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Burgess, Cockrill, Bailey, Utterback, Bradley, Campbell, Robinson, Stacy, Ball, Minter, Perkins, Crump, Johnson, Shumate, Smith, Anderson, Moffett, Rosser, Neavill, Rowley, Chinn, Doniphan, Blackwell, Travis, Hull, Mott, Waugh, Crosby, Steptoe, Eustace, Towson, Glascock, Lake, Rector, Savaul, Turner in Fauquier County, Virginia submitted by Jim Burgess
Jim Burgess
18 Nov 1999 Cummings I am searching for the location of my ancestors plantation. Here is an excerpt from his will describing the location. "Simon Cummings (Will). Date: 19 April 1771 Son: Alexander - plantation whereon I now live all the land that I hold in Fauquier County . . bounded as follows that is beginning at the head of the kuptree branch thence down the said Branch to Medle Run thence from the said Run to Howson Kenners line. I can't find any of these landmarks on a present day map. Anyone have an idea of where this was? It would be great if it was on that Sheel Fauquier Map everyone has been raving about. Denny Shirer Shirer Family Genealogy Project http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/1485 drd@sssnet.com
17 Mar 1999 Shanks and Maddux Simon Shanks--was my g.g.g.g.grandfather--married Margaret Maddux--daughter of Craven Maddux. They left Fauquier Co., VA for Tennessee between 1834-1836. I would like to try and find any information on Simon, who his parents were. I have nothing on him. I do know that he and Margaret were married on 15 Nov 1823. Dee Wesser wesser@hiwaay.net wesser@hiwaay.net
17 Mar 1999 Is any one out there a wealth of knowledge on the Dearing/Deering family or allied lines? I am compiling what I have and would love to add a new twig or two to the family tree. Happy to share the documentation that I have. Thanks, Joan Dearing Miller joanmiller@netzero.net
16 Mar 1999 I am trying to find information on an Elisha BUTLER that sold land in the late 1700's or early 1800's to an Oliver and /or Benjamin MCCASHLAND. This land was partly in Culpeper, Frederick and Fauquier Counties. This land was sold by Benjamin and Abigail McCashland on Aug 25, 1827 to Richard W. Barton. Any information on any of these persons may be what I need to piece together my information on the MCCASHLAND family. Thanks in advance. Linda McCashland Liberty, Indiana USA inker@si-net.com
16 Mar 1999 Fishback and Chappelear I have been trying to research my William JONES b. 1759 in Warrenton VA. He married a FISHBACK and their girls married CHAPPELEAR boys. Is there anyone with the surname CHAPPELEAR or FISHBACK who can give me a hint? Also DOTERTY back the FISHBACK line Would appreciate any information on any of these families in the 1700's thank you Nan nanathomas@aol.com
16 Mar 1999 Fletcher and Hutchens Has anyone found any information indicating the birthplaces of Joshua FLETCHER ( b.20Mar1750-d.27April1811)and his wife,Agnes HUTCHENS(d.1821)? We will be glad to exchange information. Thank you. Britta B. Harris britta@ccaonline.com
15 Mar 1999 Census Districts The 1880 Census shows my ggrandfather living in Fauquier County's CENTRE DISTRICT. Does anyone know where this district is? Joyce jaw@mitretek.org
15 Mar 1999 Nelson, Hirst, Mason and Withers I am looking for information on James Obannon NELSON b. 5 May 1802 in Fauquier County. Also his wife Mary Elizabeth HIRST b. 5 Sept 1809, also in Fauquier Co. Jame parents were John Barbee Nelson b. 29 Sept 1772 and Cynthia Ann WITHERS b. 24Apr 1779. Mary's parents were Thomas HIRST and Dorothea Anna Thomson MASON. Thank you very much.Drenshaw@aol.com
15 Mar 1999 Davis, Leach & Holtzclaw Researching family of Ruben Davis m. Ann/Nancy Leach, dau of Holtzclaw. They married in Fauquier Co about 1805 and may have moved to Kentucky or Abbeyville Dist, SC. Does William H. Davis, born 1811-1814 in SC descend from this marriage? He married Lurana Lawler and named a son Holtzclaw Davis. Please note new e-mail address. Any help appreciated. Rita Seiter. seiter@flash.net
14 Mar 1999 John Weaver married Mary B. Tomlin in Fauquier County on 27 Sept 1823. Their son, William A. Weaver married Amelia Evans in the l840's and we think they still lived in that County. Would appreciate any information or confirmation of these four ancestors. Thank you, Johnnie C. Weaver, jjweaver@alltel.net John Weaver married Mary B. Tomlin in Fauquier County on 27 Sept 1823. Their son, William A. Weaver married Amelia Evans in the l840's and we think they still lived in that County. Would appreciate any information or confirmation of these four ancestors. Thank you, Johnnie C. Weaver, jjweaver@alltel.net jjweaver@alltel.net
14 Mar 1999 Harris and McCormick I feel there is a connection to my Harris line. Elisha Harris married in Fauquier Co in 1780. He signed his own bond for the marriage where he married Margaret McCormick dau of John McCormick. It was signed with a double ss in his signature. Elisha had the following children: William know nothing more John married Fanny Campbell in Belmont Co, OH in 1807 Betsy married a Starr George b about 1787 m 1815 in Guernsey Co, OH Elizabeth Archer Simon was a minister Polly or Mary married 1814 Belmont co, OH James Powell Anna b 1791 (records say Culpeper Co, VA) m 1816 Belmont Co Isaac Powell Sally married a Mathena Stephen b about 1798 married Jane Harris Hannah m 1819 Guernsey Co, OH Samuel Powell Morgan Elijah married Elizabeth Powell (the above order is not necessarily correct birth order) Would love to know more about Elisha Thanks, shannon moore orlando, fl mailto:mgm@gate.net mgm@gate.net
13 Mar 1999 Freeman HI all! A few hours in my newly found resource library in Marietta, GA has turned up more info on James Freeman Sr. Here is his will and some notes on the other information that I have found. I now have this line back 7 generations!! Thanks to all of you on the FREEMAN and FAUQUIER COUNTY LISTS who have helped me out!! Mike Wennin "To my youngest daughter Sally, to have feather bed and household furniture with full benefits and profits of part of her Grandfather, George William’s estate, which was bequeathed to her Mother – this to descend at her Mother’s death. Wife, Margaret Freeman, to have 1/3 of estate during her life. Grandson, Gollop Freeman (alias Duncan) household goods. Sons Garrett and Nathaniel, personal estate and slaves. Daughter Mary Hackley (wife of James) to have 30 shillings –she has received her share. Daughter Elinor Silman (wife of Joseph) 10 pounds currency. Sons, William James, Garrett, Nathaniel Freeman; and daughter Elizabeth Fletcher (wife of John) to have money from sale of land. Executors- Wife, sons, William and James. Witnessed by Samuel Wharton, William Williams, James Routt." There is a more detailed copy of this will that I did not get a chance to copy....if anyone is interested in it, I will have it next week. Another document that I have yet to copy gives certain slaves to each of the children in 1782. James Sr. was first married to Mary Compton in 1765 and then to Margaret Williams on 26th of March 1782. Sally must have been the daughter of Margaret and the rest of the children were Mary’s. I also have the will of George Williams, father of Margaret if anyone is interested. The 1787 Tax list of Fauquier Co. shows James Sr. paying tax on 8 slaves (5 over 16), 8 horses and 13 cattle. James’ father was also James who died in 1763 in Prince William County, VA. His mother's name was Elizabeth. James must have been a tobacco farmer as there is legal documentation mentioning him and 1000 pounds of tobacco. Neighbors of James in the late 1780's were George Williams, Charles Duncan, William Settle and others. It is interesting to see how all these families intermarried during that time. randomc.com
13 Mar 1999 I saw some Glendennings in Chester Co. Pa. where I think some of my Faquier Co. family may have gone. Maybe that will help someone in Fauquier Co. Va. research. Judy kwright354@aol.com
13 Mar 1999 Kenner and Pritchard I am trying to figure out this info. on Peggy KENNER and Steven PRITCHARD. If anyone has any info. that could help me sort it out, I would appreciate the help. Info. says they were married June 19, 1769, but it also says in the Minute Book that he was indited for marrying in 1767. Were there 2 with the same name or what??? Descendants of Steven Pritchard Generation No. 1 1. Steven1 Pritchard1 was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, and died 1819 in Frederick County, Virginia. He married Margaret "Peggy" Kenner1,2 June 19, 1769 in Fauquier County, Virginia, daughter of Howson Kenner and Margaret Eskridge. Notes for Steven Pritchard: Fauquier Co., Va. Minute Book 3, pg. 348, 1767: Indited for marrying and cohabiting with Margaret KENNER alias PRITCHARD, sister to his former wife, contrary to law. Fauquier Co., Va. Deed Book 6, pg. 316, 1776: He and Peggy Pritchard sell David WICKLIFFE of Prince William 190 a. on Town Run, granted to Daniel Newland in 1764. Fauquier Co., Va. Rent Roll, 1777: For 190 a. Notes for Margaret "Peggy" Kenner: In her father's will she is left a slave and 20 lbs. currency. Child of Steven Pritchard and Margaret Kenner is: 2 i. Sarah Kenner2 Pritchard, born Abt. 1769. Endnotes 1. Will of Howson Kenner. 2. "Fauquier Families 1759-1799" by John P. Alcock. MUSS@worldnet.att.net
13 Mar 1999 Harris and Williams I have a little bit of information on George HARRIS. He lived in the Northeast District of Fauquier from 1785 to 1798. His marriage bond is dated 6/16/1774 to "Catharon" HARRISS (note the double 's'), dau of Samuel HARRISS; bondsman was Thomas HARRIS. In September of 1798 the Sheriff took administration of his estate and inventoried it (Minute Book 14-225). Thomas HARRIS is the brother of Samuel HARRISS. They have a sister named Rachel. The three of them leased in Manor of Leeds, 1771 (Deed Book 5-457) There is another George HARRIS. His taxes were paid by Sarah DOWNING in 1787 and by Samuel Sr. from 1789 to 1792, by Quaker in 1797, he paid his own tax in 1799. This George may have a brother Henry. There are several "Minutes" on the two. Henry was married to Joanna WILLIAMS (10/15/1787). Hope this is helpful! Robin robltz@erols.com
12 Mar 1999 Ranes/Raines,Rains Hello all I need someone who can do some searching down there for me. I am seeking any information on a William Ranes/Raines/Rains (could be any of the spelling) that was b. Nov 23 1764 he joined the VA Malitia in 1781 in Fouquier and served 6 months. He later m. Jane Edwards Oct 23 1787. He moved onto Ky and later settled in Brown Co. OH where he is buried. What I need is **where he was born, **the counties he lived in VA, **the Unit he was in the war. **any info. on his parents and siblings. I would be willing to pay for this search if anyone is interested. Thanks Rose from Michigan pcraab@pathwaynet.com pcraab@pathwaynet.com
11 Mar 1999 Freeman and Benear HI! I am new to this list and am searching for my FREEMAN ancestors I had a great break through today with my Fauquier Co. FREEMANS..... a BENEAR cousin sent info I have been searching forever for (well over a year anyway!) to push through my wall of Jarrett (Gerard) and Nancy Benear Freeman of Fauquier-Rappahannock- Lewis County. Jarrett (spelled this way in the 1850 and 1860 Census) was born 18 December 1797 in Fauquier Co. He married Nancy BENEAR daughter of Henry BENEAR on Sept 8, 1826. His wife is listed in the 1850 and 1860 Census as Ann V(possibly Virginia)???? He died May 27, 1876 probably in Lewis or Harrison County WV. His father was James Freeman Jr. who married Elizabeth SHARPE on June 15 1777 in Fauquier CO. OF course James' father was James Sr. I think I saw the will of James Sr. at the library I am researching in here in GA. I will be back there tomorrow to check that out! There is another marriage listed with James, that of William Freeman and Sallie SETTLE on June 15, 1777....James' brother??? Any of these folks familiar to anyone? I am having more luck in my research by connecting to cousins of my ancestors' spouses rather than direct connections! Happy Hunting! Mike Wennin nash@randomc.com
11 Mar 1999 Harris Does anyone have any info on the parents and/or children of George Harris who married Catherine Harris June 16, 1774? Did they have a daughter, Nancy, born Aug. 6, 1796? Supposedly, Nancy was a daughter of a George Harris of Fauquier Co. If it isn't "this " George, what George might it have been? Thanks very much. Mary G. in NJ Cghusr@aol.com
11 Mar 1999 Documents in Fauquier County Court House Hey all, I use the mail to obtain every sort of family document in Fauquier Co. It is usually $3.00 per search. The people at the Court House are the best with knowledge of what you want. Just write them and ask they will do the rest. John Edwards fredsc@fls.infi.net
10 Mar 1999 Mitchell While we`re talking of Germana maybe someone can tell me if the surname MITCHELL could be German. My family said that Lavenia MITCHELL, dau of James H. MITCHELL, was of German ancestry but maybe it was on her mother`s side of the family. I think her grandfather was one Caleb MITCHELL (or he could have been an uncle} Has anyone run across the name Caleb MITCHELL in any probate records in Fauquier Co. about 1800? I find him as a bondsman twice and that is all. TIA Sue in Dixie DRAKE35@aol.com
10 Mar 1999 Glendening Thanks to everyone for answering my replay for research help. It is much appreciated. Several of you asked who I am working on. His name is John Glendenning. He paid taxes in Fauquier from 1782 to 1799.He is listed in Fauquier Families as Manor of Leeds for 1796. I have been unable to prove or disprove who his father was. The only thing I can say for certain is that he was born before 1761. In 1794,he had a wife named Margaret. In King George Co. there is a family of Glendenning's,who owned land along the Rappahannock. One of them is a John, who is son of James. I do not know for sure if he is the same one or not. He had a wife named Margaret in 1774 when he sold land on Muddy Creek, inherited from his father James. This is where I got the signature from. I am sure it is his signature as the name is spelled correctly.The people who kept records seemed to spell the name all kinds of different ways.It seems only the family knew the right spelling of this unusual name. If I am mistaken about this microfilm of King George from the Library of Virginia not being a copy of the originial, please let me know. The deed itself is mostly unreadable but I got a good copy of his signature. I am sure my John of Fauquier is somehow of the King George Glendenning's . One of the reasons being there is George Glendenning who sold land in King George 1789,having a wife Rossanah, stateing he is residing in Fauquier Co.This George's daughter later came to Taylor Co. WV with my family. There are other reasons also. But I also have many unaswered questions about who some of the Glendenning's living in Fauquier Co. were. Such as the George who married Milly Duncan in 1786. Was he the same George who in 1789 had wife Rossanah Bower?There is only one George in the taxes for Fauquer, Who was the James who married Sally Hooper in 1794? My John had a boy named James Glendenning bound to him in 1798,who was he? It would seem to me my only answer is with the signatures. If anyone has another idea,let me know as I can see no other way to prove or disprove if he is the same John of King George Co. Joy rockytop@msys.net
10 Mar 1999 McDonald I am looking for information on Wilford McDonald and his wife Elizabeth. He was a blacksmith in The Plains, Fauquier County. He and his wife had 10 children, my line is desceded from his daughter Mary Belle, Born 1853 in Warrenton. Mary married a John S. Myers, from Shenandoah area ?, he was born in Virginia in 1845. They had 5 children: Roger, Neva, William E., Elizabeth, and Cheever Burton Myers who was born May, 1880. They eventually moved to Chicago, Illinois, where John Myers died of skin cancer in 1905. If anyone recognizes these people, please contact me. Lori Stanzel Mapsnme@aol.com Mapsnme@aol.com
10 Mar 1999 Feagan, Robinson, Shacklett and Lancaster Looking for inforrmation on Edward Feagan who had a son John Feagan. John married Lucy Robinson June 19, 1805 faurquier co. VA. Children: (1) Shadrach born 1806 married Ann Green April 1829(2)Robinson died 1840,(3) Edward died 1851, (4)John Jr., (5) Burr Or Burk married Salina Ward (6), Harrison married Mary---,(7) Harriet married (1) moore (2) Samuel lancaster 1852 Tenn (8) Elizabeth married Charles T. Harris This family left faqurier co Va in the 1830's and went to Smith co, Tenn. John died 1839, Shadrach 1834and Lucy 1854 Looking for information on Benjamin Robinson who had a daughter Lucy, She married John Feagan June 19, 1805 Fauquier Co, Va I have Charles GREEN 1767-1818, son of Joseph and ?. Charles married Mary A SHACKLETT 1777-1828 Nov 22, 1792. Fauquier Co. Va Hezekiah SHACKLETT was Bondsman.i Who was Shacklett wife? Anna born 1798 married Shadrack K FEAGAN/S 1806-1834 in 1829. Hezekiah S Green was bondsman I think he was a bro. other siblings William, Susan, Elizabeth, Joseph Charles, John.Chapman,Josiah,Sarah,Elcey. Anna and Shadrack had one child. His name was Hezekiah J FEAGAN/S born 1831. Anna went to Tenn with GREENS and SHACKLETTS after her husband died. Hezekiah J FEAGAN married Isabelle LANCASTER 1853 in Smith co Tenn. Need information on Shadrack FEAGAN/S family Cousins I need help!!! Twila dunsmore@webtv.net
9 Mar 1999 Fauquier County, Virginia Death Register For your information, the following book is now available (although not yet listed on the webpage) through Willow Bend Books. "Fauquier County, Virginia Death Register 1853-1896" by Patricia B. Duncan check the Willow Bend webpage at: http://www.willowbend.net/default.htm contact Craig Scott, the proprietor, at: willowbend@mediasoft.net Pat Duncan p.duncan@worldnet.att.net p.duncan@worldnet.att.net
9 Mar 1999 In the book Fauquier Families, the author lists several people as listed for Manor of Leeds. Does anyone know where the author got his information from? If so can the information still be obtained? I would also like to know about the original marriage bonds for Fauquier County. I am looking for the signature of the bondsman. Did the bondsman have to sign the bond or only put up the money? Are the originals still available? If they are,where would I write to get a copy? Would the microfilm of Fauquier Marriages from the Library of Virginia have the signatures on it? I am trying to locate a copy of my ancestor's signature to compare with one I have on a deed from King George. I think this is the only way I have left to determine if they are the same person. any help appreciated. Joy rockytop@msys.net
9 Mar 1999 Jim, thanks for writing. I've enjoyed your WebSite and think you and others do a very good job - very helpful! Thank you. This is DANIEL MARR est. DOB c1760, prob. VA. He was my doubled 4th Gr-grfather, and proven to be very elusive as seems to have NOT left much of a paper trail - until he shows up in East Tn. (Cocke) 1810 with a land grant. At least, I believe that is he. Then he left many children and heirs (have almost complete records here) in area of Saline, Lafayette, Johnson cnts. MO. Many of these heirs proven to have been b. in E_Tn. I have been assured by authors of two different books on the MARRs of Pa. and Me. that he is NOT from either of those two places - and evidence seems to point to only Virginia as his POB - hence, a descendant of this JOHN MARR of Stafford Co. I have the article by M. W. Hiden from Tyler's Quarterly and also the one on the Bradford and Hardin families by same person, which I am using for basic lines. There were many of those people who also settled in the same area of MO, incl. my KENTONs who intermarried with desc. of this Daniel MARR. Seems they all might have migrated together, some going to KY and others to E_Tn. Do you have any ideas about the ancestry (from John of Stafford?) of this DANIEL MARR? I thought he might have been the "orphan" who was granted the 50 acres of land (S.L.O. Land Bounty Cert. F & I Wars #960) because of the death of father, a John Marr (3) in that time period; but that was issued in 1780, and seemed rather late for wars ending in abt. 1763? Thanks for your time and any information you might have regarding when these Land Bounty Certificates were authorized for the F & I Wars, or thoughts about possible ancestry of this Daniel Marr of mine. Best Wishes, Dolores J. Davis djdavis@psnw.comdjdavis@psnw.com
9 Mar 1999 I have a Squire Edwards born around 1805 in Stokes Co. NC and married Jane Darnall born around 1805 in Fauquier Co. VA. I have some info on the DARNALL family but I cannot find anything on the EDWARDS family. Any help would be appreciated. Judy Martin jmartin@docjt.jus.state.ky.us
9 Mar 1999 Corder Metcalf Gregory I am researching the Corder Family Of VA. , namely Dave Corder , and I beleive they lived in Fauquier Co. around 1800 . My Dave was born in Va. about 1807 , moved at some point to Wayne Co. Ky. , and married Uscilla ( Metcalf ) Gregory . I have no information on Dave`s parents , siblings , or any other information about him . One of his children was Eliza Corder , my wifes GG Grandmother. Any help will be appreciated , and I have information about Dave , after he moved to KY, I will share. Thank you , Bob Fpslug33@aol.com
9 Mar 1999 Titus and Bishop PLEASE READ AND HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husbands 90 year old father Willis Titus and I are trying to do a genealogy on his family before he passes away. He has cancer. so urgency is needed. Please help I am at a dead-end, and he is discourged. Would Some one please look up a birth record on Timothy Titus. He was born about 1808 in Fauquier County, Va. We are trying to find his parents and siblings. We know he married Susan Bishop 22 March,1833. We know her parents were Thomas Bishop and Sarah Todd , and she was born in Fauquier County also we think in 1810. However we are not sure and have no information on her siblings. ALL HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Carlena Titus E-Mail Address: danny1@wirefire.com danny1@wirefire.com
9 Mar 1999 Monocacy I have reference in some of my papers to a party of 100 German Families from the Palatinate who arrived in America by way of Annapolis in 1735. They settled on Carroll Creek near the MONOCACY and established the town of Frederick. More families followed. Looking for any information on these early settlers. Also what is the MONOCACY of that time period? Any help as always much appreciated. bob e refaw@hhs.net
9 Mar 1999 Shumate and Spencer Seeking information regarding two Stephen Spencer Shumates who were born in Fauquier County. The oldest went by Spencer, was born 11/26/1753 to William Shumate and Ann McCormick. The younger, who went by Stephen was born around 1775. Both were in Harrison County, Kentucky circa 1800 with Spencer's brother, John Shumate. Spencer served in the Revolutionary War around 1766, but who was his wife (Stephen's mother)? Reportedly, Spencer was married in Kentucky to Clara Heathman and they had three children (born around 1800). Did he marry Clara in Fauquier County and could this be Stephen's mother? The younger Stephen was married to Barbary. Were they married in Fauquier County? Any information would be appreciated. Jim Shumate JShu041539@aol.com JShu041539@aol.com
9 Mar 1999 I was wondering if there would be record's for a death that occurred between 1788 to 1792? If so, would someone mind looking for the death of a William Suttle during that period? All help so gratefully appreciated! Brenda Jo
9 Mar 1999 Suttle I was wondering if there would be record's for a death that occurred between 1788 to 1792? If so, would someone mind looking for the death of a William Suttle during that period? All help so gratefully appreciated! Brenda Jo brearry@ix.netcom.com
8 Mar 1999 Hanes and Pickett Simeon HAINES/HANES was alive in 1792 when he and Elizabeth Haynes sold 25 acres on Hunger Run to William Sanford PICKETT. (Deed Book 10, page 545, 1792) Rob robltz@erols.com
8 Mar 1999 Duncan, Preston, Glascock I am seeking information on the ancestry and siblings of Charles DUNCAN, born in Fauquier 1771, m. Elizabeth Preston 1797, d. Fauquier 1857. Children were: Sally m. 1814 Wm Roach (Rust?) Nancy b. 1805; Frederick b. 1806 d. after 1850 Newton Co. MO; had son Charles Elzey b 1810 m. 1850 Emily Eidson, Loudon Co., Va. d 1890 Elizabeth m. Shackelford Mary Ann m. 1830 Levi Talbot; had son Charles W. b 1834 Harriet b. 1815 Juliett m. 1847 Minor Glascock Who were the parents and ancestors of this Charles Duncan? Who were his siblings and where did they settle? Any information much appreciated. Helen Flagg helenflagg@ghg.net helenflagg@ghg.net
8 Mar 1999 Luttrell and Heflin Seeking info on RICHARD LUTTRELL and DEBORAH H. HEFLIN who married in 1800's in Fauquier Co.,Va. May have had a son RICHARD bon 1804 in VA. They may have moved to Casey Co.,Liberty, Ky. THANK YOU, Wanda Byrd Click wcrlc@kih.net wcrlc@kih.net
6 Mar 1999 Dove and Fink Looking for descendants of John Wesley Dove and Betsy Fink, moved to Fauquier from the Rockingham County area. Any info appreciated. Bonnie BEPLEASANT@webtv.net
6 Mar 1999 McNish and Lewis I am researching the McNish family in Fauquier County, VA. My ancestor David McNish is listed in the 1787 and 1800 tax lists. He supposedly was married to Elizabeth Lewis. He had a son Horatio who married Susan Dean and moved to Williamson Co, TN about 1818 (this is my descendant) and a daughter Mary who married William Pickett of Fauquier Co. I don't know much about him - finding the tax list info was my recent breakthrough. Does anyone have any info on this family? Someone recently stated that they had a book on Fauquier families. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Christine McNish mcnishcm@aol.com mcnishcm@aol.com
4 Mar 1999 Moore and Corder Looking for info on the following: (1) GG grandparents George Washington Moore (b.?; d.?) and Nancy(?) __?, parents of Walter F. Moore (b. 10/1/1874, d. 3/12/70) who married Rosa Lee Fletcher(?) (b. 3/18/1871, d. 7/6/45); (2) GG grandparents Robert L. Corder (b. 1877, d. 1957) and Lillie D. Allison (nee Gray?), parents of Edith Elizabeth Corder. Blusrme@aol.com
4 Mar 1999 Moab Freeman was born in 1794 in either Culpeper or Fauquier Counties, Virginia and later went to Madison County, Kentucky where he married China Bentley on 16 December, 1817. There were several other Freemans in Madison County,some of whom I am almost sure were from Fauquier. His marriage bond included the name Nathaniel Freeman, whom I believe was either his brother or uncle. I believe he was the Moab Freeman who signed a quitclaim deed in Fauquier County for property that had belonged to his late father, James Freeman Jr. I have never found another Moab, and ours is the only Freeman family that carried the given name "Moab" through generations.I have never found a direct connection between Kentucky and Virginia for him, however. Any suggestions? PetieL8613@aol.com
3 Mar 1999 Ford and Kendall Seeking any kind of information on this FORD family and/or their descendants. Especially need information on Joseph's first wife, a Bettie Kendall. Some members of this family moved to Montgomery County, Maryland, after the Civil War. All help is sincerely appreciated! From the 1860 Fauquier County census:

Joseph Ford 60 W M Ann Campbell 35 W F James Ford 20 W M Daniel Ford 18 W M Mary Ford 17 W F Clifton Ford 12 W M Joseph Ford 4 W M QuixAnn Ford 2 W F

Thanks, Tom in N. C. tkendalljr@ec.rr.com tkendalljr@ec.rr.com
2 Mar 1999 White and Bailey My ggggrandfather, William White was born in Fauquier Co. VA in 1755. He was in the revolutionary war then moved to Rowan Co NC and then to Lincoln Co. TN where he applied for Rev war pension 1832. He died in Lincoln Co. TN in 1833. I have found indexes for several (prior to 1800) wills that I need copies of. Does anyone have the address? Who would have these documents? Or if you have any info about White's or Bailey's in Fauquier prior to 1800, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Lota Millicent White Etu
2 Mar 1999 Francis, Cockrell and Johnson Looking for information on Andrew FRANCIS, Anderson COCKRELL married to Mary JOHNSON 1700's, William COCKRELL married to Sally PERKINS 1700's. Any info on these families would be greatly appreciated. mckinz@midwest.net mckinz@midwest.net
2 Mar 1999 Cummings and Taylor Looking for information on Malachi Cummings, his son Joseph or any Cummings in Fauquier County in the mid to late 1700's. Malachi may have come from Scotland or he may have been born in VA. Joseph was born in Fauquier Co. He served in the Revolution at which time he lived in Henry County. Both Malachi and Joseph later moved to Tennessee, possibly Jackson County first but later White County. Joseph married Verlinda Taylor while in Virginia. They were neighbors and friends of Moses Godard who also later migrated to White County. The portion of White County where they settled later became Van Buren County. Any information, no matter how small it may seem, will be appreciated. DC22@prodigy.net
28 Feb 1999 Allen and Roach Looking for information about John ALLEN (1741-1832) and his daughter Esther (abt. 1770-1855). Who was his wife? Did Esther have any siblings? Esther m. William ROACH also of Fauquier Co, who d. 1809. Esther then went with the family of her daughter Sarah ROACH and Robert MUSICK to Logan Co., IL, All information will be greatly appreciated. Dot dhay@alltel.net dhay@alltel.net
28 Feb 1999 Burke and Amos Seeking information on ancestors of Robert Peter Burke, born 20 Feb 1827 in Fauquier County. Married Sarah Florence Amos (Amis) who was born in Culpepper County 12 Dec 1820. Robert Peter possibly moved to Culpepper Co. after marriage. Lewis Hamilton Burke, son of Robert Peter and Sarah was born in Culpepper 1853. Family moved to Roane County VA (WV) sometime after 1853. Upon death of Sarah 27 May 1869, Robert Peter returned to Culpepper Co., married Elton Rebecca Amos (Amis), younger sister of Sarah, and took her back to Roane County. Appreciate any information on BURKE or AMOS families. ldhall@cetlink.net ldhall@cetlink.net
28 Feb 1999 Elliot Need data on Reuben Elliott who m. Ruth _____Cundiff and had children: William, Reuben Jr., Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth, Mildred, Jemima, and Molly. It is believed that Ruth m. first to William Cundiff and had son William. Then married Reuben and had the remaining children. William m. Elizabeth Pearl abt 1774/5 in Fauquier Co., Va. Thanks Adelene :BXGC22B@prodigy.com
27 Feb 1999 Corbin Lewis Jackson Corbin (b. 1833) m. Mary Tyson (b. 1834) in Fauquier County, VA on August 21, 1852. Searching for Mary Tyson's parents. Have much information on Tyson family of Stafford, Fauquier, Culpeper, Prince Williams Counties to share. Plnnr@aol.com
27 Feb 1999 Rains and Talbot Seeking more information on a WILLIAM RAINS (or spellings) b. Nov. 23 1764 in Fauquier Co. VA. His parents we believe to be SAMUEL RAINES/RAINS/RANES & ELIZABETH TALBOT. Other children born to Samuel & Elizabeth were Elizabeth 1793, Samuel 1793, Mary Ann 1795. He married a Jane or Nancy EDWARDS Oct. 23 1787 in Bourbon Co. KY. Settled in Brown Co. OH where he died Jan. 30 1837 Thanks for you time and interest Rose from MI pcraab@pathwaynet.com pcraab@pathwaynet.com
27 Feb 1999 Beamer According to the 1880 VA census: William Beamer was counted on 24 June 1880 in the village of Warrenton. It is page 58, Supervisory Dist. #3, Enumerator Dist. 44 signed by R. R. Ball. He resided at a hotel run by John T. Walter at #5 Winchester Street. William Beamer, W, male, 43 years old, teacher, boarder, married, not crippled, maimed or ill, physically or mentally and unemployed is checked. He is living there alone. There are no family names with his. His daughter Alice was born in Febrary of the same year in Fauquier County, but was counted in the census in Blacksburg in May 1880. Can anyone tell me if he was teaching in Fauquier County at that time, and if so, where? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mary Sias mrs2ii@yahoo.com
27 Feb 1999 Jeffries I am trying to piece together informationon on my Jeffries heritage. My Grandfather, Harold Owen Jeffries was born around 1906 in and around the town of Marshall or The Plains. The 1910 Census (was wondering if this census occured in this region in 1909?) indicated a Harold O Jeffries in Marshall District. His father was listed as John A. Jeffries , his mother's name is difficult to read looks like Jeu(mie) or perhaps Jennie M.? I am interested in finding out more about this Jeffries line to determine if John is my G Grandfather. Also curious about John's wife's maiden name. My mother knew here Grandmother as Grandma Jeffries (d. around 1944) and she never met her grandfather. Harold's siblings were Juliet, Norman, Lilian, Edna, Elizabeth, James. My Mother tells me there was also a Constance, Fannie, and Albert who were younger than Harold. My Mother believes that Constance married a Werts or Virt, she had two sons who were named Milton and John. They were involved with the breaking of horses and reside somewhere in this area today. Edna had a daughter named Hazel. Some of my grandfather Harold's siblings died in their teens from some type of muscle contracting disease (according to my mother). Harold Owen often told us grandkids that he was related to James J. Jeffries (Heavy Weight Champion of the World 1899-1905), and I believe he did some boxing. His marriage Cert. indicates he was a resident of The Plains in 1930. Harold married Stella Louise Belcher in 1930. His cousin Jack Jeffries married an older Belcher sister named Clara earlier. Jack and Clara had 4 children...Bobby, Peggy, Dorthy and James. harold and Stella had 3 children Harold O. Jr, Gayle and Spencer Lee. Gayle is my mother. Any help or leads would be appreciated, I have little to go on even after visiting The Plains and Marshall. Art Colebayzone@illuminet.net
27 Feb 1999 Dale and Young Looking for information on William DALE m. Anne YOUNG (daughter of James YOUNG). They had one child (that I know of) born in Fauquier Co., Robert Dale b. approx. 1770. They later moved to York Co. SC. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tom Welton welton01@aol.com welton01@aol.com
27 Feb 1999 I would love to hear from any descendants of William Heflin and Mariah Susan Ellis, Rachel Heflin and Chilton/Shelton Smith, Nathan Ellis and Rachel Melville or anyone researching these families. Thank you, THE VAN KIRK FAMILY jpvk@hotmail.com jpvk@hotmail.com
27 Feb 1999 Jeffries & Jett Jeffries- Would appreciate help with life dates for William Jeffries, m.Ann Jett and for James Jeffries, m.Alice Anderson. I think James is William's father. I have a death date of 1823 in Washington Co Ky for William. William came to Ky from Facquier around 1800. Will be happy to reciprocate if I can. Thanks. Dewey in Richmond Brtonfan@aol.com
25 Feb 1999 O'Bannon I am seeking information of CAPTAIN JOHN O' BANNON, of FAUQUIER COUNTY. His great grandfather was BRYAN O' BANNON not Joseph O' Bannon. I am trying to find out who BRYAN O' BANNON was married to and what county in Ireland he is from. Any information will be greatly appreciated. C.J. cjtaylorbro@hotmail.net cjtaylorbro@hotmail.net
25 Feb 1999 Carter & Barton Any descendants from a James Carter and Jane Barton, dau. of Thomas. Married in 1829 in Fauquier County. I would like to talk to you BEPLEASANT@webtv.net
23 Feb 1999 Waters I would like to correspond with anyone researching the WATERS surname in Fauquier County, Va. Please email me directly. Thanks. Shirley Edillon gedillon@worldnet.att.net
22 Feb 1999 Wilbourn & Sinclair Edward Wilbourn lived in Fauquier from 1759 to around 1768. His land was in the part of Fauquier taken from Prince William County, VA, and he is in Prince William Co., VA court records from 1753. He was married twice; the name of his first wife, who seems to have died in Fauquier ca. l764, is unknown. Children by this marriage were Thomas, John, Zachariah, Lewis, Lydia, and Susanna. Edward's second wife was Mary St. Clair (Sinclair), daughter of Alexander St. Clair of Stafford and Prince William. Edward and Mary's children were Richard, Edward (our line), Temperance, and Jane. Edward and Mary seem to have married around 1765, probably in Fauquier, Prince William, or Stafford. No record of the marriage has been found. Edward Wilbourn's land in Prince William/Fauquier adjoined that of Francis and Margaret Tennell. Margaret was Mary St. Clair's sister. Edward seems to have had financial difficulties in the 1760s and is in several court records for debt; generally the awards were for a few pounds. He mortgaged his land in 1764, I believe, and lost it to the mortgage company. The family then left Fauquier County. He and Mary did retain the acreage in Fauquier Co. which was gifted her by her father, Alexander St. Clair, and their son, Richard Wilbourn returned many years later to Fauquier and sold this land for Edward and Mary in 1795. In 1768, following the loss of his land, Edward and Mary and the children moved to the Nap of Reed's District, Granville Co., NC, where he bought some land from John Hampton, took the oath of allegiance, and was a corporal in the militia. In Granville, his name appears in court records with Sherwood and Robert Harris. There was also a Thomas Wilbourn in Granville at this time, with wife Temperance, who may have been a Harris by birth. In 1783, Edward and Mary moved to the Mitchell River area of Surry Co., NC. Edward's will is there in 1806, naming all of his children. Mary seems to have stayed on with son Richard and died in Surry sometime after 1820. I would love to learn the names of Edward's parents and learn why he settled in Prince William ca. 1754 and where he lived before. I have never seen a record of any other Wilbourn in Fauquier records, but I haven't seen many of the records! There is a Duke Wilbourn in 1754 in Prince William court records for fighting with a man named Hoard (and I believe there was a Hoard on land adjoining that of Edward Wilbourn and Francis Tennell); the case was dismissed, and I have seen no further reference to this Duke Wilbourn. Can anyone shed more light on Edward Wilbourn, perhaps born ca. 1727-1728? All help gratefully appreciated. Thank you. Pansylea Howard Willburn willburn@earthlink.net
22 Feb 1999 Shaw & Riley I am doing research on a family that was in Fauquier Co. Va. in the 1780's to 1820's names are Archibald Shaw m a Sarah last name unknown, children James Shaw m Catherin Riley, I have been told that Archibald had owned land in the 1782-1787 I have not been able to prove this and is in the census records for 1790 and 1820 he had a will made on April 10,1815. or so I have been told. This family went on to Ross Co. Ohio. any one haveing information please contact me at dchiesa@infinet.com thanks Debbi chiesa dchiesa@infinet.com
21 Feb 1999 Atchison and Ship Spelled ATCHISON, ETCHISON, ATCHINSON, etc. JOHN ATCHISON & JAMES ATCHISON are in Fauquier CO in the 17502 to 1790s. His daughter LETITIA married JOSEPH SHIP, JR in 1769 there. Many other ATCHISONs were in Fauquier & other counties in this same period. They moved to BATH, CLARK & MONTGONERY Counties in KENTUCKY just before the 1800s. EDMUND ETCHISON, moved to NC just before theContental WAR, where he enlisted. FloydBBenn@aol.com
20 Feb 1999 Ferguson & Temison Have just found handwritten family records indicating John FERGUSON came to Fauquier Co. from Scotland. His birth was about 1738. He married Elizabeth TEMISON, whose first husband, William TEMISON, died in abt 1757. Their son, Abraham FERGUSON, was born in Fauquier Co. on 3 May 1761, and died there either on 2 July 1840 or 3 July 1841. He married Nancy SMITH on 8 Nov 1788. I see no indications so far on this site that they actually existed here, but I will keep looking! Thanks. Looking for FERGUSON, John (from Scotland to Fauquier Co., birth about 1738). Married Elizabeth TEMISON (after her first husband, William TEMISON, died in 1757). Their son, Abraham FERGUSON, was born in Fauquier County 3 May 1761, died there 3 July 1840 (or 2 July 1841). He married Nancy Smith there on 8 November 1788. Thanks for any help. mcilvaine@mindspring.com
19 Feb 1999 Field and Lawrence Thomas Field m. Lydia Lawrence on Dec. 3, 1793 in Fauquier, VA. I would like any information about the names of their children (if any), and about the Lawrence and Field families in Fauquier. Mark Field MarkEField@aol.com
18 Feb 1999 Fisher & Pinkard At present, Samuel is thought to have been the son of Samuel Fisher and Mary Pinkard who were married in Faquier Co., VA on Dec. 20, 1785. Any information/personal data on this Samuel and Mary Fisher's children would be very much appreciated. Please copy all responses to my e-mail address as well, if you could. Thanks, Bob ANC1779@aol.com
18 Feb 1999 I am interested in obtaining information on the WHITE family of Fauquier CO. Particularly, the 1798 marriage between John White and Mary DAVIS. dbwhite@eudoramail.com
17 Feb 1999 Free Look Ups * The Cherokee Roots-Reservation Rolls-of 1817, Emigration Rolls-of 1817 to 1835, Henderson Rolls-of 1835, Mullay Rolls-of 1848, Siler Rolls-of 1851, Chapman Rolls- of 1852, Swetland Rolls-of 1869, Hester Rolls-of 1883, Churchill Rolls-or 1908, Guion Miller Rolls-of 1909, Baker Rolls-of 1924, The Old Settler Rolls-of 1851, Drennen Rolls 1852, The Dawes Rolls-1898 to 1914, and the Guion Miller Rolls-of 1909. * I also have the Fauquier County, Virginia Register of Negroes 1817 to 1865. Will do look ups for people. Billy Wilson
17 Feb 1999 White and Davis I would like to post a message on the Fauquier Co. usgenweb site. I sent a mesasge last week, but not sure you received it. I am looking for info on the WHITE family in Fauquier during the 1700's. Particularly, I am interested in a marriage between John WHITE and Mary DAVIS, 1798. Thanks, Darrell White DBWHITE@EUDORAMAIL.com DBWHITE@EUDORAMAIL.com
16 Feb 1999 Johns & Otley I am looking for Elias Johns who was born in Alexandria, Fairfax, Va. on 10 Nov. 1803. He married Adaline Otley in Farquier Co. on 9 June, 1827. It is believed his Father was William and his mother was Adaline Otley. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Karen K. Stotts Myatt rkmyatt@uswest.net
16 Feb 1999 Hedgeman and Wilson Can anyone tell me where Wardship 1 was on the 1790 census? Looking for the father of Hedgman Wilson. He was born 1762 Va. Anyone having any ties to this family please contact me. Below is a brief overview of my lineage. WILSON, BENJAMIN 1788 Va. m. Mary (Maudline) Coffman WILSON, Henry H. 1825 Ky. m. Mary Ann Jenkins WILSON, THOMAS JEFFERSON 1863 Mo. m. Viola Elizabeth Lipp WILSON, THOMAS ALLEN 1894 Ks m. Lily Mae Fry WILSON, ERNEST ALLEN 1921 Co. m Olive Louise Funk WILSON, EVERETT ALLEN (ME) Thank you Allen Wilson/Wyoming awi772939@aol.com
15 Feb 1999 Freeman and Bentley Moab Freeman was born in 1794 in either Fauquier or Culpepper countiesVirginia,Collins' History of Kentucky says Culpepper, but the only Moab I have ever found is the son of James Freeman Jr. of Fauquier. He signed the quitclaim deed for the sale of James Freeman's farm in Fauquier in 1825."Our" Moab married China Bentley in Madison County Kentucky in 1817 as his first wife. I have found a Moab in Madison County Kentucky listed as a purchaser at a farm sale with other Freemans who appear to be originally from Fauquier. A Nathaniel Freeman signed his marriage bond;he could be either his brother or his uncle. However, I have never been able to prove he is the right Moab, though he's the only one I've found and ours seems to be the only family that has carried the name "Moab" through generations. I've adopted him as grandpa although I know I could look mighty foolish some day. Any suggestions,anyone? PetieL8613@aol.com
15 Feb 1999 Newstead and Carter Any info on Lydia Newstead who married Isaac Carter in 1793 in Fauquier Any information on the name of Newstead would be greatly appreciated. BEPLEASANT@webtv.net
14 Feb 1999 Gafney Researching a James Gafney, served in the Revolutionary War in the Fauquier Co. militia Faris Gaffney gaffney@webtv.net
14 Feb 1999Looking for information on Charles Morgan, Sr. b. 9/28/1680; d. c 1766 m. Ann ____?. Sons: Benjamin, Sr.,James, William, Charles Jr., Simon, John. Donna dmowery@prodigy.com
14 Feb 1999 Alexander Brooks m. Nancy Darnaby- before 1811-need marriage date; their daughter Katherine Ann b. 1811 in Fauquier Co., Va. re; Kentucky bios. of A. B. Montgomery, her son. Need information on Alexander Brooks, probably son of Thomas Brooks & Jane Hord of Culpeper. Also, need information on Thos & Jane. marriage, birth & death, etc. brbrooks@centuryinter.net
14 Feb 1999 I am seeking information on any and all descendants of Johann Hermannus Otterback/Utterback and Marie Elizabeth Heimbach. They brought 6 children with them from Germany to the Germanna colony in 1713 and they were one of the original settling families. The children were: Anna Margaretha (1685 - ~1730) who married Hans (John Jacob) Holtzclau/Holtzclaw (1683-1760) - had 10 children between 1707 & 1738 Johan Philip (1692-?), spouse unknown - had 2 sons Alice (Elsbeth) Kathrina (1697-?) who married John Kemper (1697-?) - had 9 children between 1717 & 1737) Maria Kathrina (1699-?) who married John Martin (?) - any children are unknown Johannes (1702-aft 1772), spouse unknown - had 2 sons Anna Katharina (1705-?), spouse and children unknown. Thank you. Sondra Brackman Moore http://www.slbrackman.com/family/ sondra@slbrackman.com sondra@slbrackman.com
12 Feb 1999 Payne Hi, I am a new subscriber to this list. This is what I have so far on my Payne line.....I know that my grandmother, Mollye Elizabeth Payne, was born in Warrenton...I just received her SSN application and it is listed as her birthplace. So i will post this to the Fauquier Co list in hopes that someone here has info!!! My mom tells me that Mollye's parents, Henry and Susie (Susan) managed a dairy farm, probably near Warrenton, possibly near Culpeper...just a clue! Thanks to all who check for me! katbowen@gate.net
10 Feb 1999 Bayse & James John and Elizabeth Basye James ; Children were John James Jr. b 1763 ?? d in 1850 Kings Creek, SC. m Elizabeth Sandlin Edmund James ???? Betsy James ??? Sherrod/Sharud b 1776 in Fauquier Co. Va. m Laodicia Sandlin , reared large family in York Co. S.C. both buried in Talking Rock, Ga. Have the Basye ancesters back to 1645 Would like to connect this John James with the other Jameses of that area. Thanks, Grover Pope in West Tn. I would like to contact anyone who has information on the above couple.I have info that states John and Elizabeth Basye James had a son Sherrod/Shurod James was born in 1776 in Farquier Co. Va. There are several Basye and James marriages recorded in Farquier Co. Va. during this time frame. I have the Basye line back to 1645. Need info on the John James. This line of James moved to York Co. S.C. Son Sherrod m Laodicia Sandlin, lived in York Co. S.C. both are buried in Talking Rock, Ga. Thanks, Grover Pope in West Tn. gcapope@usit.net
9 Feb 1999 Mitchell Family Line Publications has a book called Alexandria (Arlington) Co. VA Death Records 1853-1896 by Wesley Pippenger. $8, 108pps., 2782 names Might be worth $8 to check it out. I know I have also come across published books on Alexandria newspapers, but in checking a few catalogs I have, can't seem to come up with one, at the moment. Family Lines is online, or 1-800-876-6103. According to Abstracts of Fauquier co. Birth Records 1853-1896 [Joan W Peters] there was a James T. and a James W. Mitchell having kids in the 1850's: James T. was m. to Amelia, James W. was m. to Martha J. [no Lavinia mentioned] Jeanne ELXC78A@prodigy.com
9 Feb 1999 Mitchel and Tennison Would someon have ino as to who the James Mitchel was who had an adm record in Fauquier co. Jan 1853. My 2nd gt gr f was killed or lost at sea about that time so I need to prove or disprove the ID of this James Mitchell. Mine had only one daughter, Lavenia who married Charles E Tennison a tailor born in Alexandria, A. Charles and Lavenia went to live in Alexandria as did the widow, Melinda (Belinda or Emelinda) who later married Wm Ketland in DC in 1861. Thanks in Advance Sue in Dixie DRAKE35@aol.com
8 Feb 1999 Early Warrenton Can you suggest a good historical source and or web site describing early Warrenton settlement? Anyone fluent in this area of history? I suppose this was first Prince William county? ertter@bluecrab.org
8 Feb 1999 Lawler & Wyne HI am decended from the LAWLER/WYNE line by adoption. I have learned tons about my birthfamily over the past 5 years and have always kept an eye out for the surname WYNE because it is rather unusal. Last summer, a cousin on this side got interested and has spent alot of time and effort researching the WYNE line. I spoke with him over the weekend and he asked me to see what else I could learn via internet, as he does not have computer access. Any more info on Edward WYNE? He seems to be the first ancestor anyone can connect to our lines. I believe he may have had a brother named William WYNE who fought in the war of 1812, and signed a land patent for 160 acres in Hancock Co., IL on 8-5-1818. Our Edward had a son named William b. abt 1798 (our direct ancestor) but he appears to be too young to have fought in 1812 and received a land patent. The family was in Shelby Co., KY prior to Jefferson Co., IN and this William married Rebecca LAWLER on 22 Jan 1825 in Shelby Co., KY. Do you show any more about this Rebecca? It appears that the WYNE and LAWLER families were connected for a couple of generations through marriage and moving. Any thoughts? Our line decends from William WYNE & Rebecca LAWLER's son Lazarus b. 1828 in IN and married to Mary Ann LOWE on 7 Feb 1850 in Jefferson Co., IN. Another cousin has posted this info on his web site - http://member.iquest.net/~drodeman/ - you can see the decendents of Edward WYNE/Mary Anne LAWLER here. Look forward to hearing from you again! Thanks, Dev Cook Monument,CO jrdgcook@earthlink.net
8 Feb 1999 Wine & Lawler Mary Lawler m. Edward WINE in Fauquier County, VA. The date of their marriage bond was December 19, 1792. The bondsman was Nicholas Lawler, father of Mary. The Lawler family still resides in Fauquier county. The original family homestead has been in the Lawler family approximately 200 years. The Wine and Lawler families resided in the "Free-State area" of Fauquier County. If you are descended from Mary Lawler, would like to correspond with you. Jo Anne Carter Christman joanne_christman@gage.com
7 Feb 1999 Wyne and Lawler Does anyone have any information on an Edward WYNE b. bef. 1775 in VA and M. Dec 19, 1792 to Mary Anne LAWLER? Need more info on Mary Anne also. Edward died in 1826 in Shelby Co., KY and most of his decendents are found in So. Indiana. He may have a brother named William who signed a land patent for 160 acres in Hancock Co., IL on 8-5-1818. ANY info would be greatly appreciated! THANKS! Devona Cook Monument, CO jrdgcook@earthlink.net
4 Feb 1999 Loringer or Lucabaugh My interest is to see if there are others following the surnames LORINGER or LUCABAUGH. My great-aunt wrote and told me her father Charles Edward LORINGER was born 27 Apr 1880 in Warrenton, VA to William and Anna (Lucabaugh) Loringer. Aunt Florie told me that Anna Lucabaugh was born in Baltimore, MD 3 Jun 1882. The couple did raise their children in the Baltimore area. I have seen the name Lucabaugh only once so far in my research and that was on a Carroll Co. MD map dated 1877. Do any of you have knowledge of these family names? Have you all seen them in your research? Steakums Eastern Shore, MD ertter@bluecrab.org
4 Feb 1999 Elliot and Clark I am researching the family of Thomas ELLIOTT. He may have migrated from Fauquier, VA. I'm hoping to link up with other descendants, and hopefully further my lines and fill in some gaps. Will gladly share what I have, and grovel at the feet of anyone that offers me more info. Here is what I know: Thomas ELLIOTT, parents unknown, married Hannah CLARK, parents unknown, 18 Aug 1785 in Nelson KY. Thomas died Feb 1819, in Wahington KY. Will on file there. Children: Thomas C. (Sarah BORDERS), John, Edmond (Eliza PEAK), Sarah, Mary, Drucilla (Ignatious NORRIS) Edmond ELLIOTT, son of Thomas ELLIOTT and Hannah CLARK; DOB 6 May 1805, Washington CO, KY; married Eliza PEAK 12 Oct 1827, Washington CO, KY; died 14 April 1855, Hodgenville, LaRue, KY. Children: (I have some dates, but don't want to take up space at this time) Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth (B. F. BARNS), Jefferson P. (Mary E. ABLE), Robert M. (Rachel DEVER), Laura A. (Jacob HUBBARD). Benjamin Franklin ELLIOTT, DOB 12 Feb 1829, Washington CO, KY; married Martha CURRY 3 Oct 1855, Nelson CO, KY; grew up in Hodgenville, LaRue CO, KY, lived in Bardstown, Nelson CO for a few years after marriage. Some time after Martha died, between 1870-1880, he moved to Chariton CO, MO. There he married a widow named Katherine Krause MILLER, 21 Aug 1884. Died 7 Jul 1897, Namrash Twnshp., Chariton CO, MO. Children with Martha: (Again, I have some dates, but won't list them here) James, Elizabeth (August HERKE), Mary Bell (MOORE), Hatty, Robert M., Benjamin F. Jr., George, Ambrose (Rose BRIARE). Children with Katherine: John K. (my line), Henry. RilleneN@aol.com
3 Feb 1999 Dark, Hastie and Newby I am new to this list and am looking for anyone researching the surnames DARK, HASTIE or NEWBY. Please contact me at klhoffman@shb.com. Thanks! Kim Hoffman Kansas City, MO, USA klhoffman@shb.com
31 Jan 1999 Stevenson, Stinson, Tenson, & Moxley Does anyone know if James Stevenson/Stinson married to Elizabeth and William Stevenson/Stinson married to Martha were brothers? James died Dec. l789----William died June l790 Both had paid taxes in Fauquier prior to their deaths. Also, was the Thomas Stevenson who paid taxes in l787 related? Have info on James & will share any help will br appreciated. Does anyone have any information on the TENSON family in Fauquier? Elizabeth "Betty" Tenson was the wife of James Stevenson. Time frame was l759-l789. She married John MOXLEY in l79l she died ca l8l7. Thanking you for any help Mildred mille4@juno.com
30 Jan 1999 Glasscock, Strothers, White, Armstrong and McPherson Hi List, I just resubscribed and thought I should post my surnames again. All of the above named are my direct ancestors and were in Fuqua from the formation of the County up to the Civil War. Related names that married into my direct line are GLASSCOCK, STROTHERS, WHITE, ARMSTRONG and MCPHERSON. I have established the lines of Joseph Green and Nathan Ellis with the DAR, so if anyone is interested in that sort of thing may contact me. Thanks for looking - Joanne - VaBchVa Mjw1017@aol.com
26 Jan 1999 PLEASE HELP! Here is the URL to post information that you may have about former slaves or hopefully to find someone. Thanks so much! http://members.aol.com/slavedata/Public/index.htm missplaced@fuse.net
25 Jan 1999 Goines, Goins, Gorns, Garnes Seeking any information about the following individuals AND their slaveowners, please! Lucy/Lucinda (born ca. 1847) Lynn/Linn/Len (Lucy's father) C.C. Riley Lewis Dolly Emily They were living in Mason Co., KY, by the 1870's. THANKS!!!! Judy missplaced@fuse.net
18 Jan 1999 Green Searching for the parents of George Green b. about 1730-1740 d. about 1807 m. Elizabeth Underwood. Elizabeth moved to Greenville District, SC after his death. Any help greatly appreciated. Suzanne Collins Matson scmatson@aol.com
1 Jan 1999 Warrenton Courthouse Does anyone know if the documents in the Warrenton Courthouse on the Leeds Parish have been opened to the public. I heard about them more than a year ago, but I do not know how far their work has progressed. I have ancestors from Leeds Parish and would like to know if there is anything on them at the courthouse. Thank you, Robin Lawrentz robltz@erols.com
1 Jan 1999 Bishop, Todd & Titus HELP -----I am looking for information AND the parents, brothers, and sisters of TIMOTHY TITUS . I believe he was born about 1808 in Fauquier Co. Va.. He married SUSAN BISHOP on March 22, 1833 in Loudoun Co. Virginia. HELP-----I need information on SUSAN BISHOP I believe she was born in 1810 to THOMAS BISHOP AND SARAH TODD in Fauquier Co. Va. THANK YOU, Carlena Titus danny1@wirefire.com
1 Jan 1999 Perhaps someone on the list can help me. I have an 1850 Fauquier Co census that further identifies it as Turner District. I need to know what part of the county that encompasses - major town for example. Can anyone dig that up for me? George Davis thefarm@istmacon.net