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Indian Valley Road, Rt. 787, just a bit north of Sawmill Hill Road. It is on what was known as Junior Wurzburger's farm.

Photos and information provided by Nancy Bishop

Saturday afternoon markers were placed upon the gravesite of Hans Johannes Bischoff (aka John Bishop, also known as 'John the Settler' to a lot of people) and (we are fairly certain, his first wife Margaretha 'Mary' (Overmeyer) Bischoff.

We met at 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon on the Wurzburger farm in the area that had been identified to us as being the gravesites of Hans Johannes Bischoff and at least his first wife Margaretha. I am also sending you copies of the letter we recieved years ago from Mrs. Neva Wurzburger, and the photo she sent with it. A little history behind the property: Before Neva Wurzburger's death, the property had been sold to her and her husband Lawrence Wurzburger in 1957 by Charles Columbus Bishop. Charles had owned it for many years prior, having built the house that currently stands there in 1926. Charles was the son of Joseph Cullen Bishop and Louticia Simpkins. Joseph Cullen (J.C.) was the son of Henry Bishop and Nancy Quesenberry. Henry was the son of Henry Bishop Sr. and Francis 'Fanny' Simpkins.


1. Henry Bishop and Francis 'Fanny' Simpkins

2. Henry Bishop and Nancy Quesenberry

3. Joseph Cullen and Louticia Simpkins

4. Charles Columbus Bishop and Ida Dulaney.

Scott & Nathan Bishop family

This also helps to validate the authenticity of the descendants we've spoken with over the years about who was buried here. While I don't have all the documentation on the land transfers right here in front of me, my sister-in-law and I came to the conclusion Saturday that this does help prove the ownership line. ( I have many of the Bishop land deeds in a box in our truck, I just can't get to them at this point in time). More likely, it passed from one generation to the next, staying in the Bishop family until 1957 when C.C. Bishop sold it to Lawrence Wurzburger. Following this back, we should be able to logically place this property in the original land that was deeded to John Bishop for his having served in the French and Indian War beneath George Washington's command, or in the land that John later purchased to add to that tract. As he got older, he began deeding his property out his sons, with the exception of what he kept for himself and Ruth (by that date, Margaretha having died ca. 1771, 1772, John having remarried Ruth Elkins shortly thereafter) to live on until their deaths. (Also to note, Archibald Elkins property bordered John's. He was the husband of John and Margaretha's daughter Margaret, having died in 1791, he was also likely buried on this property).

Anyway, I just wanted to write and share these photos with you, Rena. Like I posted on the group, I realize that the death date on John's marker is off. I've verified his being alive and where he lived up until 1806. I don't think that Cindy took that into thought when she was having her sons put the information on the crosses. Years ago, she and I had round about figured his death approximately 1830, according to legal tax and land records, etc., but since that time, I have updated the information, and I dont think she realized it. By the time Jim and I got there Saturday morning, it was too late to change the information.

I hope this is as special to others as what it was for us. It was an honor being able to be there and do this.

Crosses placed

Close up view of crosses

Cemetery area


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(CIRCA) 1728



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