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Charlie Reed Cemetery

Floyd County, Virginia

Updated: March 2008


This cemetery is located on Reed Cemetery Road, off Route 750, Alum Ridge Road, across from Pleasant Valley Church of the Brethren.It is accessible by walking up a hill at the edge of a cornfield.The best time to visit is in the spring before the corn is planted or in the fall after harvest.


The cemetery most likely was started after 1770, as that is when the Reed family settled in Floyd County.The original fence is partially standing, but a new chain link fence was erected probably in the 1960ís. I was told by one of the neighbors that my Dad paid for it and Hershel Reed was the overseer. The newer fence wasnít put where the original was, it is located inside, and in some places there is as much as 15 feet between the two, and no one knows why. There are a lot of graves between the two fences.


The cemetery has not been maintained and was overgrown. We had been told by acquaintances years ago it couldnít be cleaned, that it was in too bad of shape. I was actually told not to go, because I wouldnít be able to make the walk up the hill. (Never tell me I canít do something)I am grateful to Georganne Ross, who posted a query on the Floyd Roots website, wanting to know if she could work on cleaning it.My dear sweet husband, Bobby Hayden, took a trip to the cemetery when I was at work one day and informed me that night he was going to start working on it. He took a tractor and spent several days cleaning off briars, yuccas, brush, tree limbs and tall grass. Then we picked a Saturday and my sisters, niece and respective husbands showed up to finish the project. We are the daughters of Charlie G. & Ora Lester Reed. Our married names are Simpkins, Slaughter, Hayden and Madison.†† Not a small feat for the small group of us that were there.Bobby still has to remove some brush piles and then it will be spotless.


I compiled a new list of names from tombstones and pictures were taken for the Floyd County genealogy website. There are 38 marked and 153+ unmarked, or marked with a fieldstone, graves inside the new fence.We donít know how many are between the old fence and new fence. We will have to remove a lot of trees to find out. That is a project for another time. You will notice differences in the spelling of some names, (ie Otey, Otay) but I have printed what was on the stone. My desire is that someone will find their ancestors and can add to the genealogy findings.Please feel free to copy any of the pictures for your own personal use, but do not use for publication or monetary gain. If anyone wants more information, or has questions or corrections, please post an email to: and I will respond.

Donna Reed Hayden



Adam Reed, son ofI A SR & Susanna Reed 1848-1854

Amanda S. Reed 1886-1903

Daniel Reed, 1855-1933

Daniel W Reed, son of Peter A & Susan Reed 1875-1887

Danil Reed 1918-1933

David Peter Reed 1872-1903

Delilah Reed, wife of Jesse 1825-1896

Eld Noah Reed, 1853-1904

Eliza Reed, daughter ofMary & Otey Reed, 1872-1942

Elizabeth Reed 1844-1922

George, son of I A SR & Susanna Reed, 1846-1857

Henry A Shelor, 1861-1886

Infant daughter of Charlie G & Ora Lester Reed, stillborn 1925 (stone is engraved wrong)

††††††††††† Her name was Wanda Gyndalene

Isaac A Reed JR 1858-1948

Jessie W Reed, son of I A JR & Susan Reed, 1885-1885

Lemuel Sailor Reed1874-1940 & Fannie Shelton Reed 1879-1948

Lillie V Reed, daughter of Peter A & Susan Reed 1880-1887

Lucy w/o Mark Reed

Lula Dove Reed 1884-1905

Mark Anthony Reed 1814-1905

Martha Shelor, wife of Henry 1864-1886

Mary Ann Lester, wife of Otey Reed 1842-1917

Mary, daughter of I A SR & Susanna 1842-1843

Mary J Reed, wife of Daniel 1857-1947

Minnie, daughter of Peter A & Susan Reed 1883-1887

Monroe Fuller Reed is supposed to be buried here also, no marker

Nancy Poff Reed, wife of Noah Reed 1853-1927

Nannie E Carroll 1889-1991 & George L Carroll 1879-1941

Oaty Reed 1837-1904

R. C. Weeks 1902-1934

Rev. Isaac Reed SR 1820-1912

S Elizabeth Reed 1860-1949 & Wyatt Reed 1853-1918

Sarah Weeks 1866-1939

Savinda Akers Reed Zentmeyer 1874-1947

Susan C Reed 1853-1928 & Peter A Reed 1850-1907 (original stone has been replaced)

Susan E Reed, wife of Isaac Reed JR 1863-1925

Susanna, wife of Rev Isaac A Reed SR 1820-1909

Virgil D Reed, son of A T & Manerva S Reed 1909-1910

Willie A Cooper, 1st husband of Woodie Reed 1896-1922

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I want to personally thank everyone involved in getting this cemetery back in good condition. the term "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" realy applies to these wonderful volunteers.

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