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William Smith and his son Joseph Smith and Ann Anderson of King George, Stafford, and Fauquier County, Virginia

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                                                            WILLIAM  SMITH  FAMILY

King George County, Virginia Deed Book 1

page 50-51
Indenture 30 Jan 1721 between William Mecomito of King George County and John SMITH of same 
for twelve hundred pounds of tobacco...release unto John SMITH  his right  to ffifty acres in county aforesaid being part of 250 acres bought by William SMITH OF Alexander SWAN and Judith his wife
by Deed dated 30 May 1691 and bequeather to william Mecmoito by last will and testament of the afore
said William SMITH deceased.                                   William x Mecomito

page 345  
The deposition of William SMITH  of King George County  ...aged 85 years or there abouts..  he knew
James KAY grandfather of James Kay.  . . . . .The Mark of William X Smith  1st Apr 1726

page 635-636
Indenture December 4,  1729  between William Rowley of King George County and Richard Griffis of same for 5000 pounds oftobacco sold with 75 acres running down to poplar swamp, to spring branch that belong to William SMITH formerly as fr as the cleared ground ware John Mardis lived, along Absolem Spincers line;   Wm Rowley to defend plantation and land from claim of any person and from his his heirs or any of this fathers heirs.    William ROWLEY
in presence of William BAILY  and William Sudard 5 Dec 1729  Deed of Lease recorded. 

King George  County,  Virginia Deed Book 2

page 13-16
Indenture made 22 and 24 Mar 1735 between Elizabeth Berryman  Widow of Westmoreland County, deed bearing date 24 August 1685 to Alexander SWAN  and by said SWAN conveyed 250 acres to William SMITH bearing date 30 May 1691 and the said Alexander Swan conveyed by deed to John NEWTON bearing date  23 Dec 1695

page 17-20  
George Mson of Stafford County by  deeds 28 Mar 1692 and by said Mason sold unto Martin Scarlett by deed 1 May 1594 and said Martin Scarlet devised by his last will bearing date 5 Jan 1705/6 unto William SMITH  son of Edward  SMITH and Lettice SMITH and in case said William  SMITH before he attained 
twenty one years of age to the heirs of Lettice SMITH' s for ever, who is the Scarlett Hancock  land bounded upon the riever side .. corner tree of Richard Shipway into woods on west side a path leading 
to Parson Waughs land of John Fossaker

page 78-80
Indenture made 1st /2nd Oct 1745 between Joseph SMITH of Prince William  County, Virginia Planter
and Anne his wife & William Rowley Junior of Parish Brunswick King George County Planter ...  by deeds of lease and release  for sum twenty one pounds current money of Virginia sold 100 acres in 
Brunswick Parish running east from Grants Swamp being formerly sold by William Rowley Senior unto William Smith Senior father of the said Joseph which land descends to Joseph as heir at law to his father deceased...Presence Richard Bryan, thomas Emmerson
William Narders                                                                              Joseph SMITH

At a court held 2  Oct  1745  Deeds of lease and release for consideration money recorded ..  Anne Smith being Soleyly and Privily examined.

King  George Inventories
 page 264-265  The inventory and appraisement of William SMITH deceased.  Items valued and totaled 52 lb  16 9 made by appraisers  Daniel Grant, Wm Stringfellow, Richd Ellkins.  At a court held 1st May 1741  inventory and appraisement presented into court and admitted to  record.

SMITH, William (d.i., 1741).  COB #2, page 248, 3 Apr 1741 Administration on the estate of William Smith, deceased, is granted to his widow Margery SMITH with William ROWLEY,  Junior, and John Grant her securities.  On the same day Margery SMITH,  gave bond as administratrix of William SMITH,
deceased, with William  ROWLEY  Junior  and John Grant her securities  (Bond book #3) page 10
The bond of the administratrix was in the sum of L200 Current Court on 1 May 1741 and recorded in I #1, pages 264-265.  COB #2 page 504  December Court 1746 =  It is ordered that George Henage and Margery his wife , deliver the estate of  William SMITH, deceased to William ROWLEY Junior and John Grant who were her securities for her proper administration of his estate; otherwise to her said securities it is certain that Margery, widow and administratrix of William Smith, deceased, married secondly the said George Henage.

page 112-113  
Will of Thomas SMITH,  the ninth day of  October  1759.  I  Thomas Smith  in County of King George give to my son Thomas SMITH one negro; to my son Samuel Smith one negro, to my son Stepehn SMITH  two negroes, to my son William SMITH MY STILL  ..  TO Smatt Smith two beds and furniture
one that I lie on and one the he lines on ... to my son Saml Smith one red faced steer..  I desire that a funeral sermon be preached by the Rev William Stuart appoint William Smith and Samuel SMITH Executors  
Presence of Thos Griffin
Joel Anchoram  At a court held 6 Mar 1760 will presented into court admitted to record.

King George County, Virginia

Court Orders 1721-1723

page 64 
7 Sep 1722
William SMITH  came into court and made Oath that Thomas Prichard deceased departed this life intestate so far as he knows and believes, and on his motion and giving security for his just and faithful admon of the said decedents Estate.  Certificate is granted him for obtaining letter of Administration in due form.
William SMITH,  Edward PRICE and Henry WOODCOCK personally acknowledged their bond in Court for fifty pounds sterling for the said William SMITH's due Admon of Thomaws Prichard's Estate and saving the court harmless.  ...  any other justice of the peace for this county is requested to administer
an oath to the appraisors for their true appraisement of the sadi decedents estate also to William SMITH
the administrator, for his trdue discoverty thereof.  Ordered that the court be so adjourned till the first firday in October next.  Nicho: SMITH       

page 124  
Upon complaint made by Robert Ellison in behalf of Simon MILLER minor son of Simon deceased.  That the plantation and estate of the said minor now in the hands of William SMITH goes to ruine and decay and by reason of his ill management the aofresaid infant  is in danger of being a great sufferer,  the court taking the same in to consideration doth order that ye said William SMITH be summoned by the Sheriff
to appear at the next court and answer the said complaint.

page 126  
It being alledged to this court that William SMITH executor of the last will and testament of Simon MILLER deceased has made a Male Administravit upon the said testators estate,  the said William appeared inn Court and confessed himself willing and desirous to deliver up the estate so that he be allowed his legal charges and disbursements in relation thereto.  Whereupon it is ordered that Joseph Strother, Thoms Turner and William Strother Junr gent state and settle the accountof said executor and make report therof to the next court.

page 134
Robert Ellison's complaint against William SMITH  executor of Simon MILLER deceased is continued to the next court.


page 148
The matter arising on the Complaint of Robert Ellison against William SMITH is ordered to be dismist by reason the Complainant did not appear to make good his complaint.

page 173
Upon the petition of Robert Elliston setting forth that William SMITH  Executor of the last Will and Testament of Simon MILLER deceased is desirous and willing to deliver up to him the said decedents estate.  It is ordered that John Grimsley, Francis  Woffendale, Thomas Bartlet and Samuel Sharton or any three of them sometime between this and the next court are appointed to appraise in money all and singular the estate of Simon MILLER deceased, that shall be presented to them by William SMITH executor to the said estate.  Joseph Strother Gent. or any other Justice of the peace for this county is requested to administer an oath to the said appraiser for their true performance

page 180
The inventory of Simon Miller's estate is returned by Robert Elliston and upon examining the account of William SMITH, EXECUTOR of the said MILLER's estate against the said estate, it is ordered that the said SMITH deliver up the estate to the said Robert Elliston and that the said William SMITH BE discharged from the said estate and that there be no further demand against the said SMITH in relation to the said estate.

page 196
Ordered that William SMITH be summoned to the next court to answer the petition of Mary COOMBS

page 198
Upon the petition of Mary COOMBS  against William SMITH, it is ordered that he pay her one hundred and twenty pounds of tobacco andthat she pay the costs.

page 250
William SMITH Senior being summoned an evidence by John WHITE in the suit brought by him against
John Coburn and he making oath that attended eight days it is ordered that hepay him for the same thirty pound of tobacco per day with cost als exo.