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Brother Phillips was born September 6, 1834, and departed this life February 4, 1910 aged 75 years, 4 months and 28 days.


Nearly three years before he died he had a dream, which he told me signified his death. He dreamed of having three rows of corn to hoe, and that the corn was white; and when be got the third row nearly out he became happy, and shouted, "Glory to God!" and when be had lived nearly three years longer, death came, and I believe he is yet shouting, "Glory to God!"


His wife yet lives, but is very feeble. Their only child, who married Elijah Turman, is yet living.


I do not know when he united with the church; out I have been acquainted with the church at Indian Creek for thirty-live years, and he was a member and a deacon then. He was a good husband, father, member, deacon and citizen. I know I cannot write so as to give him justice, but I want to say something in honor to his great works as a deacon, whose words were few, but were always fittingly spoken. Solomon said. "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." Here is the parable Beautiful and worthy, were his words. His motion nearly always carried a full vote of the church, and proved good to the up building of the church He was good to help the church in anything necessary. Neither he nor his wife, Sister Phillips, ever failed to spend their part in dollars I and cents when it was needed; and must all of the public brethren that has been to their house know that, they were of that disposition and nature. They were good to the poor of

the church and rather than call on the church to help, would take of their own meat and bread and supply them.


I shall fail to describe Brother Phillips’ many good works and counsel; and, while he is praising God in heaven, we will feel our loss of his works and counsel on earth.


May God bless his wife, child and grandchildren; and may our church at Indian Creek be blessed with another deacon to fill his place.




Indian Valley, Va.