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Elder Samuel Arrington was born in Amherst county, Virginia, Nov. ~H, 1806; and departed this life April 13, 1877, aged 70 years, 7 months and 18 days He emigrated to Franklin Co., Va., and then married Nancy Griffith (date unknown) ; and having lived there several years, he moved to Patrick Co , VA where he lived till death.


He professed a hope in Christ about the year 1836, and joined tile church at State Line, the same year. In the year 1853 the church granted him license to preach in the bounds of his church, and in the year 1855; he was ordained to the gospel ministry. He was not disobedient to the heavenly calling, but faithfully preached Christ Jesus “the way, the truth, and the life." His education was quite limited. He attended school only about six months, and that when he could spare the time from his plow or other duties. Yet he studied to show himself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. He was an unshaken believer in the doctrine of e1ection and predestination and preached it faithfully. And, strange as it may seem to some, be was respected and loved by all who knew him; and. if he had enemies up to the day of his death, we knew them not. The writer of this sketch visited him during his afflictions and talked with him concerning his ministerial labors. He said he felt resigned to death, that  all he dreaded was the pain of death. He was asked if he felt and believed that the doctrine he had preached would stand. H is reply was: . 'There is no other way that will do." He was ready to be offered; He had kept the faith and was ready to depart and be with Christ. And-we have no doubt-our beloved Brother Samuel Arrington is now enjoying that crown of glory.


In his death tile Primitive Baptist sustained, as it seems, an irreparable loss. True, the Lord God that blessed the church with such a gift, can send others in his stead. And now, while we cannot help mourning the death of Brother Arrington, let us humbly bow and pray the Lord of the harvest to send us labors. And let us, the members of State Line Church and the Mayo Association, humbly bow to the righteous will or God in this sad bereavement.


After Brother Arrington moved to Patrick county, Virginia, his wife died, after raising seven children, three of whom are members or the Primitive Baptist Church, And in February, 1863, he married the widow Sarah Bridgman who bore him three children.


1n conclusion we tender to Sister Arrington and the fatherless children our heartfelt sympathy and condolence in their sore affliction. Sorrow not as those who have no hope, for your loss, though so great, is his eternal gain. Now may the Lord bless you and supply you with all things needful for time and save you with an everlasting salvation. Amen.




Several are yet living who remember Elder Samuel Arrington as a gifted and beloved servant, and who have not seen the above sketch, and would be glad to read it in the -Messenger.


I would be glad to add that, the church at Dobyns has recently been constituted and a new house just completed quite near where he lived and is buried, and Elder H. A.   

Arrington, the only son by his second marriage, is the assistant moderator. Thus it seems that the Lord has called the son to take the place of the father.


S. G. Dobyns


Claudville, VA.