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Fauquier County, Virginia Wills are HISTORIC AND PRICELESS. We must preserve them and treasure them. I would encourage each of you to transcribe the will of your ancestor and post it on this Virginia USGENWEB site. The record can then be viewed for all to make their research easier

The Fauquier County Courthouse is located at 40 Culpeper Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186. Telephone Number 1-540-347-8748

PROBATE RECORDS: These documents establish will date and probate date; residence of testator; spouse's given name usually and ideally, the children are named. Witnesses are very important in a will as are executors (executrix); administrators (administratix). Administrators are appointed when there is no written will. Estate sales and guardianships are important parts of the probate record. Probate may continue for many years following the death of an individual. In fact, a child may have a guardian appointed; but that orphan child, may at age 16, come in to court and make his own request for a guardian. Lois Masters

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    For a more complete list of books please visit Fauquier Books or for Book Suppliers I do not sell books. I do this for fun. Jim Burgess

    Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800 by Clayton Torrence is probable the most used book in Virginia Family History Research. Almost all genealogist have benefitted from this wonderful book offered for sale by the Genealogical Publishing Company in Baltimore, Maryland.

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    Please be sure to visit the Gen Connect "Please Post to Fauquier Will Board". This is a place where you can post your Fauquier County, Virginia Ancestor's will. Just type the will, cut and paste it to our site. Be sure to see the many wills that have already been typed and posted. Your ancestor's will may already be there, if not please post your ancestor's will to our Fauquier County Will Board.

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    Other Published Fauquier County, Virginia Records

  • Fauquier County, Virginia, Guardian Bonds 1759-1871 - abstracted & compiled by John K. Gott pp 139. Price Unknown. 158 pp.

  • Fauquier County, Virginia Court of Records 1776-1782 - John K. Gott. Copies of the Minute Books are available on microfilm at the Fauquier County Public Library, Warrenton, or the Virginia State Library, Richmond. The original books are in various stages of deterioration and not available for public use. 1993, 180 pp. surname index, paper $26.00 #G577.

  • Fauquier County, Virginia Virginia Deed Abstracts 1778-1785 - John K. Gott. Abstracts of all the documents found in the first six deed books. It includes a wide variety of records such as leases, bonds, contracts of sale such as leases, bonds, contracts of sale, mortgages, agreements and deeds. Each abstract gives the names of all grantors and grantees, and any other individuals mentioned. 1992, index, paper, $16.50 G578

  • Fauquier County, Virginia Guardian Bonds, 1759-1871 - John K. Gott. Abstracted from the original bonds, where extant and from the Minute Books otherwise. The abstracts include names of guardians, orphans deceased parents of orphans, value of the estates of the wards, securities, witnesses, etc. 1989, 139 pp., index, paper, $16.50 G680

  • Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds (1759-1854) and Marriage Returns (1785-1848) - John K. Gott. Combines the Fauquier County marriage bonds and minister's returns into one master list covering nearly a century. 1989, 296 pp. index, paper, $25.50 #G680.

  • Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Birth Records 1853-1896 Joan W. Peters, pp not numbered approximately 220. Price Unknown.

  • Fauquier County, Virginia, Guardian Bonds 1759-1871 - abstracted & compiled by John K. Gott pp 139. Price Unknown. 158 pp. Price Unknown

    Book Seller-Dee Ann BuckOther Books for Sale by Dee Ann Buck - 10814 Paynes Church Drive - Fairfax, Virginia 22032

  • Fauquier County, Virginia Marriages 1854-1880 pp 175.
  • Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Register 1881-1896
  • Fauquier County, Virginia Death Registry 1853-1896 - pp184
  • Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia - Wills Inventories & Accounts 1800-1865 433 pages

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