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Hollandsworth Cemetery
Hollandsworth Cemetery

Rt.619 (Windy Ridge Rd) off Rt.622

Hollandsworth Cemetery, b/w SR 619 & SR 622, Indian Valley, FCVA Pg 57-58 Updated & Photographed by Wanda Simpkins

(14 graves with no ID)

Martin, Deanna Sue Dau of Mr. & Mrs Estell b. & d. 3-4-1944

Phillips, Guy E. b. & d. June 1923 son of C. R. Phillips

Illegible stone beside Guy E. Phillips

Hollandsworth, J. F. (John Floyd) (no information) & Hollandsworth, Hellender Wife of J. F. (no information)

Hollandsworth, J. A. (Jim, s/o John F. & Eleanor) b. 10-6-1871, d. 12-26-1948 & Hollandsworth, F. E. (nee Florence Ferell) b. 3-29-1868, d. 8-30-1939 Wife of J. A.

Phillips, Gaye Hollandsworth, Arthur Haze 1880 - 1950 & Dillie Duncan 1882 - 1923

Two Infant of A.H. & Dilla Hollandsworth b. & d. 6-18-1902 b. & d. 8-15-1910

Hollandsworth, Margaret E. b. 3-1-1882, d. 12-27-1941

Hollandsworth, Julie Ann d. 8-8-1929 age 84y

Hollandsworth, Sylvester Pierce b. 3-5-1881, d. 7-11-1963

Gallimore, William F. B, 3-26-1893, d. 4-28-1914

Illegible stone beside William F. Gallimore

Hollandsworth, W. C. (William Craddock) b. 6-3-1835, d. 3-2-1911

& Hollandsworth, Julia A. (nee Phillips) b. 2-20-1838, d. 8-12-1882 Wife of W. C. Hollandsworth

Hollandsworth, J. E. b. 12-7-1877, d. 9-12-1879 Son of W. C. & Julia A.

Hollandsworth, William W.; Hollandsworth, Lilla Fa Both d. age 3y Infant of J. C. & Vineca J.

Illegible Stone

Smith, I. L. b. 12-23-1880, d. 2-15-1901

Smith, L. J. b. 1-17-1879, d. 2-22-1900

Smith, Infant of S. A. d. 4-9-1885 age 6y

Smith, C. M. b. 4-25-1886, d. 8-5-1887

Smith, L. E. b. 11-3-1867, d. 11-14-1906

Smith, S. A. (Sidney Allen) b. 9-18-1851, d. 4-26-1906

Smith, Martha J. b. 11-3-1850, d. 8-9-1918

Reece, Virginia b. 12-15-1857, d. 7-25-1887 Wife of John Reece

Reece, Walker b. 4-1-1878, d. 2-17-1895

Bond, Julina F. (nee Hollandsworth) b. 6-15-1871, d. 3-17-1930 Wife of I. S. Bond (Ike)

Bond, Asa E. b. 9-15-1907, d. 10-25-1907 infant of I. S. & J. F.

Phillips, Jethroe d. 9-27-1886 age 12y 4m 14d

Phillips, Printa A. b. 4-5-1911, d. 12-5-1913 Dau of U.W. & Almer

Phillips, Ulysess W. b. 4-15-1885, d. 6-15-1927

Gallimore, Lorau R. (Rillie Duncan) b. 5-25-1892, d. 5-18-1939 Wife of W.F. (Fount) Gallimore

Dalton, W. M. (Marion) d. 1-21-19_3 age 67y & Dalton, Delia C. (nee Phillips) b. 3-16-1872, d. 1-29-1918 Wife of W. M. Dalton

Dalton, Ferdie b. 9-25-1898, d. 11-14-1898 son of W. M. Dalton

Dalton, Glenn b. 5-31-1922, d. 2-28-1930

Field Stone

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