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Smith Cemetery
Smith - Reed Cemetery

Located at the intersection of Rt. 750 (Alum Ridge Road) and Rt. 730 (Ridgeview Rd. It is in a clearing in the middle of the forest and it is quiet breathtaking. Very peaceful and calming.

Photos by Donna Hayden & Margie Belcher (c) September 2008

Andrew R Akers b 03/02/1846 d 12/07/1922

Missouri Duncan Akers b 02/20/1851 d 12/19/1925

no marker Martha Bishop b-1858 d-1940

G W Boyd b-4/8/1853 d-8/4/1923

Lucy E Boyd b-6/19/1868 d-12/10/1885

Ennis Dulaney b-6/1/1846 d-11/1/1934

Grover A Dulaney b-2/24/1917 d-5/11/1938

Hirim Dulaney b-3/15/1878 d-5/28/1941

Infant Dulaney s/o Eslie and Edna Dulaney 10/15/1947

Infant Dulaney s/o Ennis and Lizzie Dulaney b-7/28/1892 d-7/28/1892

Leonia E Dulaney w/o Thomas Dulaney b-9/17/1884 d-12/27/1947

Lizzie Sowers Dulaney w/o Ennis Dulaney b-2/1/1847 d-12/30/1917

Loula Akers Dulaney b-12/5/1887 d-10/17/1960

Mary Gayle Dulaney d/o Galen and Mary Dulaney b-8/23/1954 d-10/12/1954

Robin Lynn Dulaney b-8/22/1853 d-8/3/1955

Thomas Dulaney b-12/29/1879 d-9/16/1948

Lewis Duncan b-2/11/1861 d-4/15/1942

Susana Duncan w/o Lewis Duncan b-4/30/1865 d-7/27/1940

W H Hurt b-12/17/1892 d-7/8/1920 top half of stone missing

Absalom Howell b-7/7/1855 d-5/11/1905

Catherine Hylton w/o Peter Hylton b-3/9/1858 d-6/23/1928

Lousia Howell w/o Absalom Howell b-9/28/1854 d 11/4/1916

Peter Hylton b-9/15/1853 d-10/8/1943

Wilbert S Howell s/o Absalom and Lousia b-3/11/1881 d-1/24/1894

Abraham B Reed b-9-22-1866 d-10-17-1878

Andrew Reed b-3/4/1809 d-2/14/1878

Andrew Reed b-9/12/1856 d-7/8/1939

Arzettie Reed w/o Burdine Reed b-4/7/1873 d-8/5/1936

Bud Taylor Reed b-4/4/1905 d-12/4/1932

Burdine Reed 6/21/1865 d-1/13/1956

Cornellus Reed b-1/6/1863 d-12/28/1923

Druzelly Reed w/o Cornellus b-9/2/1874 d-3/17/1895 ( first wife)

Druzilly N Reed b-1869 d-1938

Elijah Reed s/o Andrew Reed b-11/27/1883 d-4/2/1887

Elizabeth Reed b-5/29/1847 d-8/25/1854

no marker Ester Reed b-1902 d-1906

Etty Elen Reed d/o Cornellus and Druzelly Reed b-12/30/1893 d-2/5/1894

George Reed b-3/1/1850 d-1857

George W Reed s/o Mark and Mary Reed b-6/6/1860 d-8/12/1881

no marker Hiley Reed b-1858 d-1931

Infant Reed s/o M Reed b-5/6/1852 d-5/6/1852

Infant Reed s/o Mahlon Reed b-4/15/1886 d-4/15/1886

Isabelle Reed b-1874 d-1955

King Solomon Reed b-10/15/1867 d-3/16/1890

no marker Laura E Reed d/o Spencer Reed b-1/4/1885 d-1/21/188?

Lee Reed b-1871 d-1896

no marker Lizzie Reed d/o Ross Reed no dates

Lonnie Artemas Reed b-2/17/1899 d-2/21/1940

M Reed d-01/1880

Mahlon Reed b-3/28/1829 d-5/10/1888

Mark E Reed s/o B. & Z. Reed b-4/9/1902 d-5/31/1902

Mark Reed b-7/11/1831 d-11/21/1910

Mary Isabelle Reed w/o Obediah b-6/26/1871 d-3/18/1929

Mary Reed w/o Mark Reed b-5/29/1831 d-2/20/1893

Matilda Reed w/o Cornellus Reed b-4/8/1864 d-12/25/1922 (2nd wife)

Mille E (Akers) Reed w/o Rev W M Reed b-1877 d-1951

Nancy Reed b-2/15/1813 d-7/20/1870

Nancy Reed w/o Elija Reed b-5/6/1857 d-9/22/1886

Obediah Reed b-6/1/1865 d-5/2/1946

Rev W M Reed b-1867 d-1944

Roy T Reed s/o Paris & Druzilly Reed b-7/9/1907 d-4/5/1930

Sarah E Reed 5/26/1867

Spencer Reed b-12/30/1851 d-3/26/1904

Susan M Akers w/o Andrew Reed b-8/4/1857 d-8/18/1933

no marker Susan Reed w/o Wilbert Reed no dates

Thomas Reed b-3/12/1842 d-6/3/1893

W Paris Reed b-1859 d-1938 & Drucilly Reed 1869 - 1938

W. A. Reed b-9/26/1887 d-9/16/1913

Wanda Reed b-9/22/1871 d-6/12/1880

no marker Wilbert Reed d-4/5/1856

Willam Harvey Reed b-8/3/1897 d-3/14/1947

William Reed b-1861 d-1912

Julia A Shelor w/o Rufus O. Shelor b-9/25/1840 d-5/5/1924

Rufus O Shelor b-9/5/1832 d-9/26/1908

Lizzie Sowers Dulaney w/o Ennis Dulaney b-2/1/1847 d-12/30/1917

Alie P Weeks b-5/15/1896 d-12/02/1897

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There are approximately 36 unidentified graves.