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St Matthews Church Cemetery
St. Matthews Church Cemetery

Partial Listing

Photos Provided by Nancy Bishop

Bishop, Allene Sowers

Bower, Alma E.

Meredith, Arnold

Bower, R Converete & Mary Frances

Epperly, Charles Brainard & Emma Mitchell

Bishop, Charlie P.

Bowers, Curtis L. s/o Harlie & Lizzie

Bower, Dorsey Junior

Boothe, Ernest D. & Ann Sowers Boothe

Meredith, Ernest

Ernies Pride & Joy

Boothe, Ernie Duane

Bower, Esther C. & Dorsey J.

Bower, Florence Lester

M. A. W. B.

Bower, Frances M.

Meredith, Gladys Bishop

Bower, Harlie D.

Bower, Hattie Oty

Bishop, Isabell

Bower, J. Marvin & Mary U.

Quesenberry, James Duane


Bishop, John W.

Bower, John William

Bishop, John W. (View 2.)

Goad, Latha M. Bolt

Bower, Lewis Eli & Maude Sumpter

Bower, Moses L. & Dora E.

Bishop, Raymond C.

Lester, Roy V.

Dulaney, Scotty Lee




View of Church

Bower, Thelma V.

Bishop, W. K.

Bishop, W. K. V.2