The Pleasant Valley Church Cemetery
The Pleasant Valley Church Cemetery Rt.750, Floyd County, Virginia

The Pleasant Valley Church Cemetery is located on Rt.750 near Paul's house, and I give Ole Paul credit for getting me to the Lester Cem. and Pleasant Valley-he is so wonderful!!

There are 2 pictures that I think is the Dulaney Store which is across the road from the church.

Photos provided by Wanda Simpkins.

Boyd, Isaac Wayne 9 Jun 1925 - ____ & Annie Belle Pendleton 31 Mar 1915 - 7 Jun 1995

Akers, Ivan S. 6 Nov 1909 - 2 May 1999

Akers, R. Sydney 17 Jun 1885 - 25 Dec 1977 & Lillie R. 16 Dec 1886 - 27 Dec 1976

Peters, Edgar L. 14 Feb 1908 - 27 Dec 1980 & Velma L. 21 Jun 1911 - 23 Dec 2000

Reed, Melvin L. 29 Dec 1936 - _____ & Eloise L. 1 Mar 1932 - 19 Jan 1995

Spence, Roy E. 1918 - 2001 & Hasaba C. 1924 - ____

Reed, Walter A.18 Jan 1930 - 24 Feb 2006

Reed, Frank J. 4 Jun 1917 - 6 Feb 2003

Akers, Amber Marie1974 - 1974

Eisenlohr, Frank 30 Jun 1906 - 2 Feb 1989

Turpin, Kevin James22 Sep 1961 6 Oct 1977

Turpin, George Lafayette13 Aug 1932 - 28 Aug 1964

Alley, Eddie K. 13 Feb 1907 - 21 May 1989 & Rheba M.15 Nov 1909 - _____

Akers, Walter J. & Dorothy M.

Reed, Walter Arnold & Erma Phillips

Duncan, Edsel & Patti R.

Poff, Daniel E., Jr.

Phillips, Grover E. & Ethel A.

Akers, Elias & Ethel

Turner, Lewis W. & Janet R.

Weeks, Posey M. & Frances A.

Turner, Cam L. & Hopie D.

Akers, Peggy Lou

Akers, Edward F. & Ava L.

Akers, Jesse W. & Livie R.

Poff, Daniel F. & Nellie A.

Lorton, Charlie T. & Vada S.

Boothe, Bobby Lee & Venda Gayle

Hylton, Jessaleen Boothe

Hylton, Ervin Kavilla

Boothe, Andy & Alma

Scaggs, Edgar & Reva

Scaggs, Styrel G. & Clara A.

Reed, Charlie A. & Della F.

Weeks, Houston

Reed, Thelma Lucille

Reed, Loren B. & Margie E.

Linkenhoker, Paul Lewis & Barbara Martin

Dulaney, Wyatt W.

Underwood, Ronnie Dale

Dulaney, Maurice B. & Nancy E.

Dulaney, Elsie L. & Edna B.

Dulaney, E. Wade & Ethel W.

Salmons, Edgar M. & Mattie D.

Salmons, Edgar M.

Dulaney, W. Everett & Annie S.

Martin, Jody Gray

Martin, Alvin D.

Martin, Melvin Gray

Reed, Ellis H.

Reed, Albert Ellis & Lottie Akers

Lester, Roy A. & Allene A.


Dulaney, Posey L. & Rhoda D.

Dulaney, Ellis T. & Lucy A.

Dove, Paul Curtis

Dulaney, Galen Bruce

Dove, Paul Curtis

Akers, Larry Nelson

Akers, Marlin & Freeda

Akers, Gary Wayne

Akers, James Lee

Akers, Andrew J. & Effie R.

Akers, Allie W.

Weddle, Freddie L. & Shirley D.

Duncan, Della Weeks

Duncan, Harvey Lee

Duncan, Harvy L & Della W.

Akers, Tazwell & Dovie

Dulaney, M. Elizabeth

Dulaney, Addie Leah

Duncan, Emles & Beatrice

Duncan, Rush

Duncan, Frank Lee

Reed, Rev. Everett & Maye Phillips

Reed, Noah

Reed, Ausby

Akers, Willie & Annie Bell

Lester, H. Everett & Erdia Reed

Lester, Elmetta Reed

Reed, Richard & Virginia

Bishop, James Lloyd

Bishop, Clara Reed

Bishop, J. Clayton

Farley, Ordie R.

Mitchell, Guy E.

Akers, John Fielder

Dulaney, D. Dale

Pugh, Vivian H.


Weeks, John E. & Essie R.

Lester, J. Alton & Lucille D.

Lester, Mary Lucille

Lester, J. Alton

Mannon, Troy & Pauline

Weeks, John E. & Essie R.

Reed, Henry E. & Bessie R.

Duncan, Elisha B. & Etta Edath

Pugh, Vivian Akers

Lane, Donnie & Ellen

Lane, General Jackson & Lillie Hill

Lane, Troy Edwin & Mary Ellen

Roop, William H.

Roop, Mattie Reed

Roop, Brady & Gumi

Duncan, Elisha & Edath

Mitchell, Ray & Mary B.

Mitchell, Ezra & Sadie Reed

Mitchell, Alvin & Dorothy Burgess

Mitchell, Alvin

Mitchell, Lewis & Nina

Quesinberry, Brenda Sue

Quesinberry, Daniel & Virginia Boothe

Quesinberry, Virginia B.

Quesinberry, Daniel

Pugh, Mary Pearl Knowles

Pugh, John T.

Altizer, Clara M.

Altizer, Harry L.

Altizer, Virginia

Altizer, Eva R.

Altizer, M. Lindwood & Lillie Duncan

Dickerson, John H. & Wanda B.

Kronenburg, Lillian Altizer


Slusher, Walter Andrew

Slusher, Omer A.

Slusher, Callie D.

Slusher, Barbara Akers

Wheeler, Zenas W. & Mabel M.

Wheeler, Zenas W.

Martin, Silas & Nancy Mitchell

Mitchell, Labren & Nancy Marshall

Mitchell, Lucy Ida

Mitchell, Posey Emmett

Mitchell, Meda Weeks

Lane, George W. & Ufamey N.

Carroll, Leslie A. & Izola E.

Lester, Paul Gideon & Mary Ellen Spence

Dulaney, Linnie

Dulaney, Noah

Dulaney, Mary

Barker, Cline & Nelva

Barker, Cline

Mitchell, Kiser T. & Tokie Q.

Mitchell, Betty Jean

Sumner, Joseph Marvin

Sumner, Darrell & Darwin Twin sons of Joseph & Mattie

Mogavero, Dominick & Mattie B. Mitchell Sumner

Reed, Noah C. & S. Ellen

Reed, George & Ballie Simmons

Reed, Harvey Lee & Rachel Dulaney

Lester, John Marvin & Alma Mitchell

Thompson, George M.

Barker, Cline

Duncan, Claude Lawrence

Duncan, Walter Enoch & Murphy Maggie

Akers, Glenda D.

Dickerson, Andrew J. & Millie Duncan

Dulaney, Jerry Douglas

Dickerson, Andrew J., Jr. & Ruth Duncan

Mitchell, Curtis Wayne

Mitchell, R. Wade & Daisy Wade

Reed, Dewey & Cora Hazel

Reed, Price L. & Mattie M.

Weeks, George Douglas

Weeks, George & Aletha

Reed, Robert L.

Reed, Homer L. & Ollie M.

Dulaney, Dennis D., Sr. & Hazel M.

Dulaney, Rev. Willie & Olivia R.

Poff, Lloyd F. & Susie

Reed, Michael & Mollie


Reed, Andrew Waitman

Reed, Delilah Stella

Reed, Laura Ellen

Reed, Samuel P.

Hutchins, George Edwin

Hutchins, George & Frances

Pugh, Fred Jerry & Gladys Reed

Poff, John R. & Ella R.

Dulaney, Leon M. & Judy H.

Harris, Oden J. & Lorane H.

Reed, Paul E. & Ercell B.

View of Cemetery

Side View Of Church

Front view of church