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Elder Alexander Moran was born in Patrick County, Virginia, Oct. 9, 1837: and died at Meadows, N. C, Jan. 11, 1918, making his stay on earth 81 years, 3 months and two days. He was buried at Clear Spring church the second Sunday in Jan., 1918, and his funeral was preached by the unworthy writer.


He was twice married. His first wife was Miss Roxanne Griffith, to which union were horn 10 children. They lived happily together till death separated them.


Later he was married to Mrs. Elizabeth Stephens.


Elder Moran professed a hope in Christ in his seventeenth year and joined the Primitive Baptist church at Green Hill, Patrick County, Virginia, by experience, Nov., 1853, and was baptized by Elder Austin J. Cassell. He professed a call to the ministry, and was ordained August, 1866, by Elders Samuel Arrington, Austin F. Cassell, Clayborn Plaster and Samuel J. Lackey.


He was given a letter of dismissal from his church in 1867, and joined at Toms Creek, N. C., and, later, moved his membership to Clear Spring Church, Stokes county, N. C., where he remained a faithful member until death.


During his ministerial life, he served a number of churches, and was an able minister,

and a faithful pastor. His churches were prosperous and he baptized many people.


Elder Moran was a devoted husband, a kind father, good neighbor and an highly esteemed brother; and our association has lost an able minister, his companion a good husband, his children a kind father, and his churches a good pastor. But, while we miss him so much, we feel that he is not dead, but asleep in the arms of the Lord. Asleep. blessed sleep! where the righteous never wake to weep. We feel our inability to write the obituary of one we loved and esteemed so highly. His advice and fatherly care we shall miss so much. He was a father to young preachers and advised them not to take up with new things, but to inquire for the old paths wherein is the good way,"


To his wife and children we feel to say, Weep not for husband and father, for he has been honorably discharged from the battlefield and has heard the welcome applause; "Come ye blessed of my Father!" Your loss is his gain. May the Lord bless his wife and children, and our association; and may we be prepared to meet him on the sunny banks of sweet deliverance, where sorrow and death never come.


When we've been there ten thousand years, Bright shining as the Sun ;


We've no less' days to sing null's praise.


Than when we first begun."


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