war "unknowns" that are buried ina mass grave in Warrenton, Va. Apparently someone hasfound information listing the majority of the names.A family member is buried in that massive grave andwould really like to know more. From what I havefound out, there is to be a luncheon, music andreenactors. Does anyone have a time for this? Iwould like to see if I can attend (if I can talkmy husband into it). The family member buried inthe grave is Micajah ("Cage") Gary. There is goingto be a Gary Reunion in June and would love to get pictures to have at the reunion. Does anyoneknow anything about the dedication. Or does anyone know thename of the Mayor's wife and possibly an addressthat I may contact her. She had written to a cousinand told him about it. If I am able to go, once flyinginto Washington, D.C., what is the best route toget to Warrenton? Any help would be greatlyappreciated!! Sincerely, Elainelangbehn@HiWAAY.net
14 May 1998 Creel WattsMy g-g-grandfather, Sylvester Hughlett CREEL, was born 26 July 1831 inFauquier County, Virginia. Unfortunately, by 1850 Sylvester had movedon, so he doesn't appear in the 1850 census for Fauquier County.According to the 1830 census (microfilm at the Rocky Mountain RegionNational Archives branch, Denver, drawer 17/8, #194, extracted 23 July1997 by the author) there were three CREEL families in Fauquier Countyin 1830: William, Elijah, and George. It would appear that William was60-70 (his son William also have been in this household) and his wifewas 40-50. Elijah was between 30-40, as was the oldest female in thehousehold. There were six children under 10 in Elijah's household. George was 50-60 years of age, but there were some young children in thehousehold.I have further information that William was the father of George andElijah, and that Elijah was the father of Sylvester. William's wife wasRachel GRIFFITH, and Elijah's wife was Susannah HUGHLETT.Sylvester CREEL came to Kansas in 1853, according to family materials,and was accompanied by his brother, Hedgeman CREEL, his sister Rachel,and her husband, Peyton WATTS, as well as his sister Marjorie, and herhusband John WATTS.I would greatly appreciate any information on which CREEL family wasSylvester's, as well as any information on the WATTS family, whichapparently married into the CREEL family twice.Bonne chasse! GlennGlenn A. Knight hsknight@clsp.uswest.nethsknight@clsp.uswest.net
13 May 1998GRAY, WINE Joseph Wine b. 1814, married Catherine German06 Jan 1838 FauquierCo,VA. children include: Mary VirginiaWine m. Andrew J. Kearnes;Delilah Catherine Wine m.Enoch Kirkpatrick;James W. Wine;Nancy Ann Wine m. MarcellusKirkpatrick;Elizabeth F. Wine;Alfred T. Wine;George A. Wine;Emily Ann Wine m. James A. GRAY(s/o James Gray and ElizabethJane GILL.) James and Elizabeth Jane Gray children:*James A. Gray(above);Richard A. Gray;Jerome B. Gray;Elizabeth C. Gray;Georgianna Gray:Rhodia Ann Gray;Lewis S. Gray;Charles C. Gray bWhish to share info on GRAY/WINE families ....Edward L. Adams, Jr. elathayer@usa.netelathayer@usa.net
14 May 1998Later, the church did becomethe Jeffersonton Baptist Church, but the old records were burned in a housefire before 1900. I have been searching for some information on themembership, so any of you who had family who were members, I'd like to talkwith you. Tim, Later, the church did becomethe Jeffersonton Baptist Church, but the old records were burned in a housefire before 1900. I have been searching for some information on themembership, so any of you who had family who were members, I'd like to talkwith you. There were some Hackleys in this church, and I remember writing to the churchand receiving some records. They were not pre-1800's records, but still may beuseful to you. The Woodford Hackley history of the church was available directly from thechurch itself. I purchased a copy while visiting them a few years ago. Thebook is really a pamphlet, and is entitled "Jeffersonton Baptist Church,Bicentennial Sketch 1773-1973".On another topic....we've spoke before, and so I know about the book youare working on....if you come across any Methodist records for Fauquier Co.I would be interested. My family (Hackleys, Harrells) appear to have beenmostly Methodist, but some Baptists. They lived along the Rappahannock River, and so they pop up on both sides in the records.Another topic.....do you know where Routt's Hill is located in Fauquier ??My gg-grandad's brother resided there, and I've not been able to locateit on a map. It would help me greatly to see where it lies in relation to theJeffersonton/Rixeyville area in Culpeper.Vince Hackleyrockfish@cyberrealm.net
14 May 1998 Hedgeman River Church


13 May 1998 Hedgeman River Church AnswerI believe the Hedgeman's River Church was in Culpeper not Frederick Co.It may have been in Fauquier at one time. The Jeffersonton Baptist Churchin northeastern Culpeper is (I believe) the descendent of Hedgeman's.Woodford B. Hackley wrote a history of the Jeffersonton Baptist Church,and there is another book on antebellum churches of Culpeper which includes this church. The Hedgeman River and the Rappahannock are one and the same river.Vincerockfish@cyberrealm.net
Hedgeman River ChurchDoes anyone know where the Hedgeman River Church is/was in Frederick County?It had some kind of affiliation with Broad Run Baptist Church in FauquierCounty in the early 1800s.Thanks very much, Rickrickandshelia@pop.mindspring.com
12 May 1998 ConyersMay 12, 1998 CONYERS Searching for info on Benjamin Conyers who enlistedfrom Fauquier County, Virginia in the fall of 1776 and served 18 monthsin the Revolutionary War. Born July 12, 1759 to ? Where did he marry andwho are his children? Patrice Hartman, HCR 01 Box 32A, Regent, ND 58650.cranelaw@mott.ctctel.com
11 May 1998 StubblefieldSearching for the names of John Stubblefield's children. He was in the 1820 census for Fauquier Co., VA.Did he leave a will? Alyson agc@sofnet.com agc@sofnet.com
10 May 1998 BlackwellI am researching the name Blackwell and needing information on JosephHancock Blackwell b. 1832-1905, and his younger brother Moore CarterBlackwell. They were in at that time Piedmont, in JosephBlackwell's time, Piedmont was the name of a village. It started asPiedmont - was called Piedmont Station and, in 1874 was changed to"Delaplane". Any information on these two men or Civil War information would begreatly appreciated. Thanks Joe Saylorhttp://www.leo.net/~joepa/joepa@leo.net
8 May 1998 Burgess, Thomas, HardinOne of my ancestors which we have had trouble finding is Joseph BurgessThomas, son of Enos Thomas and Mary Polly Hardin Thomas (daughter ofJohn Hardin and Catherine Marr). The Hardins were well known inFauquier County I believe. I can't help wondering if there was aBurgess marriage somewhere in the family, to produce a son with thatmiddle name. Any known connection to your Burgess's with Thomasfamily? Other names might be Ashby, or Kingston. Candy WagnerWagner182@worldnet.att.net
2 May 1998 O'Briant Rindsberg I know I have a query or two on this page for O'Briant, Rindsberg(Ithink) and maybe another one. My old email is frog@bright.netAs of May 15 it will be in care of my dad atjmbooks@juno.com Thanks Valerie Johnsonjmbooks@juno.com
8 May 1998 Fox Hello fellow Culpeper researchers!I have a new surname to research....oh happy days! I have just been informed that my ggg-grandmother's name was Pollie (orMollie) FOX. Based on census records etc..I am estimating she was born inthe period 1802-1812. I believe her given name to be Mary. She marriedJames HACKLEY and they lived, as far as I can tell, their entire marriedlives in Culpeper Co. near Jeffersonton, so I am assuming she was probablyfrom Culpeper or Fauquier.I know absolutely nothing about the surname FOX in this area (or anywhereelse for that matter), so I would appreciate any comments, suggestions,help, etc... regarding this family. Anyone out there got any FOX's in theirchicken coop?Thanks, Vince Hackley 25532 Coltrane Drive Damascus, MD 20872rockfish@cyberrealm.net http://cyberrealm.net/~rockfish/xroads.htm(301) 253-1846 (home)rockfish@cyberrealm.net
6 May 1998 Hawes and CreelHAWES and CREELI am looking for information on the backgrounds of Asa HAWES and ElizabethCREEL. They were married at Fauquier Co. on February 22, 1822. They hadother children besides my grandmother's grandfather, William H. HAWES, but wedon't have a lot on them or the family at all.Char2175@aol.com
6 May 1998 McKinneyWould anyone on this list have information on a John McKinney Sr.Material has come to me that he died in Fauquier Co. in 1795 and lefthis son John Jr. the farm. Sometime after 1795 John Jr. moved to MadisonCounty, KY and died there in 1801. John Jr. had at least two children,Wildy and Francis. They both settled in Kentucky. John Sr. was marriedto a Mary____ and John Jr. to Elizabeth Coleman. Would greatly appreciate any info on this family, in particularancestors of John Sr. Don Tunisondtunison@worldnet.att.net
6 May 1998 Metcalf Weeks Seeking information on Asa METCALF b. ca 1775 Va or Scotland d. ca 1850m. Elizabeth WEEKS in Fauquier Co. in 1795. Their probable children:Lewis b. 1800 m. Susan SINCLAIR; Fenton m. Lucy WOLF; Elizabeth Ellen b.1819 m. Wm. Harrison BAKER; Ludwell Richard m. Margaret BROWN; Harrisonm. Mary A. MARSHALL; Hiram m. Clarissa BAKER; James Wade? m. Mary BarkerDAVIS; William m. HACKUYLOT. Asa moved back and forth between HampshireCo. Va, now WV and Fauquier Co. Was he son of Thomas Robin METCALF ofScotland or of the Capt. John METCALF family of Fauquier?jhancock@mail.wt.net
5 May 1998 Foley and AshbyWould like information about John FOLEY born abt. 1767. He married 8-27-1787 in Fauquier Co., Va. toChloe WHEATLY born abt. 1769. They had a daughter, Priscilla born abt. 1795 and she married JohnCRAVENS. (may be other children born to John and Chloe). John's father may have been John FOLEYborn abt. 1767 or before and he maried Milley ASHBY on 4-24-1766 in Fauquier Co., Va. I wouldappreciate any help. Thanks, Joyce Rhodes, E-mail: jmrhodes@usit.net jmrhodes@usit.net
5 May 1998 John Page Is anyone able to help me with the location of land owned by John Page and his wife Elizabeth in Fauquier County. This land was sold to John Shumate in1799, and is described as being "on fork of Horsepen Run near Great Marsh" Ihave tried the GNIS mapping site - but cannot locate either of these places.Please e-mail directly as I am not a subscriber to the Fauquier List.Thank you. LindaGonetoTenn@aol.com
4 May 1998 Alexander MurphyIn the book, FAUQUIER FAMILIES, 1759-1799, p. 256, appears thefollowing: Murphey, Alexander. M 11-266, 1795. Bound to John Smoot, planter Does anyone have any info on this ALEXANDER MURPHEY?? He verywell could be my GGGGrandfather, possible b. Md., about 1773 to JamesMurphy and Elizabeth Mackway. farseen@cablenet-va.com
5 May 1998 Jones and ThayerHello. I'm looking for any clarification of the JONES families in Fauquier.I know I'm a descendant of Hannah JONES m. 1789 in Fauquier Co to WilliamTHAYER. She was the dau of a James JONES. I've found several mentions of aJames, he may be the son of William JONES:William Jones will dtd 1793 Fauquier Co. - mentions wife Mary, dau. Sarah,Hannah, Cary, Lucretia, sons James and William.The 1775 will of Brereton Jones mentions a son William and HenryAn 1805 division of land mentions Levina Jones, wife of James Jones, whosemaiden name was Hoome. Several Emmons are also mentioned. In an 1820 willfor a William Jones, there are Emmons references as well as Hoomesreferences. There is also a mention of a Henry Jones (see Brereton's willabove) There is an 1807 inventory of the estate of a James JONES.Any help sorting out the Jones' of Fauquier County would be appreciated. thanks tim kreh tim_kreh@ncs.comtim_kreh@ncs.com
4 May 1998 Taylor, Waddell, Heywood, Moss, EdwardsI am new to the list and wish to inquire if anyone has information on thisline. Rawleigh A. Taylor [12-26-1763 -- 1-2-1847] married Elizabeth Waddell [daughter of John Waddell and ElizabethHeywood]Son Rolla "Rolly" Taylor [1797 --7-1876] married Rachel Bonnified [1801 -- 5-6-1875 daughter of ArnoldBonnifield and Margaret "Peggy" Moss]Son Elijah Jackson Taylor [08-31-1823 -- 1225-1893] married Martha Jane Edwards Thank you, Janet Hanson hanson@idir.nethanson@idir.net
4 May 1998 James Thomas Family of FauquierNeed information on James Thomas family in Fauquier co. Va. in the earlyl700 to l800's. Did he have a daughter Elizabeth who married JamesStevenson? Any help will be appreciated.Mildred mille4@juno.com
29 Apr 1998 Todd and BishopNeed help on this Todd family. Joseph's daughter Sarah m Thomas Bishop in1810 in Fauquier. Thanks, Lyle CorderWvlyle@aol.com
Titus and BishopSeeking parents and info on the families of Timothy Titus and Susan Bishop whom in 1833 in Fauquier. Susan's parents said to be Thomas Bishop and SarahTodd. Help needed. Thanks, Lyle CorderWvlyle@aol.com
25 Apr 1998 James FamilyJames, William b. abt 1781-1785 in Virginia died unknown. I am new at the posting on your group. I am trying hard to find a fatherand mother for my William. I know that it wasn't William & Mary (HINES)JAMES. But after that I don't know! I have seen some where in Fauquier Co., VA. That they had several JAMES listed is it possible that someone knowsabout them. Their was marriage took place in 3 Jun 1777, Fauquier Co.between Joseph JAMES and Mary JAMES looks like cuz..., again. But thatwould be two families, and maybe one of them would have a brother by thename of William. Then according to the Soldiers in the Revolution fromFauquier Co., VA., their is listed three JAMES. First is John, Joseph, andGeorge maybe they are the father of my William. There is one other maybe aJesse JAMES Sr. that left his Will at Blount County, TN., 1814.Any help would be deeply appreicated.Thanks, Terry quailnst@afes.comquailnst@afes.com
25 Apr 1998 Hillard Fauquier County.Greetings I am new to the list here is my thought.My Civil War ancestor JAMES W. HILLARD claimed on a pension record thathe was born in Upperville, Fauquier Co. in 1826.Does anyone have any thoughts on how I could confirm that. I am notfamiliar with any local Historical Society that could help does anyoneknow of one. Is there a records archive that would have church records or by somechance did they actually keep public records at that time.I am open to any ideas. Thanks for your help in advance.Michael J. Hillard HillardM@prodigy.netHillardM@prodigy.net
25 Apr 1998 McCormack and TharpI have a marriage bond of my ancestor Samuel LAWRENCE to Mary THARP showingWilliam McCORMACK is a bondsman. Does anyone know who William MCCORMACKwas. Was he related to the LAWRENCE or THARP families? Thank you. RobLawrentz.robltz@erols.com
25 Apr 1998 Lloyd or Loyd of Fauquier CountyDoes anybody have any information on LLOYD/LOYD living in Fauquier Co, VAbetween 1765-1820? I'm looking for a Thomas M LOYD supposedly b. in thatCo in 1813. A Monona Co, IA history book states his father before him alsolived in Fauquier Co, but can find no record of him. Thanks for any help. Kay Mastersonrichnkay@snowcrest.net
24 Apr 1998 Pitman, Johnson, AmosPITMAN- Looking for info on Lewis Andrew PITMAN(1782-1849) b Fauquier Cod Macoupin Co., Ill. Moved to Ky in 1796, married Nancy Johnston in1802.HESTER- Looking for info on Michael HESTER(1760-1848) b Fauquier Co dGranville Co, NC. Married Joanne Melton(1765-1825), then Mary Hayes.HOUSE- Looking for info on Charles HOUSE (1766-1821) b Fauquier Co. dClay Co., KY. Married Susan Amos.calypso@foothills.net
23 Apr 1998Looking for info on Fowler Williams b. 1778 Fauquier County, VA d. 27 Aug1842 Belair, Lancaster District, SC. m. 1807 to Nancy Hoey (Huey). Fowlerwas the son of George Williams b. 1732 in Culpeper Cnty, Va and SusannahGraham b. 1756 Fauquier County, VA. Any info on this family would begreatly appreciated. Thanks. Valeria Reckert vreckert@indy.netvreckert@indy.net
22 Apr 1998 Milner FamilyI am seeking ANY/ALL information regarding an Isaac Milner and his wifeBethia ( Fauquier Co. ca. 1774)and their sons Isaac Jr., Nicholas, andJoseph, and possible sons Edward and Amos. I would appreciate any leadsanyone could give!! Michael Milner, 14833 Spring Creek Road #211, Dallas, Texas 75248e-mail: mmilner1@airmail.netmilner1@airmail.net
22 Apr 1998 Golden Fauquier CountyPlease contact me if you are researching the Golden family of Fauquier. Ihave Thornton Golden b1773. He married Eliz. Thorp. Let's talk. Thanks...Lyle CorderWvlyle@aol.com
21 Apr 1998 Wickliffe and DowdaleBetty Wickliffe m. Thos. Dowdale 1781 in Fauquier Co. Does anyone knowanything about this couple, where they went? Was Betty a widow Wickliffe? Whatwas her maiden name??? David Wickliffe was bondsman, but it doesn't say shewas his dau. and she is not listed in the traditional lists of his children.KWright354 <>KWright354@aol.com
21 Apr 1998 Craig, Sayers, and Spilman Need information on the family of Alexander S. Craig, b.1791 and died Fauquier Co., VA, Aug 1859. His first wife and mother of children was Elizabeth ?. Children: Ann Craig b. 15 Feb 1818 married Campell SAYERS, 15 Sept 1844 in Fauquier Co.; Jane Craig b. abt 1825 married John J. SPILMAN 4 Mar 1846 in Fauquier Co.; John A. Craig (son). Any info on origins or descendants welcome.CBDH83B@prodigy.com
21 Apr 1998 Massey and PlaterI am looking for the parents of Hannah Massie/Massey (b. 11/6/1794 VA, d.1874 IL). I strongly suspect that she was born in Fauquier county. Herobituary states that she was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church fromthe age of 15 (that would be 1809). I assume that means she either receivedadult baptism or was confirmed at that time. Are there any existing churchrecords that would confirm this? She was married to James Plaster in LoudounCo. in 1815. Thanks for any informationKathy Bradley KBradley@csi.com
21 Apr 1998 Riley and ThorpeI am also looking for infromation on the family of Alexander RILEY.Alexander RILEY m Aberrilla THORPEChildren of their marriage:Netwon Jasper RILEY b. June 4, 1880 in Orlean, VA.James E. RILEYEddce Spillman RILEYMeans RILEYPatsy Ann RILEYAdervilla RILEYMahalah RILEYCamillah RILEYCora Marse RILEYLilly Ashly RILEYMinnie Olive RILEYAny help reguarding this family will be greatly appreciated.ThanksBrenda in Marshall, VA. achackett@monumental.com
20 Apr 1998Hello. I'm still searching in vain for information on the followingSmith family of Fauquier Co., VA: Thomas Smith, came from Westmoreland Co., VA m. Elizabeth Adams. Theyhad son John Adams Washington Smith. JAWS had son John Smith, who m. Frances "Fanny" Gladson. They had several children, including Roley T. SMith b. 1846.Any information greatly appreciated. Tim Krehahkreh@citizen.infi.net
20 Apr 1998 Thope or Thorp and CarterI am trying to find out more information about this family.Dave Franklin THOPE m. Alma Louise Carter.Children: Kate Arreara Thope b. July 17, 1893Guy Cleveland ThopeName may also be spelled THORPE. Any information will be greatly appreciated.Brenda in Marshall, Va. hackett@monumental.comhackett@monumental.com
19 Apr 1998 Pepper Fauquier CountyLooking for info. on Samuel & Elizabeth Ann (HOLTON) PEPPER. Samuel wasb. 1725 in Fauquier Co., VA; d. 1797, Bracken Co., KY. I am looking forinfo on their children and so forth. I am descended from their sonSamuel PEPPER Jr. who b. 22 Feb. 1756, Fauqueir Co. Va; d. 26, Mar 1824,St. Louis Co. Mo. Samuel Jr. m'd Katharine "Millie" (CONNER) inFauquier Co., KY. Will trade info. with anyone interested.Melanie Pendleton genebuff1@juno.comgenebuff1@juno.com
19 Apr 1998 Joseph BlackwellMy name is Liz Mann. I am looking for information on Judith Edmonds whowas supposedly the sister to Mrs. Joseph Blackwell. Judith married JakeLavinder (quartermaster under Ranger Mosby). Jake and Judith were marriedin Fauquier County on December 21, 1864. If this is the Blackwell you aresearching, and can give me any information, I would be very appreciative.Liz Mann15412 176th Ave KPNGig Harbor, WA 98329llr@harbornet.comllr@harbornet.com
15 Apr 1998 Heaton, Heflin, Harris, Ellis, and WelchHEATON, HEFLIN, HARRIS, ELLIS, WELCH: Researching and wish to exchange information of descendants. All resided in Fauquier Co., VA in the mid 1700's.Karen Lee Rogerskarenlee1@prodigy.comKROGERSMI@Prodigy.Net
19 Apr 1998 Williams and GrahamLooking for info on GEORGE WILLIAMS, Sr. b. 1732 Fauquier County, VA d. aft1811 Warranton, VA m. 10 Jul 1777 Fauquier County, VA. to SUSANNAH GRAHAMb. 1756 Fauquier County, VA d. Belair, Lancaster County, SC. They had 3sons, George Williams, Jr., Edmund Williams and FOWLER WILLIAMS <------myline. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated and will bewilling to share any info we have. ThanksValeria Reckertvreckert@indy.net vreckert@indy.net
15 Apr 1998 Burgess and ElliotSeeking more info and descendants of ELEANOR BURGESS who married WILLIAMELLIOTT, 22 Sep 1763 in Fauquire Co. VA. Is the the same WILLIAM ELLIOTTwith wife Eleanor in Surry Co. NC in late 1700's ?? Their sons namedBURGESS ELLIOTT and NIMROD ELLIOTT are found in Pike Co., OH by 1820."Bob Andrew"randrew@dalco.net
14 Apr 1998 MathewsI am looking for any info on Isaac Mathews and his brother BenjaminMathews. Isaac Enlisted during the Revolutionary war 1777 in Fauquier Co., Va. Receivedhis pension In Preston Co., Va. 1833 Thanks, Danny MathewsMathewD@rucker-attc.army.mil
14 Apr 1998 1840 Census Question Here is a query to post that has "bugged" me for years! I don't knowif we will ever get an answer to this one, but its worth postingjust to see what kind of response, if any at all, we can get. Thanks!"The available 1840 Fauquier County Census is an Alphabetized Index!According to the U. S. National Archives, the official census forms were never sent to them. The currently available microfilmed 1840Fauquier census is ALPHABETIZED, and is NOT on the original officialcensus sheets. The problem with this is, It is impossible to determine"neighbors" from this version. Does anyone have any information on theexistence of a microfilmed copy of the original NON-ALPHABETIZED versionof the 1840 Fauquier County Census?" Please email Tom Kendall: tkendalljr@ec.rr.comtkendalljr@ec.rr.com
13 Apr 1998 Stringfellow and JenningsI am trying to find the parents of Milly JENNINGS who was b. 1776(probably in VA). She m. January 18, 1795 in Fauquier County, VA toGeorge STRINGFELLOW. Because of when and where they married, I suspectthat she was a descendant of Augustine Jennings--perhaps a grandaughter.George & Milly moved to KY about 1802.Thanks for any help. Sue streett@erols.comstreett@erols.com
13 Apr 1998 Murphy and CombsSeeking info on John MURHPHEY/MURPHY, a Rev War Veteran fromFauquier Co, VA. There is a genealogical abstract in Virgil White's indexof Pension Files for a John MURHPEY, VA Line, S5798. Does anybodyhave any info on this family? According to the abstract, he was b. 1733in Dublin, Ireland and d. 17 May 1838 presumably Fauquier County, VA.Yes, that does make him 105 years old -- NOT a typo. His daughterMary Hellen MURPHY married William Henry Harrison COMBS in FauquierCo. reportedly. The 1810 census (1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1) indicates thatthere was a 16 to 26 yr old M and F and a <10 yr old M and F. I think thismay be William and his wife (John's daughter). That would account for Williamnot being in the census index for Fauquier Co. Any info is appreciated,especially an obituary for John MURHPY? Matt_Combs@juno.comhttp://members.aol.com/Mattccombs/combs.htmlMattccombs@aol.com
13 Apr 1998 McCray Need info on Daniel McCray resided Fauq. Co VA ca 1790. Looking tocontact other McCray researchers. Judith H. Dixon dixonj@ipa.netdixonj@ipa.net
13 Apr 1998 Loyd and MartinLooking for parents of Thomas M LOYD b. in Fauquier Co, VA in 1813. Commongiven names of the family seem to be Thomas, John, Joseph, George,Anderson, Lewis, William, James. I'm sure there are others. I'm not surehow long Thomas remained in Fauquier Co, eventually he lived in Washingtonand Lee Counties after his marriage to Elizabeth MARTEN/MARTIN/MOULTON? in1835. Any information on any LLOYD/LOYD names in Fauquier Co would be helpful. In the Monona Co, IA history Thomas is mentioned. This is where he died in1896. The history says his father was also b. in Fauquier Co, VA.Any help appreciated. Thanks, Kay MastersonKay Mastersonrichnkay@snowcrest.net
11 Apr 1998 JenningsI am trying to find the parents of Milly JENNINGS who was b. 1776(probably in VA). She m. January 18, 1795 in Fauquier County, VA toGeorge STRINGFELLOW. Because of when and where they married, I suspectthat she was a descendant of Augustine Jennings--perhaps a grandaughter. George & Milly moved to KY about 1802. Thanks for any help. Suestreett@erols.commailto:streett@erols.com
10 Apr 1998 Boram and TurnerDoes anyone know anything about John BORAM (b. abt. 1782 d. abt. 1864) andElizabeth TURNER (b. abt. 1796 d. 1868)?John BORAM and "Betsy" TURNER, dau. of James TURNER, were married inFauquier Co. 16 May 1818.Most of their children were supposedly born in Fauquier Co. William, b.1819; Mary Ann, b. 1820; Thomas, b. 1822; George, b. ?; John, b. 1829; andAddison, b. abt. 1834. There were apparently three other daughters, but Idon't have names or dates for them.The family moved to Lewis Co., (W)V in about 1830.Julie mathews@ponyexpress.netmathews@ponyexpress.net
10 Apr 1998 Bragg, Poe, GlendeningBRAGG, POE and GLENDENNING Looking for Joseph BRAGG's father Joseph BRAGG bornabout 1775 probably in Fauquier County, Virginia. wife Triphana POE born about1788 married 23 May 1808 in Fauquier County, Virginia daughter of William POE.Son Edward S. BRAGG born about 1826 married Elizabeth "Betsy" GLENDENNING before1850. sons George A. Bragg, Joseph E. BRAGG, Thomas Glendenning BRAGG and MaryC.Bragg. This a Taylor County, Wv Line. Other Bragg researchers please respond!Norman Bragg Collier. nrmcolli@slip.netnrmcolli@slip.net
10 Apr 1998I am seeking the parents of Thomas Francis born in 1814 in VA. Hemarried Elgiva Jackson in Fauquier Co VA 16 June 1842. He died 24 Mar1901 at Parkersburg, WV. Thomas and Elgiva were living in Lewis Co VAin 1850 according to US census. Willing to exchange info I have on hisdescendants.jamccall@mail.usmo.com
9 Apr 1998 RileyI'm looking for information on any RILEY families in the county prior to1800. Mike Rileymike@wvscen.wvsc.edu
8 Apr 1998 Coram and HodoI would like to correspond with anyone researching the names of WilliamCoram or Peter Hodo who were both Rev. soldiers, and lived in Fauquier Co.Va. between 1770-1790. Both the Coram and Hodo families received landgrants in Wilkes Co. Georgia in the late 1700s. Would like to know anythingabout these men, especially their origins before they lived here. Thanks,Miriam M. Brownmmbrown@accucomm.net
7 Apr 1998 Randall Randolph"RANDALL/RANDOLPH - My gg grandfather was Richard RANDALL (bc. 1800),probably in Stafford County, VA. I believe that Richard was the son ofWilliam RANDALL. Based on Personal Property Tax records, it looks asthough William moved from Fauquier County to Stafford County about 1785.William may have been the son of a Richard RANDALL who was appointed aguardian to William Grady in 1758 in Stafford. Other legal documents placeRichard in Fauquier County about 1770. Apparently it was common practiceduring this time period to also refer to one with the RANDALL surname asRANDOLPH. Any information on the RANDALLs in the Stafford/Fauquier area inthe mid to late 1700s will be appreciated. "Thank you. Jim Messersmithjjsmith@mnsinc.com
6 Apr 1998 Brown and Templeman Can anyone help me trace the ancestry of Thomas Brown of Fauquier County? Hewas born in Westmoreland County in 1785, but lived in Fauquier during theearly 1800's. He later moved to Florida, and became the 2nd governor of thatstate. His parents names were William Brown and Margaret Templeman. Hiswife's name was Elizabeth Simpson. He may be the nephew of Mary Brown ofHambleton Parish, whose will was probated in Fauquier in 1782.Any help greatly appreciated. William Morgan Orlando, FLFlaHistory@aol.com
5 Apr 1998 BlackwellHello to the list, I am new to this list and would like to get somehistory on the Blackwell's of Piedmont VA. especially their farm"Heartland" during the Civil War (now "Delaplane"). Any information onthe Blackwell family or the area is appreciated. This information couldand possibly will be published in The Blackwell Researcher's Newsletter.Thank you joejoepa@leo.net
5 Apr 1998 Riley I am looking for information about the parents of Newton Jasper RILEY, b. June 04, 1880 in the Orlean area. His fathers name was Alexander RILEY, m.Abarilla ? They lived at RILEY town around the Carter's Run area.Any information reguarding this family will be greatly appreciated.Brenda, Marshall, Va. hackett@monumental.comhackett@monumental.com
30 Mar 1998 Harrell and StrotherAnyone out there researching or have information on the HARRELL (Herrell,Herrill, Harrill) family of Fauquier County ?? My interest is in tracing the ancestory of Martha Ellin Harrell(1826-1891), daughter of John Harrell and Jane Strother.Vince Hackley rockfish@cyberrealm.netrockfish@cyberrealm.net
29 Mar 1998 Jackson Looking for Nelson And Evelina Jackson, African American's freed (I believe)around 1850 in Warrenton, Va. Fauquier Co. Va.. Am looking for their family.BILYWILSON@aol.com
27 Mar 1998 CockburnI am looking for the parents of Archibald COCKBURN b. abt 1785 FarquierCo., VA. He moved to Jackson and Cherokee Co., GA where he marriedCelia Guest. Would like to trade information with any one researchingthis family. Sharonjsbowie@erols.com
26 Mar 1998 DearingResearching DEARING family. William DEARING moved to Fleming Co, Ky ca1808. Did his son, William, remain in Fauquier Co, Va? Is William thebrother of Capt. John DEARING? Ruth Patrignanipatrigru@bellsouth.net
25 Mar 1998 Lewis and BartonNeed to know who were the parents of the James LEWIS who owned land on theSouth Run of Broad Run ca 1771-1776. His wife was Mary ____? in 1776 andin 1778 his wife was, Rachel _______?. Would like to know the surname ofeither wife. In 1771 he was bondsman for the marriage of Elizabeth LEWIS to KimberBARTON. David and Ruth BARTON owned land in the same neighborhood. Would like toknow the relationship of Kinber BARTON to David and Ruth BARTON. David andRuth Barton moved to NC by 1777 where David Died. Ruth lived in WilkesCo., NC on the N/S of the Yadkin River. A James LEWIS lived in Wilkes Co.,NC on Kings Cr. on the S/S of the Yadkin from where Ruth BARTON lived.Any information about any of these people would be most appreciated.D. Hugh Puckett puckett@premiernet.netpuckett@premiernet.net
25 Mar 1998 Russell FamilyRUSSELL, Jane, b. 1767 in Fauquier County, d. 1859, Hancock Co., TN. Parentspossibly David and Margaret Russell. Does anyone have any information on Janeand her parents? Help will be greatly appreciated. Email jakimsey@aol.comjakimsey@aol.com
23 Mar 1998 ElliottInfo needed on parents and family of Burgess ELLIOTT, (b 2 Feb 1768 and died25 Sept 1846 in Pike Co., OH) and also a Nimrod ELLIOTT, (b 1770 and died 1840in Pike Co., OH) Both born in Fauquier Co., VA??? Shirley Vaughn, 1209Apache, Wichita, KS 67207 Sorry No Email available.
20 Mar 1998 Wicliffe and CombsI'm looking for the parents of SARAH WICKLIFFE b.Dec. 24, 1794 d. Oct. 18,1872. She was married to WILLIAM ROUSSEAU COMBS Dec. 19, 1811.Any information on her family would be appreciated. MUSS@worldnet.att.net
20 Mar 1998 German, Weeks, Wines, KernsI am new to this list and would like to submit some of my surnames.James German married Nancy Allison on May 17, 1806 in Fauquier Co.Joseph Weeks b June 20, 1801 d April 15, 1886 married Mary Holtzclaw bAugust 2, 1805 married on December 22, 1825.William T. Wines b dec 1843 married Caroline Julia Wines b September 1842.Marshall Kerns married Frances C. ?I would like to correspond with anyone who might share data with the above.Thank you. Ralph E Germangerman@amecom.com
20 Mar 1998 Payton, Peyton, Horton KenneyI am researching the family of John Peyton (Payton) Horton, Revolutionary War Veteran,born in Prince William Co., Dec. 1759. He also lived in Fauquier Co, and Culpepper, VA, before moving to Knox Co, KY in 1831. His father is possibly Snowden (or Snodal) Horton. Also researching the family of Andrew Kenney, who married Nancy Horton (possibly John Peyton Horton's sister) in Fauquier Co., in 1789. Would like to share information with anyone researching these families.Sincerely, Lynnie lsager@shentel.netlsager@shentel.net
18 Mar 1998 Oliver and EskridgeJosiah Oliver b. in England, settled in Fauquier County, VA (dates unknown)John Oliver b. 1793 in Fauquier County - d. 1841 in Fauquier County; m.Sybilla Eskridge in 1816Granville Jackson Oliver b. 1823 in Fauquier County - d. 1884 in PlatteCounty, MO; m. Eliza Elender BrightwellI would like to correspond with anyone who knows of this family.Thank you. Lois in Kansas City, MOLobomoon2@aol.com
17 Mar 1998 Winn and McKinley Familiesseeking info on General Richard WINN and family. He m. PriscillaMcKinley. Children were Samuel, Benjamin, Thomas, Mary (m.Thomas SIMS),Priscilla, John, Richard, William, Margaret and Cristine. Richard d. inMaury County, TN, 12-19-1818. His father was Minor WINN, Sr. Minor Sr.came from Wales, Great Britain and d. in Fauquier County 1778, willdated 7-31-1775. Any info on this family will be greatly appreciated.Thanks. Mitzi tyr2490@tyler.net
13 Mar 1998 Smith and DarnallSMITH, Augustine Smith(s/o of Augustine Smith and Ann Marshall)married Susannah DARNALL in 1780/1 in FauquierCo.,VA children:Mary Muse Smith m. Jeremiah Darnall>KY;Nancy Smith m. Dudly Bayliss;Joseph Smith m. Mary Lyons;Thompson Smith m. Polly Jame;Darnall Smith m. Jane Brady'Marhall Smith m. Mary Ann Smith;Wilford A. Smith m. ElizabethGeorge;Louisa Ann Smith m. Charles B. Smith. SusannahDarnall Smith was the d/o Jeremiah Darnall And CatherineHoltzclaw of Germantown, FauquierCo.,VA I belive most ofthese families left Virginia...Edward L. Adams, Jr. elathayer@usa.net
12 Mar 1998 Sinclair DarnallSINCLAIR William Sinclair married to Elizabeth DarnallJames Sinclair married to Margaret Darnall. Elizabethand Margaret Darnall d/o Jeremiah Darnall and CatherineHoltzclaw of Germantown, FauquierCo.,VA. Children of William and Eleizabeth Sinclair:Agatha,Susannah,Elizabeth,Fielding,Rosamund,Charity,Catherine, and William Jr.Children of James and Margaret Sinclair:Waugh,John,James who married Ann Elizabeth WEAVER Peters>French and James A. Sinclair A. Sinclair;William,George Waugh, Margaret who marriedJohn Preston WILLIS; Leannah who married Alexander Ryallsbelive many on these families went to KYelathayer@usa.net
11 Mar 1998 Davis and KearnLevi Davis was married to Lydia Kearn in Fauquier Co, Va and thats all the info I have at this time. They were married on the 14th of march 1786. I have no idea where this family came from before they ended up in Fauquier. They both died in Tn. Wendy WhitemanDRKZ45B@prodigy.com
10 Masr 1998 Luttrell Family BibleHi, I am interested in who the Lathams are that are listed in the Luttrell Family Bible and if there is possibly more info on them. Would appreciate any info on them or possible clue. Thanks for your time,leesim@psln.com
8 Mar 1998 Cox and LuckettAny assistance any of you more experienced researchers can provide meregarding the following family (particularly the COX, DOUGLAS, SEATON andTOLLIVER lines) would be greatly appreciated!JAMES COX, SR. m. ELEANOR "NELLIE" LUCKETT (b. ca 1788/dau. of ThomasHussey Luckett (b. ca 1732 Portobacco, Charles Co., MD; d. Jan 27, 1800Fauquier Co., VA) and REBECKAH DOUGLAS (b. ca 1729 Charles Co., MD)).Son of James Cox, Sr. and Nellie Luckett..... JAMES COX, JR. (b. Dec. 9, 1793 Fauquier Co., VA; d. Apr., 27, 1881Union Star, Breckinridge Co., KY) m. on Apr. 30, 1819 MARY ELIZABETH SEATON(b. Sep. 9, 1804; d. Mar. 3, 1876 Breckinridge Co., KY). MaryElizabeth was the dau. of WILLIAM SEATON and JUDITH TOLLIVER (b. 1765 VA;d. ca 1810 KY, dau. of "Capt. Tolliver" (Taliaferro?) of VA).The daughter of James Cox, Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Seaton.....tcurtis@kmz.com
8 Mar 1998 Haley and SkinnerI'm seeking information on the Haley Family from Faquier County.Alexander Haley- born 1788-1790 and maybe from Ireland. His wife Lucinda SkinnerHaley-born march 11,1789 and maybe from Maryland and/or Ireland.They were married July 27,1830 and moved to Licking County Ohio.There they had a son Ezekiel D.J. Haley born Dec 07, 1831..Can anyone help me ? Thank you very much...Paul, from Indiana...pehaley@comteck.com
9 Mar 1998 Whitton and HinsonBelow is an excerpt of my WHITTON ancestry. I would love to exchangeinformation with anyone having information on this line.Thanks Doyle T. Brittainathensga@ix.netcom.comDescendants of John Whitton, Sr. 1 [1] John Whitton, Sr. b: 1766 in Virginia d: December 11, 1824 inClarke County, Georgia.. +Elizabeth Hinson d: Bef. 1795 in Probably Fauquier County,Virginia m: Bef. 1795 in Probably Virginia *2nd Wife of [1] John Whitton, Sr.:.. +Alice Orr b: 1775 in Fauquier County, Virginia d: Aft. 1860 inTallapoosa County, Alabama m: June 17, 1795 in Fauquier County, Virginia2 John Whitton, Jr. b: in Fauquier County, Virginia d: inLived in Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia2 Inman Whitton b: in Fauquier County, Virginia d: in Livedin Coweta County, Georgia2 William Crawford Whitton b: 1792 in Fauquier County,Virginia d: November 05, 1848 in Coweta County, Georgiaathensga@ix.netcom.com
8 Mar 1998 King and GreeningI signed up for this list just yesterday and thought I better post my lineof Kings to make it worth while. I am looking for the parents of William B. King b. 4/23/1783 in FauquierCo., VA. He died 10/19/1863 in Sangamon Co., IL. He married Anna R.Greening b. 7/5/1785 in Fauquier Co., VA. She died 3/27/1873 in Clearlake,Sangamon Co., IL. They were married in 1807 in Rutherford, TN. They movedto Clark Co., KY., then Bracken Co., KY., then Sangamon Co., IL.. in 1831. Along the way they had 12 children. William B. was schooled in theFauquier Co. area as a mathematician and trained surveyor. I have twopossibles for his father. One is a William King and wife Betsy. Williamwas born abt. 1760 in Old Dominion, VA. (this is a big area) He died2/8/1813 in Fayette, KY. He may have been a Rev. War Vet. A William Kingapplied 9/16/1833 for a pension, stating he was born in Fauquier Co. andthat he and his brother Robert, volunteered under Capt. John Blackwell ofFauquier Co. He enlisted twice. His Pension No. was S30524 Virginia. Notethe discrepancy between the date of death in Fayette Co. and theapplication date in Bracken Co. The other possible is Joseph King b. abt. 1749 in Fauquier Co., VA. He waslisted as the father of William B. King in the LDS Files. I have nothingfurther on Joseph King. Thank You Lyle H. King Carlisle, PA. kinglm@kns.net kinglm@pa.net
7 Mar 1998Seeking information on the family of William FITZGERALD, (supposedly son ofJohn FITZGERALD) b. abt. 1733 in Fauquier Co., VA and d. bef. 1807 inFayette Co., KY. He married in Fauquier Co., VA Kitty NEAVILL b. abt. 1739Fauquier Co., VA d/o John NEAVILL. William and Kitty had nine children:Elijah m. Priscilla MEEK, Nancy m. Charles TEWEL, Thomas m. Charity ECKLEY,William m. Elizab eth KEIGER, Lavinia m. John FINCH, Fanny m. FamousMORTIMORE, Jesse Peter m. Elizabeth AICHLEY, Silas m. Susannah TYLER, andBetsey m. William Hamrick.My name is Sandra Benham and my e-mail address is jcbenham@msn.com jcbenham@msn.com
7 Mar 1998 Jones and Ransdell I am researching the Jones family of southern Fauquier County. I amlooking for a birthdate for my greatgrandparents, Robert Scott Jones andSally Ball Ransdell. I believe he was born around 1847 and she was bornaround 1850. Marriage records indicated he was the son of William A. andMary Jones and she was the daughter of Murray E. and Mary Ransdell. Robert and Sally were married in Fauquier in 1873. I'd really appreciate the help.John and Eleanor (Patton) Goodwingoodwinj@cpcug.org
7 Mar 1998 NeavilSeeking information on the family of John Neavill who d. (wp) 27 Apr 1768 inFauquier Co., VA m. __________. Had nine children: John, Robert, Gabriel,Henry, Kitty/Milly who m. William Fitzgerald (my line), Elizabeth m. Mr.Taylor, Sarah m. Mr. Redman, Mary and Thomas.My name is Sandra Benham and my e-mail address is jcbenham@msn.comjcbenham@msn.com
7 Mar 1998 Haley and SkinnerI'm seeking information on the Haley Family from Faquier County. AlexanderHaley- born 1788-1790 and maybe from Ireland. His wife Lucinda Skinner Haley-bornmarch 11,1789 and maybe from Maryland and/or Ireland.They were married July27,1830 and moved to Licking County Ohio.There they had a son Ezekiel D.J. Haley bornDec 07, 1831..Can anyone help me ? Thank you very much...Paul, from Indiana...pehaley@comteck.com
6 Mar 1998 Smith and Kerns/Kearns Are there any Jeptha Smith and Catherine Kerns/Kearns descendents around? I am nothaving any luck hunting the descendents, siblings or ancestors of these twopeople. Am will to share information that I have. Jeptha and Catherine livedin Fauquier Co., Va. and were born 1802 and 1816.JFar171@aol.comJFar171@aol.com
2 Mar 1998 HughesHUGHES, NATHANIEL HUGHES was in Fauquier County.VA in 1763, he was incourt getting paid for having been a witness. In 1770 he was a roadsurveyor replacing Leroy Hulett, and he was also constable in 1770. Cananyone give me a clue as to where he was prior to 1763 and/or who hisparents were ? I want to thank you in advance for any info, hint orclue.Bober@webtv.net
1 Mar 1998 Mitchell of Fauqierl have a John MITCHELL who who was born 1766and died 1852 Fauquier Co VA. He had at least 4 children, Orlinda, William, Benjaminand John Jr. Does any of this ring a bell with you?George Davisthefarm@istmacon.net
2 Mar 1998 Willoughby, GriffithLooking for information an DAVID WILLOUGHBY. Married MARGARET GRIFFITH,daughter of EVAN and MARY GRIFFITH on 23 Oct 1797 in Fauquier Co. VA.Believed to have the following children: Sarah, John, Mary, Elizabeth;Elijah; Eveline. DAVID died in Mason County Kentucky between 1826 and1830. Margaret died 22 August 1853 in Mason County, KentuckyGail Childressgachildress@fuse.netgachildress@fuse.net
1 Mar 1998 Holmes and HillI am researching my HOLMES and HILL lingeage my e-mail is: thomas@mako.com my Holmes family tribute page is :http://members.xoom.com/holmes2/holmes.htm . Thank you Valerie Holmes Thomasthomas@mako.com
28 Feb 1998 O'BannonBryan O'BANNON died in Fauquier County in 1762, leaving a will that naming his children as his heirs. Presumably his wife died before he wrote his will in 1760. Does anyone have any info on his wife, or on Bryan prior to 1720, when he purchased land in Richmond County?I'm working on the entire O'BANNON family, have amassed a pretty fair database of about 8200 names, and am happy to swap info. Thanks.pobannon@netaxs.com
28 Feb 1998 Morgan and DarnallMORGAN Simon Morgan married MARGARET DARNALL d/o WaughDarnall and Elizabeth Bronaugh. children: 1. Joseph Morganm. Elizabeth Bradford;2. Charles Morgan m. Mary Robinson;3. Simon Morgan Jr.;4. Jeremiah Morgan;5. Susannah Morganm. John Clark; 6. Catherine Morgan m. Bradord; 7. RoseyMorgan m. Cockrum All marriages took place in Fauq.Co.,VAEdward L. Adams. jr. elathayer@usa.netelathayer@usa.net
27 Feb 1998 Lawrence and TharpI am looking for members of the LAWRENCE family. I did not have time toview the birth records while I was visiting Warrenton last Thursday. Couldsomeone check for the births of the following LAWRENCEs: Theodosia abt 1794 Mary Ann abt 1796 Noah (Martin??) abt 1812 Alexander abt 1817 Ransom abt 1821 James abt 1823also: Mary Tharp, daughter of Jesse TharpThese are the known children of Samuel LAWRENCE and Mary THARP. The firsttwo daughters are not Mary's children. Samuel and Mary were married 2 Jan1812 in Fauquier County. I have no record of where Samuel lived before hisFauquier County appearance.robltz@erols.com
27 Feb 1998 Several FamiliesHello everyone. I am researching the following Fauquier families,mostly Southern Fauquier, and will gladly share what I have. I am alsocompiling a book for the Fauquier Heritage Society on Genealogies ofFauquier Families. If you have information you'd like to see includedin that book, let me know. THanksARMSTRONG, BLACKWELL, BUTLER, CAYNER, COMBS, ESKRIDGE, GEORGE,GLADSTONE/GLADSON, HEFLIN, HOPPER, JONES, MAUZY, O'ROARK, PILCHER,ROUSSEAU, SHUMATE, SMITH, THAYER, WALTERTim KrehTim_Kreh@ncs.comtim_kreh@ncs.com
26 Feb 1998 Jones Neville and RhodesDoes anyone have a connection to this family? I will be happy to shareinformation.Solomon JONES was born 1725. Solomon married (1) Betty NEVILLE, daughterof George NEVILLE and Mary GIBBS. Betty was born 1728. They had thefollowing children: + 2 M i. George JONES was born 4 Oct 1753 and died 9 Feb 1835.Second Generation2. George JONES was born 4 Oct 1753 in Prince Wm Co, VA. He died 9 Feb 1835and was buried in Port Royal, Henry County, KY, Baptist Church. Georgemarried (1) Mary RHODES on 22 Dec 1780 in Loudon County, VA. Mary was born11 Apr 1760. She died 6 Apr 1842.They had the following children: 3 M i. Tholemiah JONES was born about 1784 in Fauqier County, VA. He died19 Dec 1855 in Port Royal, Henry County, KY. Tholemiah married (1) MaryNEVILL on 24 Mar 1810 in Henry County, KY. 4 M ii. William JONES was born 7 Jan 1789 in Fauqier County, VA. He died15 Apr 1857 in Gullions Branch, Henry County, KY. 5 M iii. Solomon JONES was born 8 Sep 1792 in Fauqier County, VA. He died27 Apr 1874 in Pleasant Union, Henry County, KY. 6 M iv. Samuel JONES was born 29 Nov 1795. He died 28 Jul 1863 inOskaloosa Twp, Clay County, IL. + 7 M v. John R JONES was born 13 Jul 1798 and died 14 Jan 1873. 8 M vi. Daniel JONES was born 15 Feb 1800 in Fauqier County, VA. He died16 May 1854 in Henry County, KY and was buried in Port Royal, Henry County,KY, Baptist Church. 9 F vii. Letitia JONES.boshy@weir.net
Duncan and HoltzclawI am trying to find the ancestry of my gggggrandfather John L. Duncan, born about 1741 or 1745 in Fauquier County, died Oct. 1833 in Floyd County, Va., buried in Sumpter Cemetery, Copper Valley, Floyd County, Va. Married to Elizabeth Ann Holtzclaw of Fauquier County.I have heard conflicting theories: that his father came from Scotland, that his father and three uncles came together from Scotland. Has his ancestry been established with any authentic documents? Has a place of origin for his family in Scotland been established? I would appreciate any information that is available on his ancestry. Thank youHelen Morrissette Flagghelenflagg@ghg.nethelenflagg@ghg.net
20 Feb 1998 Rector and SutphinSurname RectorLooking for information on William Edward Rector b. abt. 1880 married aSutphin. And was father of Bernard Rector b. abt 1917 d.1966 Had a farmoutside of Warrenton. 8691 E Kettle Ave. Englewood CO. 80112 cjkimes@uswest.netcjkimes@uswest.net
16 Feb 1998 Roe FamilyTwo Roe brothers, William and John, lived in Fauquier County after theRevolutionary War. This family, which had roots in Westmoreland County, heldmy ancestors as slaves. I have Williams will, which shows that he left my ggggrandmother to his brother Henry. I'm interested in any public records whichshow either William or John's dealings with their slaves, especially the onecalled Nanny. Thanks, Rhonda Jackson JacksonJ@aol.com
16 Feb 1998 Leach Wyatt or WolcottLEACH - Searching for parents and/or siblings of George W LEACH, born1793. Served in the Virginia Militia, War of 1812, three times. Georgewas drafted and served as a substitute for Elijah LEACH and for WilliamMASSIE. Mustered in from Fauquier County. Married Lydia WATT orWOLCOTT, b. 1800, PA and lived in OH and Linn County, IA. Died 1859 inLinn County, Iowa. Children Mary, Joseph, John H, Andrew. Thank you!Gary A Seversonblucoat@worldnet.att.netblucoat@postoffice.worldnet.att.net
15 Feb 1998 Martin FamilySeeking info on David MARTIN (b. c 1744 in VA; m. ?; d. abt 12 Oct 1807 inVA). His children were: Mary Martin Pugh, Sally Martin Rector, Rachel MartinWatkins, Elizabeth Martin Rector, Josiah, John, David, James. ElizabethMartin Rector is my line. Any help would be appreciated.Marsha O'Dell MeredithMrsZorro@aol.com
14 Feb 1998 FishbackHi, I am looking for information on Jacob FISHBACK who was born around 1849 in Fairfax and who was the father of Anna Fishback who married JohnPrice from KY then migrated to PA. Thanks, LindaLLT@webtv.net
12 Feb 1998 RectorJOSEPH RECTOR (1805-1883) of Fauquier Co, Va. Looking for info. on his parents and family. Rwdennis@infinet.com Rwdennis@infinet.com
10 Feb 1998 Rice FamilyRice-I am looking for information on William W. Rice. I located him inFauquier Co. in the 1850 census (40 yrs old) and the 1860 census (50 yrsold). Wife was named Eliza B. and Children were Martinette, Thomas E.,James Brown. Does anyone have any information concerning this family?Thanks, Rikki Rice theatech@hawkpci.net
10 Feb 1998 HoltzclawI am researching the HOLTZCLAW family and recently discovered that the HOLTZCLAW house "Ashland" was recently the scene of a murder. Cananyone tell me which HOLTZCLAW built the home and any otherparticulars. I am a descendant of John HOLTZCLAW who was born inGermany c1709 and died c1752, Prince William or Faquier Cos., VA. Hisdaughter, Elizabeth was born in Faquier Co. c1740 and left Faquier afterher marriage to John Duncan. Feel free to e-mail me atm-zinsmeister@nga.gov. ThanksM-ZINSMEISTER@nga.gov
9 Feb 1998 Holtzclaw and DarnallDARNALL,HOLTZCLAW Jeremiah DARNALL(my 6th G-grandfather)1718-1795, Will proved 1795 in Fauq.Co.,VA. His wife was, Katherine HOLTZCLAW, 1720-1810, dau. of Hans Jacob Holtzclaw, 1714 Germanna immigrant, andAnna Margaret OTTERBACH/UTTERBACH. Jeremiah Darnall was the son ofWaugh Darnall and the grandson of Dr. David Darnall of RichmondCo.,VAwish to share info on above surnames..Edward L.Adams, Jr. elathayer@usa.net
9 Feb 1998 LuttrellSamuel was son of Richard who was given land in 1722 in Stafford County, VA. Samuel's son, Daniel, was listed only on a lease of 150 acres ofland in Fauquire.bro0075@ibm.net
9 Feb 1998 Myers, McDonaldI am looking for information on John S. Myers born 1845, Shenandoah, PageCounty, Virginia and his spouse Mary Belle McDonald, born 1853, Warrenton orWarren, Fauquier County, Virginia. Mary's parents were Wilford and MaryMcDonald, who are buried in City Cemetery in Warrenton or Warren, FauquierCounty. John and Mary had 5 children: Roger, Neva, William, Elizabeth andCheever Burton Myers my great grandfather, who was born 1880 at The Plains,Fauquier County. Please contact me at: Mapsnme@aol.com Mapsnme@aol.com
8 Feb 1998 Wood, Withers, RosserWOOD/WITHERS/ROSSER ----I am searching for information on DICKERSONWOOD m. Mary. He was b. 1735-45 d. 1803 in Fauquier County Va. He livedin Manor of Leeds, Children were. Mary. m. David Cunnagy, Dickerson m.Hannah WITHERS dau.of James Withers and Elizabeth ROSSER, William mNancy Corley,Elijah m.Doshey Crimm, James m. Polly Smoot, Isabella m.Darnald(Darnall) Wood, Ann m. John Withers, and ??Elizabeth? Thankyou---LaRita Couch --laritajim@cyberport.comlaritajim@cyberport.co
6 Feb 1998 Crockett, Kemper, Green, OtterbachCROCKETT/KEMPER/GREEN/OTTERBACH families. James CROCKETT m. MaryAnn KEMPER, their dau., Mary m. William GREEN. Mary Ann KEMPER was dau.of Johannes (John) and Elizabeth Catherine OTTERBACH KEMPER. All lived inor were born in Fauquier Co., VA. Martha dsmartha@catt.com
7 Feb 1998 Golden BurkeGOLDEN/GOLDING, Jesse married BURKE/BURK, Susannah E. in Warrenton, VA (Fauquier Co.) in October1825/1826. Jesse's parents were George GOLDEN/GOLDING and Margaret THARP.Donna Parlette parlette@wolv.tds.netparlette@wolv.tds.net
6 Feb 1998 Stevenson, Stinson, Stephenson, Hopper, Herndon, & MartinReaching for the following names in Fauquier County: STEVENSON, STINSON,STEPHENSON, HOPPER, HERNDON & MARTIN. Have some information & will share.Mildred Emmittjwemmitt@mindspring.com
5 Feb 1998 GlendenningI am searching for information on John Glendenning.His son GeorgeGlendenning was born in Fauquier Co. in 1794.I can not find anyinformation on John except his wife's name was Margaret.There was also aNancy Glendenning married in Fauquier Co. who listed John as her father.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Joyrockytop@msys.net
5 Feb 1998 Duncan and JenningsGeorge Duncan married Hannah W. Jennings, and they resided in Fauquier County until after the Revolutionary War. They moved to Barnwell County, S.C. I'm looking for any information on the Duncan and Jennings family in FauquierCounty prior to 1800. Thank you. BarrySpeth@aol.comBARRYSPETH@aol.com
3 Feb 1998 Wickliffe and EdwardsLooking for information on the children of Isaac WICKLIFFE and Franky EDWARDS.They had a son John b. 1782. This is the exact date of birth of my JohnWickliff. However, one manuscript source says that this son died in infancy.Does anyone have any information from an EDWARDS will, etc. of Fauquier Co.Va., Greenville Co. S.C. or elsewhere or from a Bible or any source that wouldshed some light on whether this John lived past infancy. Is he mentioned in agrandfather Edwards will or deed? Could he be my John who d. by 1815-22 andthus have been said to have died young -meaning while a young man.My John hadsons Isaac, Marvel M., Charles, Pleasant, William (maybe Wm. John) , andThomas as well as a daughter Eliza/Louisa. KWright354@aol.com
3 Feb 1998 Metcalf and MarshallSeeking information on the family of Asa METCALF b. ca 1780 Scotland? m.Elizabeth _______. Their children: Lewis Harrison b. 1800 m. Susan ST.CLAIR; Harrison b. 1807 Va. m. Mary A. MARSHALL 1826 Hardy Co., WV;Hiram b. abt 1812 Hampshire Co., WV m. Clarissa BAKER; Ludwell b. 1815m. Margaret BROWN; ?J. Wade b. 1818 m. Mary Barker DAVIS; ElizabethEllen b. 1819 m. Wm. Harrison BAKER; Fenton m. Lacy Ann WOLF; William m.T. HACKUYLOT. Asa Metcalf is listed in the 1810 Census of Fauquier Co.Tracy Hancockjhancock@mail.wt.net
3 Feb 1998 AllenNeed information on the Archibald & Abigail Allen family who leased land at Leeds Manor. I know they had a son John and Archibald. Where there any other children? Who were the parents of Archibald & Abigail? Sandysandy1@ix.netcom.com
1 Feb 1998 Wines and StampTrying to find the families of Lewis Wines m. (date unknown) Ruth HelenStamp. They had children in Warrenton,VA during the 1920's and prob.somewhat earlier. Ruth had a sister Nora Stamp who married Washington(?) Sweeney...Ruth and Lewis had a number of children including Thelma Wines who m.George R. King of MA and they had children (5) in MD. Ruth Helen Stamp was also married to ? Catterton (they had childrenincluding Beula) and 2 other husbands (Tash, and?) by whom she had nochildren. Anyone? HELP! April Kinglaking@harborside.com
31 Jan 1998 OBRIEN/O'BRIANTO'BRIEN/O'BRIANTI am looking for information on Enoch O'Brien Sr. and Jr. They arelisted on the 1800 Tax sheet for Fauquier Co. I have traced the nameinto Kentucky and into Ohio believing it is my line. I have an EnochO'Briant who came from Virginia born around 1780 who died in 1860's inPike Co. Ohio. I have lots of information on the family once in Ohio. Iwould like to make sure of this connection. Valerie Johnson frog@bright.net
28 Jan 1998Some time ago, I heard about a book with something like the above title,but I don't know who the author was or when it was written or published.It may have been something just published for the family. Does anyoneknow anything about this book or have a copy that they would like tosell? Dolores.rutherford@omnibbs.comDolores.rutherford@omnibbs.com
25 Jan 1998 Cleveland and ShawCLEVELAND/SHAW: Seeking info on and parents of John SHAW who m 7/10/1785 Fannie CLEVELAND in Fauquier County. Was he related to Archibald?bobnjudy@moment.net
24 Jan 1997 Smith and RobisonSMITH, John Andrew I am searching for the 1st wife, parents andsiblings of John Andrew SMITH. John Andrew SMITH b) 7 April 1754; d) 22Nov. 1836 in Lawrence Co., IN. He enlisted in August 1777 in Fauquier Co., VA ...'under Capt EliasEdmonds of Col. Thomas Marshall's Regiment of artillery & served until22 Aug. 1780.' He received a pension while a resident of Blount Co., TNand later Lawrence Co., IN. John Andrew SMITH married 26 Aug. 1815Margaret 'Peggy' Broadway Robison. This was at least the 2nd marriagefor John Andrew since Peggy Robison was the sister of two of hisdaughter in laws. John Andrew Smith & Peggy Robison Smith were theparents of 8 children. Elizabeth m) David Leatherman; Rejoice m) RobertFrost; Sarah m) George Stringer; *Alexander m) Elizabeth Freed; Nancy m)Jacob Neidefer; Mary m) John Freed; Noah m) Martha Devore & Eliza JaneJenkins; Jacob K. m) Rachel Reed, Nancy C. Devore & Anna R. Enoch. Iwill appreciate any information on John Andrew SMITH and his family inFauquier Co. Thanks, Sue Smithsuesmith@bellsouth.net
24 Jan 1998 Marshall, Chloe and DixonI am very interested in information on Fauquier County. Many branches of my family tree came from the county. I aminvestigating the surnames: MARSHALL, CHLOE, DIXON. These are African American families. I'm also looking forinformation on a Major Francis Payne who helped to raise my great-great grandfather, William Allen Dixon who was bornin 1846 in Markham, Va. Janice-Marie McDonaldmcdonald@magpage.com
23 Jan 1998 Wake Wilkinson, Grigsby, Moffett, Marvel, StoneWAKE, WILKINSON, GRIGSBY, MOFFETT, MARVEL, STONEWAKE, John m Mary GRIGSBY 1767 in Fauquier Co.. Does anyone know anythingabout this couple. What about John WILKINSON, Lucretia MOFFETT m. 1782? Areeither of these really John Wickliff/Wakeliff???My John Wickliff b. 1782 had ason Marvel M. WICKLIFF. I am looking for families of Fauquier Co. Va. thatmight havethe name Marvel come down in the family-possibly TAYLOR, STONE,MOFFETT, MOSELEY, NASH families.KWright354@aol.com
21 Jan 1998 Owens and DaughertySeeking information on the parents of my 4th great-grandmother, AnnaOWENS. Anna was born in Fauquier County, Virginia on 6 February, 1798. She was married to Dawson Gideon DAUGHERTY on 25 July, 1818, inWashington, D.C. Anna died abt. 1882 in Moultrie county, Illinois.dakota@tecinfo.com
18 Jan 1998 KeyesThere is a James H. Keyes in the Fauquer Co Turners Dist 1850 VA census pg 305and I am looking for my James Harvey Keyes. Do you know of anyone doinglookups? Nina HISTMOM@aol.com
18 Jan 1998 Grigsby and WakeMary Grigsby m. John Wake 1767 Fauquier Co. Va. Who were their parents?KWright354@aol.com
17 Jan 1998 Thorpe and RileyI am looking for information about Kate Arreare Thorpe who was born inMarshall on 7-17-1893. Newton Jasper Riley who was born 6-4-1880 inOrlean. Alexander Riley,and Dave Thorpe. Orlean, Marshall area. If youhave info. E-mail me at hackett@monumental.com Any info. will be appreciated. Brenda Hackett hackett@monumental.com
17 Jan 1998 Jennings, Phillips, Stinson, Stevensonlooking for the parents of Sarah Ellen Jennings b.24 Apr 1792 m. 15 Jan 1807Culpeper Co. Va d. 27 Jul 1874 Washington, Va. Rapp. Co., VA. married toDaniel O"Neal he was b. 8 Mar 1783 Culpeper Co.d. 21 Jun 1867 Washington, VA.Rapp. looking for parents of Evan Phillips b. abt 1791 M. 23 Oct 1827 d. 10 Feb 1845in Fauquier Co. Va. married Lucinda Stinson b. 14 Jun 1800 Fauquier, Co d. 11Mar 1889 Fauquier Co. Va. buried Ivy Hill Cemetery Upperville.looking for the parents of Benjamin Stinson/Stevenson b. 5 Dec 1768 PA M. 11Feb 1793 Fauquier Co. VA. d. 1 Oct 1852 in Va. or Mo. married Margaret Ball b.7 Jan 1774 Goose Creek, Fauquier Co. d. 14 May 1822 Leeds Parrish, FauquierCo. Va.Jdupham@aol.com
17 Jan 1998 Nash FamilyI am looking for information on Traverse NASH b.1755 d.1816. Accordingprevious family genealogists, he lived his whole life in Fauquier Co.and had 2 brothers Thomas & John. I think Traverse's brother may be my4g-grandfather Thomas NASH of Charlotte Co. (each had 2 brothers, eachfought in the revolution, each had a brother who migrated to TN afterthe war). Family legend also holds that Thomas & his 2 brothers may havearrived in America to visit relatives in Fauquier Co. I have been unableto trace Thomas' line back any further and am hoping someone may haveinformation on Traverse's line prior to his arrival in America. Kristy Nashkrysteria@earthlink.net
16 Jan 1998I'm looking for any information on the following families of FauquierCounty: ARMSTRONG, BUTLER, CAYNER, EDRINGTON, ESKRIDGE, GEORGE, HEFLIN,HOPPER, JONES, MOXLEY, SMITH, THAYER, WALTER. Most were in southernFauquier. Thanks Tim Krehahkreh@citizen.infi.net
14 Jan 1998 O'BRIANT/O'BRIENT/O'BRIEN/BARKER: I am looking for information on EnochO'Briant who married Nancy Barker at Fauquier Co. Va. 6-8-1801. Enoch islisted as O'Brien SR. and Enoch O'Brien Jr. on the 1800 tax list with aGeorge O'Brien also. I also have an Enoch O'Brian who married ? 1821 inBrown Co. Ohio. By 1830 this Enoch lived in Pike Co. Ohio. I have lotson the line in Ohio. Valerie Johnson frog@bright.net
13 Jan 1998 BALL,DOWNS,CLEGG,THARPE,HOWDERSHELL,BENTON, I'm helping my neighbor with here genealogy. I have collected some info on these Fauquier county families Edward L. Adams, Jr.elathayer@usa.net
13 Jan 1998 Parker, Duncan, O'Bannon, Sumate, Dodson etcI have fairly large file of descendants of Thomas PARKER,Sr. and wifeCatherine ----, who were living in Fauquier during the late 1700s. Childrenand their spouses were:Joseph m. Betsy DUNCAN, dau of Joseph DUNCAN & Caty O'BANNONMartin m. Mary SHUMATE, dau of Daniel SHUMATE & Tabitha DODSONJohn m. Charlotte DUNCAN "Thomas Jr. m. Alice MARSHALLMary m. William BROWNSarah m. Isaac JAMESEvy m. William TANCILMillie m. Daniel JAMESLucinda m. John PRESTONI have nothing on the children (if any) of Mary & William BROWN, Evy & WilliamTANCIL, or Lucinda & John PRESTON. Welcome information from anyone searchingthese PARKER and related families. Ken Parker ----- Khpedd@aol.comKhpedd@aol.com
13 Jan 1998 Story, and Lee of Fauquier CountySearching for anscestor information and descendants of this family. Mary STORY married _________ LEE in Frauquier Co. Virginia. 1782. Trying to find the names of JOHN STORY family.I would appreciate any help. Thank you very much. Bits and pieces Ihave been able to find, there was a daughter of JOHN STORY , namedRuth STORY, and a son, named FRANCIS STORY. Sincerely, Nancy C. STORY Adkins kabaybruce@zoomnet.net
11 Jan 1998 JacksonLooking for HATTIE Jackson lived in Fauquier Co, around 1853 her mother wasHATTIE JACKSON also....another relative would have been George Jackson andLittleton Jackson.BILYWILSON@aol.com
10 Jan 1998 Fisher and BousmanSearching the Fisher family. Thomas Fisher c/a1781-1864 was a large landowner in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Fifteen children were named in his will. A son Richard was born 1809 and raised in Fauquier Co., married 1856 Franklin Co. Va. and died c/a 1894 Franklin Co. Va. His wife Elizabeth Bousman b. 1818 in Va. ,after his death migrated to Indiana with her children. She died about 1894 Howard Co.,Indiana "'onale@pulse.comteck.com
8 Jan 1998 Durham and Colclough WILLIAM DURHAM was born ca 1745 in Fauquier Co VA.Several other children were born before him to parents William DURHAM (Sr.)and his wife MARGARET COLCLOUGH.William Durham Jr. moved to Bute-Granville-Warren andafter 1800 to Sumner Co TN where he died in 1822.WHO did Wm. Jr. marry? Was it really Susannah SHEARIN?Sumner Co estate records show no wife's name. HELP! :-) Patricia L.Vincent, 212 West Sycamore, Bolivar, TN38008-2038.plv@aeneas.net
4 Jan 1998 Withers and ChinnSusanna WITHERS m. Chichester CHINN 1789 Fauquier Co. Va. does anyone knowwhether she was a widow? Who she was the dau. of?KWright354@aol.comKWright354@aol.com